Butterfly Vibrators

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Butterfly Vibrator

What is a Butterfly Vibrator

Butterfly vibrators are usually sex toys designed for external clitoral stimulation. The name of the vibrator comes from the shape of the butterfly, whose wings provide stimulation to the clitoris and labia.

Types of Butterfly Vibrators

1.Remote Butterfly Vibrators:

This is a perfect hands-free vibrator option. The remote control butterfly vibrator is a useful tool. You can change the vibration frequency directly through the remote control.

2.Wearable Butterfly Vibrators:

The wearable vibrator is ergonomically designed with a curved glans for effective clitoral stimulation. The small butterfly-shaped wings at the bottom are attached to the vulva, so you can wear it out without fear of slipping, but also to give you a pleasurable experience both inside and outside.

3.Strapless butterfly vibrator

A very convenient vibrator with a strapless design that allows you to penetrate deep into the vagina without having to adjust the straps. The simple design, which is cleverly curved at a right angle, allows the strapless vibrator to be inserted on one side for vaginal stimulation of the g-spot.

4.Classic Butterfly Vibrator

This vibrator is the most butterfly-like in shape, with its upper end shaped like butterfly wings to cover the entire vulva, and a small dildo vibrator underneath to stimulate the g-spot directly.

Why the Butterfly Vibrator is right for all women

Although the insertion portion of the butterfly vibrator is smaller than most dildos, it allows the vibrations to affect your g-spot and stimulate the clitoral area. Its vibrations are gentle enough to reach the entire genital area. When the butterfly vibrator gently touches your clitoris and provides constant and steady pressure, you can have a quick orgasm. And it's a very cute vibrator that looks much better in appearance than regular vibrators.

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