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Heating G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator


This pink vibrator has an unique design, it is shaped like a rabbit. Design ergonomically angled with a pronounced curve to slide in easy to your magic spot or take it deep anally to massage ever more happiness into your body. ...



♥ Popular for the 360-swing, flexible stretch, heating design, and strong vibration. Rotation strength can be adjusted manually. ♥ 9 modes of vibration, extension, and frequency rabbit head vibration design. Using high-quality medical silicone, it is very soft and comfortable. You can...



With two motors designed, this pink vibrator can stimulate the female’s G-Spot and clitoris better. 9 vibration modes from mild to wild, you can freely choose one to enjoy the best time. Moreover, it is also a heat vibrator, and it...



9 inches long, large size. Rechargeable. Discreet shipping. Easy to hold and use. It works great with water based lube. Suitable for clitoral, nipples, and vaginal G-spot stimulation etc. Made of medical grade silicone. Silky soft to the touch. Easy to clean with...

Sohimi TORNADO Pro Vibrating Sucker


3 In 1 Sucking Licking Vibrating: The new vibrator has been enriched tongue and rabbit ear vibrating functions on the base of the first generation that can only suck, which makes it versatile and unique. It brings not only sucking...



Specially-made Finger vibratior with Amazing Bunny Tongue: Smooth and rounded, the head of this vibrator is ergonomically angled to hit your elusive pleasure zone with ease, while a bunny tongue sit in prime position to stimulate your clitoris with scintillating...



Upgraded Bunny Ears Clitoral Vibrator - Unlike normal floppy rabbit toys always feel abrasive when they jab you, those little bunny ears have been upgraded to a broad, smooth flap, which envelops the whole area and adds to the vibration...



3 in 1 Sucking & Vibrating & Heating: This vibrator with vibration, clit stimulation, and warming. The smooth silicone would warm evenly. Press the vibration button to stimulate your clitoris and G-spot orgasm. Preview all 10 vibrational patterns and 5 sucking...



Revolutionary G-Spot Hitting Design - Using revolutionary technology, Sohimi combines hitting and vibrating to create a sensation which you’ve never felt before. Easily give women a perfect climax through double stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot. Multiple Vibration Modes - The 2...


Rabbit Vibrator - The Bunny in Her Drawer

Handbook of sex, pursuit of pleasure, guide of relationship


1. What is Rabbit Vibrator?

2. How Dose a Rabbit Vibrator work?

3. How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator

4. What Is the Practical Effect/experience?

5. How to Clean and Place a Rabbit Vibrator?

6. What Are the Best Rabbit Vibrators?

What is Rabbit Vibrator?

Don't be fooled by its lovely name, because bunny is not a children's toy here, but a lady's toy. A rabbit vibrator is usually named for a vibrating sex toy, aka Jack Rabbit vibrator or Jessica Rabbit vibrator, which is used for adult sexual pleasure.

This is a classical sex toy has “a pair of rabbit ears”, which are the external nub part to stimulate the clit and allow for penetration by the phallic-like shaft, says Kristen Lilla, LCSW, a sex therapist and sexuality educator.

Some people wonder why it is the rabbit vibrator most famous model rather than cat vibrator, puppy vibrator, even snake vibrator (since the shape is more suggestive of sex). The answer is the power of media. Did you know when the first rabbit vibrator appeared on the market? In 1984 and, along with the classic magic wand massager, the rabbit vibrator is also regarded by Cosmopolitan magazine as one of the popular sex toys. The following episode of HBO's Sex and the City featured Vibratex's Rabbit Pearl set fire to its fame, which help the rabbit be the bestseller from New York City in the whole United States.

How Dose a Rabbit Vibrator work?

The best way to learn a thing is not only just to know the usage of it but also have an understanding of how it works. I will introduce you how’s a rabbit vibrator work in two aspects, one is its component, and another part is operational mode, which could give you a deep understanding of this bunny ear vibrator and help you to choose the suitable rabbit vibrator.


1. Phallic shaft for vaginal

The main part of a rabbit vibrator is made in the shape of a phallic shaft, which could insert in your vulva and act like a g spot wand to stimulate your vagina. And Sohimi rabbit vibrators have different shafts in sizes and shapes and colors to meet different demands. And we often put a vibration motor in the shaft; if you don’t want to thrust the sex toy then you can turn on the vibration.

2. External nub for clit

Along with the phallic shaft, there is an external nub shaped like bunny ears, which is used for stimulating the clit. The strong motor of the bunny ear vibrator gives the clit intense feelings. While the bunny ears are fluttering, your clitoral area’s feeling is flying. Sohimi bunny ear vibrators have been improved on the appearance and motor based on feedback of our customers. You can adjust the nub to different curves to fit different clitoris-to-vagina distance.

Both components are made of skin-friendly silicone, which is waterproof and easy to clean. We care about your health while you are at ease.

Function modes:

1. Vibration

If your body enjoys vibration stimulating mode, then it can surely take you to climax of sexual pleasure.

2. Suction

If you enjoy clitoral tantalization, suction mode must be your trouble-free sexual friend.

3. Rotation

Some people like products that have the rotation mode at the top of the phallic shaft, and it plays a role of active glans, while some people think vibration is just more than enough for them.

How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator

When it comes to this question, some of us may feel shame to ask someone else or in public. Please don’t worry, we will show you how to get most out of the rabbit vibrator. (Best-selling rabbit vibrators in Sohimi are extremely easy to use)

Sohimi rabbit vibrators enjoys 9 - 16 modes, you can choose the perfect mode by tapping the button as you want easily. My advice is first to try the phallic shaft vibration mode to stimulate your vagina only ,then external nub for clit only , I bet you could enjoy sex joy with those, let alone you could try both of the function at same time to reach orgasm.
Both the rabbit nub and the shaft will offer their own patterns. Putt the shaft into the vagina deep enough so that you can experience an unforgettable and amazing orgasm. Please adjust your position as much as you can to let it get close contact with your G-spot.
The rabbit head is usually used in foreplay games, clamping the clitoris and then vibrating from mild to wild, nobody can refuse such a wonderful time. The round and smooth head part is the shaft used as a dildo, after you are wet enough with the rabbit nub stimulation, then insert the shaft deep into the vagina, you can feel an amazing voluptuous sexual experience to relax your body.
Note: There is no rule to judge what is the right or wrong position, you can use it to stimulate any position you want. Lying on your back or lying on your stomach are both ok, as long as you enjoy yourself with your sex toy.
Lube makes everything smoother and easier in sex. Using some lube helps you protect your body from some harm. And also, it increased comfort and sensation when you're using a rabbit vibrator. So I recommend that you should put a bottle of lube on your beside table, you will find it is a good sex assistant.
Please kindly note that our bestseller “Sohimi Water Based Sexual Lubricant” on sale, only $9.99, you can take it to your home to have a try.

What Is the Practical Effect/experience?

As an invited experimenter said, when she put the rabbit nub on the clitoral area, a sudden warm current flowed through the body from the vulva to the whole body and soon her vagina got wet totally and aroused a strong sex drive. Without a moment’s hesitation, she inserted the phallic shaft in the vagina and put button, and let the Sohimi bunny ear vibrator played naughtily in her vagina till her best orgasm started inside. Finally, she said she was really relaxed and had a sound sleep at that night…

If you don’t have enough time to enjoy your time with boyfriend, or you are in long-distance relationship, or you are single, or you just want to have a relaxed time, I think our experimenter will strong recommend you to have a try on Sohimi bunny ear vibrator. 

How to Clean and Place a Rabbit Vibrator?

To prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria, it is highly suggested to cleaned it with warm water and soap after each use. Please kindly note that the rabbit vibrator should be cleaned with warm water and soap. All Sohimi rabbit vibrators are waterproof and not battery-operated; you won’t need to worry about cleaning. We’ve been testing every product in water in hours, making sure of its trouble-free experiment. Caring your health is responsible for our brand.

What Are the Best Rabbit Vibrators in Sohimi?

#1 Sohimi Heated Rabbit Vibrator

Differs from other ordinary rabbit vibrators with basic functions, this bunny ear vibrator is an updated version with heating, rotating, thrusting and vibrating functions. The bunny ear vibrator vibrates in different strength as the frequency changes, it thrusts longer when vibration gets stronger. With a few minutes, this bunny ear vibrator can be heated to 106.7 °F! It is like a real penis inserting in your vagina while having fun with this rabbit massager, and it must be your best partner in winter.

#2 Sohimi Sucking Clitoral Vibrator

This g spot wand with dual penetration heads is actually not a rabbit vibrator in the traditional meaning, because it has two dildo-shaped wands for g point and p point stimulation. The best selling-point of this g spot massager is the perfect curved shape, it perfectly fits the angle of vagina wall and the anal channel, making it possible for stimulating vagina and anus at the same time.

#3 Sohimi Powerful Rabbit Vibrator

This pink rabbit vibrator with three replaceable heads is perfect for people with limited budget. With the price of one vibrator, you can have three totally different ones by changing the vibrator heads. This rechargeable rabbit vibrator is 100% the most deservable one for you!

In Conclusion

rabbit vibrator has many versions varies in color, shape, material and function, etc. But no matter you like purple rabbit vibrator or pink rabbit vibrator, small rabbit vibrator or large rabbit vibrator, silicone vibrator or glass rabbit vibrator, rotating vibrator or thrusting rabbit vibrator, you can definitely find your favorite one at Sohimi online sex toy store.