What’s the Best Adult Toy for Your First Night?

What’s the Best Adult Toy for Your First Night?
To seek more sexual pleasure, people use sex toys such as a dildo or a vibrator. With the improvement of people’s sexual desire, more and more adult products come out on marketing. It’s not hard to buy an adult toy, but it’s really not easy to find a suitable one! From the aspect of instruction, they are divided into manual and automatic. People can control the toy’s frequency according to their preference, but the manuals could free one’s hand. From the aspect of the products’ function, some toys vibrate, some toys stretch, some are focused on suction. From the aspects of users, there are adult toys for women, men, transgenders, queers and bisexuals, etc.

The key point for one to have a wonderful first night is to learn from experienced people. I would like to introduce you 2 kinds of products which are praised by most people.

The number of men who use sex toys before 18 is much more than the number of women, thus men usually are more familiar with sex toys, and they have higher acceptance of sex toys. So the first thing is to ask girls whether they’d like to use sex toys during their first experience! If they say yes, then you could move to the next step.

It's the safest way to choose some basic products, like vibrators, manual dildos. Do not choose any anal toys for a girl unless she asks! The most popular vibrators among young people are those with both a strong vibration and suction function like this one below. Compared with those traditional AV vibrators, this one from Sohimi increased a suction function, which double your pleasure in sex time. What's more, it only costs $37.99, much cheaper than the similar one from Adam&Eve or any other brand. 

Sucking Clitoris Stimulator and Wand Massager

Moreover, it would be better to prepare a manual dildo at the same time. No one can be 100% sure that they can perform their best in every sex life. To choose a manual but not an automatic one, it’s in order to control the frequency in your own hand but not the toy. The bestseller on our website is this one below.

realistic dildo
In conclusion, the most important thing is to arrange the rhythm, use it at the right time. What’s more, the precondition is to choose high-quality products.
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