Double Dildos

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• Safe PVC Material: Non-toxic, tasteless, and comfortable to use. You can bend it freely according to various sexual gestures. 100% waterproof design, easy to clean. • Large Size: The total length is about 16.5 inches, and the diameter is...



While she feels this naughty dual motors seduce her clit and G-Spot, he’ll feel all that great buzz plus increased tightness! The rare double-headed electric dildo in the market! ♥ We provide you with vibrators with different functions. You can choose...



Experience the endless capabilities of this wildly erotic sex toy –– solo or with your most trusted lover!  Different from other dildos in the market, this is a double-headed electric dildo! Give you a double pleasure! ♥ A product specially...



Each shaft is designed to be as realistic as possible. The tips are shaped like the glans of the real penis. The shafts even have small veins for a realistic look. Give you a real pleasure. The two-shafted dildo design...

Sohimi GABI Double Penetration Dildos


Sohimi GABI double ended dildo is one of the best double ended vibrators to spice up your sex life with a non-penis-shaped appearance. Let this purple vibe rock your world right now! Products Pros: Dual Heads Design - With two insertable ends, this...


Double Dildo – Double Penetration of Sex Joy

We have a long history of masturbation because besides survival, our greatest desire is sex. A stone-made dildo masturbation sex toy of the Stone Age was found in Sweden in July 2010. Since the Western Han Dynasty in China, we found the sex toy of copper-made dildo for women, which is e called “Tong Zu”. Also, Cleopatra, the ancient queen of Egypt, she loved sex, and It is said that she filled the gourd with bees, which is a simple sex vibrator.

The automatic dildo driven by a steam engine liberated doctors' hands for curing hysteria. Then more and more masturbation sex toys began to be invented by people who love sex life, and double penetration dildos are one of the creative thoughts of sex toys. But you must want to ask a question, why does one more head make it so different from a traditional dildo? I'd rather say it is a multiplier effect like you can't pick food with just one chopstick, and you can’t satisfy both vagina and anus without the dp sex toy. I'd like to introduce double penetration dildos to you, hoping to help you.

What Is the Double Dildo and its Peculiarity?

- Definition

A double dildo is a dildo with two heads for double penetration, and the dp sex toy is usually longer than a traditional dildo since people use it for lesbian sex or self-masturbation of both vagina and anus. This typical double ended dildo allows for two orifices’ stimulation. Generally speaking, the traditional dildo can only be used by oneself or by one's partner during making love, but double penetration dildos can be shared by couples and build up a profound sense of connection to your relationship, deeper than a traditional one-head dildo. Some people use sex as a spice of life, and some use sex as an enhancement of love. This degree of double stimulation can't be compared with a traditional dildo used for a single person, especially for a person in a relationship, lover, or a couple of true love. The keyword of double penetration dildos is the connection in a sexual relationship, making every movement of thrust is so delightful for both to feel.

- Color & Shape

There are so many types of double dildos in different shapes of appearances and colors. Some of the double penetration dildos are like real phallus that can be confused with the real one so that women could get impact from vision to brain and experience the feeling of being truly filled up by lifelike dp sex toy. The visual of lifelike genitals always wet some women who have a strong sex drive, and no worry about buying more lubricant. Some of the double penetration dildos are transparent dp sex toy, for those who may be a few cleanliness addicts because it is no dye and could easily tell small stains at a glance of the transparent body. Those people who have a taste for BDSM usually chose black color due to its cool appearance, let alone a tint of mystery. Besides color, the shapes are also of several types to meet the different demands of double penetration dildos. Some of the double penetration dildos are of one larger head to penetrate the vagina and one smaller head to get into the anus, and another type is usually of the same size head for lesbian couples. Why do women fill both channels with double penetration dildos since women don’t have the feeling of prostatic orgasm? Some women said they love the feeling of being filled and fulfilled. Alright, for people who love sex, they just dare to try new things. Maybe it is just a feeling of being double penetrated satisfying the women’s deeper demand by double ended dildo.

- Material

Most double penetration dildos come in soft coatings or soft rubber because people should bend it to penetrate the vagina as well as the anus in solo play. And for the lesbian couple, the soft silicone material plays a better role in sexual intercourse, no harm to the genitals if one moves too fast or too rough. Silicone material dildos are flexible and could be bending to any angle for more sexual exploration, like a doggy or missionary position. Besides, the lifelike skin feeling of silicone provides users with the realistic thrusting pleasure of friction of the penis, and it is such an immersive sexual experience! Some people would also love the material of glass-made double penetration dildos, and their answer is hygiene and temperature of vitreous dp sex toy. Glass doesn’t hide dirt, and it is super easier to clean a glass-made double ended dildo than a silicone double ended dildo since the warm water is enough to rinse it and no glass breeds bacteria. So people who preferred the hardness and visual cleanliness of glass would choose a glass-made one rather than a silicone dildo. A glass-made double ended dildo is more than a sex toy but also a delicate handicraft, which brings you both sensory and physical enjoyment. Most importantly, it can be as durable as centuries without any wear if you don’t break it on the hard floor. My kindly warning is please throw away it after packaged carefully if it is a little broken, otherwise, it may be harmful to your body.

- Function

For functions, it is easy to divide as charged double ended dildos and uncharged ones. Electric double penetration dildos have a vibrating function, and I strongly recommend this charged type to lesbian couples when you are kissing and hugging each other, then both of you could feel the connection of a vibrating double ended dildo. In this way, charged double penetration dildos act as a good sex assistant for your relationship. Another type is an uncharged double ended dildo with a natural material like silicone or glass for someone who does not like vibrations.

How do I Use a Double Dildo?

For couples

No matter lesbian or heterosexual couples, they can enjoy sex with partners via double penetration dildos. I suggest lesbian couples use a vibrating double penetration dildo; just imagine how wonderful it is when both of you and your loved one achieve simultaneous orgasm. After you’re rubbing and passionate kissing, and insert one head of the double ended dildo to your girls’ vagina and insert another head of yours, turn on the vibration which a real penis could not have, then the double penetration dildos would wriggle and vibrate in your vaginas to simultaneous orgasm which would enhance your love relationship. And if you don’t use the double penetration dildos at the same time is also ok to pull out the phallic head of your lover and insert another head in your vagina to change your roles as giver and receiver, in this way, it won’t get cross potential infection or take time to wash dildo before put in another vagina. Using double penetration dildos, in turn, can prolong lovemaking time and enjoy relaxed and dopamine-filled sex more. And for gay couples, some of them use it as anus-to-anus play.

For solo play

Double dildo for solo play is also like a vagina-to-anus play because it is the most common method if users are single. We recommend you apply some lube on the head of the double ended dildo before you insert an 8-inch dildo in your body to make it as smooth as a slide, and soon you will feel a sense of fulfillment. DIY yourself to orgasm as you control the process of thrusting double ended dildo.

What Are the Best Double Penetration Dildos Recommend?

# 1 Sohimi Double-headed Vibrator

The realistic double ended vibrating dildo is our NO.1 bestseller of double penetration dildos. Its 7 vibrating modes always give you an orgasm to the vagina or prostate. The soft silicone material makes the angle so flexible and never bothers you, and you can bend the double dildo sex to any angle to pleasure yourself with those double heads.

# 2 Sohimi Flexible Double Head Dildo

This one is of the same function as the last one but of a longer inserting part. If you enjoy longer phallic in your body to reach your G spot and I bet you would like to try this double dildo for girls. This teen double dildo design is more for two-girl love rather than gay couples, which is extremely appropriate to wear it on and give your lady a thrusting night and pull the wet dildo out after orgasm. And this 2-way dildo could be used as a lesbian anal dildo if you would like to have a try.