• Will You Buy Sex Toys For Your Son If He Asked To?


    Will You Buy Sex Toys For Your Son If He Asked To?

    > Lucine Keogh

    If you find a sex toy your son bought in his room, you may be to pretend you don’t know and start with sex education and guidance for him, but if your son asks you that he wants a sex toy at that time, will you still pretend not to know what he is saying?

    Before taking action

    Buying a sex toy for your teen can sound like a sex-positive, shame-free move, but like anything else in parenting, there are several things to consider: 

    First, what talks with your teen have you fostered around sex and pleasure leading up to this? If not many, then that’s truly where your focus should be. Establishing an open dialogue with your child about sexual health topics best ensures that their curiosities will come your way as they develop, without internalizing shame. Helping them to make informed choices for themselves, versus trying to control their outcomes, is a key goal in being a sex-positive parent. 

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    And when you establish open talks, you’d know whether sex toys are something your teen is even thinking about or interested in. You’d listen to what they know (or think they know) already about them, and identify areas you can supplement their existing understanding. When you acknowledge that sex toys are an option for consenting people, of all genders and sexual orientations, seeking pleasure during solo or partnered sex, it can take the taboo and secrecy out of the topic. Sex toys can be a part of exploring one’s body and pleasure, and it’s important to be open with them about ways exploration can happen without the use of toys as well. 

    It’s also important to consider your own “why”, particularly if your young person has not expressed an interest in sex toys. If your motivation is rooted in your own early experiences, whether sexually repressed or sex-positive, remember that the child you are raising is on their own sexual health journey. Being careful to balance your fears, biases, and expectations is key to supporting your unique path. Buying a sex toy for your teen is not the measure of a “cool” or “progressive” parent- maintaining open-door communication is.

    If it’s established that sex toys are what they want, not what you want for them, then it’s a good idea to talk about other areas to consider:

    Their “why”

    What’s leading to their interest in them and what have they heard or seen so far;

    The types of toys and proper care, keeping and safety of using them;

    Cost and safe options for securing them;

    Privacy considerations, on and offline;

    Related laws in your area specific to minors. This is not a decision to be taken lightly, or one that another non-parental adult or peer should be making for them or coercing them into.

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    This isn’t a time for lecturing or interrogation, because sex toys are not a threat, they’re an option, and you want them to feel like they understand any options of interest to them when they feel ready. It also is an opportunity to touch bases about other topics like body image, safety in sexual decision-making, relationships, and porn. Talking about the many aspects of sexual health allows them to identify their values, comfort levels, needs, wants, and fears without shame or secrecy influencing them. They will know that they have a trusted, safe space to land as they explore their bodies, sexuality, and the world around them. 

    When we keep the door open for ongoing sexual health talks and curiosities, normalize pleasure, and focus on helping our teens make informed choices about their bodies, sex and relationships, what we find is that they are better equipped for more confident sexual decision making. 

    So the real question isn’t “should I buy a sex toy for my teen?” but rather “what talks am I having with my teen to help them understand facts and decide whether sex toys are an appropriate option for them?” The more comfortable a caregiver can become in seeing their most effective role as a mentor versus gatekeeper, the more they’ll find the teen in their life opening up with them. When a young person opens up, it’s an opportunity to be of influence and support their sexual decision-making in positive ways. 

    finger in butt


    If you don’t want your son abusing any cucumbers or mixing spoons or Oscar statuettes that might be lying around your house, and if you don’t want to have to rush him to an emergency room in a few months to retrieve something that gets stuck in his ass, consider purchasing a few ass-appropriate toys for him, i.e., one or two small silicone butt plugs with flared bases. He’ll be mortified when you give them to him, but no more mortified than you were when you found those shitty tampons.

    Buying sex toys for kids is a hurdle most parents can’t clear. If it’s not something you can do, then you’ll have to turn a blind eye to any toothbrushes you might find in sinks over the next few years. You’ll also want to thoroughly wash cucumbers before consuming them. 

    Got ALICE automatic masturbator to add in something extra for male sex. First, this thing is HUGE. Once you open it up, it becomes practical. The power button turns on and off, settings button goes through the various rotations. Comes with a suction attachment for hands-free use which is nice for solo folks. If people especially would like to try edging, they can't miss it.  

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    To clean up the inner sleeve, you should just simply pull out the black cover and take out the sleeve to wash. No matter you are looking for an auto stroker for yourself, or your partner, this hands-free masturbator is a good choice. 

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    This prostate milker toy has 9 vibration modes to meet a variety of frequency stimulation needs. So it is friendly to any novice, from soft to climax.

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  • Can A Woman Use Men's Sex Toys?


    Can A Woman Use Men's Sex Toys?

    > Lucine Keogh

    To answer the question first, HELL YES!

    Pleasure doesn’t have a gender and I think that’s beautiful. There are a lot of sex toys that couples can share in bed like a vibrating cock ring, cock ring, prostate massager, wearable vibrators, etc. But that doesn’t mean you cannot use toys made specifically for the other gender’s bodies.

    Vibrators are famed to be a woman’s best friend and they definitely are. Men can make acquaintance with vibrators, too. Using a vibrator, better yet a wand massager, ontheir penis can give way to a new trick to stimulate penis.

    For female, male sex toys come in many shapes and sizes, most of them are masturbators and blowjob toys specially designed for stimulating the penis others are made like a ring and pocket pussy shape used for external genital stimulation. Almost all male masturbators have the shape of a tube and some have a specially curved end that is used to reach the area of ​​the penis.

    a couple is having sex

    On the other hand, prostate massagers are designed to be inserted into the rectum. They are usually relatively slender and have an angled head to help target the prostate. Of course, there will also have different types: prostate massage equipment ranges from dildos to butt plugs and P-spot vibrators. When used in sexual practice, prostate massagers are often referred to as “prostate sex toys” and “anal toys”. These prostate massagers are inserted into the rectum through the anus and are designed to stimulate the prostate with simple massage or vibration. In general, the biggest difference between them is the shapes.

    Similarities Between The G-Spot & The Prostate

    After all that difference, let’s talk about the similarities between them. The G-Spot Described as the sensual area of ​​the vagina, when stimulated, it can lead to strong sexual arousal, strong orgasm, and potential female ejaculation. According to reports, it is usually located 5–8 cm (2–3 inches) above the anterior vaginal wall between the vaginal opening and the urethra. It is a sensitive area and may be part of the female prostate. It is generally believed that women have prostates (or at least, they have prostate tissue, sometimes called Skene’s glands), which seems to be different from the G-spot but related to the G-spot, although the number and size vary from person to person.

    a couple on the bed

    A woman’s G-spot is sort of like a prostate. For every part that a man has, a woman has an equivalent part or homolog. It’s all the same stuff, the G point is about 3 inches inside the vagina, and the prostate is 3 inches inside the male anal canal. They are roughly the same shape and size, and they are all on or inside the front wall.

    So can a woman use a man’s sex toy? Generally speaking, yes. But keep in mind the safety issue: use a sex toy with a flared base. This is a requirement for all anal safety toys (male and female) to prevent uncomfortable feelings.

    Try anal plugs

    One of the best things a woman can do to begin to ready her ass to accept something inside it is to explore her ass on her own.

    a couple thinking why sex is so good

    When she does this, she teaches her body how to relax. She trains her anus to accept something inside it. If she’s preoccupied with anal sex hurting, then her anus clamps up, and even a single finger inside her can feel uncomfortable.

    Therefore, a good way to start to explore is by seeing what it feels like to have her own fingers inside her. She should wait to insert them only when she’s on the point of coming. When she’s that turned on through masturbation, then her anus also becomes aroused. The same way the clit and the vulva become engorged with blood when a woman’s turned on, the opening to the anus does the same thing.

    The nerve endings come alive, and that’s when it feels absolutely exquisite to have something inside her anus. When a woman explores on her own, she can also be sure to only insert her finger as far as it feels comfortable. The moment it starts to hurt, she can stop. The more she experiments, the more she’ll stop fearing those sensations, and the more she’ll begin to crave them.

    To explore the fun inside the anus, the anal bead is the main player to provide extraordinary stimulation. Although they all go into the anus, the anal beads are quite different from other types of anal toys like butt plugs, prostate massagers, etc.

    Superior to other similar long anal beads, this Sohimi S121 Vibrating Anal Beads has an extra mini bullet vibrator inside. If using with the bullet inside, you can get brand new vibrating anal beads! Thus, you can get powerful vibrating stimulation besides the normal move-in-and-out fun. Further, these vibrating anal beads comes with a remote controller, so you can simply control them with only one hand.

    Sohimi S121 Vibrating Anal Beads

    Try cock rings

    Cock rings are rings that go around the penis and/or scrotum. They slow blood flow out of an erect penis and can help make erections harder and longer-lasting. They may also be marketed as erectile dysfunction (ED) rings, but people without this condition may want to use them, too.

    There are several different kinds:

    Soft and stretchy rings. These are the most common and generally the cheapest rings available. They are circles of a soft material, often silicone. They’re easy to use and remove. It may take some trial and error to find the right fit.

    Adjustable cock rings. These use lasso adjusters, velcro, or other fasteners to allow the wearer to adjust the fit as needed.

    Vibrating cock rings. These have a small vibrator attached. The sensation may feel good for men, but these are generally designed to stimulate a woman’s clitoris during sex.

    Solid cock rings. These rings are only for very experienced users. Even then, you may want to avoid them. There is a danger of penis strangulation with metal cock rings that fit poorly, get stuck, or are left on too long.

    This Sohimi LEISURE Penis Head Vibrator works as a penis head vibrator as its name shows. The bottom of the electric penis stimulator massages the penis head, the contact is soft and stretchy, can be attached to the most penis, effectively stimulate the right spot, but now, you can use it to stimulate your clitoris to evoke the strongest climax fast, and achieve the effect of foreplay flirting if possible.  For your health, please do not overuse.

    Sohimi LEISURE Penis Head Vibrator

    The motor drives 3 massage points, 60 fleshy particles wrap, vibrate, rub, maximize your clitoris, effectively stimulate your nipple or anus, providing you with a wonderful sexual experience. Slowly start to evoke and inspire your most sensitive areas, stable and powerful pulses to maximize your fun.

    They are not just for men! Go for fun, girls!

  • Using Sex Toys During Pregnancy? The Safest Vibrator For Pregnant Women


    Using Sex Toys During Pregnancy? The Safest Vibrator For Pregnant Women

    > Scarlet Sohimi

    We all know that pregnancy is complicated, whether it's weight gain or nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. This, coupled with a series of physical and mental changes, can cause mothers-to-be to feel a dramatic increase in stress. Also, with some pregnant women, you may find your libido going into high gear due to the increased estrogen and progesterone hormones. Most importantly, pregnancy's extra blood flow to the vulva and vagina can make you more responsive to touch. Of course there are some pregnant women who, on the contrary, feel a lack of sexual desire, which may be due to pregnancy-induced fatigue and drowsiness, and these reactions are normal. If you are concerned about masturbation or having sex during pregnancy, the following article will address your concerns.

    Is it safe to use sex toys during pregnancy?

    pregnant lady

    First of all, don't feel shy. You can start by asking your OB/GYN, they are after all the ones who know the most about this whole pregnancy thing. As long as your pregnancy is healthy, it is perfectly safe to have sex or use sex toys during pregnancy. However, if you have a history of miscarriage or other high-risk issues, your doctor may tell you not to have sex or use  sex toys  at certain times during your pregnancy. If you are at risk for preterm labor or if you are experiencing frequent uterine contractions, it is best to avoid using vibrators or sexual activity to prevent any potential harm to your baby from orgasms. Many doctors do not recommend having a lot of sex in your first trimester, especially if you have had several miscarriages or are at high risk, as this can lead to spontaneous abortion. Of course if your doctor tells you that your pregnancy is healthy, then using sex toys is one of the best ways to soothe the stress of your pregnancy. Healthy sex life can be an essential part of keeping your relationship active and robust.

    Safety tips for using sex toys

    Using sex toys after pregnancy is basically no different than using them before pregnancy, but there are still some crucial steps that you need to be aware of, here are some safety tips.

    Focus on hygiene

    pregnant woman in bed

    Keeping sex toys clean can protect you from most vaginal infections, especially when sex toys that penetrate the vagina are involved. This is important during pregnancy, as untreated vaginal infections may increase the risk of premature birth. Be sure to clean them thoroughly with warm soapy water after each use (including the handles and any buttons) rinse them thoroughly and carefully dry them before storing them in a clean, dry place. Of course, to avoid bacterial infections, be sure to put a condom on the penetrating vibrator when using it.

    Pay attention to materials

    The material of the sex toy is important, if your sex toy is soft silicone material that is great, but please note that the plastic sex toys. There may be some harmful substances inside that can affect your hormones and thus produce some bad reactions to your body. Also keep an eye on your lube for flavored ingredients that may irritate your sensitive tissues. You need to read the product descriptions as well as the ingredient list carefully, before you use them to determine if they are right for you.

    Take your time

    pregnant woman with coffee

    Dildos and vibrators are harder than penises and your cervix is more fragile during pregnancy, so start slowly and avoid going too deep or pushing too hard. It would be wise to choose a soft start when it comes to vibrations or thrusts. It is also best to ensure that your body is in a relaxed state when using it, so that you don't get too tense and cause muscle spasms or strains. And be careful with the restraints, as your joints are looser than usual when preparing for labor and you don't want to overstretch and injure yourself accidentally. When using a vibrator, you can start with the softest vibration frequency, first adapt to this frequency if you feel that the vibration frequency is not enough, in a little bit to enhance the frequency to enhance your feelings. Remember not to adjust to the strongest vibration frequency before you get used to it, the body is quite sensitive during pregnancy.

    Unleash creativity

    happy couple

    There are many other options you can try if your doctor does not recommend penetrative intercourse. You may find that you enjoy stimulating other erogenous zones and that there are toys for those zones as well. For example, you can use a sucking vibrator to stimulate private sexual areas such as the clitoris or breasts, and stimulating the clitoris can also lead to orgasm. And oxytocin, which is released during orgasm, can trigger emotional thoughts, connection and maternal instincts. All of these are good for your body and mind.

    Safe vibrators for women during pregnancy

    Adding sex toys to the bedroom whether it's single play or couples play will only enhance sex and pleasure. If your body is suitable for penetrative sex, then a multifunctional vibrator  would be a good choice. It will have a small sucking head on one end that can be used to stimulate your clitoris, and a dildo vibrator on the other end that can penetrate deep into the vagina to stimulate the g-spot. Of course you can also use it with your partner, for example one end to stimulate your g-spot and the other end to stimulate your partner's private parts. This will be a great relaxing game during your stressful pregnancy.

    sohimi rose vibrator family


    If you feel safer with an external sex toy, the  Rose toy  is a good choice, with a sucking device on top to stimulate the most intimate parts. And this vibrator is only the size of your hand is ideal for single use. Also this suction device matches the size of the clitoris of almost all women, and of course this suction device can also stimulate the position of the testicles of men. There are many ways to use a vibrator and the ways you can customize and use it with your partner are diverse and not necessarily limited to a few methods. One of the most significant advantages of these two vibrators is the low noise design, even if the vibration frequency is turned up to the maximum it is hard to hear the vibration, so you don't have to worry about the risk of being heard if you have other family members at home. In addition, these two vibrators are more decorative in appearance than ordinary vibrators, so you don't have to worry about being embarrassed by naughty children turning them over.

    kissing couple

    Remember: masturbation and pleasure should not stop just because you are becoming a mom. Your sex life should not be any less than it was before you became pregnant. (Unless you have a restricted pregnancy.) Masturbation with sex toys is a good option for many pregnant women who feel too sick or uncomfortable to have regular partner sex. And be sure to communicate with your partner what feels comfortable and good so you can enjoy the experience and have fun!

  • The Foreplay Best Friend You Want to Meet - 4 Vibes Suitable for Flirting Between Couples


    The Foreplay Best Friend You Want to Meet - 4 Vibes Suitable for Flirting Between Couples

    > Veronica Swift

    The primary purpose of using sex toys for couples is to flirt and be passionate about the sexual desire of both parties. And not only does it promote a sense of novelty and excitement between two people, but it's also a very healthy way to have a harmonious sex life. Longhurst says people used to think you used sex toys because maybe you couldn't find a date. But what's true now is that most people who use sex toys are couples who use sex toys are more satisfied with their sex lives.



    The sex toy market is mainly for couples, and 70 percent of customers are in a regular long-term relationship. This is because vibrator sex toys are available in a variety of styles to stimulate the sensitive parts of women, men can use a vibrator in foreplay to bring women into the world of sex, wetting women's vagina, thus having a very perfect foreplay experience before the real penetration of men and women combined. So the following four vibes are the favorite foreplay best friend between couples.

    Rose Queen Clitoral Sucking & G Spot Vibrator

    For couples who are in love, the use of erotic products can give them a special stimulation. It encourages both partners to maintain an exciting sexual activity during foreplay. During foreplay, men can turn on the sucking function of Rose Queen's petal head to tease their partner's clitoris. Unlike other sucking vibrators, Rose Queen's sucking touch is milder and does not make the female clitoris feel a little tingly. The Rose Queen vibrator can be used to stimulate not only women's nipples, ears, and vagina, but also men's testicles and glans. The 5 sucking modes plus the 10 vibration modes make the flirtation between couples more loving and exciting.

    sohimi rose queen

    What's even more fun is that couples are very much enjoying making love inside the bathtub. Rose Queen's 100% waterproof performance is the primary reason why many couples choose them. The safe, comfortable and flexible silicone material makes it particularly comfortable for couples to hold in their hands.

    Soft Clitoral Tongue Vibrator

    The practicality of the vibe use function is an important indicator that affects whether the couple's sexual foreplay experience feels good. You do not look at this one pink vibrator although only a tongue-shaped vibrator, but this one is made of high-quality silicone, so when stimulating licking sensitive parts, it is as soft as our human body's real tongue, inspiration, and has a fleshy authenticity. The key thing is that it is a tongue that can be rotated 360 degrees for stimulation and is very much used to moisten a woman's vagina and stimulate the dense vaginal lining.

    pink vibrator

    Obviously, your female partner will get wild shake foreplay pleasure with your help. And you can also feel more accomplished and satisfied. The 10 levels of vibration from mild will stimulate the woman to start moaning in foreplay, and when the amazing shake is reached, the woman's total weakness and desire to hold on to you will tell you it's time to really get inside her for the ultimate orgasmic pleasure.

    Golden Bullet Pocket Vibrator

    Golden bullet pocket vibrator is one of the most important reasons why men and women love golden gullet pocket vibrators. The human skin is very hot, and the contact between two warm bodies during sex will make each other's body temperature rise even higher, so a cool sensation will make the foreplay flirtation more exciting and sensual. This feeling is like the taste of mint leaves added to strawberry cake, very refreshing.

    Golden Bullet Pocket Vibrator

    This is what we can see in the  Fifty Shades of Grey movie in the process of foreplay flirting with the Christian in the use of ice to stimulate the sensitive parts of Anastasia This is indeed the process of sex is a very fun and arousing desire of small props. When couples use ice-cold stimulation between the temperature of the prick skin, from ear, chest, clitoris, butt, thigh, and then foot and other parts of the stimulation, trust me, this time the male will also make comfortable surprised voice.

    App Control Clit Sucker Bluetooth Vibrator

    Lovers like to call it a wife vibrator  because of the novelty of this vibrator. Not only is it a vibrator that can be worn inside a woman's panties, but it can also be connected to your phone using Bluetooth and invite your partner to interact with it remotely online. This is perfect for couples who have been making love for many years and are familiar with each other's bodies and can regain a special sense of excitement and arousal through the wife vibrator. If you are in Florida while your husband is in California on a business trip, then the app control vibrator is perfect for you both to interact online. Express how much you guys miss each other.

    App Control Clit Sucker Bluetooth Vibrator

    This is also a fun game of trust between couples. When a woman hands over the initiative of orgasmic stimulation in her body to her distant husband, on both ends of the video, you tell him your needs and he leads you into a pleasurable atmosphere through the operation of the mobile app as you tell each other your thoughts. He learns in which state you are in the expression of orgasm, switches with pride between 9 sucking modes and 9 vibration modes to stimulate your clitoris and vagina, eventually bringing you to orgasm, and as you express your love and gratitude to your husband, your love becomes more intimate again, not at all badly affected by the short distance of separation.

    Use Vibe to Add Fun to Sex

    People are instinctive creatures and in many cases will want to try new things to experience. Many couples suffer from the fact that although they have a very harmonious sex life with each other, they are too familiar with each other's bodies, so there is always a lack of fun. So they are very willing to try to use sex toys to bring their special stimulation. Couples who like SM tend to use handcuffs, blindfolds, and tail sex toys to enhance dominance control. Couples who like to experiment with a variety of sexual positions are more likely to try some of the smaller, but stimulating vibrators, such as the rose vibrator and tongue vibrator, and couples who like to have sex outdoors are more likely to try the app vibrator and huge vibrator to mobilize exciting flirtation during foreplay.


    In general, for couples, healthy and normal sex life is beneficial to one's physical and mental health. Using sex toys to add interest in foreplay is a very worthwhile experience, not only will it increase the ambiguous time of your foreplay, the wide variety of vibe provides you with more freshness to experience. For couples who are already sexually experienced, this is certainly an innovative experiment. And using different vibe makes foreplay between couples like a different date place and activity at a time, a sexy and harmonious mode of being together is a super key to maintaining the relationship between couples.

  • Gay Boy, Are You A Conqueror On the Playground And On The Bed?


    Gay Boy, Are You A Conqueror On the Playground And On The Bed?

    > Lena Sohimi

    If a gay boy wants to gain appreciation from the other man, in addition to excellent lovemaking skills in bed, there is also the unique charm on the sports field.

    For gay boys, their role in a sexual relationship can also influence their sporting style and preferences. But sweating it out in sports really makes you look good! Exercising more will also improve your skills in bed!

    What are top and bottom's preferences in sports?

    The top and bottom refer to the two roles in a gay relationship. Usually, the one who is the top is the conqueror. They like to play the dominant role in sex. top seeks the thrill of excitement and conquest and usually looks very manly. This type of male has a strong desire to win and lose. They enjoy the feeling of unleashing their charisma in sports.

    They feel very satisfied when they see a gentle boy on the side looking at him with admiration and adoration. Whether in a sexual relationship or sports, they very much enjoy the feeling of being adored. They are conquerors in bed and competitors on the sports field.

    strong man


    If you are bottom, then you are the one who is conquered during sex. bottom's personality traits are feminine, gentle, and flirtatious. Such characteristics determine that they will not like too intense or more competitive sports. They will prefer elegant and gentle sports. They like to show their elegant body shape and soft temperament in the sport. They like to appear soft and eager for their partner's affection and protection in a relationship.

    What sports do gay boys like?

    Figure Skating

    No pair of gay boys can say no to this sport. They can't resist the unique appeal of figure skating. All gay boys in their youth have never imagined dancing in pairs to the tune of "Time of My Life" from "Dirty Dancing" or being a princess or prince on ice in a fancy dress to "Locomotion" by Kylie Minogue. Figure skating allows gay couples to warm up and increase their bond. The body looks sexiest in a lycra leotard with jewelry accents. Have you ever imagined jumping and spinning with your boy on skates that are only a few feet long? It's such a beautiful and unforgettable sport! It's a romantic sport, whether it's jumping, spinning, hugging, or kissing, and it makes your tandem sport even more romantic. Passionate sex after romantic sports makes your love full of vitality!

    Soccer and basketball

    Soccer and basketball are two of top's favorite sports. Both of these sports require multiple people to play together and are competitive. The competitive nature appeals to the conquering nature of the top's soul. The famous footballer David Beckham has been rumored to be gay before. This was unbelievable to many fans and people.



    But for the gay boy fans who love Beckham, this could be good news. They love the thrill of showing their masculinity and chasing competition on the green lawn just like Beckham. Tops enjoy the feeling of sweating on the field and even if they are injured, they feel that the wounds make them look more manly. Many Tops felt that their shooting moves were really cool and they enjoyed competing with others for rebounds.


    Diving is a sport that many bottoms enjoy. Britain's Daley, who recently won the gold medal in the men's double 10m platform diving competition at the Tokyo Olympics, is a gay boy. If fire represents passion and desire, then water represents softness.

    diving man


    Many bottoms enjoy showing off their slim bodies in front of their loved ones. Diving gives them a good opportunity to do so. Bottoms like to dry their hair in front of their partners, which makes them look sexy and beautiful. Draped in white bath towels, they look like gentle ladies, inspiring the protective desire within top.

    Anal sex toys for gay athletes

    Butt plug tail

    If you are a gay boy who loves figure skating and you enjoy dancing on the ice to the music at the skating rink. You are like a good dancer at this time. You will paint yourself with nice makeup and put on a gorgeous leotard. Pretty tail anal plugs would suit you best. This is a creative anal plug toy. Tail anal plugs are generally divided into fox tail anal plugs, cattail anal plugs, etc. Tail anal plugs are usually divided into two parts, the pretty tail, and anal plugs. The tail color is usually a lovely pink or purple. You can easily have this beautiful tail inserted into the anus to make your big ass look plump and sexy.

    Butt plug tail


    Some excellent tail anal plugs, such as Sohimi's Pink Fox Tail Butt Plug, which has three vibration modes, namely low, medium and high-speed modes. And this little toy also comes with a mini remote control. You can use this little remote control to freely adjust the mode you like.

    If you're worried about boring anal sex, the Tail Butt Plug is sure to make your love even sweeter. You can insert anal plugs for your big ass and crawl towards your lover. Let your lover to remote control this toy, this can make your sexual interaction more exciting. You'll never guess which mode he'll choose! At this moment you look like a seductive little wildcat or a little wild fox, and your lover will surely be overwhelmed by your sexual charms!

    Anal expansion vibrator

    You are the king of the lawn and the master of the basketball court. As a top you possess confidence in your sexuality. You are very happy with your performance in bed. You want to conquer your boy in the sex game. You feel very satisfied listening to your lover's seductive moans. You seek an exciting sexual experience and an anal expansion vibrator is perfect for you.

    Top preferred electric anal vibrators usually have a black appearance. They do not like feminine colored anal massagers. Black represents calmness and understatement, which is very much in line with Tops' manliness. Electric anal massagers have many features, usually with multiple vibration modes and several pulse levels. Tops enjoy the intense stimulation of the vibrations. The sensation of expansion is very cool as if it can expand from the anus to the whole body.

    Anal Expansion Vibrator


    Sohimi brings the excellent anal expansion vibrator to the tops who are looking for something cool. this special vibrator has eight different vibration modes to give you a wide range of sexual pleasure. Eight kinds of electric shock pulse function more let you enjoy a unique touch of sexual experience. You can enjoy double pleasure while playing with this vibrating massager and experience thrilling sensations!

    Jewelry-shaped anal plug

    You are a dancer in the water, a flexible artist! If you are a bottom who love diving, then you must have your own opinion and pursuit of beauty. You like beautiful things, such as pink dresses and beautiful jewelry. Wouldn't you be surprised if there is a beautiful jewel-shaped anal plug in front of you? You will  want to have this beautiful and attractive butt plug.

    Jewelry-shaped anal plug

    The most outstanding feature of the jewelry-shaped anal plug is that there is a special ornament on the anal plug. You can see many colors of jewelry-shaped anal plugs, such as pink, purple, green, and so on. They are all very beautiful just like works of art!

    I would like to recommend this BELL Jeweled Butt Plug With Chain, which is an anal toy that you can't miss. This jewelry-shaped anal plug has a blue heart- shaped jewel on the outside, which is cute and charming. There is also a bell on the anal plug, when you masturbate or flirt with your partner, the bell shakes and makes a nice sound. And you can play with this toy in the water, it is waterproof. You can also have your lover put a collar around your neck, which is very erotic!

    If you like water and you like delicate and lovely jewelry, then you can't miss the jewelry-shaped anal plugs.

    Unleash the charm on the sports field and in bed

    The role you play in a sexual relationship does not completely determine your sporting style. You can try anything you like as long as you are curious. You are free to try the anal sex toys recommended for you that match your preferences. The most important thing is to have a relaxed and open mind. May you be a dynamic athlete on the sports field and a charming lover in bed!

  • Six Problems Women Will Encounter When Using a Vibrator


    Six Problems Women Will Encounter When Using a Vibrator

    > Veronica Swift

    It must be admitted that the use of sex toys for women to have an orgasm has become more and more popular among women nowadays. The vibrator has won the hearts of women with its high quality function and fancy appearance. Relatively speaking, women who have used vibrators and dildos agree that vibrators are better than dildos. Of course, nothing is 100% perfect, and there are still some practical problems in the process of using a vibrator, which is certainly something women need to face seriously.

    Length and Thickness Problem

    Many styles of the vibrator are not as thick and long as compared to the real penis of men. Whether it's the longer rabbit vibrator or the thrusting vibrator their longest vibrator clone length is about 8.72 inches, but you have to subtract the length of the clitoral stimulation area. The length that can really fit into the vagina is only about 5 feet to 6 feet, which is still not enough for American women who need to be able to satisfy their vaginal G-spot, P-spot, and A-spot with a larger size.

    This is why some female customers report that the vibrator they purchased is not long enough. The solution to this problem is very simple, try the 10.6 inches huge dildo, it's length can definitely meet the big and strong size that women like, but in fact, the average length of a male penis in the US is about 7 feet, the average length of female vagina is 4 - 6 inches. There is no specific length during intercourse, but it does extend with the length of the male penis. Therefore most women are satisfied with the length of their vibrator until they reach orgasm.

    tow head vibrator


    What really affects their sexual experience is that the vibrator is not thick enough, which is what many female customers report is It's always a little bit short of the feeling of being filled cuz the density is not enough. This is a problem that has to be admitted, butterfly vibrators, rabbit vibrators, thrusting vibrators, and clitoral vibrators, the degree of thick real water is far from being compared with the real penis, the lack of a bit of filling feeling. And it is the little bit of feeling that is missing that can affect the sense of orgasmic experience for women.

    Noise Problem

    The noise problem about vibrator is actually not that serious, the highest vibration decibel of vibrator is in the 30 - 40 dB, such as rose queen is a vibrator with the least vibration noise, 40 decibels of noise is probably someone whispering in your ear, relatively normal ambient noise intensity, relatively quiet and comfortable. Compared to male masturbators, its decibel is about 50 - 60 dB, which means the noise of vibrators used by women is actually relatively small. Of course, this is only the case when compared to electric sex toys. Low noise means quiet, but it doesn't mean that there is no sound at all. If you are a woman who wants 0 voice, you may be a little dissatisfied with the vibrator's low voice.

    Vibration Mode Problem

    The strong vibration modes of the vibrator have always been a very satisfying aspect of the vibrator for women. A rabbit G-spot vibrator has up to 16 vibration modes, and the variety of vibration modes is what gives women a different experience of vibration stimulation.

    happy girl

    However, some female customers have reported that the vibrator is just shaking and not licking is no fun and they want their clitoris to be sucked while their vagina is being stimulated by the vibrator and even feel the pleasure of being licked inside their vagina. The problem is that they didn't get a vibrator with a licking function, and a vibrator with only a vibrating function certainly doesn't have the feeling of licking, as Sohimi's G-Spot rabbit tongue vibrator is available with both a vibrating and a sucking function. Its two sucking tongues can satisfy the sexual pleasure of licking your clitoris and G-spot.

    Clitoral Head Sensitivity Problem

    This use issue is very detailed and a problem that only female customers who have used the tongue vibrator will find. A mini purple vibrator is only sucking function, although it has 10 sucking modes, its tongue is thicker, the design is a dense small bump, sucking function vibration function is strong and fast, when we use our pinky to feel its vibration frequency, more or less will feel a little bit of stimulation pain, and The skin of women's clitoris is fragile and sensitive, a sudden strong touch on the clitoris may also be a little painful, but about this is based on the situation of each woman's clitoris, some women just like the strong stimulation of painful sensations on the clitoris. Some women will reflect that the sucking vibration pattern is not gentle enough and needs to be taken slowly.

    Use Time Problem

    Time of use is a real concern for all buying customers. Whenever we buy an item that needs to be charged, such as electrical appliances, sex toys, etc., we will be very anxious to consider the issue of usage time. So the shortest use time of the vibrator should be rose queen, it needs to be charged for 1 hour to 2.5 hours, and the use time is 1 hour to 1.5 hours. This is the upgraded version of the vibrator, compared to rose vibrator which can only be used for 40 minutes to 1 hour with the same charging time, the use time of rose queen is longer.

    forplay on your partner

    Of course, if you are having sex with your lover, then you will use a vibrator during foreplay to turn up the lust with each other. Then your time will spend on 40 minutes to an hour to play it with each other, in your first use it is certainly enough time to use, but When the battery is not enough, you also need to wait until the charge again to use it well. Then it will relatively affect your interest. After all, we all want to use the vibrator for a longer time. The time of use is also a problem that needs to be improved more perfectly.

    Vibrator Use Risk Problem

    For women who have purchased too many types of vibrators, they are not quite satisfied with the simple play of vibrators for sexual pleasure. They prefer to use app control vibrators and wearable vibrators because they can be taken outdoors and add a lot of fun and excitement to the experience.

    The app control vibrator can be downloaded through your mobile phone, and you can control the use of your wearable vibrator directly on your cell phone, and you can also invite your partner to help you control its use online. This all sounds crazy and fun. But also to take into account some practical problems, for example, when you wear a vibrator in your underwear for a long time, you may not feel very comfortable, if you wear a pair of jeans, more or less will be a little strangled pants feeling. In short, it is certainly not as natural and comfortable as only a comfortable panty touching your sensitive parts.


    Unless you wear it every day, you won't feel anything until you get used to its presence. There is also the time when you use the mobile app control on outdoor occasions, you will need your patience to operate using it step by step, if you are in a noisy bar, your WiFi connection is not so stable when someone suddenly calls your cell phone, these situations may also affect your feeling of using it at the moment, although using these two types of vibrator will feel that although there is some innovation and excitement, a little bit of trouble, need to pay attention to a little bit more things, such as the surrounding environment, mobile phone. It is not as comfortable as just being at home with the comfort of the phone remote control operation.

    Tips for Using Vibrator

    The six problems mentioned above are all real situations that female customers will encounter in the process of using them. For women, the perfect vibrator is the one that meets all their needs, so my advice is to base it on the primary needs of the individual to circumvent these problems. For example, you want a vibrator that looks good, that satisfies both clitoral and vaginal stimulation, then must not choose to have a vibrating mode without a sucking mode. This of course cannot meet your needs, because you started buying It is the sex vibrator that cannot meet your needs.

    clean vibrator

    There is also a very important tip that vibrators can bring great pleasure and satisfaction to women, and it is easy to reach orgasm. But don't overuse vibrator stimulation, which can easily lead to a decrease in organ sensitivity. Using a vibrator for a long time will create dependency and can easily lead to a sexual experience that doesn't satisfy you and your partner. Most women still like to have sex with men, masturbation with vibrator and real sex are two types of pleasure. Of course, if you do not like to have sex with men and only like to use sex toys, then you can also respect your own choice and use the vibrator to get your pleasure in the long run. In short, it is most important to respect your first will.

  • Is Male On Male Sex Gay?


    Is Male On Male Sex Gay?

    > Lucine Keogh

    Let us tell you directly at the start of this sharing: No. Male who are on male sex is not always gay.

    There is one kind of very obvious gender difference in how Americans deal with straight people involved in homosexual activities. When heterosexual women make out with one another in bars or parties, it is generally believed that they are might be BFF(Best Forever Friends). While heterosexual men hook up each other, it's another matter even if they won't be caught by now.

    The writer of the book Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men, from NYU Press, Jane Ward, an associate professor of women's studies at the University of California, Riverside, makes the case that this divide stems common understanding of human sexuality: the female is more malleable, more inherently open to experimentation, than the male.

    According to a nationally representative survey in the United States, hundreds of thousands of straight-identified men have had sex with other men.

    A group of men are together

    In another book Still Straight: Sexual Flexibility among White Men in Rural America, UBC sociologist Dr. Tony Silva believes that these men, many of whom enjoy hunting, fishing and shooting guns, are not coming out of the closet, bisexual or just experimenting.

    After interviewing 60 of them in three years, Dr. Silva found that they liked a series of relationships with other men, from hook-ups, sexual friendships to secret love partnerships, and strongly identified with heterosexual culture.

    Why do straight men have sex with other men?

    Most of the men in the interviews reported that they were mainly attracted to women, not men. Most of these men also marry women and prefer to have sex with women. They explained that although they love their wives, their marital sex life is not as active as they want. Having sex with men allows them to have more sex. They do not think that having sex with a man is cheating and see it as a loophole in the marriage contract.

    two people are in distance love

    Some of them also hold stereotypes about women's sexual orientation, believing that if they have extramarital sex with women, who may become "emotionally clingy", which may threaten their marriage. People living in small towns and rural areas usually view marriage as an important part of their identity. These men think it is much simpler to have sex with men, without attachment. Their conservative beliefs about gender actually encourage them to have sex with men.

    Other men choose to have sex with men for reasons related to masculinity. Some men like to accept anal sex from other men because this behavior allows them to experience pleasure, but without the pressure of having sex with a woman. For example, some men explain that when they have sex with women, they feel that they should be controlled instead of having sex with men. Several single men feel lonely or want to experience human touch, but are not sure how to feel masculine in a platonic way. Sex helps them to connect with other men in a way that makes them feel masculine.

    Why do these men still identify as straight?

    Most of the men identified as straight because they felt that this identity best reflected their romantic relationships with women, their integration in communities composed mostly of straight people, or the way they understood their masculinity. Identifying as straight also meant they could avoid stigma and feel connected to a socially dominant group. Many felt that sex with men was irrelevant to their identities given other aspects of their lives. They felt that heterosexuality and masculinity were “normal” and expected of them.

    the marriage broke

    Furthermore, sexuality is multidimensional, and attractions, behaviours and identities do not always align. Sexual identities may describe how individuals perceive themselves, but they do not always indicate a person’s attractions or sexual behaviours.

    For example, when a “closeted” gay or bisexual man has sex with another man, he views that sex as reflecting his secret gay/bisexual identity. When a straight-identified man has sex with another man, he views himself as straight despite sex with men.

    While many people think that men are “closeted” if they have sex with other men yet identify as straight, this is not exactly true. These men are secretive about their sexual behaviour, but not their identity. In fact, sexual encounters with men are mostly irrelevant to their identity.

    How do they view LGBTQ2+ rights?

    A small number of men are homophobic and have prejudice against the LGBTQ2+ group. This prejudice makes the idea of LGBTQ2+ identity unattractive to them. However, most men support same-sex marriage and the right of same-sex couples to raise children.

    man is alone at nights

    To confirm these interview results, Dr. Silva analyzed a nationally representative survey called the National Family Growth Survey. She looked at the answers of straight men who reported having sex with at least two other men voluntarily, compared to those who did not, about LGBTQ2+ rights and masculinity. They have similar attitudes towards other heterosexuals. In other words, heterosexuals who have sex with men are not more prejudiced than other heterosexuals.

    Solve the troubles of love

    From the Dr.’s interview, we can see that the troubles of married men are dissatisfaction with their sexual life after marriage or the number of sexes that did not meet their expectations. If their partners can’t satisfy them, we suggest having sex with other men or not. It is a hidden family danger. If you want to try safe sex, why not try Sohimi's sex products?

    This Sohimi fake pussy is designed like a real woman's vagina, you can see the annular lines and salient points inside the sleeve, the realistic and sexy clitoris, like a secret lover waiting for your touch, creating stronger stimulation while putting it up and down. Made from high-quality silicone, this fake pussy is 100% body-safe and without smell, it is smooth, soft, and stretchy, you can run you at will. Moreover, the silicone part of this fake pussy is waterproof, so you can clean it thoroughly with water, and it's also a good shower masturbator for you. The total length of the fake pussy is 8.77 inches and the insertion length is 7.67 inches. It is not too big, so you can easily hold it in your hand, but it's big enough for your penis. What's more, due to its suitable size, you can take it anywhere you like to go. 

    sohimi fake pussy

    The second product which can not be missed is Sohimi Anal Plug. Although anal ball and butt plug both go into the anus, they are two different types. Usually, the butt plug pleases you with the "fullness" feeling, but the anal beads are going to give you happiness by in-and-out movements! If you’ve tried out plenty of anal toys but haven’t found the one you love, Sohimi would suggest you try this anal ball. You will have ZERO regrets buying this bundle of joy!

    Sohimi S281 Gay Anal Beads

    The third product is Sohimi BANANA Prostate Stimulator. We have recommended it in the previous articles, but this wonderful product is worth repeating thousands of times, and every man should deserve it. Orgasm is the best form of self-care, and prostate toys are the best sexual tool to help you reach the top. Among countless kinds of vibrators, No matter you are a beginner or experienced, when comes to prostate toys, it must be the best prostate toy for you!

    sohimi banana prostate massager 

  • Exciting And Fun Anal Toys For Your Multiple Sex Positions


    Exciting And Fun Anal Toys For Your Multiple Sex Positions

    > Lena Sohimi

    What have you tried with your lover for sex? Do you only have the sexual experience of penile penetration? A boring sexual experience may make your lover feel unfresh in bed. A bad sexual relationship may cause your lover to break up with you.

    Whether you are a gay, lesbian, straight men, or heterosexual lover, you are all explorers and inventors in bed. Many couples choose the posture of a missionary when making love. This seems to be the consensus of the whole world, even if no one will tell others about their performance in bed. But besides the missionary posture, there are many postures that you and your lover can practice. For example, the 69 posture.

    You can also buy wonderful sex toys for your rich sex positions, such as anal sex toys and gay sex doll male butt. Creative sex toys can not only increase the fun of your posture but also make you more curious about sex.

    What are the wonderful sex positions?

    There are some great sex positions here, you can research with your partner to find the one you like and try to use it. Changing different positions during sex is a fun thing. Let's take a look!

    Special rear entrance

    You can insert the penis into the anus from the back of your partner. Or if you are a lesbian, you can put on your dildo and start your backdoor sex. Your body must be close to your lover's buttocks. If the gap between the bodies is too large, this may affect your sexual experience.

    rear entrance position


    Your lover must always keep lying on the bed. At this time, you can ask your lover to bend his or her legs. This will allow your partner to experience the extent of your body and increase the sexual pleasure of having sex. If you like this position, as a top you may need to continue to exercise your arm strength . This way your arms can support longer. Your grasp of the rhythm is better.

    Very cool cowgirl

    The cowgirl position is a great anal sex position. This position is very suitable for you and your partner for more intimate sex. This sex position requires the couples' bodies to be close to each other. When couples choose the cowgirl pose, they can understand each other's bodies more clearly. This posture can also increase mutual intimacy and tacit understanding.

    cowgirl position


    Cowgirl pose is not only suitable for anal sex, but also common vaginal sex. Gays, lesbians, or heterosexuals can take this position in sex. The man lies flat on the ground with his legs slightly bent and then inserts his penis into the woman's vagina. This position allows men to easily stimulate the G-spot of women. If you want to make sex more exciting, people on the top can try to lean back and get close to their partner to make the body close. The lover on the lower side can touch the lover's breast with his hand, making sex more exciting.

    Flexible lap dance

    The lap dance sex position is very distinctive. This position does not need to be achieved in bed. If you and your lover suddenly want to have exciting sex, this position will help you. You only need a chair or a stool to have sex. Your boyfriend or girlfriend sits in a chair first and spreads their legs as far as possible. If your partner cannot open his legs, then unfortunately you cannot try this position. This pose is a test of your tacit understanding, but it is indeed worthy of your try. After your lover has fully spread his legs, you can sit on him or her and let the penis enter your vagina or anus. Sitting lesbians remember to wear your dildo.

    lap dance position

    This pose makes you look like you are doing a hot dance for your partner. You can play fast-paced music while making love. If you are tired of "dancing", you can lean back and lean on your lover.

    You can make love in this position in many places. You can use this position with your lover in gay clubs, gay bars, and gay bathrooms. The lap dance pose is really worth trying.

    Why choose a unique anal toy?

    Generally speaking, couples who want to change their styles in anal sex do not want their sexual experience to be ordinary and boring. Common transparent anal plugs and anal beads do not realize their wishes. So they need to find more and more interesting anal toys.



    These interesting anal toys have many features, such as attractive appearance, different vibration frequencies, creative pulse design, and so on. Modern elements can add more fun to sex and enhance the feelings between couples. Therefore, it is very necessary to buy unique anal toys.

    Special and fun anal sex toys for you

    Jeweled butt plug with chain

    When you and your lover have sex in the Rear entrance position, a plump and beautiful butt is even more important. Such a big ass looks very tempting. A jeweled anal plug can help you become a charming girl or bottom in sex. There is a blue jewel-shaped butt plug that is very beautiful, and the blue jewel-shaped butt plug is in the shape of a love heart. You can insert this butt plug into your big ass to make it look more attractive. The beautiful bell on the anal plug will make a pleasant sound during sex, and the anal plug will shine brightly under the light.

    Comfortable fox tail anal plug

    Pink is a very feminine color. If you are a bottom or lesbian, a pink tail plug will make you very feminine in sex. The pink tail plug makes you a sexy and charming little fox during sex. The foxtail anal plug is made of a very comfortable material. The furry touch and nice color scheme make you look very cute. And this is a toy that can be controlled remotely.

    When you have sex with your lover in the cowgirl position, you can let your lover use the remote control to control the foxtail. When your lover presses the power button, the tail will shake, and you are the most attractive person on the bed at this time!

    Condom Bullet Anal Vibrator

    A convenient anal toy is very convenient for couples to start sex anytime, anywhere. No one likes to carry bulky sex toys with them. This bullet anal vibrator is a compact anal toy. You can take it out and play with your love at any time.

    bullet anal vibrator


    When you want to have lap dance sex in a bar, you can sit on your partner and put your bullet anal vibrator into the anus in advance. Then let your partner control this little device. This mini anal toy has nine vibration modes. Both you and your lover can experience a stimulating and pleasurable sexual pleasure!

    Best anal toys - the best match for sex positions

    It is very meaningful to explore different positions during sex. I think it must be very exciting to watch your lover have a big butt with a diamond buttplug or a tail plug in the 69 positions.

    a couple

    Pleasant postures, rhythmic sex, with the best anal sex toys are the most romantic love in the world!

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