• Multiple Types Of The Double Dildo - Which One Suits You Best?


    Multiple Types Of The Double Dildo - Which One Suits You Best?

    > Jenny sohimi

    Dildo started with stone material since their invention to various materials and styles. They have been stripped down in human needs. Progress is the result of practice, after realizing that there is more than one part or more than one person that needs to satisfy during sex, the double-headed dildo was born. By now, the double-headed dildo is an old member of the sex toy family. Unlike the traditional dildo, it has two heads and is capable of meeting more needs. Unlike the strap-on dildo, it has no straps to hold it in place, making it relatively more flexible.

    If you are curious about the world of a double-headed dildo, but due to its wide variety, you do not know which one to choose, then this article will be your personal guide. Here I will introduce their production principles from the material, shape, function, and use of people to no longer worry about which one to choose.

    Multiple Materials


    Silicone is the most common material used for dildos. It is one of the most popular materials for brands because it is durable, waterproof and malleable, and at a low cost. These products can often be molded into a realistic penis shape, and the color can also mimic the real skin and reddened glans to the greatest extent, to meet the user's needs for a "real experience."

    sohimi double dildo

    Although silicone is an excellent raw material, for a better user experience, sohimi uses liquid silicone, characterized by more excellent stability, elasticity, and water and moisture resistance. Compared to standard silicone, liquid silicone is more environmentally friendly and feels more skin-friendly and smooth.


    A double dildo made of metal is smooth and firm, and the shape is usually designed to be curved to facilitate better access to the vagina or anus. Since this type of double dildo is made of metal, it has a premium look, and you can use it as a gift for your friends, which will definitely be a surprise. You can also use it in BDSM to stimulate your sexual organs for a different kind of stimulation due to the cool touch of the metal.


    The transparent appearance and rigid feel are its most significant selling points. For these double dildos, people don't care if it's not dexterous if it's not soft and not real. Or maybe, buying it is to experience extraordinary excitement. It is roughly the same as metal inexperience. Both have a high hardness and cold touch. But they are not the same. They have the disadvantage of fragility, so when using it, you must be careful not to let it fall from a height, or you can only clean up the scene of the glass slag for the rest of the time.

    Multiple Shapes

    One base with two heads

    This type of double dildo also called double penetrator dildo, which is suitable for one person, as the two handles are so close to each other that it is not convenient for two people. To insert both vagina and anal, the two dildos are designed as one large and one small, the larger one for the vagina and the smaller ones for the anus. To insert both vaginally and anally, the two dildos are designed as one large and one small, the larger one for the vagina and the smaller one for the anus. For the convenience of a single person, the double dildo has a sucking cup at the base. Since it's difficult to maneuver it into the correct position simultaneously, it's much easier to fix it and adjust the position yourself. Of course, this kind of double dildo is also naturally suitable for women.


    Straight type

    The straight type of double dildo is suitable for two people because of its long length. This type of dildo can generally bend, be more flexible, and be used in various positions to avoid injuries caused by improper posture or excessive force.

    Both ends are designed in the shape of a penis. A more flexible double dildo in the middle will be designed into a thinner shape, easy to bend. There are also harder double dildos, this type of product will be more convenient for one-person use because the extra length can be used as a handle. Still, because of the lack of flexibility and softness, it is less convenient for two people.


    The fixed U-shaped double dildo is mainly intended for one person unless the U-shape can be bent at will or the fixed U-shape is at a greater angle. For women, this type of dildo can stimulate both the clitoris and vagina at the same time, bringing double pleasure. For men, the U-shape can quickly enter your anus, and because of its shape, you don't have to worry about it disappearing inside your rectum. If the material used is metal or glass, the cold stimulation will escalate the stimulation!

    Multiple Functions

    With the advancement of technology, the double dildo now has roughly two kinds of functions in terms of manual and automatic, which lies in whether the dildo contains an electric motor inside. Both of them have their own advantages, and you can choose according to your preference for sex. Not the most advanced technology will bring the best experience. The feeling is always different from person to person, especially in "sex," which has a strong personal preference.


    The classic style of the double dildo is without an electric motor. If you like DIY use, including the frequency of stretching, depth, angle, etc., you are suitable for such a double dildo. This double dildo needs to produce pleasure through your movement, and you know where your sensitive points are, you know the right frequency and angle. This type of double dildo usually brings more involvement, whether it's masturbation or with a partner, it brings a more realistic feeling, that is 100% through their own or each other's manipulation to achieve the ultimate orgasm process.


    This is a combination of a vibrator and a double dildo. Typically, the double dildo has a vibrating function on both ends so that you can control both ends at the same time or individually. Vibration double dildos always have a remote control for consistency in use, so you don't have to stop and switch for the correct frequency or mode. The addition of the remote control also makes the sex more erotic. In addition to the convenience of being alone, it has an unexpected bonus effect when you have a partner. You can give the remote control to your partner and enjoy the sudden stimulation.


    Multiple Populations

    Single person

    If you are alone, you can also enjoy the pleasure of the double dildo. If you want a dildo that can stimulate both the vagina and anus, then you'd better choose a double dildo with a sucking cup so that you can start your sexual journey anywhere you want. With the sucking cup, it can be a good solution to the problem of not having long enough hands and easy operation.

    Gay men

    For anal play, the double dildo is the perfect tool if you plan to have sex with both partners. Its longer length allows it to enter the rectum of both partners and stimulate the prostate simultaneously, so you don't have to worry about the conflicts that arise when the length is not long enough to have fun.


    For lesbians, there are even more ways to play. Since women have three intimate areas, the clitoris, vagina and anus, you can use the double dildo to stimulate any two points. If it is used for one person alone, it can bring pleasure no matter where it is. If it is used for both partners, a  long 2 way dildo will make your sex juicy and memorable.


    Heterosexual couples

    For heterosexuals, the double dildo is more like a flirting tool. You can use it cleverly in every process of sex; whether it is flirting, foreplay or the formal penetration part, it can play a crucial role. I recommend the vibration double dildo because the multi-frequency vibration mode can stimulate various sensitive points, nipples, clitoris or around the anus. It can add flavor to your sex life, making it more delicious and enjoyable.

    Whatever the material or function of the double dildo, it is designed to be better adapted to your needs. So it is not difficult to choose a double dildo you want, because they are designed for you. Sohimi offers the best double ended dildos. Visit our website, take your favorite product home and enjoy the pleasure of a double dildo.

  • What an Intriguing Question - Is the Pleasure of Making Love the Same as the Pleasure of Using Sex Toys?


    What an Intriguing Question - Is the Pleasure of Making Love the Same as the Pleasure of Using Sex Toys?

    > Veronica Swift

    Human beings get pleasure and orgasm by making love, and in the same way, we can get pleasure by using sex toys for stimulation. So, is the pleasure obtained by making love the same as the pleasure obtained by using sex toys? This is a very interesting question, but according to research studies, the percentage of people who say the sensations are different is even higher. And in fact, the answer is that the two sensations are indeed different. It is not that the two sensations are one good or one bad, but both get an enjoyable pleasure. Because from a physiological point of view, the location of stimulation is the same, so the role of excitement is the same, only the existence of the feeling of pleasure is different. Then the reason for this will have to be analyzed from a physiological and psychological point of view.

    Physiological Perspective

    Different Senses of Reality

    From a rational point of view, the feeling of making love with someone is physical contact, and the tightness and cooperation between flesh are very natural. And its realism is 100%, while the flesh realism of using sex toys does not necessarily reach 100%, is floating between 90%-95%. Although the material of the erotic products on the market is the medical silicone that fits the human body, very skin-friendly and non-toxic.

    But compared to our most natural human skin, it is still a little worse, which is like using condoms and not using condoms, even if you use the condom is the ultra-thin version of Durex. But the human reproductive organs can be keenly perceived, which is not as exciting as the orgasm obtained by two people actually making love, the stimulation obtained by making love, and the stimulation obtained by using condoms is a 2 to 1 ratio of sensation.

    couple at night


    Of course, both can obtain more than 90% of the pleasure. For men, the vaginal design of male masturbators and furry sex doll is realistic, soft, and full of particles, and the internal multi-layered spiral folds are satisfying in terms of the effect of obtaining pleasure. For women, the multiple sucking mode of the fully functional vibe sex toy brings women a more multi-layered stimulation experience, and the real penis will go soft and hard after ejaculation, but not so with a vibrator, there is no possibility of shouting tiredness and more staying power.

    Different Focus on Pleasure

    Sometimes, if a sexual partner may not understand the sensitive points of the other person's body, the feeling of lovemaking experience obtained will be lower than using sex toys. For individuals who use sex toys, the satisfaction of the pleasure obtained is under their own complete control, based on knowing the sensitive parts of their body, reaching orgasm, etc. Men whether they are making love or using sex toys just want to get pleasure, so even though the focus of pleasure is different between the two, still will very much enjoy the different orgasmic experiences that both bring.


    But women are relatively a little different, women in lovemaking are not necessarily to get orgasm in the first place, but to communicate with couples in the first place, they enjoy a spiritual pleasure. For example, the love and tender care presented by the husband in bed.

    Of course, if women are looking for a large size penis in their couple's sex life, then a huge 10.6  inches dildo not only in size or touch can be a good way to meet the needs of women for large size. So the focus of pleasure between the two is different. Making love is a natural pleasure for humans as natural creatures. The use of erotic products, on the other hand, is dominated by the enjoyment of self-pleasure, which is like, although couples like to stay together for dinner, watching movies, skiing, etc., at the same time still need each other's sense of personal space, for them, personal recreation time is a very healthy and happy thing.

    Psychological Perspective

    Different Senses of Immersion

    In the world of sex, making love is not only through the intercourse of sexual organs inserted, to obtain the pleasure of sexual climax, more is a way of expressing love between couples, making love is equivalent to a delicious seasoning to enhance mutual feelings, so which foreplay is also included in the pleasure satisfaction obtained by making love.

    couple at bed

    Especially for the more sensual women, the orgasmic experience they get during sex is not only present in the vaginal G-spot, but also in the flirtatious stimulation of foreplay, which is why some women can get pleasure during foreplay, the foreplay techniques of men and the affection and love between the two are part of the pleasure.

    But with sex toys, you are dealing with a small toy that is not a real person, although men use the eliza-hands free male masturbator could hear the sound of women moaning and panting, this is still only part of the female characteristics. Men can see women's expressions during sex, body movements, etc., which is not provided by sex toys. But what sex toys bring us is the satisfaction of inner self-focus. It is one of the ways to explore your own sexual pleasure.

    Different Novelty

    There are many positions you can try for sex, whether it's missionary, face-off, doggy style, flatiron, cowgirl's helper, etc. Different positions will bring a different and exciting experience. The use of sex toys is also another special novelty. There are a variety of sex toys for women, not only those that stimulate the clitoris, but also those that stimulate the vagina, and tail toys that stimulate the anus, especially vibrators of various colors and styles, which have very practical and diverse functions.

    enjoy the secret

    Butterfly vibrator can simultaneously stimulate the clitoris, G-spot, A-spot, Anus, Hidden bullet vibrator's mini size is super convenient to carry anywhere you want to go. The tongue licking toy's breast cover and clitoral cover are designed for more concentrated and sensitive sucking. 16 vibration modes of the heating G-spot rabbit vibe make women's orgasms better. The app control clit sucker brings women and couples more exciting and multi-modal outdoor orgasmic play. Nipple and clit sucker simulate real oral sex. In this way, the sensation of pleasure from sex and the pleasure from using sex toys can be rich and varied. But the way you use it is different, the pleasure you enjoy is also different.

    Get the Pleasure of Making Love and Using Sex Toys

    It has been proven that the pleasure most people get from sex is different from the pleasure they get from masturbating with sex toys because of the difference in the natural degree of physiology and the different sense of psychological substitution. But it is worth noting that both ways are stimulating the sensitive points of the human genitalia and are able to obtain pleasure to some extent, but the experience of pleasure is different and the level of orgasm is also different. It is because of this different feeling, many people in the process of sex are both the way of sex, but also the use of sex toys masturbation way so that their sex life world more colorful and healthier.

  • Three Lgbtq Music - Three Special Anal Pleasures


    Three Lgbtq Music - Three Special Anal Pleasures

    > Lena Sohimi

    Every June is the lgbtq group parade month in the United States. You can see people like you waving rainbow flags in many lgbtq exclusive bars, clubs and pools.

    A pleasant atmosphere needs music to set off! You will hear a lot of jazz music, sweet melodies and rhythmic rap. A lot of music is created for lgbtq. You can also find your favorite anal toys based on the type of music you like.

    Three special lgbtq music- popular and distinctive

    Wild - Wild and young gay love

    'Wild' is the title song of Troye Sivan's second major record company EP. This is a song written for the gay community. This song expresses Troy's emotional preference for the gay community. This song revolves around the theme of "forbidden love". You can feel the passion that music brings to you in the melodious melody.

    This song is very popular on Youtube. As far as the topic of homosexuality is concerned, this song has become one of the most viewed videos.

    music for the people


    Let us enjoy the lyrics of this song together! The most repeated lyrics of the entire song is "You're driving me wild, wild, wild". This song seems to be the inner monologue of the hero to his gay lover. This sentence deeply expressed his deep desire for his lover. He loves his boy deeply. He longs for sex love with his partner. His love is so enthusiastic and passionate that it can't calm the excitement in his heart for a long time.

    For the male protagonist in the song, this love is green, ignorant but full of passion. The hero feels many emotions in this forbidden love.

    "Never knew loving could hurt this good, oh. And it drives me wild." Love caused the young male protagonist to be spiritually hurt.

    The whole song expresses a theme, that is the man's deep love for his gay lover. In his eyes, his gay boy is complicated and changeable. Although he was hurt in his feelings, he could not resist the charm of his lover. 

    Meteorite - Love produced by meteorite impact

    This is a pop music with disco. You can find the related MV of this song on Youtube. From the beginning of the MV, the audience can see a charming gay boy with a hot body. He is dressed in gorgeous clothes. He made various sexy poses while singing.

    Years & Years uses the intersection of celestial bodies to compare the powerful shock of homosexual encounters and love. You can see wonderful and interesting dance moves in the MV. We can feel this deep love in the lyrics.


    "Let me feel your devotion. Let me feel your emotion. Love me like it's the last night. Like it's the last night." Through these few lyrics, we can see the boy's deep love for his lover. He longs for his partner to respond to his love.

    "Hit me like a meteorite, woah. Hit me like a meteorite, oh. Hit me like a meteorite." The male protagonist’s boy is so attractive that the male protagonist falls in love like being hit by a meteorite.

    All The Lovers - Pure and passionate same-sex love

    Kylie Minogue's All the lovers is a warm love song. Kylie Minogue has always been loved by the lgbtq community. She has many lgbtq fans. Kylie Minogue attaches great importance to her lgbtq fans.

    Kylie Minogue praised "Same Love" in this song. This song conveys the message of equality for gay couples. This song also praises the love and attraction in same-sex relationships.

    exciting music


    In the song All the lovers, you can see various emotional states. In the song All the lovers, you can hear the wonderful melody brought by various synthesizer sounds, and you can also hear the rhythm of disco. Listeners can feel the warm teasing, passionate love, and romantic love affair in the song All the lovers. In this song, Kylie Minogue encourages her lgbtq fans to enjoy sex love and follow the rhythm of love.

    "If love is really good, you just want more. Even if it throws you to the fire, fire, fire, fire." These two lines of lyrics reflect the attraction of same-sex couples to the other half, just like fire .

    Three styles of passion for anal sex

    Wild sex pleasure with 360-degree rotation

    The top of the prostate massager is a prostate massage head that can rotate 360 degrees. You can freely control this massager through the remote control so that it can bring you wild sexual pleasure. While you enjoy this vibration massager, you can feel the meaning of the lyrics "You're driving me wild, wild, wild". You and your lover will get your wild sex experience with the swing of your body!

    360 Rotating Vibrating Prostate Massager


    This vibration massager awakens your inner wild desire for sex. It has ten shocking vibration functions and surprising dual motors. The calm black appearance makes this anal sex game look more mysterious, like an modest and gentlemanly man.

    Its provocative and sophisticated appearance is smooth. Different vibration frequencies bring you a pleasant experience from the inside to the outside and the ultimate orgasm.

    Come and experience the wildest and most exciting sex with your lover! 

    A sexual experience like an electric shock

    If you have the opportunity to have electrocution-like sex, will you be tempted? You will be fascinated by this Zeus electric prostate massager. It will make you as powerful as Zeus in sex.

    The small appearance may make you think it is just an ordinary sex toy. But its powerful features will surely surprise you and change your opinion.

    ZEUS prostate massager


    This massager has powerful inner energy like Zeus. It has 8 incredible vibration modes and eight electrical stimulations. When you press the switch, you will get the feeling of an electric shock. This kind of stimulation will cover your whole body. The anus, prostate, and point P can accurately perceive this special sensation. When you are immersed in this special sexual experience, you feel that your body is hit like a meteorite.

    You and your lover can perfectly control the intensity and speed of the vibration with the remote control. It is best to let your partner control this little toy so that you can experience sudden surprises!

    Amazing lovers of different styles

    If you can choose, do you want a lover with multiple styles? Such a lover brings you many experiences you have never had before.

    In bed, you want your lover to have excellent teasing skills. The hot body and attractive eyes make you irresistible. You look forward to the unknown sex experience. 


    It is an anal bead with a variety of sizes. It is like a slender lover who awakens the desires in your heart. The anal sex toy is an electric anal bead with nine vibration frequencies. You can remote control this little sex toy while admiring the sexy figure of your lover. When the electric anal beads start to vibrate, you can have sex with nine different styles of lovers!

    Just like the melody of Kylie Minogue's song All The Lovers, you can feel the warm banter, gentle love, passionate feelings, and romantic atmosphere in sex!

    Play anal toys with your boy while enjoying music

    On a charming night, there is nothing more suitable for anal sex than beautiful music. Whether it's pop music, disco or jazz, you can try it all. Enjoying music while having sex is a very happy thing. This kind of happiness is worth creating and sharing with your boy. Sweat on the bed with your gay boy and sway your body to the rhythm!

  • The Way To Perfect Phone Sex: Get Your Dildo Ready


    The Way To Perfect Phone Sex: Get Your Dildo Ready

    > Jenny sohimi

    It is always said that if couples live apart, there is little chance that the relationship will work out. And this is not an unfounded statement. Many long-distance couples have proven this with their poor resolution. The lack of sex plays a big part in the reason for this. Sex is a boost to a relationship. Its presence increases intimacy between couples and acts as a lubricant, and reduces the friction between them.

    Thanks to technological advances, phones now allow couples to talk without distance, and sex can shift from actual touching to dirty talk and ear-to-ear moaning. But phone sex is not as exciting as real sex because some key elements are missing, so buy a dildo to enjoy more vital stimulation and perfect phone sex.

    The Elements Of A Perfect Phone Sex

    Perfect phone sex is something that needs to be worked on, you can think of Phone sex as a date because it can be impromptu or pre-arranged, and it requires two people to be involved and to have no slack. To elaborate on it, here I have listed the key points of phone sex.

    woman phone sex

    The right time

    You need to pick a suitable time to have phone sex. According to an incomplete survey, most people's favorite time is the night before falling asleep. There are two main reasons for this, and firstly, the night is the time of the day when the sex drive is the strongest. The second is that both parties are finished with work at night and have enough time to enjoy phone sex.

    Appropriate Words

    Appropriate here does not mean decent, but instead graphic descriptions and timely feedback. Since you can't see each other, you can tell your partner every move you make. Please do not start with powerful words because that is not natural. Too deliberate words will spoil the ambiguous atmosphere. You can start by greeting his day and gradually start some provocative topics.

    The right tools

    If you don't have the essential tools but want to have perfect phone sex, a dildo can help you! It is better to buy a dildo with a sucking cup so that you can enjoy the pleasure of being penetrated and free your hands. sucking cup is more convenient for you to use the phone call. After all, you don't have to worry about your partner missing your beautiful descriptions and moans because your hands are not free. What's more exciting is that you can turn on the camera and make video calls with your partner to make your phone sex more erotic.

    Why Dildo Bring Perfect Phone Sex?

    Phone sex is about thrill-seeking and satisfying, and a dildo meets both of these requirements simultaneously.

    From a psychological perspective, the dildo represents your honesty and openness to your partner. Your desire for sex is fully displayed in front of your partner, so the atmosphere of desire and nastiness is ready from the moment you take it out. In the process of using it, a stronger stimulation will bring you a stronger reaction. Your hot reaction and forgetful moaning will also affect your partner on the other side of the phone, which is positive feedback for both sides, making your phone sex only more pleasurable.

    woman in bed with a phone

    From the physiological perspective, whether a man or a woman, if you wanna get an orgasm inside, you have to stimulate the G-spot or the P-spot. Still, they are both inside the body, and it's difficult to stimulate them accurately with your fingers when you are alone, so with a dildo, you can change the angle and frequency at will to bring the perfect ultimate orgasm.

    How To Make Perfect Phone Sex With A Dildo?

    Choose a best dildo for you

    Depending on your preference, choose the dildo that stimulates you the most. First, figure out what you like about a dildo. Do you want to move it yourself or an electric dildo? Many women prefer the classic dildo because they have a super realistic look and feel. What's more drastic is to choose a thrusting dildo. Sohimi offers good quality G - spot thrusting dildo with the ability to stretch, rotate, and vibrate simultaneously. For a more realistic feel, you can choose a self-heating motor that simulates the temperature of a real penis. If you prefer a large dildo, then a huge dildo is the best choice, with a longer and wider size that will allow you to enjoy satisfaction even if you are alone.

    sohimi - huge dildo

    Whatever the type, I recommend all come with a sucking cup, and then you can enjoy hands-free sex, which makes you and your remote companion more enjoyable.

    Stimulating your sensitive areas

    This is the part of foreplay. No one knows your body better than you do, and with a dildo, you can easily stimulate your sensitive areas, such as nipples, clitoris or thigh roots, any point that turns you on can be stimulated with a dildo. If your dildo can vibrate, it will be perfect! Move it slowly against your skin, and the tingling sensation will spread all over the body, eventually converge to the intimate area, you will find foreplay has been sublimated. At this point, you can let your partner on the other end of the phone tell you what to do, give feedback based on instructions, tell him what you are doing and how you feel, and the ambiguous atmosphere and desire will envelop both of you.

    Don't rush to put it into the body. Enjoy the teasing at the beginning, which is one of the indispensable elements of sex, and it's terrific.

    Insert your body

    Here comes the main event. After being prepared, you can insert it into your body. With the previous teasing and temptation, you must be eager to be satisfied. Penetrate yourself when the desire is about to explode. You will feel the indescribable pleasure at that moment. This kind of satisfaction is difficult to achieve by fingers.


    If your dildo is manual, you can move it yourself manually or by sucking it on the wall. If it is a thrusting dildo, then you can secure it and let it move on its own, or you can switch modes via remote control to enjoy different vibration speeds and frequencies. Even though your companion is not around, you can close your eyes and feel his thrusts, his breathing and moaning right in your ears, and this is perhaps the closest you will ever get to being so far apart.

    Tell your partner how you feel

    Don't forget about your partner on the other end of the line. Tell your partner your movements and feelings. Whether foreplay or using lube or penetration, stimulate your partner with dirty words and teasing tones. Both parties can visualize detailed images in their minds with verbal descriptions and sensual gasps as if you are no longer far away. Your partner is right in front of you, and you can reach out and touch him. Both parties will be immersed in a state of eroticism, which will take your phone sex to an unprecedented level.

    A dildo is not necessary for phone sex, but it is one of the best fuels to make your phone sex hotter. Come to sohimi official website to choose your favorite dildo, make yourself not alone and make phone sex more enjoyable.

  • The  Comparison Between Vibrators and Big Dildos


    The Comparison Between Vibrators and Big Dildos

    > Veronica Swift

    From the perspective of the sex toy purchase market, women prefer to use vibrators and big dildos at a relatively high level. This shows that female vibrators and big dildos meet women's demands for sexual pleasure. The similarities between these two sex toys are 100% waterproof, and the vibration function also has the function of up and down expansion and 360 degree rotation. So what is the difference between the two? This is worth exploring.

    Appearance Difference

    Vibrators are Pretty, Big Dildos are Natural

    The vibrator is mainly used by women, so the appearance of its design is based on beauty. Like the very classic rose vibrator family, the rose-shaped style gives women an exquisite visual sense, and the tadpole-shaped app vibrator makes women look like a very adorable toy at first glance, wearing a rabbit with two ears. The curvature of the vibrator is like a female sexy S body curve. The mini lipstick shape vibrator is like an Armani lipstick, which is more of a queen's charm under the concealment of the small black gold tube.



    The variety of designs gives women a fresh and sophisticated sense of choice. This point from the market vibrator style more than dildo can be completely contrasted out. The big dildo is designed to imitate a real American male penis, so although it is not as rich in shape as the vibrator, its authenticity is quite high. The uneven folds, the pink glans, and the floppy testicles bring women real feelings about the dildo. But big dildo style from the shape of the words, in addition to the length, width, and thin difference, its shape is relatively single.

    Vibrators are Colorful, Big Dildos are Simple Color

    Customers who have bought vibrators are attracted by the dazzling colors, which are not only bright red but also purple, green, pink, black, gold, and so on. The colors of the big dildo are relatively simple, only flesh, transparent, black. This also means that if you are a female customer who likes colorful colors, you will prefer to choose your preferred female sex toy in a bunch of vibrators.

    Size Difference

    Vibrators got mini size, big dildos size are super large

    About the size of the difference is very big, vibrators have a class is bullet vibrator, it has the smallest size is a 2.72in hidden mini bullet vibrator, the volume of the super mini can be placed directly in the pocket of our denim tops, carry to which a place will not feel heavy. The shape, size, and color is the bullet as a prototype, a small bullet vibrator 9 vibration sense is you can not imagine the powerful motor power.

    a bullet vibrator

    Even if you play with it in your hands, you basically can not feel its weight, so its lightness can be imagined! The huge liquid silicone dildo, a favorite among female customers, is 10.6 feet long and weighs 720g, and although the length limitation is not as convenient to carry, it is an excellent realistic penis for women, which is used indoors. The liquid silicone dildo is made of double-layer silicone gel, and its touch is 99% realistic with a male penis.

    Function Difference

    Useful Functions of Vibrators

    It must be said that the vibrator is very powerful and diverse, one of the most obvious differences is that it is electric, turn on the button switch to enjoy the vibration, sucking, jumping, licking, 360 degree rotation, stretching, and other functions, including the heating G-spot rabbit vibrator vibration mode up to 16 kinds of, from low to medium. The most powerful vibrator is as exciting as if you are on a Disney roller coaster.


    Moreover, the tulip mini tongue clit licker vibrator's 10 sucking modes make women feel pampered and tender during foreplay and flirtation which is vibrator with clit sucker. While the M5 remote control butterfly vibrator's 3 in 1 function stimulates women's clitoral, vaginal and hepatic pleasure. The most exciting thing is that the app control remote simulation of the vibrator can have a distant each other for interactive mode, when you are in a bar online, you can connect bluetooth to turn on the interactive mode and invite your friends or lovers to control your vibration frequency. The excitement is unmatched by a large dildo.

    Useful Functions of Big Dildos

    The big dildo does not have the same 3 in 1 stimulation as the vibrator. However, it is worth mentioning that the length of the big dildo makes it easier to stimulate the three genital nerve stimulation points of the G-spot, A-spot, and P-spot of the vagina. The most special point is that the big dildo is designed with a realistic suction cup, which is so sticky that when you use it, you can attach it directly to the wall, floor, or bathtub without worrying about it falling off. The problem of falling off is not a concern. And this is the vibrator does not have the function.

    big dildo

    It is precisely because of the different functions of the vibrator and big dildo that women have different needs for buying these two sex toys. For example, the biggest feature of the big dildo is its sufficient length and its sucking cup that can be attached to the wall and other places at will. Some American women like the big and long penis of men very much, so they prefer to buy a big dildo to enjoy masturbation so that they can more perfectly enjoy the pleasure of A-spot in the vagina which is closest to the uterus.

    And some women like to pursue more exciting gameplay, they like to use female masturbation devices on some outdoor occasions. At this time, the app control vibrator is very popular among them. Some women like to enjoy the pleasure of the clitoris, and they will focus more on the sucking strength and happiness that the mini tongue vibrator brings to them.

    Price Difference

    The price of the vibrator fluctuates between $20 and $50, with the most expensive being a $49.99 thrusting vibrator and the cheapest being a $19.99 bullet vibrator with an angled tip. The most expensive one is the sexy dildo made from two-layer platinum silicone, and the lowest price is the silver transparent realistic suction cup dildo. Every customer who buys sex toys will be concerned about the price, and it is ideal to buy affordable and cheap sex toys. Whether it is a vibrator or big dildo prices are acceptable range, they are not like a full sex doll price is hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars, so women to buy the two types of sex toys are cost-effective.

    Real and Objective Comparisons are the Most Useful Information

    From a macro point of view, vibrator and big dildo belong to two different types of women sex toys, the differences and similarities between them are determined by the parameters of whether the buyer chooses them or not, while from a micro point of view, the comparison of their features is meaningful only from the user's point of view, which means real and valid information comparison can help them buy high quality vibrator  and big dildo.

    various1 of vibrators

    There are many articles on the comparison of vibrator and dildo, but there are not so many articles on the comparison of the vibrator and big dildo, which are the most popular among women, whether from the shape, size, or the practical functions, price comparison is the most powerful comparative analysis that buyers like.

  • 5 Best Butterfly Vibretor in 2021


    5 Best Butterfly Vibretor in 2021

    > Kevin Sohimi

    Desire a new incredible experience? Or need to spruce up sex life with your partner? Whatever your goals are, you'll love the most effective butterfly vibe! Great deals of pleased individuals sustain our point. What is a butterfly vibrator? The name of the vibrator was taken from the shape of a butterfly. In the upgrading and improvement of the product, the butterfly vibrator is not only a toy in the shape of a butterfly, but also a toy with wings providing the stimulation of the clitoris and labia.

    It is an unsurpassable sex toy for women that boasts perfect feminine information and also an attractive look.

    Butterfly style has become a quite popular sex toy design since the shape of a butterfly allows the stimulation of the entire area of the female genitalia, however, there are some other designs, such as birds, flowers, dolphins, and so on playing the same functions. To top it off, a vibrating butterfly is a secret service that can be used in public locations without any individual also discovering it. Thanks to this outstanding gadget, you'll be able to have awesome grown-up adventures in a couple or solo.

    Sohimi is a professional sex toy store, we provide a variety of high-quality butterfly vibrator. Let us recommend to you from a professional perspective a few products that make your heart appealing

    The material, function and characteristics of sex toy

    Material classification:

    Sohimi butterfly vibrator all uses Silicone rubber. If you have a certain understanding of this industry, Silicone rubber is used for medical devices and implants and is an absolutely safe material. In addition to safety, Silicone rubber feels comfortable to the touch. There are many types of silica gel, and not every type of silica gel can be made into sextoy. You must pay attention to distinguish it when you buy it. If you don't know how to tell, you can buy it at sohimi or large stores such as lovehoney

    We do not recommend buying plastic or ABS sex toys. Although the cheap ones may be less than $20, it is difficult to guarantee that those products are harmless to the human body. Usually plastic or ABS will be very hard witch is easily hurt us


    • Vibrate
    • Heating
    • Retractable
    • Remote control

    The basic function of vibrator is vibration, a rotating eccentric motor. Through the control chip to change the motor's current, different vibration modes and frequencies can be affected. The rotation speed of the motor and the quality of the product greatly affect the user experience. In the past research and development, sohimi finally selected the best one from 36 kinds of motors. Therefore, we are very confident that our butterfly vibrator is of the best quality.

    Heating is another function, usually this way will shorten the use time of butterfly vibrator. But don't worry about the use time after a charge is enough for you to use it for a longer time.

    The mechanical structure limits the function of Retractable. At present, there are relatively few vibrators on the market. If the technology is not mature, it will be easily damaged. Sohimi's alloy design and high-efficiency motor have perfectly solved this problem.

    The remote control is a necessary function of butterfly. The scenes that should be used may be in public places. These vibrators we recommend are wireless remote controls and can be purchased with confidence.

    #1 Sohimi Wearable Butterfly Vibrator

    If you are tired of regular sex life in your life, this butterfly vibe may be an excellent choice for you. Just place the butterfly sex plaything near your sensitive location inside the panty for accurate clitoral stimulation on the road, in the office, probably at the movie theater, and let your companion control the remote. You will experience abrupt, unexpected excitement anytime, anywhere. Electric motor more powerful resonance will certainly tease your clit, arouse one of the most intense stimulation, and provide an extraordinary orgasm. The combination of remote control, as well as wearable vibrator, makes your climax not restricted to the bed.

    This wearable vibe is ergonomically created with bending glans to promote the G-spot, arousing the most extreme climaxes properly. Different regularity can satisfy your demands of different sex enjoyments. With 10 frequency vibrations, it will constantly boost the clitoris and G-spot to aid you to get to orgasm. Do not hesitate to switch over settings to suit your love speed, delight in even more exciting video game alternatives.

    Compared to regular DC port charging, magnetic charging is easy and straightforward to reenergize quickly so you can comfortably get the pleasure you prefer anytime.

    #2 Sohimi FIRST LOVER Butterfly Strap On

    Twin Electric Motor & Dual Exhilaration: G-spot and also Clitoris are promoted at the same time. You will not help yet wish to scream. The clitoral massager component is covered by enhancing friction and also giving you more enjoyment. You will reach orgasm extra conveniently. 15-25M Remote Control: It has an even farther remote control range than comparable products. Try to take it out by hiding it in your vaginal canal, on-road, in the workplace, probably at the movie theater, allow your companion to control the accessory. You will certainly experience abrupt, unexpected exhilaration anytime, anywhere. But nobody can hear it since it has a top-quality electric motor, then virtually quiet. 10 Frequency Resonance and Ergonomic Design will regularly promote the Clitoris and G-spot to aid you in getting to climax really feel complimentary to switch over modes to match your love rate, take pleasure in even more exciting games choices. 100% Silicone Waterproof Style allows you can enjoy the freedom of using the massager in the bathroom, shower, whirlpool, or anywhere you desire. Clinical silicone material, soft and skin-friendly, easy to tidy, risk-free, and also trustworthy.

    #3 Sohimi M5 Remote Control Butterfly Vibrator

    This butterfly sex toy is the best seller in the category of wearable vibrators. The reason why it becomes everyone’s favorite toy is this butterfly sex toy has multiple functions. This one has three heads that aim to stimulate the clitoris, G-Spot, and anus. There are still more ways of war waiting for you to explore. 7 vibration modes are letting you feel the remote butterfly vibrating! Feel free to switch modes to meet your love speed and help you reach orgasm quickly, offer more exciting game options. The butterfly sex toy is a perfect size so that you can hide it in the vagina, then go out, on the street, in the office, maybe in the cinema. G-spot and clitoris are stimulated at the same time. You will not be able to help but scream, experience the excitement of the red heartbeat anytime, anywhere. Its unique heating function, which can provide 42 ℃ constant temperature that is much close to body temperatures, gives a better real feeling and massage. Perfect size and ergonomic curve design for easy introduction and a comfortable seat for enjoyable G-spot stimulation. The front half of the butterfly sex toy is bent inwards, and this ergonomic shape makes it ideal for intense pussy stimulation. This vibrator quickly finds its G spot to satisfy your cravings.

    #4 Sohimi Remote Control Wearable Vibe

    Ergonomic Wearable Layout- Unseen wearable Style, Memorable multiple clitoral climaxes. The ergonomic layout is simple to place in your panty and challenging to slip—remarkable multiple clitoral climaxes. You can appreciate it anywhere anytime. Ultra-Thin & Ultra-Quiet- Many Thanks for the Ultra-Thin design of this vibrator. You will certainly not feel uneasy also while wearing it for a very long time. Perfect for discreet wearing in public. The sohimi vibe is murmuring silent, simply 40 DB. Wireless Remote Control- Very peaceful but still powerful engine with cordless remote and 10 vibration settings. The "pause button" on the remote can quit shaking quickly to prevent an ashamed exterior. The remote control range is 49ft maximum. Multifunction Design - Whether as an Individual Massager, Bullet Vibe, Vibrating Egg, Clit Stimulant, Egg Vibrator, Vibrator, Finger Vibrator or as a Timeless G place Women vibe for ladies. Vibe made of skin-friendly silicone, safe, healthy and balanced as well as odorless.

    #5 Remote Control Vibrator

    If you have tried butterfly sex toys, you will know that this remote control vibrator from Sohimi is totally different from usual ones. This remote control vibrator can be used as a butterfly vibrator or a dildo, you can double the fun to stimulate the vagina and clitoris at the same time! It can work like a vibrating panty if you would like to take it outside. The magic wand of the butterfly body can not only provide women with ten different vibration experiences but also allow them to enjoy the different sliding sensations of the fingers. It is amazing that the dual stimulation design can meet the needs of men and women, the remote control vibrator can cleverly use his wings to tease the male perineum, and also make his powerful "body" stimulate the prostate! It is worth mentioning that the operating distance is about 10 meters. You can enjoy your private time by yourself or you can take this task to your partner if you want an unexpected pleasure. With a total length of 9.5 cm and a maximum diameter of 5 cm, the feeling is very real when using it. It is made of soft safe and healthy material, soft silicone makes you feel perfect! What’s more, it is in a perfect size so you can take it anywhere. With strong a rechargeable lithium battery, it ensures you can use this remote control vibrator anytime.

  • You Have no Idea How Amazing About Travel Vibrator


    You Have no Idea How Amazing About Travel Vibrator

    > Veronica Swift

    Travel vibrator is very marketable for women, and it is very convenient for women to have a vibrator that can be carried during travel. Whether you are traveling alone, or with your couple or your friends, you can use a vibrator when traveling. What are the characteristics of the vibrator that can be used during travel?

    vairous of vibrators


    This is worth mentioning. First of all, I will first consider its size. If it is too heavy, like the hands free male masturbator used by men which is a bit bigger. Obviously, it's not suitable for women who like the small and exquisite lady vibrator. Secondly, I will also consider its functions, not that the more functions the better, but the functions it provides are suitable for me to use. Such as choosing a vibrator that stimulates the clitoris and stimulates the vagina to reach orgasm, or choose a clitoral vibrator that focuses only on multiple vibration frequencies.

    Finally, if the appearance is good-looking and exquisite, this will be a super bonus item. In this way, my experience of using a sex toy during travel will be better. Here are three travel vibrators that are very suitable for travel.

    Three Types of Travel Vibrator

    M5 Remote Control Butterfly Vibrator

    The warm purple color, the three-headed design is like a small sailing boat, and the cute shape design looks hard to associate with a wearable sex toy. When you take it through the security check, if a staff member asks you what it is, just tell him it is a small toy, and they will really think that it is just a small toy for children to play with.

    Few people really know that this is a lady vibrator unless it is someone who has bought and used it. The design of these three heads is very useful. Strictly speaking, it is the perfect size and ergonomic curve design for easy introduction. So it can be directly hidden in the vagina and worn in underwear. And its three heads are to stimulate women's vagina, clitoris, and hepatic portal.

    M5 Remote Control Butterfly Vibrator

    The thickest peanut that looks like a bump is used to stimulate the vagina. A thin and small tongue is designed on the head to stimulate the G-spot of the female vagina to reach climax faster. Under normal circumstances, the female vagina gets orgasm through the insertion and vibration of the male penis, and if there is a small sucking tongue licking at the position of the female G-spot, the sense of orgasm will be more special which is like a kind of numb electric current. It feels like your couple is licking the G-spot in your vagina with his charming little tongue. This is too crazy!


    Two pointed heads stimulate the clitoris. There is a mini tongue that looks like a raised small mountain on the forehead of the clitoris. The seven vibration modes will continuously lead your clitoris into different modes of pleasure. The long animal tail is designed to stimulate the anus, which is equivalent to when you turn on the switch, these three heads can vibrate and suck at your three sensitive parts at the same time.

    Using a remote control butterfly vibrator is more convenient. It is precise because of its light size, simultaneous stimulation of multiple parts, and very cute appearance, so it is very convenient to use it as a flavoring agent during your short trip.

    Lipstick Vibrator Quiet Vibrator

    The mini size of 4.02in*0.87in, this is a small lipstick that can be put in any mini bag during travel. Well, I'm just kidding. I mean the bullet vibrator design is a classic Dior lipstick in red. The detail hidden in the lipstick is that the tip of the lipstick has three shapes that can be selected, the whole body of this lipstick contains lipstick styling, bull shape, and crown shape. There are 9 kinds of vibration in any shape design. From the first frequency of uniform vibration massage to the ninth frequency of mountain undulating vibration massage, it's enough to give you exciting enjoyment.

    Lipstick Vibrator Quiet Vibrator

    The crown shape lipstick is most suitable for massaging earlobe, the bull shape lipstick is most suitable for nipple stimulation, and the lipstick styling lipstick is most suitable for clitoris massage, which is very suitable for couples who stay in motels, hotels, motorhomes during travel. But it should be noted that this size is mini, and it cannot be put into the vagina to stimulate the G-spot and obtain a vaginal orgasm. So you can definitely wait for his big penis with a completely wet vagina after flirting with your couple.

    Of course, if a woman is using it alone, a big dildo can be used in combination to get double orgasm pleasure on the clitoris and vagina. And the most convenient part of  using a bullet vibrator is that you can use it in many situations during travel. You can also massage your ears even in public. It is really comfortable, and the most important thing is that it is a quiet vibrator, equivalent to a breeze sound of about 30dB, which is basically zero noise, which protects your privacy to a large extent.

    Rabbit Vibrator for Vagina

    If you are traveling, you just want to use a vibrator to get a strong vibrating vaginal orgasm, then a rabbit vibrator for the vagina is very suitable for you to carry. This is 100% body safe silicone, and the flexible vibrator is a perfect designated angle, which means that when it stimulates your vagina, the slightly curved intimate design will more easily stimulate the vagina's G-spot, A-spot, P- spot, plus 7 strong vibration modes will stimulate your vagina orgasm again and again.

    Rabbit Vibrator for Vagina

    If you also noticed that the vibrator also protrudes a head like a thumb, this place is designed to stimulate the clitoris. When you insert the rabbit vibrator into the vagina, the small head can just be topped. To the position of the clitoris, but this small head does not stimulate the clitoris as well as the lipstick vibrator. The skin of the clitoris is more sensitive and needs care. The multi-head sucking vibration of the lipstick vibrator will have a significant effect on stimulating human nerve pleasure.

    Take Travel Vibrator Wherever You Want to Go

    In 2021, due to the tension of the epidemic, travel has become less convenient than in previous years, and the number of tourists has dropped greatly. All states are advocating that it is the safest behavior to be a big family. This is of course the right choice.

    For those who like to use travel to relax themselves, it is indeed a frustrating thing, but with the injection of the vaccine and the control between the states, I firmly believe that we will eventually defeat the virus, and then we can truly relax and go wherever we want to go without any stress. The travel vibrator is a sex toy that you can enjoy while traveling. Even if a woman is traveling alone, she can also enjoy sex pleasure by herself. Of course, if you travel with your couple, you can also explore the joy of using a travel vibrator with your couple. That's more fun to do it though. 

  • 5 Unexpected Reasons why 10-inch Dildos Sell So Well


    5 Unexpected Reasons why 10-inch Dildos Sell So Well

    > Jenny sohimi

    Have you ever been intimidated by the size of a 10-inch dildo? Unlike regular size dildos, they are always compared to the human arms to show their length and width most visually so that you can see at a glance how special it is, both in length and width. I don't know where you first saw the huge dildo, whether it shocked you at first, but now you can always find it in the best-selling list of every sex toy store, whether it's a man or a woman, the huge dildo is always loved for a variety of reasons.

    As the title expresses, here we will not discuss the long-known fullness of a huge dildo. Of course, that's most of the reason for its popularity. Here I've collected five unusual reasons for using the 10-inch dildo, and perhaps more than you can imagine.

    Easy To Control

    Longer and thicker, these are the obvious features of the huge dildo. Its length is one of its biggest selling points, but some users prefer its length not because it can be more satisfying but as a handle to have better control of the dildo. 10-inch refers to its overall length. If you use part of it holding in your hand, its entry length is about 7 or 8inch, almost like the length of an ordinary dildo, but more convenient to hold in your hand.

    "guess what? --that whole length does not go in me. Most of it works as a handle- thing to hold on to and adjust the angle with while the first 5ish inches (or less) is inside me."

    woman with dildo

    Not everyone will be attracted to a longer dildo, but it certainly won't turn down a more convenient way to use it. While most dildos have sucking cups that can be affixed anywhere by moving one's ass for pleasure, many prefer to hold it in their hands for use. The normal length dildo is often difficult to control, you can't get it all the way in if you want to hold it, and it's not easy to control if you get it all the way in. So the advantages of the huge dildo become apparent. You can use it partly into the body and easily change the angle and frequency.

    Perform Physical Therapy

    Ladies, do you always feel pain when you are being penetrated? It may be due to the bad foreplay if it happens once or twice, or you are just not ready for it, but if you always feel pain and discomfort with tearing pain in your intimate area, you may be suffering from a narrow vaginal opening.

    huge dildo

    It is not a very serious disease, so there is no need to panic. The clinical treatment nowadays is surgery for lateralization. Still, many women are not willing to have surgery, which is when some doctors suggest they buy a larger dildo as a dilator to enlarge their vaginal opening by rubbing and multiple stretches to achieve a therapeutic effect. So for this purpose, the huge dildo may bring more pain than pleasure, but it is important to be gentle when using it and to be hygienic to avoid inflammation if there is tearing and bleeding.

    The Atmosphere Of Excitement And Openness

    Compared to the pleasure of a direct penetration, the huge dildo can also be a member of the atmosphere group. Most huge dildos mimic the shape of a real penis as closely as possible, so when you hold it in your hand, the erotic vibe has already begun, but not just the beginning. Some people will hide their true sexual desires because they are shy. Still, when you bring a huge dildo and let it join your orgy, it represents your honesty with yourself and your partner, which will bring you guys closer and make your sexual encounters nastier.


    Please don't be embarrassed by my directness. The truth is that sex is never a rule-based process. It is always full of sweat and moans. It is revealing, raw and wild. A huge dildo not only gives you satisfaction but also opens your heart. So being upfront about your needs can make sex more open and stimulating, keeping you engaged from foreplay until you reach the ultimate climax.

    Satisfy The Desire Of Men To Be Penetrated

    As more and more people learn about the concept of prostate orgasm, the male anus seems to be the gateway to a new world. We often see people ask the question, "I'm a male and love the feeling of rectal penetration. Am I gay?" The truth is, it has nothing to do with sexual orientation, and it's hard to reject the beauty of orgasm no matter what sexual orientation.

    Suppose you mention sex toys for male masturbation. In that case, you may quickly think of automatic masturbators, pocket pussy and other toys that simulate oral sex or the vagina. Still, in addition to ejaculation, men can also stimulate the prostate from inside the anus to achieve orgasm. And the huge dildo, because it's longer and wider features, can stimulate the prostate without incident and is thus one of the great tools for prostate orgasm. However, for those who are trying to enter through the anus for the first time, I suggest choosing a smaller size, preferably starting with a smaller size anal plug, so that you can slowly open your anus without causing damage to the muscles around it. 

    It is not only used between men. Girls also use it in the anus of their boyfriends. This way is relatively fresh and open. Unlike the traditional male invasion position, women can also master the ability to invade and use huge dildos to satisfy their boyfriends.

    Closer To The Real Sense

    Unbelievable? But I'm really not messing around.

    If you have ever used a dildo, you know that dildo still feels very different from a real penis. Some women choose extra large dildos when they are alone because a 10-inch dildo feels closer to the real penis or makes masturbation more similar to the feeling of intercourse.

    real penis

    Compared to real intercourse, the fact is that masturbation itself has been much less vital points. You can't feel the kisses, strokes and skin-to-skin contact of your partner; you can't see the excitatory bodies or even hear his gasps. There need some intense sensations to heighten the thrill as a balance, which is the advantage of a huge dildo that comes into play. With its longer length and wider diameter, it makes penetration more satisfying.

    If this is the reason for seeking a huge dildo, they also have special requirements for its material and hardness. In this case, they usually need a slightly harder dildo, and they prefer the hardness that most realistically simulates an erect cock than a dildo that can be bent 90 degrees or even 180 degrees at will. The material should preferably be liquid silicone so that it is more skin-friendly and smooth.

    sohimi 10-inch dildo

    No matter what your reason is, a good dildo always gives you pleasure. If you haven't tried it yet, why not step forward and maybe its experience is a surprise you never expected. If you just want to try it and are not ready to spend a lot of money, you can buy a cheap large dildo on the sohimi official website. Come here to find your favorite 10-inch dildo.

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