• The Most Erotic Movies That Can Trigger Desire - Suitable For Foreplay Viewing


    The Most Erotic Movies That Can Trigger Desire - Suitable For Foreplay Viewing

    > Scarlet Sohimi

    Do you like watching erotic movies? I believe no one will not like it, but you have to know that erotic movies and pornographic movies are two completely different concepts. Erotic is not pornography, it is art. It is about love, passion, strong desire. It is about foreplay, scenes, caresses, embraces and backgrounds, and it often has a story. In comparison pornography is straightforward and explicit, usually without a whole story just pure intense sex.

    An excellent erotic movie can arouse your desire and can also vividly arouse your deepest sexual fantasies. Erotic movies can always explore more sexual fantasies with novel stories, from quirky obsessions to passionate things, from interdependent addictions to hot encounters. There is something for everyone who wants to enter the reel world of sex and foreplay. Erotic movies are also great for getting you into the mood, whether you want to masturbate or have sex with your partner. This kind of movie will introduce you and your partner to new themes to explore and allow us to better communicate our desires and needs. Also some of the scenes in it can add a spark to your bed, which is what everyone wants, isn't it? So in this article, some erotic movies or TV shows will be introduced to expand your fantasies about sex.

    The Dreamers



    This is a classic film about an American college student in Paris who gets caught in an erotic triangle after meeting a pair of peculiar film-loving siblings. It is set against the backdrop of the 1968 student riots in Paris. The film makes several references to various films from both classic and French New Wave cinema, and incorporates film clips that the actors often mimic in specific scenes. The film's images are unbelievably beautiful and utterly captivating. And the film is not just about love and sex, but blends sexual discovery with political agitation. Inside the apartment in the film, sex becomes the testing ground, and then the battleground for revolutionary ideas in the air. The nude scenes of the protagonist and the twin siblings in the movie can also be bloodcurdling.

    Nymphomaniac 1 and 2

    Nymphomaniac 1 and 2

    This two-part European erotic art film talks about women's sexual addiction in a very avant-garde way. The plot follows Jo (played by Gainsbourg and Martin), a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac who recounts her erotic experiences to a bachelor who helps her recover from an attack. The narrative chronicles Jo's mixed life from adolescence to adulthood in two volumes divided into eight chapters. In both films you can see many different scenes about sex, not the least of which include oral sex, SM and threesomes. The movie also shows sex for hire, and even invites strangers to have sex. In the first movie, the beginning is slow, but the sex is extreme and intense at the end. Sometimes you can even replay certain scenes from the movie in real life. In this film, the quest for identity and the struggle for and against autonomy are related to the experience of watching sex on screen.

    Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut

    A well-known erotic suspense psychological film, this movie follows the sex-filled adventures of Dr. Bill Harford (Tom Cruise). He is shocked when his wife Alice (Nicole Kidman) reveals that she had considered an affair a year ago. He then embarks on a night-long adventure during which he infiltrates the masked orgy of an unnamed secret society. The film's pace is intense, but it's also mesmerizing with a unique ghostly moving atmosphere. A few misguided decisive steps can push you past the fragile walls of love, marriage and trust into a den of iniquity, immorality, sadness, loneliness, death, plague and cruel deceit. This movie will keep your eyes wide open as you watch.



    A drama about sexual fantasies released by Netflix this year, it follows a suburban mother of two who takes a fantasy-filled trip down memory lane that puts her married present at odds with her wild past. The drama is interspersed with the wild sex life of the heroine and her ex-boyfriend from their past relationship and it leaves her missing a bit of her ex-boyfriend even after her marriage. Most importantly, he was a bad boy - brooding, fickle, hurt, and corrupt, easily breaking the hearts of even the strongest, most confident women. While television's depiction of female sexuality has improved since Sex and the City, it's still rare to see a series written by a woman who recruits a predominantly female writing team to flesh out a sexually charged heroine and hires all-female directors as well as female intimate coordinators to capture the fun of the character. It was a big hit after it aired but the reviews were mixed, so if you're interested you can watch it and make your own judgment.

    Vibrators are also suitable for foreplay

    The whole idea behind foreplay is to warm up and feel sexually aroused. Vibrators can be used not only for your own pleasure, but also as a prop for foreplay between couples to use. Because the vibrator can generally stimulate multiple private parts, can provoke the body's desire, and make you wet faster. Think about it: lower settings, lighter touch, and covering many sensual areas instead of focusing on just one. For example, you can have your favorite tongue vibrator  running over your nipples during foreplay, then crank it up to its highest position and rest it against your clitoris during intercourse.

    sohimi rose and Tougue vibrator

    In particular, this mini tongue vibrator can be wrapped perfectly in the palm of your hand, and the little tongue on top will wiggle freely with the vibration frequency to give you the most realistic experience. You can also use the vibrator to stimulate his perineum, the area between the anus and scrotum. Use your toy in a lower position and then slide it over the area, which will bring intense pleasure since it is very close to the internal prostate. You can also start stroking your partner as you do this, which can lead to an intense orgasm. This will be a great opportunity to increase the couple's bond and also allow them to see what their partner likes. If you enjoy the sucking sensation more than the licking sensation, then a  rose toy  of the same size would naturally be a good choice, with a sucking device on top to stimulate the most intimate areas. Also this sucking mouth matches the size of almost all women's clitoris, and of course this sucker can also stimulate the male testicle position. There are many ways to use a vibrator, the methods you can customize and use with your partner are diverse, not necessarily limited to a few methods.

    sexy couple

    So whether it's erotic movies or  vibrators  they are actually great aids to get you into the atmosphere of desire and also to increase the spark of foreplay between couples. When watching erotic movies, there are some novelty scenes about sex that you can try and get pleasure from. The same is true for sex toys, which can save you from the stale or routine and take your sex life to the next level. So go ahead and explore your sexual desires and needs with confidence, it's going to be a lot of fun!

  • 5 Tips To Enhance Your Foreplay


    5 Tips To Enhance Your Foreplay

    > jiajia lu

    Sexual intimacy is always an exciting and thrilling moment because sexual pleasure can come in a myriad of ways, one being foreplay.

    Foreplay is the act of pleasuring each other before sexual penetration. For most people, when they think of sex, they usually think of sexual intercourse. In fact, foreplay is not something that people really think about, but instead, they will do it naturally. A few individuals don't even know that what they do before sex is called foreplay.

    However, sex is actually much more than just intercourse. Although foreplay takes part in a much bigger role for women as a way to stimulate lubrication for their vagina, it is equally beneficial for men too. So, if you are searching for some tips to enhance your foreplay activities, then here are five that we recommend.

    1. Take Your Time With Foreplay

    It can be very tempting to just get right into the whole sex act when you're in the mood, particularly for men. It is a proven fact that men can become aroused quickly and more easily than women. Therefore, if you're a man and want to sexually arouse your female partner just as much as you, then foreplay has a significant role in this.

    Furthermore, the longer the foreplay, the more aroused women get. So if you want to get the most out of sex as a man, then take your time enjoying your sexual intimacy before moving on to sexual intercourse.


    2. Give Each Other Feedback

    A lot of people think that talking during sexual intimacy is a big put-off. But, as they say, communication is key to any successful relationship. And this is the same with a sexual relationship.

    During foreplay, you should give each other feedback on what you are enjoying and what you are not a fan of. That way, you are not only receiving the pleasure that you like, but your partner can also avoid actions that will put you off in the future.

    In addition, knowing what your partner likes can help you both get into the sexual mood sooner. It will also allow you both to become more aroused, which is always a bonus. If you want your sexual intimacy to be more fun and pleasurable, then make sure to communicate in the bedroom as well.

    3. Use The Dirty Talk Technique

    If you want to spice up your sex life, then one of the best ways to achieve this is to have dirty talk during foreplay. Of course, you can do this during sex as well, but dirty talk while in the middle of foreplay can drastically boost your arousal level. The reason for this is that talking out what you want to do or desire to do allows you to imagine what you're saying before you get to act it out. So, in a way, it is a method of playing out your fantasies. For some people, letting their imaginations run wild is all the foreplay they need to get the ball rolling.

    4. Try New Things

    One of the benefits of being with the same partner is that you can be open to exploring new ways to sexually please each other. Because you already know one another well, experiencing new things will be less awkward. So don't be afraid or too shy to try something new. Sometimes, experimenting can lead to new ways that can help you get each other off better.

    One of the hardest things about women is that they tend to take longer to reach orgasm than men. Therefore, they require more time and work to achieve this kind of ecstasy. So by trying out new foreplay techniques with your partner, such as giving light kisses on her inner thighs or lightly licking his nipples, you can cherish the sexual intimacy more than just getting the whole sexual act over and done with.

    5. Incorporate Sex Toys

    Probably one of the most effective methods of enjoying foreplay is the use of sex toys. There is a wide variety of sex toys out there that both men and women can use. There are even such things as couples toys. Naturally, there are more sex toys for women as they are more open to different ways of pleasure. Clit suckers and clit massagers are two great examples of the different kinds of clit sex toys you can get.

    But the sex toy you incorporate in your foreplay routines should be determined by what you or your partner will enjoy the most. This is also when you can consider getting a sex toy that is specifically meant for couples. Whatever you choose, you can guarantee that a sex toy can enhance your sexual experience.


    Sex is always a great feeling, especially if it's with someone you care a lot about or are very attracted to. But in combination with foreplay, you can experience a greater sexual high than ever before. Make sure that you, particularly if you're a man, spend a little extra time making your foreplay count. Who knows, it might just be what your female partner needs to finally reach orgasm.

  • What Is Sex Life Like After Having A Child


    What Is Sex Life Like After Having A Child

    > jiajia lu

    One of the aspects that many people are excited about in a relationship is sex, but what most people don’t know is that sex changes after having a child.

    Your sex life, before and after having a child, can be totally different. This is especially the case with women because it can take months to become sexually active again after giving birth. However, the main reason why your sex life will change is due to the fact that you have another soul to consider while you’re in this relationship. In fact, the majority of your child’s early years will be spent in your bedroom. This, of course, means having a lack of privacy, so there’s less time for sex or any other sexual intimacy.

    So, even if you have an active sexual relationship now, you shouldn’t get too comfortable once you have your first child. Otherwise, you may be in for many surprises. However, this change in sex life status isn’t all bad. If you prepare yourself to have a child, then you can manage both of these beautiful aspects in your life.

    Things to Know About Sex Life as a Parent

    To help you prepare to enjoy both your sex life and parenthood, I’ll share with you a few things that will ensure you to continue your sexual relationship, while at the same time, attending to your new child. As you probably already know, looking after a baby is full-time work, so you might be wondering if it is even possible to have a sex life.

    Well, I can tell you that it is possible, and many couples have done it. As mentioned, you just have to be prepared by knowing what to expect. That way, you won’t be met with unexpected circumstances or, worse, lose your sexual desires.

    It may take time for women to be sexually active again

    After giving birth, it is completely normal for women to not want to get funky in the bedroom for a while. For some, this can be weeks. For others, it can be months. If you or your partner don’t seem to be in the mood, then don’t worry, as this feeling will pass eventually.

    There are two main reasons why this can happen. One is due to hormonal changes, but keep in mind that there are cases where some women feel the opposite. For instance, you may feel aroused while breastfeeding. This is because the hormone, oxytocin, is involved in milk let-down, and this is the same hormone that’s also involved with sexual arousal.

    The other reason is that women simply feel pain during sex after a short time of giving birth, especially for those who have had a C-section. So despite how much you were participating in sexual activities, there are just some natural things that you cannot control after birth.

    You and/or your partner will get exhausted

    Once you have your child, you can most certainly expect to become exhausted regularly. This is a typical pattern that almost all parents have to overcome. Moreover, you can also expect to be too tired to get involved in any sexual exercises.

    If tiredness or exhaustion doesn’t prevent you from getting back into the game, then you will most likely be too stressed to do so, due to the responsibility of caring for your baby. So, if you want to maintain your current sexual relationship, then I suggest creating a plan on how you and your partner can address each other’s sexual needs. One of the common problems that couples face regarding sexual intimacy is that, while one is in the mood, the other is not. But, if you both split the work of caring for your baby, then you may not be faced with this issue.

    You can always turn to sex toys for assistance

    One effective solution that you and your partner can incorporate into your relationship is sex toys. Believe it or not, sex toys are not just for a single individual. They can also be used for couples, so if your partner is unavailable and approves of this, then you can take some time off alone to relieve yourself.

    In addition, there are toys available specifically for couples as well. Therefore, if you want some help to get your arousal levels going, then there are sex toys, such as rabbit cock rings and strap-on dildos, that can do the trick. There is a wide variety of sex toys out there, so you can take your time to browse and see what will work to spice up or reignite your sex life.


    A lot of people think that you can’t have a healthy sex life once you have children. Although it can be challenging making time for sex with a child in the house, if you plan ahead and know in advance what to expect, as well as having enough of a sexual drive, then you can definitely make it work.

  • Do Women Really Need Sex Toys?


    Do Women Really Need Sex Toys?

    > jiajia lu

    Every day, there are over thousands of customers visiting Sohimi’s website. However, only 20% of the visitors are female.

    Many girls worry about a lot of problems when buying sex toys, a large part of the reason may be that they subconsciously feel ashamed of using sex toy, or sex toy is always inferior to the real person, and some people even worry that they will become addicted after using it. 

    By communicating with some friends, I found that the process of everyone’s exposure to sex toys is actually a process of continuous “evolution”, including the acceptance of toys, their changes of their own thoughts and concepts.

    Some people slowly unlocked the happiness on sex toys; some people were entangled and confused, and then found the answer; some people are open about sex life, they have been very firm, and live wantonly and calm.

    Regardless of whether they are suitable or not, whether they need or don’t need sex toys, they have learned their true thoughts and learned to tell their own needs in the process of searching, expressing and persisting.

    01 Anonymous User  20-Year-Old  I’m still exploring...

    A few days ago, I received a gift from a big sister, a very cute girl’s toy. When I saw it at the time, I had an idea in my mind that this little thing seems a bit too...

    But I didn't expect that I took it out again after putting it aside for some time. In an unintentional groping, I experienced the wonderful fun brought by this tiny toy. How to describe the feeling? Although not as strong as in the legend, but the body was suddenly awakened, fierce and gentle.

    At the beginning, I was worried about addiction. I felt that if I had too much desire, I would always want it in the future, and if I would become insensitive after using toys? If men would not be able to satisfy me?

    But I found that this is not the case. My sex desire has not changed much. It's just that I can only pinch my legs or toss when I have the desires before, but I can use toys to satisfy myself and relax.

    I have had a boyfriend, I found that having a skin-to-skin intimate contact with a person I like is emotional integration, and the double joy of physical and psychological satisfaction cannot be given by a small toy.

    Later, I also had more awareness and opportunities to take the initiative to learn knowledge of this aspect, such as the whole physiological process of arousal, the pleasure switch in the female body, and how to love myself.

    Slowly, I also bought some new toys for me. I was amazed by the different styles, which gave me a lot of different feelings. Even though some toys may no longer be used now, I will still collect them carefully and record them as precious specimens. 

    For me now, the important thing is not how many toys I own, but being able to get to know myself from more aspects, enjoying this journey of free exploration and discovery. 

    02 Anonymous User  27-Year-Old  Do I have a strong Desire on Sex?

    Although I don’t spend much time with my partner every week, we have sex three or four times a week at least. However, I want some "fast-food sex" sometimes, which is to arouse quickly, to end quickly, and be satisfied. Because it is still tiring to go to work, and most of the time we both don’t have the time and energy to satisfy each other, but using toys will relax and satisfy ourselves easily and quickly.
    When masturbating myself, I need only six to seven seconds to reach the top. My body is out-of-control and I can't help but clamp my legs, gasp in a low voice, and enjoy the joy of complete satisfaction. 

    My partner knows that I use toy, but I have never used them in front of him, because I still can’t let go when he’s there, and cannot explore, moan, relax, and give up expression management. 

    On the one hand, I don’t want him to feel that my desire is too strong, and I will still feel a little ashamed. On the other hand, I am worried that I look too ugly when I reach the top. He  understood me so well that he would wait for me to finish before coming in every time. Maybe one day I can handle these contradictions, find a way that suits me. So just explore it step by step.

    03 Anonymous User  29-Year-Old  Well use the toys together

    I have a boyfriend, but I am also using small toys at the same time. He knows it. Fortunately, the two of us have reached an agreement on this aspect. We believe that a partner and a sex toy never stand on opposite sides.

    At the beginning, I was a little worried. While he was in the living room, I pretended to go back to the room to rest, in fact, quietly comforting myself.

    Later, I simply performed it next to him, but when he saw me using a small toy, he became a little excited and couldn't help but kiss me and touch me, and then actively joined in. I found that after using toys, I became more sensitive, but his participant gave me a completely different new experience. 

    Later on, we often played in this way. I used toy as a foreplay before he joined in, the pleasure was so intense that I pulled the sheets crazily. We often reach the peak at the same time, reaping great satisfaction.

    Therefore, it will not affect the intimate relationship no matter who uses small toys if the two people are working together. On the contrary, when we try new possibilities, life will become more ritual. 

    04 Anonymous User  34-Year-Old  I regained the long-lost happiness After getting married

    After two years of marriage, I bought myself a small toy. Compared to real people, I like toys better, it’s mainly because I like the feeling of being in control. In most cases, no one knows what you want better than you.

    My husband is a traditional man. Although he will take care of my feelings in that respect, he can’t find out the feelings and can’t give me more surprises. As time goes by, the passion and romance become less and less, I think it’s a little unlikely for him to be enthusiastic.

    Once I heard my friends were talking about sex toys, I was curious and quietly bought an entry-level one. After a simple groping on my body, I found clitoris, pinched and sucked it with a clitoral vibrator, my long-lost happiness finally came back.

    He hasn't found out yet, maybe one day, my husband will accept me using small toys, or maybe I don't need toys anymore by that time. I think it’s worthwhile to enjoy all the good things now.

    Of course, there are still many exciting and interesting stories in the process of exploring sex. These stories may not be important to others, but you can truly feel that enjoying being yourself is a very beautiful thing. 

    Everyone can hold their own ideas on whether to use toys or not, and we are warm welcome you to discuss with us in the message area.

  • What Is The Difference Between Transgender And Bisexuality?


    What Is The Difference Between Transgender And Bisexuality?

    > Boodle Web Mart Collaborator

    Bisexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior toward both males and females, or romantic or sexual attraction to people of any sex or gender identity; this latter aspect is sometimes termed pansexuality.

    Transgender is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity differs from what is typically associated with the sex they were assigned at birth. It is sometimes abbreviated to trans.

    We always talk the five groups of people together, that’s a word “LGBTQ”, which means lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning.

    With more and more lesbians/gays choose to come out, people’s discrimination to same-sex orientation gradually disappear, but for bis, trans and queers, most of them are still in a hard position. There are still some people who don’t believe in bisexuals, and simply consider them as the group of people who are looking for 3some. As I mention transgender, most of us think of Thailand first. However, there are countless trans in the US, in the UK, Australia… Many of them pretend to be normal, and afraid to tell people about their sexuality.

    No matter bisexuals, or transgenders, they are the same as the straight, the gays, the lesbians, and any other groups of people. And they all have right to use any sex products. Sohimi as a sex toys company, LGBTQ community is always a very important part of our customers, we keep offering the best selection for our LGBTQ customers.