Realistic Dildos

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Sohimi G-Spot Thrusting Dildo


This thrusting dildo is a perfect replica of a man’s penis, because of the double liquid silicone material. It has extremely realistic and beautiful shaped glans, veins and testicles. It has brought you a whole new excitement, so you can instantly...



This suction cup dildo is one of the most popular silicone dildos from Sohimi. It has super realistic soft skin & veins outside and firm inside, so you can have a dildo real feel touching it.The suction cup isn't as...

10.6” Huge Liquid Silicone Dildo


Have you ever tried a huge dildo? This sohimi liquid silicone dildo has a really fantastic size! Most large dildos on the marketing are 10 inch dildo, but this one is 10.6 inches long and the insertable length is 8.26 inches!...

Sohimi Realistic Suction Cup Dildo


Sohimi suction cup dildo is made of medical TPE, so you can bend it randomly, enjoy your sexual at any angle or sex position. It is compatible with both water-based and silicone-based lubricants, you can feel it’s so easy to insert...



The total length of this remote control dildo is over 8 inch, compared to 8 inch dildo, it has a longer insert-in length. This remote control dildo features a penis-shaped tip with a gentle curve to reach your G-Spot. The slender shaft...



For most beginners to try their first dildo, the 7 inch dildo with 5.3 insertable inches is a perfect size. It is not too large to hurt you, but it’s large enough to comfort most women and men. This perfect suction...



this is great for beginners or even people with lots of experience The whole length of this 6 inch dildo is 8.3 inch, and this is the best length for most beginners. With a strap on, lesbian couples love it...



[Hits All Right Spots]—The total length of this vibrating dildo is 10.8in/27.5 cm and the insertable length is 7.1in/17cm. Perfect size and ergonomic curve design for easy insertion and a comfortable fit. The forward curve makes it reaches the G-Spot...



High-quality: This amazing product is made of superior grade silicone and ABS, safe, Odourless, Skin-friendly, and reliable use, before using it, you can choose the way of bearing bend direction to adjust the rotation way. It can be 360°rotated and...



♥ Realistic Touch: Made of silicone material, safe and non-toxic, just like the baby's skin, very soft. The carved lines on the dildo make you feel real, which can make you reach climax quickly! ♥ Removable Bullet Design: Pop the...



The realistic dildo is designed in the shape of a real men's penis, it can not only stimulate your g spot and clitoris, but it can work as a throat trainer and anal dildo. The heating function is undoubtedly a...



This is a dildo that integrates the features of thrusting, spining and vibrating. The combination of multiple functions makes it very unique and fun to use and your legs will be shaking into a big "O". Based on ergonomic design,...


Choosing a Realistic Dildo to DIY Your Sexual Pleasure

The dildos are the most common penetration sex toys during masturbation, they are typically at the average length of a real penis. 

However, in order to satisfy some specific sexual desire, the large dildos have been made out, and they are made from various colors, sizes and materials. Masturbation tools have been invented since ancient times.

We developed life like dildo because of the special physiological structure, the female sexual organs and the male prostate are hidden in the human body, so they can't use own body part to stimulate vagina or prostate to achieve orgasm. 

Compared with the male penis exposed to the outside, they can masturbate easily with hands or with other soft tools. 

But after all, Homo sapiens have normal sexual desire. The creator gives us appetite to survive and egotism to reproduce. 

Therefore, women also need to use better tools such as life like dildo to satisfy their sexual desire, so here is the plastic penis – realistic dildos.

What is the Realistic Dildo?


Although most adults think the definition is common sense, I’d like to explain it in a detailed way. 

Realistic dildos are ones of lifelike sex toys that are made of many materials to use as masturbation tools stimulating genitals,

 most vagina, and prostate, where pudenda nerve reside and send sexual pleasure to the brain.


The common shape of the realistic dildo is inspired by men’s penis. 

Ancient make torso dildos are made of stone and copper, all of them are penis-shaped. 

Traditional shapes of realistic dildos are made by real men’s penis reverse mold, 

which could be watched on YouTube, and you will get to know the process how to make a realistic dildo. 

No wonder we could buy many life like dildos of different types: BBC (7 inch black dick or larger), white or purple dildo, 

cool or heated dildo, straight or bending dildo, soft or hard dildo, girthy and dual density dildos. 

And we even made an unimaginable cock with multi-point stimulating granule growing on the phallic part.


Realistic dildos are usually made of silicone because the silicone can make the most realistic dildos although they are fake dildos, 

which touch real, feel real, and use real. If you turn off your lights and insert the silicone realistic dildo in your vagina, and you will feel the real man’s thrusting. 

That’s why silicone realistic dildo is the bestseller type. Who must be a genius to invent a silicone material dildo! 

And there are glass-made dildos, stainless dildos, and even wooden dildos. All those life like dildos are for meeting different and special interests of sex.    

Why and How to Use Realistic Dildos?


For some women and homosexual men, they prefer the feeling of being thrusting by realistic dildos rather than a technological design of vibrations. Just like people are afraid of the snake from human’s original impulse by our ancestors, some people are visual animals; I mean that they are easily influenced by vision. For them, the realistic life like dildo arouses their erotic desire stronger than other kinds of life like dildos. So while some love the Red Dot Design of Lelo, there are other preferences  realistic dildo design.

Method 1

According to selling data, most realistic customer are single, this means they use the realistic dildos for masturbation most. No matter women’s vagina or men’s prostate

are inside the body, so it’s not easy for us to reach it by ourselves. However, the good sex helper – realistic dildos make your stimulation to G-spot as easy as falling off a log. When you want to climb out of a wall, and you know to use a ladder to help you make it successfully, but why don’t you use sex tools to pleasure when it comes to the hard-to-reach desire? Step by step, first find your favorite porn on porn websites like Pornhub or X video, watching it and let it bring you to an erotic state, when it arouses, apply some lube on the realistic phallic head and slowly insert your body. Some realistic dildos are multifunctional. The realistic penis can do vibration, rotation, and thrusting simultaneously, which is beyond men’s reach, although they want their penis is multifunctional, too. Soon, you will reach the climax..

Method 2

Some couples are tired of the traditional sex of missionary and doggy and so on. They are looking for something new to make their sex more exciting and enjoyable. After exploration of their own body and sex positions, they are reaching out to find sex tools, so realistic dildos are a new minion. The purpose of using realistic dildos between lovers is to add spice to sexual dishes, making them more delicious. When there is no more passion for experiencing the bodies of both after thousands of making love, they need external props to make each other’s sex life fresher. Some men have ED due to the high pressure, in order to meet wife or girlfriend’s demands and enhance a relationship, they use realistic dildos too. Without porn, kisses and hugs and touches would be enough for foreplay, if she is wet, penetrate the realistic dildo in her without hesitation, just make her quiver of orgasm.    

How to Clean a Realistic Dildo?

It is super easy to clean realistic dildos than sex dolls. 

You can just rinse it with warm water with or even without water-based cleanser.

 Remember don’t use oil-based cleanser, because some silicone material would be damaged by oil-based one. 

After it dries up, put the realistic dildo in a clean and dry box to store it for a longer lifespan.

How to Choose a Realistic Dildo?

Maybe there is not a perfect right realistic dildo to satisfy your crazy fantasy of sex experience, but you will always find the best suitable one to match your channels, no matter it is vagina or prostate. 

If you are a beginner of the realistic dildos, but you might not a newbie of sex, and you know what the right size to fill you up is. 

Don’t be too greedy and start with  BBC realistic dildos, they might be too huge to insert. Start with smaller realistic dildos then add the size up, and start with soft silicone material then try other materials like glass, wood, and stainless realistic dildos. 

Finally, you will find the most comfortable realistic dildos to comfort you at night. 

Maybe it is of silicone and a 6-inch life like dildo or a stainless and vibrating dildo. Good luck!

Sohimi Realistic Dildo Featured Reviews

Customer Linda:

This No.1 seller on our Sohimi store realistic dildo is a huge cock of 10.6in (27 cm), so no matter you are shallow or deep, it will fill you up without an inch’s spare. The peculiarity of this one is size, long, and huge enough. It is waterproof & unisex, bring sex pleasure for women and men who love the larger size of realistic dildo.

It is so reaaalll!! No wonder they are called realistic dildos. Those realistic dildos are similar with my boyfriend's dong. Yes, I love it! These Sohimi realistic dildos look real, feels real, and it reminds me of my ex, lol… How could you guys make such a vivid life like dildo? It touches like a real man’s penis when he wants the sex so bad and erects his penis angrily to me. When I open the package (and I think the package is very discreet and no info on the outside, which I don’t want others to know), I think it arouses my sex desire immediately when the cock jumped out of the box. It gave me a nice experience, very exciting and comfortable!

Customer Gigi:

It is my first time trying Sohimi products of realistic dildos, and it didn’t let me down. At first, I just want to pick the right size of realistic dildos for myself, so I was wandering online and search for some sex products which prices are within my budget, yes, I’d like to buy one dildo cheap. To my surprise, the Sohimi realistic dildos are not only cheaper than my last ones but also have a good quality beyond my expectations. I think I will be one of your fans now. And I will buy more realistic dildos as a gift to my female friends!

Customer Alex:

Super and great satisfaction of those realistic dildos! Life like dildos are every woman’s night mate; no matter you have or have not a boyfriend because he won’t satisfy you right away when you want it badly, but realistic dildos could meet your demand right away. Odorless, lifelike, high-quality and it aroused my desire immediately when I penetrate it in my vagina and my body reacted like a real sex experience with men. Thanks for this wonderful sex experience, and I can meet my demand with those realistic dildos at any time

What Are the Best Realistic Dildos?

#1 10.6” Huge Liquid Silicone Dildo

This No.1 seller on our Sohimi store realistic dildo is a huge cock of 10.6in (27 cm), so no matter you are shallow or deep, it will fill you up without an inch’s spare. The peculiarity of this one is size, long, and huge enough. It is waterproof & unisex, bring sex pleasure for women and men who love the larger size of realistic dildo.

#2 Realistic Flexible 7 inch Dildo

It is also a bestseller and never let users down. For those people who might have a bit neat freak, this transparent life like dildo would love this. It is transparent, healthy, and soft with strong suction. If you love transparent color, not deep-dyed silicone, just chose those realistic dildos without hesitation.

#3 Sohimi Suction Cup Dildo

To some ladies and men, it is dope and never could be satisfied so strongly. Our devil design of those granules on the phallic shaft stimulates every inch of the vagina or prostate. 100% pure silica gel gives you a lifelike real fucking feeling. The skin-feeling texture is soft when it's squirming in your body. Try one now if you never feel the granules of realistic dildos, wish it bring you surprises.