• What Is Squirting And Why Does It Happen


    What Is Squirting And Why Does It Happen

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    Despite the common occurrence of a normal human reaction, many myths circulate around the internet on what squirting really is.

    Popularly known as squirting, female ejaculation is when a female's urethra expels fluid during sex. However, due to the influence of technology, most notably in the pornography industry, people often visualize squirting as a "gush of love juice." Although, to an extent, it is anatomically possible to squirt like a fountain that you typically see in pornographic videos, but squirting is as far from flashy as what the media portrays it.

    Behind the Mysterious Female Ejaculation

    There are tons of myths and misconceptions behind the phenomenon of female ejaculation. It's a completely normal occurrence, and research suggests that it may be common despite people rarely discussing it. From the popular misconception that all women can do it to the funny and farfetched idea of mistaking it for urine, there's much to cover on the topic.


    The anatomy of a squirt

    Squirt, jizz, cum, whatever you call it, is just a straightforward thing: ejaculation. Squirting is a slang term used to describe the phenomenon when a female's vulva emits liquid from the urethra in response to sexual stimulation. The fluid released usually looks like water and is both odorless and colorless in nature. However, aside from the typical wet-like excretion, there's another kind of fluid being excreted in squirting, which resembles male semen. Fluid ejaculation is typically thick, has a milky-like appearance, and oozes out rather than trickling or gushing.

    Other than fluid exiting your body, what you also need to know is that it feels incredible. According to various stories of women experiencing it, it's an intense release of pleasure, often before or after an orgasm. However, despite its shared nature, not all women squirt. The International Society for Sexual Medicine reports that ten to fifty percent of women ejaculate. Still, most aren't really aware of it since fluids often flow backward into the bladder. But it doesn't mean that if you're not squirting, you're not having fun in bed. It just means that you're a normal functioning female.

    How and why squirting occurs?

     From an intense rush of sexual stimulation, to the body's way of flushing out any harmful bacteria after sex, squirting continuously challenges humanity's head. On one side of the spectrum, squirting goes hand in hand with female ejaculation, as it's a natural response to sexual stimuli. One popular way to induce such an occurrence is the continual stimulation of the female's G-Spot because it is believed to be the best part to induce libido. However, numerous ways of inducing a squirt can range from clitoris stimulation to even penetration as long as constant sexual stimulation is given.

    On the other hand, scientists theorize that squirting ejaculatory fluid actually flushes out harmful bacteria that stay up your urethra during and after sex. The theory states that the ejaculated fluid is mixed with good bacteria that coats the lining of the vagina walls to protect it from external bacteria. Basically, female ejaculation might be more than just an indication of pleasure and a safety mechanism for your body to enjoy.


    Even though there are scientific bases and stories behind it, squirting still remains unclear and mysterious. From a natural reaction of sex to protection from bacteria, what's important to know is that female ejaculation is a good thing.



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  • How To Make Masturbation More Pleasurable


    How To Make Masturbation More Pleasurable

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    What makes masturbation an interesting topic is that not everyone is willing to talk about it publically. However, almost everyone is doing it privately.

    Although there might not be evidence of it, masturbation has surely existed since the beginning of humanity. Even if our early ancestors may not have known what they were doing is called masturbation, there is a strong assumption that if animals can do it, then humans can too.

    According to many studies, masturbating is totally normal and healthy. Like most things in life, this healthy habit can only become harmful if it’s done too much or in a dangerous way. But you might be thinking that masturbating can get boring using your own hands all the time. Well, this is where sex toys come in. With the use of technology, sex toys can make your masturbation sessions more fun and exciting. Whether you are a man or a woman, there are sex toys available for you.

    Choosing Your Ideal Sex toy

    Nowadays, there are a plethora of sex toys that you can browse from. The majority of these toys are made for women because they can feel pleasure in more ways than one compared to men. As for the men, there are only a few pleasuring spots to target. But despite the higher number of sex toys available for women, men statistically masturbate more than women because it is easier for them to ejaculate. Hence, one kind of sex toy is usually enough.

    Sex toys for men

    If you’re a man, don’t let this fact dwindle your hope. The toys for men out there have become quite extravagant and multifunctional. Take the Vibrating Dual Penis Ring with Taint Teaser as an example. This beauty of a masturbator toy can be great whether you are a straight or gay man. What’s important here is that it can target all of your pleasurable spots in one go.


    This penis vibrator hooks onto your penis shaft using the two holes on the ring, while the long shaft of the vibrator is pointing to the back to target the rectum. When you turn it on, both the rings and the shaft vibrate to stimulate your sensitive spots in both the scrotum and rectum. If you want more pleasure on the penis shaft, then you can point the toy’s shaft towards it, thus giving the vibration to the penis shaft instead of the rectum. This toy also has ten different vibration modes. So whichever way you want to point the shaft, you will get maximum pleasure regardless.

    Sex toys for women

    If you are a woman, then you are in luck. There are so many varieties of sex toys for women that the question is not whether they will find one that’s ideal for them, but which one to get. If you are also looking for a multifunctional toy, then a great option is the Clitoral Sucking Vibrator. This vibrator’s purpose is to stimulate the most sensitive part of your sexual organ, which is the clitoris. But what makes this toy interesting is that it does more than vibrate. It can also suck. Not only that, but this toy consists of a shaft as well, which you can use to penetrate your vagina either separately or at the same time.

    When turned on, both the sucker and the shaft will vibrate, which will provide stimulation to two different and very sensitive locations on a woman. One thing to note about this product is that it can actually be used for men too. The shaft can be inserted into the anus while the sucker is positioned to stimulate the scrotum.

    But if you are a woman and would prefer clitoral stimulation to penetration, then the Sucking Clitoris Stimulator and Wand Massager might be the better choice for you. This is because all it is made for is to pleasure the clitoris. This is a sex toy that is double-ended, meaning both ends have pleasuring functions. One end has the clitoral suction, while the other end is a massager for the clit.

    Although both ends of this toy target the same spot, they each deliver different pleasurable feelings and sensations, not to mention the seven vibration modes that you can select from. If you love playing with your little guy and don’t care much for penetrative pleasure, then you may want to go with this product.


    Sex toys are great inventions and have been around for a very long time. Although they may not be as ancient as masturbation, they have certainly increased the overall sexual pleasure. So if you want more fun and excitement, and even some creativity in your solo sessions, then you cannot go wrong with purchasing a sex toy, including the products mentioned above.

  • 5 Tips To Enhance Your Foreplay


    5 Tips To Enhance Your Foreplay

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    Sexual intimacy is always an exciting and thrilling moment because sexual pleasure can come in a myriad of ways, one being foreplay.

    Foreplay is the act of pleasuring each other before sexual penetration. For most people, when they think of sex, they usually think of sexual intercourse. In fact, foreplay is not something that people really think about, but instead, they will do it naturally. A few individuals don't even know that what they do before sex is called foreplay.

    However, sex is actually much more than just intercourse. Although foreplay takes part in a much bigger role for women as a way to stimulate lubrication for their vagina, it is equally beneficial for men too. So, if you are searching for some tips to enhance your foreplay activities, then here are five that we recommend.

    1. Take Your Time With Foreplay

    It can be very tempting to just get right into the whole sex act when you're in the mood, particularly for men. It is a proven fact that men can become aroused quickly and more easily than women. Therefore, if you're a man and want to sexually arouse your female partner just as much as you, then foreplay has a significant role in this.

    Furthermore, the longer the foreplay, the more aroused women get. So if you want to get the most out of sex as a man, then take your time enjoying your sexual intimacy before moving on to sexual intercourse.


    2. Give Each Other Feedback

    A lot of people think that talking during sexual intimacy is a big put-off. But, as they say, communication is key to any successful relationship. And this is the same with a sexual relationship.

    During foreplay, you should give each other feedback on what you are enjoying and what you are not a fan of. That way, you are not only receiving the pleasure that you like, but your partner can also avoid actions that will put you off in the future.

    In addition, knowing what your partner likes can help you both get into the sexual mood sooner. It will also allow you both to become more aroused, which is always a bonus. If you want your sexual intimacy to be more fun and pleasurable, then make sure to communicate in the bedroom as well.

    3. Use The Dirty Talk Technique

    If you want to spice up your sex life, then one of the best ways to achieve this is to have dirty talk during foreplay. Of course, you can do this during sex as well, but dirty talk while in the middle of foreplay can drastically boost your arousal level. The reason for this is that talking out what you want to do or desire to do allows you to imagine what you're saying before you get to act it out. So, in a way, it is a method of playing out your fantasies. For some people, letting their imaginations run wild is all the foreplay they need to get the ball rolling.

    4. Try New Things

    One of the benefits of being with the same partner is that you can be open to exploring new ways to sexually please each other. Because you already know one another well, experiencing new things will be less awkward. So don't be afraid or too shy to try something new. Sometimes, experimenting can lead to new ways that can help you get each other off better.

    One of the hardest things about women is that they tend to take longer to reach orgasm than men. Therefore, they require more time and work to achieve this kind of ecstasy. So by trying out new foreplay techniques with your partner, such as giving light kisses on her inner thighs or lightly licking his nipples, you can cherish the sexual intimacy more than just getting the whole sexual act over and done with.

    5. Incorporate Sex Toys

    Probably one of the most effective methods of enjoying foreplay is the use of sex toys. There is a wide variety of sex toys out there that both men and women can use. There are even such things as couples toys. Naturally, there are more sex toys for women as they are more open to different ways of pleasure. Clit suckers and clit massagers are two great examples of the different kinds of clit sex toys you can get.

    But the sex toy you incorporate in your foreplay routines should be determined by what you or your partner will enjoy the most. This is also when you can consider getting a sex toy that is specifically meant for couples. Whatever you choose, you can guarantee that a sex toy can enhance your sexual experience.


    Sex is always a great feeling, especially if it's with someone you care a lot about or are very attracted to. But in combination with foreplay, you can experience a greater sexual high than ever before. Make sure that you, particularly if you're a man, spend a little extra time making your foreplay count. Who knows, it might just be what your female partner needs to finally reach orgasm.

  • The Best Sex Toys For Different Sex Positions


    The Best Sex Toys For Different Sex Positions

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    Sex toys abound. But if you don’t know how and when to use them, you miss out on an amazing sexual ride.

    You want to level up in bed with sex toys, and that’s a great thing. They can certainly help boost your sex life. But they can also scare your partner off if you don’t know how to use them properly. This is why sex toys can make or break your entire experience.

    Keep in mind that not all sex toys can be used for any position, but using them for the right sex position can give you incredibly intense pleasure. Of course, you don’t want to overthink when bringing toys in the bedroom. This is why it is always a good idea to do some research beforehand. Ensure that you know how to use your sexual device and what position you can use it for. To help you, here are the best sex toys that can elevate your favorite positions in bed.

    Cock ring and vibrator combo for doggy-style 

    The majority of men love the doggy style position because it gives them more control, a great view, and deeper penetration. While some women enjoy this just as much as men, this position often fails to get women off. So if you want sex to be more satisfying for both of you, adding a cock ring and vibrator will intensify the experience.

    Cock rings are worn around the penis base and the testicles for a longer-lasting and bigger erection. There are also vibrating penis rings with different vibration modes to help men stay harder. While penetrating from behind, your partner can use a vibrator to stimulate their clitoris from the front. Start with one sex toy first, and then add the vibrator once you get accustomed to the increased sensation.

    Butt plug for missionary sex 

    For some couples, missionary is not the most exciting sex position. A butt plug, however, can change this. What you can do is to open up you or your partner’s rear and slowly put the plug in before climbing between the legs. This method can increase the pleasure for you or your partner because penetration will be felt on both sensitive holes.

    Ensure that you have a high-quality plug, though, so it doesn’t wiggle out when worn during this position. So you want a durable butt plug that’s not sticky and easy and smooth to insert.

    Vibrator for an exciting cowgirl position

    Cowgirl is common for females’ most favorite position as it allows them to ride their partner while stimulating their clitoris for added sensation. The thrusting and pulling back movements can hit their g-spot while giving them great control.

    To level up the fun, adding a vibrator is a fantastic way to have more orgasms in a partnered sex. This can make orgasms easier during intercourse, especially during the nights when you might need some extra help. You do this by having your partner hold the vibrator against your clitoris while you’re in a cowgirl position. Teasing between your legs and thighs can add to the sensation as well.

    Dildos for every position

    Dildos are by far the most common sex toys that people have. They are quite versatile, so there are different sex positions that you can enjoy with this toy. Some might work great for you, while other positions might feel awkward and uncomfortable. This is why you must find your favorite position for comfort and ultimate pleasure.

    For example, a dildo can take your romantic spooning sessions to a whole new level. For many women, spooning with two penises inside them can be exhilarating. In this case, a double-headed dildo is your best bet. This can also be a good solution for those who crave to explore two penises without relying on another person. Another example of how useful dildos are in this situation is giving oral sex. If you have always wanted to be penetrated from behind, dildos are very useful.

    Masturbation dolls for solo play 

    If you don’t have a partner, but you still want to enjoy different sex positions, your taste might be towards sex dolls. You can buy sex dolls in their full-body form or take advantage of half body ones.

    Life-sized full-body dolls are more expensive, though, and might be too heavy for women to use than half-body masturbation dolls. But whichever you choose, sex dolls are made with soft silicone materials making them realistic and feel. 


    For those who are new to the world of sex toys, these devices can be intimidating at first. So if you’re trying them out, make sure you use them in the right sex position, whether solo or with a partner. It is also necessary to purchase sex toys from a seller that reassures high-quality sex toys like Sohimi, the best online sex toy shop in the US.

  • What’s The Most Popular Sex Toy Across America?


    What’s The Most Popular Sex Toy Across America?

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    Which toy is ideal? It relies upon your inclinations. However, this may give you a thought; According to an ongoing report led by Bespoke Surgical, dildos are the sex toy of decision across America, taking the primary spot on a rundown of the most favorite toys. Our website Sohimi is offering you one of the best Sohimi sex women and Sohimi sex male toys in town.

    To think of the rundown, analysts dissected the pursuit of enthusiasm for sex toys on Google Shopping. They chose eight general classifications to limit the outcomes: vibrators, dildos, binds, subjugation gear, rooster rings, male sex toys, and lash ones. Whereas Fifteen states had the most elevated enthusiasm for dildos, vibrators arrived in a nearby second with 11 countries. Subjugation rigging and butt plugs tied for third, connect ones took the fourth spot, and cockerel rings were the fifth most looked through sex toy on the web, and Sohimi got everything for which you desire. So, there will be no judgment from us; anything that increments sexual fulfillment also gives your well-being a lift, and we support that. 

    Top 5 Best Vibrators that you can grab ASAP!

    As our website Sohimi offers you the best sex toys available for both men and women. So, do not waste your time, we care for your needs, and we got all the toys you want. Here are some erotic products popular in sex, and you can easily get at Sohimi. 

    Automatic Heating Vibrator

    Sohimi is offering you an Automatic Heating Vibrator that has multi-reason, can invigorate ladies' G-point and clitoris simultaneously, feel numerous incitement alternatives, allow our wants to desire, sexual coexistence more agreeable. It is a remote-control heating vibrator. It provides you intelligent and programmed warming: when turning on the warming capacity of the vibrator, the vibrator consequently gets used to agreeable skin temperature, and it’s waterproof.

    With the calm vibrations of the vibrator, you can enjoy your desire. We have the best Sohimi sex toys for women and men. The vibrator can be energized by a USB attractive interface and is also the ideal partner in crime.

    This vibrator is minimal and unique. It has an exquisite shape and offers an energizing choice of 10 vibration levels. The vibrator can be bowed uninhibitedly for exact incitement and has a naturally canny push and addition plan, and separable pull base.

    You can utilize the vibrator decisively. Appreciate the smooth surface on and in your most personal zones and experience extraordinary emotions. Find your very own pleasure while the vibrator offers you murmur calm vibrations with the most excellent quality. 

    Rabbit Clitoral Vibrator: Ergonomic design sex toy with rechargeable vibrators clit Stimulator

    This Rabbit Clitoral Vibrator has ground-breaking calm engines that can be utilized simultaneously to invigorate your g-spot, clitoris, anal, or penis and amplify your pleasure regardless of you like moderate, consistent, or reliable heartbeats at various rates.

    With 11 Frequency Patting and Ergonomic Design it will continually animate the clitoris to assist you with arriving at the climax. Do not hesitate to change modes to suit your adoration speed; appreciate more energizing game alternatives.

    This toy has 3 Vibration Points with 12 Modes-Smooth and adjusted. The top of this dildo vibrator is ergonomically calculated to hit your slippery joy zone effortlessly. Simultaneously, a couple of rabbit ears sit in a prime situation to animate your clitoris with sparkling vibrations.

    Prevalent Food Grade Silicone – Sohimi Vibrator sex toy for women is made of body-safe silicone Vibrator, and protected like the human body. Along these features, it is protected and skin-accommodating.

    It is Magnetic charged, so there is no compelling reason to stress over the batteries coming up short or out when you are in need of a little delivery. It accompanies 1 charging Cable and is very easy to energize and control. Feel free to order at Sohimi. We have every sort of sex toy for both males and females. 

    Big Pocket Pussy with Realistic Mouth and Vagina: Fulfil all the erotic desires of me

    As a Sohimi sex toy for men, Big Pocket Pussy helps the pervert consolidates mouth and vagina. Suppose you are worn out on conventional vaginal sex; in that case, you can appreciate oral sex for extra fun with this degenerate toys. Give your dildo knead, sensual caress; the exact teeth and tongue will astound you.
    It is Realistic Texture & Safe Material realistic 3D finished passage permits you to feel every bit of the genuine to invigorate on the dick with each push. Pussy stroker produced using an excellent silicone material that is delicate, adaptable, skin-accommodating. Realistic 3D finished passage permits you to feel every trace of the genuine to animate on the dick with each pushing. Pussy stroker produced using an excellent silicone material that is delicate, adaptable, skin-accommodating. Extraordinary practical stretchy material intended to give men a heavenly sexual well-being experience.
    It is Easy to clean separable male pervert, reasonable size can hold in one hand. It is permitting you to appreciate the joy of solo play. Separable male masturbation Sohimi sex toy and wash separately. Super simple cleaning-straightforwardly flush the channels under running water with cleanser.
    It has a Suitable Size Compatible with lubes with other ordinary male strokes, embeds one slug vibrator, can be utilized as a vibrating male pervert cup. This pocket pussy is reasonable for all sizes. With different vibrators, cheap dildo, penis vacuum siphon, penis ring, or sex dolls. This degenerate male toy is your other assortment. Better impact to use with greases.

    Vibrating Dual Penis Ring with Taint Teaser: The best you can get

    This Vibrating Dual Penis Ring uses a superior and safe Material. As Penis Ring is produced using silicone material, sheltered and strong being used. Smooth silicone feels delicate to the touch yet firm enough to give you a heavenly sentiment of totality. Then, it is effortlessly cleaned with cleanser and water.
    The rooster ring's tightened tip is raised and ribbed within, giving additional weight and stunning incitement to your perineum. The impurity is so rich with sensitive spots that merely the smallest touch will convey unfathomable sensations.
    Give your penis and gonads a lift with this stretchy silicone improvement ring that performs twofold responsibility. Double rings circle around both your pole and balls to make a tight fit that not just builds endurance.
    The super-smooth help cockering serenely fits around the penis and scrotum base and can be delighted underneath the dress for an absolute circumspect treat.
    Sohimi sex toys for men and women gets you the best to shock your Partner desire. There is no sex toy on the bundle like Sohimi. USB Rechargeable, no compelling reason to stress over the low battery and long-haul use. It is not just a performance play yet additionally a sex toy for guys, couples.

  • Traditional Vibrator VS Sohimi's Clitoral Vibrator


    Traditional Vibrator VS Sohimi's Clitoral Vibrator

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    In the year 2020, almost every woman can get them sex toys online safely and secretly. However, it’s not acceptable by the public for women to buy sex toys in the early '60s. Thus, the vibrators which are top sellers among sex toys are initially marketed as a general body massager for sore muscles!

    To talk about vibrators, nobody would not think of the Magic Wand, which was a famous product from the Japanese electronics giant Hitachi. Because of its discreet appearance and the special meaning that tells women they can get an orgasm without a dick inside them, the Magic Wand quickly gained a cult following in the early '70s for the off-label use as one of the best vibrators for clitoral stimulation. 

    There are divided into two parts of the vibrator marketing, one is the traditional vibes like Magic Wand, and the other one is the vibe of improved version such as Sohimi’s Clitoral Vibrator. Are you a loyal fan of traditional vibrator?

    Mentioned traditional vibrator, people must be very familiar with this product below. It might be the most well known vibrator on the market for several years, and many starters will follow the trend and choose this product. Many famous sex toy brands like Adam&Eve sell this kind of product as their signature goods.

    With an off-white soft head, strong vibration brings pleasure to users. It must be the reason why it is so popular during these years.

    There is a customer review of this product I copied from a famous sex toy website (the price of this product is over $70)

     “This is a cult classic vibrator that everyone just raves about. I had looked forward to buying for months and finally when one of my favorite vibes started to peter out I decided it was time to order it. It is really heavy (1.2 pounds) and has a decidedly short cord (which could be easily fixed with an extension cord. I could easily ignore these things if i had liked the vibration. For me, I love strong vibrations, which the Hitachi really does have. What it lacked was a proper frequency for me. It was very topical and buzzy that became irritating very quickly, not a good deep rumbly vibration I have come to expect from good vibes. For me the frequency is just as important as the strength, so I was highly disappointed in this vibe. That being said, I know MANY women that love their Hitachi Wands so if you are looking for power this might be a good place to try, but if you like deep rumbly vibrations then this is not the vibe for you.”

    At least we could conclude from this review that the highest-selling one's might not be necessarily the best for you.

    Compared with the traditional one, Sohimi’s Clitoral Vibrator has optimized many aspects:

    • Wired to Wireless
    • Small Size to Bigger Size (220mm*45mm)
    • 2 In 1 Additional Suction Function

    There are some comments I screenshot from the website.

    Reviews of Sohimi's Clitoral Vibrator

    It’s totally reasonable for people to be a little overwhelmed when shopping for sex toys. After all, there are so many kinds and so many different reviews to make you misunderstand. If you are a starter, or prepare to buy a gift for girlfriend, you must not miss Sohimi’s Clitoral Vibrator.

  • How Do Lesbians Have a Perfect Sex Life?


    How Do Lesbians Have a Perfect Sex Life?

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    Lesbians' sex life is the same as straight people’s sex, or even lesbians sex brings more pleasure, most of us learn that sex is about a penis entering a vagina. So when two people with vulvas are having sex, many of us don't understand how that works since there's no penis. Thus, there are a lot of myths about lesbian sex:

    Lesbian couples act like men and women in sex. Some people believe that one partner does all the penetration while the other does all the receiving. This is dynamic for some couples, but not all — and remember, penetrating doesn’t make you a “man.”

    All of the lesbians use strap-on when having sex. While these can be enjoyable, they’re not a must-have. Whether you use one is up to you.

    Orgasm is the end goal. It’s faster for lesbians to have an orgasm than straight couples, but it doesn’t mean both of the couples have an orgasm every time. Sex can be pleasurable without orgasming.

    Sex means different things to different people. Besides penis-in-vagina sex, there is an incomplete list of what may count as sex for you:

    • oral sex performed on the vagina, penis, or anus.
    • manual sex, such as had jobs
    • breast and nipple play
    • using sex toys
    • mutual masturbation
    • genital rubbing
    • kissing and cuddling

    If you are trying to have your first lesbian sex, there are a few tips for you:

    • Find out the way which brings you pleasure. Someone likes oral sex, someone likes fingering, but someone likes vibration, etc. Masturbating can make you relax and figure out what feels good to you.
    • Be prepared to communicate with your partner. Before start lesbians sex, tell your partner which is your best way to have fun.
    • Positions to try. There are probably hundreds of different sex positions out there, the key to having fun is to find one you love!
    • Practice safer sex. Keep yourself and the toys clean, and use lubricates at the essential time.

    Sex is a skill and you’ll get better at it if practice more and choose a toy that suits you.

    Go to our platform to have some toys new for lesbians!

  • The Best Sex Toy For Girls?


    The Best Sex Toy For Girls?

    > Boodle Web Mart Collaborator

    We’re not sure what is the best sex toy for girls, because it's a different feeling for every single people using a sex toy. Single, Couples, Lesbians or trans, different groups of people need different toys that vary from function. We can show a part of our store's sales statistics, which could show you the most popular one among girls during the year 2020. Besides dildos in basic style, most girls like vibrators with a sucking function, especially the ones with cute appearance. Here we will show you 3 kinds of sucking vibes of our store, all of them have features like mini-size, whisper-noise, cute-shape…  

    The first one is a pink PIGGY SHAPED SUCTION STIMULATOR, it has a cute appearance but very strong suction. I was wondering whether most girls would be affected by its cute shape. 



    The last one sculpted like a ROSE CLITORAL VIBRATOR, the ROSE it quickly won my heart when I first saw it. Can you imagine how romantic it is to suck your clitoris with a rose! 

    To discuss this question further, there’s no best toy for everyone. There’s a suggestion for people who never tried sex toys and who tried many but not find the favorite one. Before shopping for a sex toy, firstly find out what types of sex toys do you need.

    For those who wanna pursue a high-quality but a low price, We recommend you a double-ended vibe like this below (one head with a vibe function, another with a sucking function). You can enjoy more than one function through one toy, which means you can own a vibrator and a dildo at the same time!


    Besides those goods shown above, you can also discover more fun toys here.

    Hope everyone can find the best sex toy for themselves!

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