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This vibrating fox tail butt plug is the best anal plug on our website. It is shaped like a real fox tail. It is very nice and simple that this fox tail butt plug has three modes to choose from,...


Animal Tail Butt Plug

The animal tail butt plug is the most popular type of anal plugs among girls. It is not only a sex toy that provides a full and stretchy feeling but also imitates the real animal tail to add special fun to sexual life.

There are a massive variety of tail plugs that mimic different animals’ tails, and there are still many differences within a category, it varies in colors, size, functions, length and textures.

Are you clear which anal plug tail should you start from? Don’t worry, Sohimi is going to make a complete guide of buying a butt plug tail.

The Most Common Types of the Butt Plug Tail

Cat tail butt plug

Bunny tail butt plug

Fox tail plug

Horse tail butt plug

Pigtail butt plug

Wolf tail butt plug

Unicorn tail butt plug


Which Type of Butt Plug Tail Should You Get?

Role Play

Role-playing frees both partners' sexuality, making the sex life more exciting and full of novel feelings. Thus, many people would like to engage in it and have more considerations about it.

For most people, what animal do they like to act like is the first thing they should think clear. A cat, a dog or a fox? That’s quite simple to make it out and choose a corresponding type.

Then it’s the authenticity of the butt plug tail. The length, color, and bulkiness of the fur are the decisive factors that determine whether this product is realistic enough.

The most essential thing that should pay attention to is the material. It’s serious if there’s something you allergic to. Depending on the specific animal type and product material, you can definitely find out your favorite.

For Preference

If you don’t buy a butt plug tail for role-playing but just for preference, it’s all decided by yourself. You can choose a butt plug tail only because it’s a rabbit tail, or it’s just in your favorite color or pattern design.

However, not only purchase by your preference, the material and length is also an important factor. The high-quality material of the plug is easy to be inserted in and has a longer duration. Most tails are made from faux fur, make sure that you don’t have any allergies to them. What’s more, the length of the tail is another factor. Long tails might look more fun, but they may limit your action in some ways.

Risks of Using a Butt Plug Tail And How to Avoid?

When comes to the risks of using a butt plug tail, there are different worries or concerns.

1. Pain or Bleeding

Differs from the vagina, the anus cannot lubricate itself. In addition, there are a variety of specialized nerve endings in the anus channel, which helps the anus receive more stimulation but makes the body more sensitive to feel the pain.

Anal bleeding is the most common risk of anal sex, most people are suggested to stop right now and take a rest if they see blood. However, there are a few conditions to deal with that problem. 

Extremely light bleeding

Many things can cause a bleed due to the rectum is so fragile. Do not worry about it if there are only a few tiny anal tears. Just take a little rest and it will be fine.

Continues bleeding

It will cause plenty of blood that leaks out of your anus, call the medical help no matter the butt plug tail is inside or you’ve already taken it out.

To avoid bleeding, there are a few tips for you.

1.Be relaxed and keep the anal area clean

2.Choose the butt plug tail with a small plug

3.Add plenty of lubes

4.Gently move in and out

5.Stop right now if you feel uncomfortable

2. Stuck the Butt Plug Tail

For beginners, this is probably a common problem to them. We poop through the anus and it’s reasonable that butts also suck things in.

If the butt plug tail can not be moved without pain, do not force it and let it be there. Do not be stressed or panic, because that will make the muscle tenser and the butt plug tail might be sucked tighter. At this time, what you need to do first is relax yourself and add more lubes to the area, then gently push it. If you find it still hard to push out, go to poop and your body will do its thing.

It sounds more serious if the butt plug tail slips into the anus. Go to the doctor right away because it can slip deeper and deeper as time passed by.

The way to avoid this bad thing happen is very simple. Throw away your old anal butt plug tails with no flared base and buy new ones. A wide base can prevent the butt plug tail to slip inside.


More and more people have trouble with it, but we should understand that simply using a butt plug tail cannot cause hemorrhoids. However, pushing too hard can contribute to hemorrhoids.

If you’re suffering hemorrhoids, the best way is to avoid using a butt plug tail. Although you lose the fun of anal sex, keep your body healthy is more important.

Rectal Prolapse

Rectal prolapse is a much more serious problem comparing with hemorrhoids. When comes to this problem, some people would confuse that whether a butt plug tail could cause rectal prolapse? Obviously no, and on the contrary it may help with the rectal prolapse in some ways.

How to Use a Butt Plug Tail?

1. Clean your body

Take a bath is a good way to relax yourself, or you can wipe the specific area with a baby wipe.

2. Be relax and choose a comfortable position

Do not be stressed or panic, it's nothing good to your anal journey. If it's the first time you use a butt plug tail, read the introduction carefully first.

3. Apply plenty of lubes

Lubes help the butt plug tail easily come in and remember to buy high-quality lubricate that is long-lasting.

4. Position the butt plug tail in the right direction

Put it in the right place and take a deep breath, it's time to go in.

5.Gently inset in the butt plug tail and adjust the position

Do gently work on it, and slowly insert it step by step.

6.Enjoy the pleasure

7.Slowly move it out

When finished, it's also essential to gently move the anal plug tail out of the body. Pushing so hard may cause danger to the sensitive area.

8.Clean your body and the butt plug tail

To have a perfect duration, keep the butt plug tail clean is the key point. Clean the plug thoroughly with warm water or a special cleaner, but you'd better be careful that some of the tails cannot be washed by water.