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Male Masturbators

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Male Masturbators

A male masturbator is a sex toy that can be used for a variety of purposes. The two most important things you can do with a male masturbator are:

Masturbation and train your sexual stamina

With a male masturbator, you can live out all your fantasies, and the many different models offer you the opportunity to experience a different fantasy every time. Besides, you can also use a male masturbator to ensure that you have more stamina in bed and stimulate your partner longer. Do you find it exciting to have sex with a new partner? Do you suffer from premature ejaculation? Then it can really help to masturbate a little more often with a male masturbator. Of course, this is not the same as with a real partner, but this is how you get used to the feeling of strong stimulation. You can also train yourself and hold out a little longer each time. Once you are being used to the feeling of masturbating with a male masturbator or pocket pussy, you will also be able to last longer while having sex with a partner.

Sohimi.com collected the best male masturbators for men, including:

Automatic Masturbators: Automatic male masturbators are pocket pussy that allows you to have an automatic orgasm without using your hands. People also call it a hands-free male masturbator or electric male masturbator. Grouping all automatic male masturbators for men according to function, we have two kinds: the electric thrusting male masturbator and the other is the rotating male masturbator. What's more, our automatic strokers device has multiple modes and will give you various options to enjoy the best stimulation. 

Penis Pumps: Are you lack confidence in sex life? If you want to get the penis enlargement and improve your erection when you had sex, You need the right penis pumps to increase your size. Our penis enlarger makes 55% of muscles on the penis more robust by vacuum pressure. Physical training strengthens your cock for maximum safety and comfort. With a clear scale, you can see your penis enlarged clearly. Besides, Silica gel shrink ring entry is healthy, and there’s no need to worry about it damaging your body. With Sohimi automatic pumps, you will get the self-confidence you need, and your partner will get the extra pleasure they deserve.

Pocket-Pussy: Pocket pussy, meaning small fake pussy that you can take with you wherever you go. They imitate the feeling of a real female body, and their narrow tunnels to ensure intense orgasms. These handy realistic masturbators are ideal if you often travel, this sex toy can easily be carried in your pocket or discreetly stored in the cabinet at home. Therefore, pocket pussies are often smaller than our other male masturbators and easy to use. Pocket pussies are also suitable for beginners in male masturbators, as little money is required to get a good model. 

Cock Ring (Penis Ring): Sohimi.com collected many traditional and featured penis ring. How does a penis ring work? The penis ring will help you restrict blood flow to the penis and instantly increase the girth and length of the penis to control and reduce premature ejaculation. You should have a try if you want to make yourself erect longer and harder.

Blow-Job Machine: A blowjob male masturbator or blowjob machine is exactly what the name suggests: This male masturbator mimics the feeling you experience during a blowjob as closely as possible. It is the inner texture of the oral male masturbators that make this possible, and partly through the outside, designed like a mouth or even a whole head. With Sohimi blowjob male masturbator, If you close your eyes or watch POV scenes, you will actually feel like a beautiful woman is giving you the blow job. The Sohimi blow job masturbators even mimic a real blow job by sucking and rubbing. At Sohimi.com, we will offer you blow job male masturbators that work fully automatically.

Discover the best male masturbator for men at Sohimi

Everyone knows dildos and vibrators that women have fun with. But there are also many sex toys for men. No matter whether you are looking for the best male masturbation toys or want to discover new possibilities with your partner - with us, you will find the right men's toy for every occasion.

The selection of sex toys for men is huge and continues to grow as the demand increases. If you are looking for toys that give you tingling orgasms in lonely hours, a male masturbator, Fleshlights or a love doll are just right. At Sohimi.com, you can find everything you need for erotic hours, from vagina replicas to body size love dolls. If you want to enjoy delightful hours for two, there are far more sex toys than dildo and vibrator that both partners can enjoy. A sex toy like a penis ring or a penis loop ensures long and intense erections. The safest penis pump will make your member look particularly plump. With prostate dildos and vibrators, you can enjoy prostate stimulation. This will bring you unexpected feelings. We have different dilators to choose from in our shop for those who have already tried a lot and are looking for something more special. 

Our sex toys are of high quality and are made from the best materials. So that you can enjoy the toys for a long time, you should stick to a few tips. Silicone is very popular because it feels particularly soft and realistic. In connection with silicone, you should only use water-based lubricant gel. You also need to clean all toys after each use to prevent bacteria from multiplying. Warm water and soap are usually sufficient for cleaning. 

Buying advice - What to look for when buying a male masturbator?

Male Masturbators are sex toys for men and are a counterpart to dildos and vibrators. A male masturbator is a realistic vagina made of silicone, rubber or TPE that gives men more fun, variety and greater satisfaction to self-stimulation. The material is stretchy and adapts to the ambient temperature, creating a particularly realistic feeling. Of course, male masturbators are also perfect for integration into lovemaking with your partner.

Which male masturbator models are there and what must be considered?

Depending on your preference, male masturbators have a realistic or discrete appearance. The realistic models reproduce a vagina down to the last detail. The replica of a woman's torso is a step up from smaller male masturbators. The soft material and the image of the breasts will seduce you into hot moments of pleasure. Some high school graduates simulate oral sex by using a pump to make the suction feel deceptively real. Discreet male masturbators are disguised as a can, tube, egg shape, or Fleshlights, like a torch. Some men prefer male masturbators with structures that have grooves, knobs or small bumps on the inside and thus enhance the real feeling, which male masturbator suits which type of man and which gives the most pleasure cannot be said in general terms. The tighter the male masturbator, the more intense the feeling. In the beginning, however, we recommend starting with a normal diameter to get a feel for the width of the penis and your own preferences. A lubricant use makes it easier for the penis to penetrate and increases the male toy's pleasure and fun. When cleaning the male masturbator, the sleeve is turned inside out and washed off with warm water and a toy cleaner.

How to use a male masturbator?

At sohimi.com, I will reveal you exactly how to use a male masturbator most conveniently and enjoyably. As you have known a male masturbator is a fantastic method to enjoy masturbation greater than your hand. Particularly, on those evenings, you do not wish to pay for dating someone.

We can use male masturbation in a variety of ways. These male sex toys are usually easy to use.

When you receive a new male masturbator, be sure to check it out to make sure it has no quality problems. Please give it a quick clean, and then it's ready to use.

First, make sure your penis is erect, then apply some lubricant to the penis and your new male masturbator. Once the lubricant is applied, the penis slowly enters into one of the entry holes of the male masturbator. Then begin to masturbate slowly, as if you were about to hand job with yourself. As soon as you feel comfortable, start increasing your speed until you reach a climax.

After completing the procedure, clean the masturbation aid properly before storing in a cool, dry place. If you have further questions about using a male masturbator, please feel free to contact us, and one of our toy specialists will contact you as soon as possible.