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Realistic Dildos

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Sohimi Suction Cup DildoSohimi Suction Cup Dildo
Elephant Realistic DildoElephant Realistic Dildo
Strap on 6 inch DildoStrap on 6 inch Dildo
Sohimi True Feel DildoSohimi True Feel Dildo
Realistic Dildo ExtenderRealistic Dildo Extender

Realistic Dildos

Are you lying alone in your warm bed and longing to be seduced into unparalleled heights of sensuality by a wonderful man? But there is no man in sight?

For a fantastic orgasm, the huge dildo is precisely the right seducer. It is one of the most popular sex toys for women. With its exciting shape, it comes as close as possible to a lifelike penis. The modern high-tech material is sensitive to heat; the silicone used is velvety soft to you and imitates the feeling of real skin almost perfectly. He accompanies you in your most passionate moments. He always feels like you if you want and is always his man. If he could still cook now, it would be a dream. Suppose you want it to be remarkably realistic. In that case, our realistic dildos - the best realistic dildos from Sohini with veins are something for you.


What is the difference between a vibrator and a huge dildo?  

Dildos are among the oldest sex toys in the world. Already in ancient times, they existed as penis imitations made of stone or wood. We can find Notches, knobs or notches nowadays in connection with the most varied penis shapes. 

The difference between a vibrator and a dildo is that a vibrator is always electromechanical. Vibrators enable an increase in pleasure through vibrations. A dildo can be inserted and removed mechanically or manually. It is not always immediately recognizable from the external shape. A vibrator can also be built into a dildo, and they are both made of modern silicone. 

But the classic vibrator has a battery compartment. You will often find a switch externally visible to start, switch off, and gradually increase the attractive vibrations. But some vibrators even have an external remote control. The amount and capacity of batteries may vary from model to model. 

The realistic dildo, on the other hand, is controlled exclusively with light muscle strength, a good sense of rhythm and pure passion. Since it's made of full silicone, it can be safely guided at any time, regardless of an energy source, and promises you long-lasting orgasms. If you prefer it quiet and discreet, you can use a realistic dildo to avoid the noises that a vibrator makes during operation.

What types of huge dildos are there?  

You can choose your realistic dildo from a wide range of different models. There are many different sizes, shapes and colours available to you. Whether you prefer skin-coloured or colourful dildos is entirely up to your preference. Choose your sensual companion in a length that suits you and choose the right size. The realistic dildos also apply to men - after all, why should dildos not be sex toys for men?

Sohimi collects the best realistic dildos. There are realistic dildos on which you will find plump veins as a perfect replica of an erect penis, which should give you the fun as realistically as possible. And it would be best if you also tried the strap on dildo. This strap on dildo can be bent into different positions without moving. Amazingly, it can hold their shape! It is excellent for beginners or even people with lots of experience. Suction cup dildo is another popular realistic dildo among many sex toys on It is powerful enough to hold the dildo firmly, allows hands-free plays, satisfies your varied pleasure. Compared to some other suction dildos, it is the easiest to control when you are either seated or lying down because it is a tad bit limp.

How do I use a realistic dildo correctly?  

Get yourself in the mood with the right music or an erotic film, create a sensual atmosphere in your surroundings, take enough time and try it out in peace. 

The dildo is easy to insert thanks to its ergonomic fit and sits comfortably in hand. Just play with the tip of the dildo on your clitoris, enjoy the first few centimetres initially, and then get going and feel it in its entire circumference. While you are inserting the dildo, you can bring it into the correct position with a skillful twisting motion. You can also use the dildo for anal intercourse, depending on its size. The fun of Sohimi dildos can be increased with lubricating cream and silicone gel.

Which is the right dildo for me?  

It all depends on what experience you have in dealing with sex toys and whether you are a wild bed bunny or a tender lover. There are dildos for beginners and also for experienced professionals. No matter which category you belong to, dildos come in all sizes and shapes and are suitable for every occasion. By the way, dildos are also appropriate sex toys for couples!


Your sex toys at home can be generous. Suppose you often travel and want to relax in your hotel room after a stressful appointment. In that case, your favourite dildo is always easy to transport. A smaller model is better in hand and can be carried in every handbag completely unnoticed than many huge dildos.

How do I clean and care for my dildo?  

After a wild night full of lust and passion with your dildo, you can easily clean it under running water. The waterproof silicone dildo allows you to take it with you under the morning warm shower. With a simple microfiber cloth or a soft towel, you can dry your dildo in no time. So you have it ready for the next job immediately. For further care of your favourite dildo, there are numerous care creams to choose from. Most lubricants have a unique formulation that already has nourishing effects during play.