• Do You Know What Sex Toys And Kids Toys Have In Common?


    Do You Know What Sex Toys And Kids Toys Have In Common?

    > Lucine Keogh

    From the first few days of infancy to childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, people receive thousands of messages about what it means to be a girl or a boy— a man or woman or other genders.

    This information comes in many forms. It can be as common as the spoken word "What a beautiful little girl" or as complicated as a video fighting game that praises masculinity! Toys and games are a particularly important source of information for children because they are forming their identities. What do the toys mean to children? 

    When we were children, we would receive a lot of toys, there are beautiful Barbie dolls, we can dress and make clothes for her, we will also receive Lego, we can make airplanes, cars, and submarines.

    When we grow up, toys are packed in a small box, just like the typical package you hold with a textbook or a bottle of sunscreen. But this is not an ordinary purchase - it will change lives. In that standard cardboard box is a sex toy, a pink vibrator or oral sex masturbator or cock ring, or another sex toy

    Sohimi sex toy for women

    So you can see, our toys changed as we are getting older, and naked body parts appeared in the videos. In today's guide, let us recall from our childhood to see what the kids' toys and sex toys share with similarities.

    Kids Toys 

    A kid toy is used in a play game, specially designed for this purpose. It is mainly used by children, but may also be sold to adults in some cases. For example, the Dutch toy manufacturer Lego, whose toys are assembled from small pieces of bricks into specific models. This educational and hands-on toy is open to people of all ages. Playing with toys can be a pleasant way to train young children to adapt to social life. Different materials such as wood, clay, paper, and plastic are used to make toys. Many items are designed to be served as toys, but goods produced for other purposes can also be used. For example, a child might fold an ordinary piece of paper into the shape of an airplane and fly it. 

    Lego illustration

    The origin of toys is prehistoric, there was much news to find dolls representing babies, animals, soldiers, and tools used by adults in archaeological sites. The origin of the term "toy" is unknown, but it is believed that it first appeared in the 14th century. Toys are mainly made for children. And the oldest known doll toy is believed to have been 4,000 years old up to now.

    Playing with toys is considered important as growing up and understanding the world around us. Young children use toys to discover themselves, become strong, learn causality, explore interpersonal relationships, and practice the skills they need as adults. What they must have in society is to form and strengthen social bonds, teach, help with treatment, and remember and consolidate the lessons they learned when they were young. 

    Sex Toys 

    A sex toy is an object or device that is mainly used to promote human sexual pleasure, such as a dildo or a vibrator. Many popular sex toys are designed to resemble human genitals but may not vibrate. Sex toys are most often sold in sex shops or online like Sohimi, but they may also be sold in pharmacies/drug stores, sex shops, main stores, or department stores. And now sex toys are available for men and women in almost all countries. 

    sex toy for men to boost the glans

    From ancient days, it's really interesting that men came up with a strange way to masturbate. In ancient Greece, men liked to put a little pickle on ham would use stale bread as a dildo and olive oil as a lubricant. This may be shocking to us, but interestingly, they did use what they have available. Centuries passed, and men started filling warm towels with jelly and other lubricant-like substances. However, in the end, the Christian church opposed masturbation and pointed out that it is evil for young people to do so. This has left young people with no choice but to pillow for many years. This is the first time that artificial vaginas have been produced, despite how simple they seem to us now.

    The Internet was invented in 1990, and with it was a major change in the way people get sex toys. The WWW has opened up a whole new world for men, with inflatable dolls that can be delivered to your door, and pornography that can be consumed.

    sex toys on the wall for people

    Since people can now order sex toys at home, the fake vagina market has also begun to flourish. And many types of sex toys have come into the market like cock rings, blowjob masturbators, and some others. The "pocket pussy" has become common in the adult industry, and manufacturers have invested a lot of money to develop silicon-based devices that are small enough for men to carry with them. From there, the change continues. Men will soon be able to buy pocket pussy of all skin tones, including some fake pubic hair.

    Both For Pleasure

    No matter whether we play with children's toys when we are young, or play with sex toys as adults, the serving purpose of all toys is for fun. It is undeniable that human beings have been looking forward to having fun as they grow up. Playing is human nature. Children will grow up healthy and explore curiosity while playing; learn interpersonal communication and temper their strong will while playing; build a happy personality while playing. When people grow up, they also look forward to traveling and having fun. Like the German poet, Schiller said: "man only plays when he is in the fullest sense of the word a human being, and he is only fully a human being when he plays."

    Enhancing physical pleasure undoubtedly enhances sexual enjoyment.  The benefits of using a sex toy are obvious. Having great sex can promote health and well-being by improving your mood and physically making you feel good. Using a sex toy can spice up flagging sex life and bring a bit of fun into your life. A sex toy will make you feel great as well as promoting your circulation and the release of the “feel-good factors” during an orgasm. It can also increase the tone and elasticity of the vaginal walls and promote the release of vaginal secretions which can decline as we get older, as a result of ill health or side effects of medication. 

    sex toy for men to stimulate the glans

    Male sex toys can help improve or boost erectile function by offering different sexual stimulation, offering pure sex fun.

    Toys are a tool to make yourself happy, and you don’t have to feel ashamed to use toys. Embrace your sex and desires bravely. Our bodies are full of loneliness and tears, and sometimes sex can comfort this loneliness and tears through love, toys, and soul. Sex is not just about having sexual intercourse which is only one way to have fulfilling sex. Using a sex toy can bring great pleasure to both of you if penetration is not possible.

    Seeing The Pocket Pussy 

    Vaginal sex, anal sex and oral sex, which is your favorite? If you’re seeking a cheap 3 in 1 realistic male masturbator, this Sohimi 3 in 1 pocket pussy with a realistic mouth must be a perfect choice.

    sohimi pocket pussy 3 in 1 for men

    Compared with other automatic male masturbators, this pocket pussy is designed like a real human face and is a realistic oral sex masturbator. She has a sunny skin color, sexy lips, firm teeth and a flexible tongue, it can bring you much stronger feelings with a vivid face than ordinary silicone masturbators. 

    With a realistic mouth, tight vaginal, and lifelike anal channel, you can try one by one to have marvelous stimulation. You can feel the suction when thrust in and out from her channel, this 3 in 1 pocket pussy must be the best one to offer you the strongest pleasure at the cheapest price. The internal texture of this pocket pussy has different folds from the upper jaw to the throat, and the deepest particles can stimulate your glans. The firm teeth and pliable tongue are made from medical-grade TPE, which can lick and wrap your penis to give you a more exciting stimulation. 

    And also, you can try another pocket pussy-Sohimi Fake Pussy. This Sohimi fake pussy is designed like a real woman's vagina, you can see the annular lines and salient points inside the sleeve, the realistic and sexy clitoris, like a secret lover waiting for your touch, creating stronger stimulation while putting it up and down.

    sohimi fake pocket pussy for men

    This fake pussy is 100% body-safe made from high-quality silicone, and without smell, it is smooth, soft, and stretchy, you can run you at will. Moreover, the silicone part of this fake pussy is waterproof, so you can clean it thoroughly with water, and it's also a good shower masturbator for you.

    The total length of the fake pussy is 8.77 inches and the insertion length is 7.67 inches. It is not too big, so you can easily hold it in your hand, but it's big enough for your penis.

    Sex Is For Adults’ Pleasure 

    Actually, we can’t wait to share with you a video we watched the day before yesterday. A group of children sits in front of the camera, guessing what the sex toy is. The video was shot by Free A Girl, an organization dedicated to liberating young girls from forced prostitution, and aims to emphasize the message that "sex is not a child's play".

    A little girl said that she thought it might be a "rolling pin" because she was demonstrating how to use one on the table. 

    Another person thought it might be a curling iron—showing how it works by curling it on her hair. 

    Others even think it might be a "noose for catching a cow" or a kind of "vegetable".

    kids are gussing what sex toys are

    This video is interesting, but also thought-provoking. In real life, some children are forced to have sex. Many charities are working hard to stop it and are calling for more people to unite and take action to liberate girls from the terrible living environment and provide them with a bright new future. We hope that this terrible problem can be resolved as soon as possible because sex should be not forced on kids. Sexual pleasure is built on the premise of willingness, equality, and respect. We hope that everyone can enjoy sex instead of being oppressed, forced, and in pain.

  • Do Women Really Need Sex Toys?


    Do Women Really Need Sex Toys?

    > jiajia lu

    Every day, there are over thousands of customers visiting Sohimi’s website. However, only 20% of the visitors are female.

    Many girls worry about a lot of problems when buying sex toys, a large part of the reason may be that they subconsciously feel ashamed of using sex toy, or sex toy is always inferior to the real person, and some people even worry that they will become addicted after using it. 

    By communicating with some friends, I found that the process of everyone’s exposure to sex toys is actually a process of continuous “evolution”, including the acceptance of toys, their changes of their own thoughts and concepts.

    Some people slowly unlocked the happiness on sex toys; some people were entangled and confused, and then found the answer; some people are open about sex life, they have been very firm, and live wantonly and calm.

    Regardless of whether they are suitable or not, whether they need or don’t need sex toys, they have learned their true thoughts and learned to tell their own needs in the process of searching, expressing and persisting.

    01 Anonymous User  20-Year-Old  I’m still exploring...

    A few days ago, I received a gift from a big sister, a very cute girl’s toy. When I saw it at the time, I had an idea in my mind that this little thing seems a bit too...

    But I didn't expect that I took it out again after putting it aside for some time. In an unintentional groping, I experienced the wonderful fun brought by this tiny toy. How to describe the feeling? Although not as strong as in the legend, but the body was suddenly awakened, fierce and gentle.

    At the beginning, I was worried about addiction. I felt that if I had too much desire, I would always want it in the future, and if I would become insensitive after using toys? If men would not be able to satisfy me?

    But I found that this is not the case. My sex desire has not changed much. It's just that I can only pinch my legs or toss when I have the desires before, but I can use toys to satisfy myself and relax.

    I have had a boyfriend, I found that having a skin-to-skin intimate contact with a person I like is emotional integration, and the double joy of physical and psychological satisfaction cannot be given by a small toy.

    Later, I also had more awareness and opportunities to take the initiative to learn knowledge of this aspect, such as the whole physiological process of arousal, the pleasure switch in the female body, and how to love myself.

    Slowly, I also bought some new toys for me. I was amazed by the different styles, which gave me a lot of different feelings. Even though some toys may no longer be used now, I will still collect them carefully and record them as precious specimens. 

    For me now, the important thing is not how many toys I own, but being able to get to know myself from more aspects, enjoying this journey of free exploration and discovery. 

    02 Anonymous User  27-Year-Old  Do I have a strong Desire on Sex?

    Although I don’t spend much time with my partner every week, we have sex three or four times a week at least. However, I want some "fast-food sex" sometimes, which is to arouse quickly, to end quickly, and be satisfied. Because it is still tiring to go to work, and most of the time we both don’t have the time and energy to satisfy each other, but using toys will relax and satisfy ourselves easily and quickly.
    When masturbating myself, I need only six to seven seconds to reach the top. My body is out-of-control and I can't help but clamp my legs, gasp in a low voice, and enjoy the joy of complete satisfaction. 

    My partner knows that I use toy, but I have never used them in front of him, because I still can’t let go when he’s there, and cannot explore, moan, relax, and give up expression management. 

    On the one hand, I don’t want him to feel that my desire is too strong, and I will still feel a little ashamed. On the other hand, I am worried that I look too ugly when I reach the top. He  understood me so well that he would wait for me to finish before coming in every time. Maybe one day I can handle these contradictions, find a way that suits me. So just explore it step by step.

    03 Anonymous User  29-Year-Old  Well use the toys together

    I have a boyfriend, but I am also using small toys at the same time. He knows it. Fortunately, the two of us have reached an agreement on this aspect. We believe that a partner and a sex toy never stand on opposite sides.

    At the beginning, I was a little worried. While he was in the living room, I pretended to go back to the room to rest, in fact, quietly comforting myself.

    Later, I simply performed it next to him, but when he saw me using a small toy, he became a little excited and couldn't help but kiss me and touch me, and then actively joined in. I found that after using toys, I became more sensitive, but his participant gave me a completely different new experience. 

    Later on, we often played in this way. I used toy as a foreplay before he joined in, the pleasure was so intense that I pulled the sheets crazily. We often reach the peak at the same time, reaping great satisfaction.

    Therefore, it will not affect the intimate relationship no matter who uses small toys if the two people are working together. On the contrary, when we try new possibilities, life will become more ritual. 

    04 Anonymous User  34-Year-Old  I regained the long-lost happiness After getting married

    After two years of marriage, I bought myself a small toy. Compared to real people, I like toys better, it’s mainly because I like the feeling of being in control. In most cases, no one knows what you want better than you.

    My husband is a traditional man. Although he will take care of my feelings in that respect, he can’t find out the feelings and can’t give me more surprises. As time goes by, the passion and romance become less and less, I think it’s a little unlikely for him to be enthusiastic.

    Once I heard my friends were talking about sex toys, I was curious and quietly bought an entry-level one. After a simple groping on my body, I found clitoris, pinched and sucked it with a clitoral vibrator, my long-lost happiness finally came back.

    He hasn't found out yet, maybe one day, my husband will accept me using small toys, or maybe I don't need toys anymore by that time. I think it’s worthwhile to enjoy all the good things now.

    Of course, there are still many exciting and interesting stories in the process of exploring sex. These stories may not be important to others, but you can truly feel that enjoying being yourself is a very beautiful thing. 

    Everyone can hold their own ideas on whether to use toys or not, and we are warm welcome you to discuss with us in the message area.

  • The Best Sex Toys For Different Sex Positions


    The Best Sex Toys For Different Sex Positions

    > jiajia lu

    Sex toys abound. But if you don’t know how and when to use them, you miss out on an amazing sexual ride.

    You want to level up in bed with sex toys, and that’s a great thing. They can certainly help boost your sex life. But they can also scare your partner off if you don’t know how to use them properly. This is why sex toys can make or break your entire experience.

    Keep in mind that not all sex toys can be used for any position, but using them for the right sex position can give you incredibly intense pleasure. Of course, you don’t want to overthink when bringing toys in the bedroom. This is why it is always a good idea to do some research beforehand. Ensure that you know how to use your sexual device and what position you can use it for. To help you, here are the best sex toys that can elevate your favorite positions in bed.

    Cock ring and vibrator combo for doggy-style 

    The majority of men love the doggy style position because it gives them more control, a great view, and deeper penetration. While some women enjoy this just as much as men, this position often fails to get women off. So if you want sex to be more satisfying for both of you, adding a cock ring and vibrator will intensify the experience.

    Cock rings are worn around the penis base and the testicles for a longer-lasting and bigger erection. There are also vibrating penis rings with different vibration modes to help men stay harder. While penetrating from behind, your partner can use a vibrator to stimulate their clitoris from the front. Start with one sex toy first, and then add the vibrator once you get accustomed to the increased sensation.

    Butt plug for missionary sex 

    For some couples, missionary is not the most exciting sex position. A butt plug, however, can change this. What you can do is to open up you or your partner’s rear and slowly put the plug in before climbing between the legs. This method can increase the pleasure for you or your partner because penetration will be felt on both sensitive holes.

    Ensure that you have a high-quality plug, though, so it doesn’t wiggle out when worn during this position. So you want a durable butt plug that’s not sticky and easy and smooth to insert.

    Vibrator for an exciting cowgirl position

    Cowgirl is common for females’ most favorite position as it allows them to ride their partner while stimulating their clitoris for added sensation. The thrusting and pulling back movements can hit their g-spot while giving them great control.

    To level up the fun, adding a vibrator is a fantastic way to have more orgasms in a partnered sex. This can make orgasms easier during intercourse, especially during the nights when you might need some extra help. You do this by having your partner hold the vibrator against your clitoris while you’re in a cowgirl position. Teasing between your legs and thighs can add to the sensation as well.

    Dildos for every position

    Dildos are by far the most common sex toys that people have. They are quite versatile, so there are different sex positions that you can enjoy with this toy. Some might work great for you, while other positions might feel awkward and uncomfortable. This is why you must find your favorite position for comfort and ultimate pleasure.

    For example, a dildo can take your romantic spooning sessions to a whole new level. For many women, spooning with two penises inside them can be exhilarating. In this case, a double-headed dildo is your best bet. This can also be a good solution for those who crave to explore two penises without relying on another person. Another example of how useful dildos are in this situation is giving oral sex. If you have always wanted to be penetrated from behind, dildos are very useful.

    Masturbation dolls for solo play 

    If you don’t have a partner, but you still want to enjoy different sex positions, your taste might be towards sex dolls. You can buy sex dolls in their full-body form or take advantage of half body ones.

    Life-sized full-body dolls are more expensive, though, and might be too heavy for women to use than half-body masturbation dolls. But whichever you choose, sex dolls are made with soft silicone materials making them realistic and feel. 


    For those who are new to the world of sex toys, these devices can be intimidating at first. So if you’re trying them out, make sure you use them in the right sex position, whether solo or with a partner. It is also necessary to purchase sex toys from a seller that reassures high-quality sex toys like Sohimi, the best online sex toy shop in the US.

  • What’s The Most Popular Sex Toy Across America?


    What’s The Most Popular Sex Toy Across America?

    > jiajia lu

    Which toy is ideal? It relies upon your inclinations. However, this may give you a thought; According to an ongoing report led by Bespoke Surgical, dildos are the sex toy of decision across America, taking the primary spot on a rundown of the most favorite toys. Our website Sohimi is offering you one of the best Sohimi sex women and Sohimi sex male toys in town.

    To think of the rundown, analysts dissected the pursuit of enthusiasm for sex toys on Google Shopping. They chose eight general classifications to limit the outcomes: vibrators, dildos, binds, subjugation gear, rooster rings, male sex toys, and lash ones. Whereas Fifteen states had the most elevated enthusiasm for dildos, vibrators arrived in a nearby second with 11 countries. Subjugation rigging and butt plugs tied for third, connect ones took the fourth spot, and cockerel rings were the fifth most looked through sex toy on the web, and Sohimi got everything for which you desire. So, there will be no judgment from us; anything that increments sexual fulfillment also gives your well-being a lift, and we support that. 

    Top 5 Best Vibrators that you can grab ASAP!

    As our website Sohimi offers you the best sex toys available for both men and women. So, do not waste your time, we care for your needs, and we got all the toys you want. Here are some erotic products popular in sex, and you can easily get at Sohimi. 

    Automatic Heating Vibrator

    Sohimi is offering you an Automatic Heating Vibrator that has multi-reason, can invigorate ladies' G-point and clitoris simultaneously, feel numerous incitement alternatives, allow our wants to desire, sexual coexistence more agreeable. It is a remote-control heating vibrator. It provides you intelligent and programmed warming: when turning on the warming capacity of the vibrator, the vibrator consequently gets used to agreeable skin temperature, and it’s waterproof.

    With the calm vibrations of the vibrator, you can enjoy your desire. We have the best Sohimi sex toys for women and men. The vibrator can be energized by a USB attractive interface and is also the ideal partner in crime.

    This vibrator is minimal and unique. It has an exquisite shape and offers an energizing choice of 10 vibration levels. The vibrator can be bowed uninhibitedly for exact incitement and has a naturally canny push and addition plan, and separable pull base.

    You can utilize the vibrator decisively. Appreciate the smooth surface on and in your most personal zones and experience extraordinary emotions. Find your very own pleasure while the vibrator offers you murmur calm vibrations with the most excellent quality. 

    Rabbit Clitoral Vibrator: Ergonomic design sex toy with rechargeable vibrators clit Stimulator

    This Rabbit Clitoral Vibrator has ground-breaking calm engines that can be utilized simultaneously to invigorate your g-spot, clitoris, anal, or penis and amplify your pleasure regardless of you like moderate, consistent, or reliable heartbeats at various rates.

    With 11 Frequency Patting and Ergonomic Design it will continually animate the clitoris to assist you with arriving at the climax. Do not hesitate to change modes to suit your adoration speed; appreciate more energizing game alternatives.

    This toy has 3 Vibration Points with 12 Modes-Smooth and adjusted. The top of this dildo vibrator is ergonomically calculated to hit your slippery joy zone effortlessly. Simultaneously, a couple of rabbit ears sit in a prime situation to animate your clitoris with sparkling vibrations.

    Prevalent Food Grade Silicone – Sohimi Vibrator sex toy for women is made of body-safe silicone Vibrator, and protected like the human body. Along these features, it is protected and skin-accommodating.

    It is Magnetic charged, so there is no compelling reason to stress over the batteries coming up short or out when you are in need of a little delivery. It accompanies 1 charging Cable and is very easy to energize and control. Feel free to order at Sohimi. We have every sort of sex toy for both males and females. 

    Big Pocket Pussy with Realistic Mouth and Vagina: Fulfil all the erotic desires of me

    As a Sohimi sex toy for men, Big Pocket Pussy helps the pervert consolidates mouth and vagina. Suppose you are worn out on conventional vaginal sex; in that case, you can appreciate oral sex for extra fun with this degenerate toys. Give your dildo knead, sensual caress; the exact teeth and tongue will astound you.
    It is Realistic Texture & Safe Material realistic 3D finished passage permits you to feel every bit of the genuine to invigorate on the dick with each push. Pussy stroker produced using an excellent silicone material that is delicate, adaptable, skin-accommodating. Realistic 3D finished passage permits you to feel every trace of the genuine to animate on the dick with each pushing. Pussy stroker produced using an excellent silicone material that is delicate, adaptable, skin-accommodating. Extraordinary practical stretchy material intended to give men a heavenly sexual well-being experience.
    It is Easy to clean separable male pervert, reasonable size can hold in one hand. It is permitting you to appreciate the joy of solo play. Separable male masturbation Sohimi sex toy and wash separately. Super simple cleaning-straightforwardly flush the channels under running water with cleanser.
    It has a Suitable Size Compatible with lubes with other ordinary male strokes, embeds one slug vibrator, can be utilized as a vibrating male pervert cup. This pocket pussy is reasonable for all sizes. With different vibrators, cheap dildo, penis vacuum siphon, penis ring, or sex dolls. This degenerate male toy is your other assortment. Better impact to use with greases.

    Vibrating Dual Penis Ring with Taint Teaser: The best you can get

    This Vibrating Dual Penis Ring uses a superior and safe Material. As Penis Ring is produced using silicone material, sheltered and strong being used. Smooth silicone feels delicate to the touch yet firm enough to give you a heavenly sentiment of totality. Then, it is effortlessly cleaned with cleanser and water.
    The rooster ring's tightened tip is raised and ribbed within, giving additional weight and stunning incitement to your perineum. The impurity is so rich with sensitive spots that merely the smallest touch will convey unfathomable sensations.
    Give your penis and gonads a lift with this stretchy silicone improvement ring that performs twofold responsibility. Double rings circle around both your pole and balls to make a tight fit that not just builds endurance.
    The super-smooth help cockering serenely fits around the penis and scrotum base and can be delighted underneath the dress for an absolute circumspect treat.
    Sohimi sex toys for men and women gets you the best to shock your Partner desire. There is no sex toy on the bundle like Sohimi. USB Rechargeable, no compelling reason to stress over the low battery and long-haul use. It is not just a performance play yet additionally a sex toy for guys, couples.

  • The Best Sex Toy For Girls?


    The Best Sex Toy For Girls?

    > Boodle Web Mart Collaborator

    We’re not sure what is the best sex toy for girls, because it's a different feeling for every single people using a sex toy. Single, Couples, Lesbians or trans, different groups of people need different toys that vary from function. We can show a part of our store's sales statistics, which could show you the most popular one among girls during the year 2020. Besides dildos in basic style, most girls like vibrators with a sucking function, especially the ones with cute appearance. Here we will show you 3 kinds of sucking vibes of our store, all of them have features like mini-size, whisper-noise, cute-shape…  

    The first one is a pink PIGGY SHAPED SUCTION STIMULATOR, it has a cute appearance but very strong suction. I was wondering whether most girls would be affected by its cute shape. 



    The last one sculpted like a ROSE CLITORAL VIBRATOR, the ROSE it quickly won my heart when I first saw it. Can you imagine how romantic it is to suck your clitoris with a rose! 

    To discuss this question further, there’s no best toy for everyone. There’s a suggestion for people who never tried sex toys and who tried many but not find the favorite one. Before shopping for a sex toy, firstly find out what types of sex toys do you need.

    For those who wanna pursue a high-quality but a low price, We recommend you a double-ended vibe like this below (one head with a vibe function, another with a sucking function). You can enjoy more than one function through one toy, which means you can own a vibrator and a dildo at the same time!


    Besides those goods shown above, you can also discover more fun toys here.

    Hope everyone can find the best sex toy for themselves!

  • What’s the Best Adult Toy for Your First Night?


    What’s the Best Adult Toy for Your First Night?

    > Boodle Web Mart Collaborator

    To seek more sexual pleasure, people use sex toys such as a dildo or a vibrator. With the improvement of people’s sexual desire, more and more adult products come out on marketing. It’s not hard to buy an adult toy, but it’s really not easy to find a suitable one! From the aspect of instruction, they are divided into manual and automatic. People can control the toy’s frequency according to their preference, but the manuals could free one’s hand. From the aspect of the products’ function, some toys vibrate, some toys stretch, some are focused on suction. From the aspects of users, there are adult toys for women, men, transgenders, queers and bisexuals, etc.

    The key point for one to have a wonderful first night is to learn from experienced people. I would like to introduce you 2 kinds of products which are praised by most people.

    The number of men who use sex toys before 18 is much more than the number of women, thus men usually are more familiar with sex toys, and they have higher acceptance of sex toys. So the first thing is to ask girls whether they’d like to use sex toys during their first experience! If they say yes, then you could move to the next step.

    It's the safest way to choose some basic products, like vibrators, manual dildos. Do not choose any anal toys for a girl unless she asks! The most popular vibrators among young people are those with both a strong vibration and suction function like this one below. Compared with those traditional AV vibrators, this one from Sohimi increased a suction function, which double your pleasure in sex time. What's more, it only costs $37.99, much cheaper than the similar one from Adam&Eve or any other brand. 

    Sucking Clitoris Stimulator and Wand Massager

    Moreover, it would be better to prepare a manual dildo at the same time. No one can be 100% sure that they can perform their best in every sex life. To choose a manual but not an automatic one, it’s in order to control the frequency in your own hand but not the toy. The bestseller on our website is this one below.

    realistic dildo
    In conclusion, the most important thing is to arrange the rhythm, use it at the right time. What’s more, the precondition is to choose high-quality products.
    To see more products on our official site, see more sex tips on the blog page.

  • Are There Good Sex Toys For Men?


    Are There Good Sex Toys For Men?

    > Boodle Web Mart Collaborator

    Sohimi, as a sex toy seller with a 10-year experience, we’ve reviewed most kinds of sex toys made by different manufacturers from different countries, including Fleshlight, Cock Rings, Sex Doll, Buttplug, Prostate Massager, etc.

    To make a conclusion, fleshlight is the most popular one in recent years. I would like to call it a pocket masturbator because it’s small and easy to be taken belong with. Products like sex dolls and buttplugs are more expensive than other products and also come along with a high shipping fee. Cock ring and prostate massage are like by part of people, but it’s not the most useful toy for the male to get orgasm quickly.

    In the category of fleshlights, there are also many things buyers need to pay attention to. Many novice friends will ask several questions like:

    "Which product is more realistic?",

    "Which product is more exciting?"

    "Which product is more suitable for novices?“

    The key point to these questions is about the material of fleshlight! There are mainly three common materials on the market:

    • Silicone
    • TPE
    • TPE+Sponge

    The TPE is the softest one among these materials, TPE+Sponge is in the middle, then it’s silicone. The softer the material, the stronger the sense of wrapping, and the relatively low irritation; the harder the material, the weaker the sense of wrapping, and the higher the irritation. As for which cup is more suitable for every single people, there may be completely opposite answers depending on personal circumstances and needs. If you are more sensitive and want low-stimulus, it’s better to choose softer products; if you want high-stimulation, more sensational products, it’s better to choose hard products.



    Moreover, how to make out which level of stimulation you are suitable for?

    • Sensitive Type (3–5 minutes of sex time)-suits for a soft one
    • Normal Type (5–15 minutes of sex time)-suits for a mild irritation
    • Long-time Type (over 15 minutes of sex time)-suits for a strong stimulation

    It’s better to try manual fleshlight for the first time because you can adjust the frequency that suits you at any time according to your own wishes. The automatic masturbators move back and forth on its own, so it’s not friendly enough for new triers, because not everyone’s frequency can match with you. For people with full of experience in sex, there are more choices.

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