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10.6” Huge Liquid Silicone Dildo


Have you ever tried a huge dildo? This sohimi liquid silicone dildo has a really fantastic size! Most large dildos on the marketing are 10 inch dildo, but this one is 10.6 inches long and the insertable length is 8.26 inches!...

Sohimi Realistic Suction Cup Dildo


Sohimi suction cup dildo is made of medical TPE, so you can bend it randomly, enjoy your sexual at any angle or sex position. It is compatible with both water-based and silicone-based lubricants, you can feel it’s so easy to insert...



Proudly made from two-layer platinum silicone. Solid silicone inside, ultra-soft silicone outside. Super real feeling experience with this 10-inch monster realistic giant suction cup dildo that is worth every inch. A luxurious dildo of the highest quality that will give you...



Super Realistic: with our XXL dildo you can prepare yourself for intense orgasms! The realistic design allows you to let your imagination run free. PERFECT STIMULATION: This dildo sets new standards both visually and haptically with its pronounced glans, veined...

Sohimi 10.6 Inch Black Dildo | Huge Black Dildo


Are you satisfied with ordinary-sized dildos? If you are seeking an extremely full and stretchy feeling in the vagina, you've come to the right place! This Sohimi black dildo will surprise you at once! Product Features: 10.6 Inch Huge Black Dildo - The...


8 Things About Large Dildos You Need to Know

The dildos are the most common penetration sex toys during masturbation, they are typically at the average length of a real penis. However, in order to satisfy some specific sexual desire, the large dildos have been made out, and they are made from various colors, sizes and materials.


Types of the Large Dildo?


Huge black dildo & big white dildo


huge silicone dildo & large glass dildo & huge rubber dildo


short fat dildo & long thick dildo


Large thrusting dildo / large rotating dildo / large vibrating dildo


huge dildo for vagina & huge anal dildo

Why Do You Use A Large Dildo?

There are a diverse species of people in the world and each of them has a unique sexual preference. Some people prefer small dildos, some people prefer dildos perfectly fits the vagina wall, some people prefer a huge dildo to seek an unimaginable ‘full’ feeling.

If you are not comfortable with a little or general size dildo, and open-minded to follow extreme excitement, then a large dildo would not be a wrong choice.

Benefits of using a dildo

- Experience the feeling of sex

For some couples who don’t live together, they can use a dildo to mimic the penetration movement, easily use the dildo to satisfy sexual needs.

For singles without sex experience, they can use various dildos differs in sizes, colors, functions and designs to experience different sensation, help them find the erotic place.

- Keep a good relationship with your partner

Use a dildo to know more about the secret of your body, then guide your partner to do better. Moreover, dildo sex helps you relive pain stress and pain. You can use a dildo whenever and wherever, producing the dopamine, a hormone which helps you to feel good.

- Sex Therapy

Orgasm can relieve the pain, and dildo is a perfect tool to help you reach the peak.

There are a large amounts of women who can’t easily reach the climax with their partner, or their partner has done, but they still don’t feel enough. Dildo provides clitoral stimulation and vagina penetration pleasure, it’s easier and quicker to reach the top with a dildo.

For using a large dildo, there’s nothing different, but another should be added, that’s the extremely full and stretchy feeling. 

Things Should Be Noticed Before Using A Large Dildo

Have you ever used a large dildo? If you have seen any information of that kind of sex toy, you’ll find that the large dildo is bigger than average dildos in length or girth. Thus, there are many things should be kept in mind before starting a huge dildo sex.

- Clean the large dildo thoroughly

Your deepest regions are going to be explored by a large dildo, and it must be absolutely clean to protect your health. Even it’s a brand new large dildo, you still need to clean it thoroughly. Moreover, if you’re going to share this huge thing with your partner, it seems more essential to keep its clean, or there may be a possibility to get the risk of STIs.

- Add More Lubes

Both the toy and yourself is needed to be added plenty of lubricants.

Not the same as a normal size dildo, the large dildo is usually shaped longer and thicker. If you prefer to insert the whole dildo into the vagina or anus deeply, remember to fill the body of the dildo with lubes.

What’s more, the quality of the lubes is very important. Do not use lubes which would dry in the first few minutes. Choose some high-quality thick water-based lubricant that won’t disappear so soon. Especially during an anal play, the anus cannot lubricate itself, so adding as much long-lasting lubes as possible to protect your anus away from being hurt.

- Choose a Comfortable Position

Whether a masturbation is successful or not, a comfortable position accounts for a big reason. According to a survey published by Sohimi sex toy, “On your back or twist to one side” is the most suitable position if try a large dildo. Lie in your soft bed, bend your legs and keep it up in the air, gently push the large dildo in.

- Act Softly and Slowly

If you are a beginner, you may find it difficult to insert it in. Try to start from a “smaller-sized” large dildo, or only insert in a little part of the large dildo at first, explore the deeper thing when you’re ready.

Although there are enough lubes, do not skip the foreplay. A good foreplay is like a warm-up, it makes you feel relaxed and be wet yourself.

- Don’t be rush

Some people seek for extremely stimulation and ignore that human body has limits.

Have you ever seen the news that a man tried a 20-inch dildo in his anus but couldn’t take it out, which cause Irreversible damage to his body?

Thus, always listen to your body, obey the basic principle: stop immediately if you feel any pain. Enjoy every inch of the huge dildo with ease and pleasure.

How to Choose Your First Large Dildo?

Which kind of large dildo would be better for you? If you have no idea, Sohimi has some suggestions for you.

From the point of material, soft and stretchy dildo is easier for beginners. Thus, it’s better to choose a silicone or rubber dildo as your first bigdildo.

The body has limits, so do not choose those long large dildos which are obviously exceeds the length that the human body can withstand.

Some people

Always start from a smaller size than you think, refuse to do things that may hurt yourself.

How to Clean & Store A Large Dildo?


There’s nothing different with a general size dildo. You can read more detailed steps in another guidance at Sohimi.


Compared with small-sized sex toys, big toys such as sex dolls and big thick dildos are always the hard to hide.

- Prepared a huge box with a lock, put your large dildo in and lock it. The box can be put under the bed or deep in your wardrobe.

- Instead of keeping the large dildo tucked far away from prying eyes, it’s better to keep it in your bedside table. From one hand, you can put it out simply when you need. On the other hand, keep it in your sight could better protect it being discovered by naughty kids.

Why Buy A Large Dildo at Sohimi?

1. Sohimi offers a wide range of selections

2. Secretly Packing

All of Sohimi’s sex toys are shipped to you secretly to protect your privacy.

3. Affordable Price

Sohimi’s large dildos are designed for all groups of people to meet all kinds of commands, absolutely everyone can find his favorite. 

Top Large Dildos at Sohimi

#1 Sohimi 10.6 inch Long Dildo|Massive Strap Ons

This 10 inch dildo is designed with two usages. You can use this big realistic dildo separately or use with a strap on.

The huge strap dildo is made from double layered silicone, with a big dildo head, you can feel so realistic when have fun with it.

 #2 Sohimi Clear Realistic Suction Cup Large Dildo

This semi-clear large dildo is an almost a 12 inch dildo, it’s not the longest dildo we’ve seen, but it really in an amazing length.

For beginners new to this state, you’d better not to try. It’s the best large dildo for the experienced. Suitable length and girth, you can have a perfectly stretchy and full feeling without hurting yourself.

#3 Sohimi Thick Dildo | Fat Dildo

This bigdildo is not as long as others, but it’s a girthy dildo you’ve never met.

Designed with two big testicles, this bigdildo will constantly hit your clitoris when insert in.

With a powerful suction cup, you can free your hands by sucking it to any smooth surface, like the floor, the table, the bathtub, etc.