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The best sex toy for girls?

The best sex toy for girls?

We’re not sure what is the best sex toy for girls, because it's a different feeling for every single people using a sex toy. Single, Couples, Lesbians or trans, different groups of people need different toys that vary from function. We can show a part of our store's sales statistics, which could show you the most popular one among girls during the year 2020. Besides dildos in basic style, most girls like vibrators with a sucking function, especially the ones with cute appearance. Here we will show you 3 kinds of sucking vibes of our store, all of them have features like mini-size, whisper-noise, cute-shape… 


The first one is a pink PIGGY SHAPED SUCTION STIMULATOR, it has a cute appearance but very strong suction. I was wondering whether most girls would be affected by its cute shape. 

And this one is also special-shaped,  the DUCKIE CLITORIS SUCKER, it looks like a little duck! If I took it outside, We guess there would be someone who would consider it a toy for kids.

The last one sculpted like a ROSE CLITORAL VIBRATOR, the ROSE it quickly won my heart when I first saw it. Can you imagine how romantic it is to suck your clitoris with a rose!


To discuss this question further, there’s no best toy for everyone. There’s a suggestion for people who never tried sex toys and who tried many but not find the favorite one. Before shopping for a sex toy, firstly find out what types of sex toys do you need.

For those who wanna pursue a high-quality but a low price, We recommend you a double-ended vibe like this below (one head with a vibe function, another with a sucking function). You can enjoy more than one function through one toy, which means you can own a vibrator and a dildo at the same time!



Besides those goods shown above, you can also discover more fun toys here.


Hope everyone can find the best sex toy for themselves!