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This realistic dildo is made of TPE and TPR material, so it’s very soft and body-safe. It weighs 310 grams, and the insert length is about 16 cm. Not the same as other large dildos, it is suitable for most women....



♥ Suitable Length: This soft dildo has a total length of about 7.7 feet and can be inserted 5.7 feet. Can bring you great happiness, just enjoy it! ♥ Multiple-Uses: It can be used to stimulate your G-spot, if you like...



[Hits All Right Spots]—The total length of this vibrating dildo is 10.8in/27.5 cm and the insertable length is 7.1in/17cm. Perfect size and ergonomic curve design for easy insertion and a comfortable fit. The forward curve makes it reaches the G-Spot...


The Secret of An Anal Dildo

If have tried almost all kinds of sex toys for vagina or penis, anal toys must be another kind of hot product for those with an open mind. With a wide range of choices including anal vibrators, anal dildos, butt plugs and prostate massagers, etc., you must be confused about how to find out the most suitable one for yourself. Thus, here we have a complete guide for you on how to find the best anal dildo for anal play.


What is an anal dildo?


An anal dildo is a type of anal sex toy available for men and women, it’s a perfect sexual tool for women anal sex and men anal sex.

For women, the anal dildo can be used for both vaginal and anal stimulation. For men, the anal dildo can be also called as a male dildo, it is specially designed to hit the P spot.

Regular Dildos VS Anal Dildos:

The dildo for anal varies in different shapes, sizes, materials and functions.

It is basically designed as penis shaped anal dildo or tapered anal dildo, usually the dildo for anal comes with a large flared base to avoid it slip into the anus. Compared with the regular dildo, the dildo for anal is generally designed with a slight curve to perfectly fit the angle inside the anal wall, and it’s usually smaller and slimmer than regular dildos used for vaginal stimulation.

Types of the Dildo for Anal

According to the most recent data elaborated by Worldometer, the current world population is 7.8 billion. It definitely that the general thin dildo or small anal dildo cannot satisfy all kinds of sexual desires. So we have created as many kinds of dildos as we can.

Huge anal dildo & Long anal dildo

They are upper-level options for those who seek for stronger stimulation.

silicone anal dildo & glass anal dildo

Silicone anal dildo provides the most realistic feeling and the glass anal dildo offers a different novel feeling.

Manual & hands free anal dildo

For beginners, the manual anal dildo is better to control with your own hands. You can change the frequency and the depth freely and flexibly according to your own condition.

For the experienced, automatic anal dildo and suction cup dildo can free your hands.

However, if you are new to the anal area, it’s better to start from a small-sized one.

What Are the Benefits of Anal Sex?

In recent years, butt stuff has been put on the table to be talked about just as other adult toys, you must have heard about some people mention anal sex and the words like pegging, rimming and even poppers.

The same as vaginal sex, anal sex has many benefits in the same way.

- Relieve Pain

- Lower Stress

- Gain Orgasm Pleasure

- Explore More Fun

As the main routine to succeed in anal sex, the dildo for anal is the better one compared with other anal toys.

Why Should You Use a Dildo for Anal Sex?

The anus cannot self-lubricate because it lacks cells that create the natural lubricate the vagina has, and the lining of the rectum is much thinner than the vagina wall.

Thus, the rectum lining can be easily hurt without lube or if inserted toughly. Usually, the human penis is pretty large for anal sex, especially for those without anal sex experience.

To help the beginners have a comfortable start, the anal toys work a lot.

Like the vagina, the anus also has bacteria. What’s more, as more couples join in this type of sex, we have found that the rate of STDs gets higher than before.

To reduce the risk, the best way is to use anal toys, especially for those who don’t have a fixed sexual partner but wanna try anal sex.

Among multiple kinds of anal toys, a dildo for anal is the best toy for anal sex.

- Dildo for anal is the most realistic anal toy

- Dildo for anal provides a wide range of choices for you

- Multiple functions are available

The Main Steps of Using a Dildo for Anal

Anal shouldn’t be painful if you’re doing right!

Using the anal stimulator correctly is the key point to provide you and your partner a pleasing sex experience.

- Make sure you can accept anal sex in your mind

Before exploring the back roads, you should keep in a good mood which can help release the stress of your first experience.

- Clean yourself and take it easy

Clean yourself if you have time, sometimes take a bath will help you feel good. But it’s okay to wipe the specific area if you are in a rush.

- Add plenty of lubes

Not the same as the vagina, the anus cannot self-lubricate. Thus, lots of lubes are required to be loaded on the anal stimulator. Moreover, depends on anal dildos made from different materials, you should choose the right kind of lubricant.

Water-based lubricant (suitable for silicone anal stimulator)

Silicone-based lubricant (suitable for stainless steel anal dildo)

- Start and go slowly

Find the best position to try. Take a deep breath and slowly insert the anal stimulator in. Adjust the direction and let it keep deep inside your body to hit the spot.

For a manual dildo for anal, gently move it up and down by your hands.

For vibrating anal dildo or other automatic anal dildos, choose a soft mode to start from.

- When you’re done

Pull out the dildo for anal carefully, wash your hands and clean the toy thoroughly with water, let the toy air-dry and store it safely.  

What’s the Best Anal Dildo?

The basic principle for buying the best anal dildo is to find a reliable shop and make clear what type of anal dildo you should have.

Sohimi is the most professional seller with hundreds of sex toys for men and women. We have a wide range of collections of dildo for anal. Sohimi is the best place for you to buy dildo for anal.

Why buy a dildo for anal at Sohimi?

- Multiple Choices

- High-Quality Material

- Safety Warranty

- Discreet Shipping

- 24/7 Customer Service

Top 4 Anal Dildos / Best Anal Dildo at Sohimi

# 1 5.7 inch Male Dildo 

This dildo for anal with a strong suction cup is made from soft silicone material which is stretchy and touches like real skin. The vein-covers shaft and the squeezed testicles make the anal stimulator so realistic, you can bend it to any angle to fit a variety of your needs.

The total length of this best anal dildo is 7.67 inches and the insertable length is 5.7 inches, perfect length for males to hit the p spot.

According to the sales during 2020 in anal dildos selection, this anal stimulator is the best anal dildo liked by singles and couples!

# 2 Realistic Anal Dildo

If you’re looking for anal toys for men, this realistic anal dildo would not be bad. The insertable length is 16 cm, a little bit longer than other anal-dildos, but not too long to make you uncomfortable. This dildo for anal is the best anal dildo for those people who like adventures.

This dildo for anal is designed to mimic the real human penis, the double-layered structure is combined by a soft outer layer and a spongy inner layer, it can be fixed in any direction to fit your various sexual needs.

To be included, this dildo for anal is suitable for single women, men and couples who want to add fun to their sexual life.

# 3 Clear Silicone Dildo Anus Stoy

If you’re a beginner, do not try the deep anal dildo on your first try.

This clear silicone dildo is a nice choice for you. The total length of it is only 12 cm, it’s comfortable to have it inside your anus and it’s long enough to hit the p point.

The transparent design of this dildo for anal makes it clear to see the inner condition while playing, adding more fun during anal play than regular male dildos.

# 4 Tiny Pink Dildo for Anal 

If you’re a beginner and want to find a small anal vibrator during your first try, Sohimi is strongly suggesting you to try this tiny dildo first!

This tiny dildo for anal is much smaller than any other anal dildos in visual, but it won’t lose in any other aspects. It is made out of high-quality silicone and the penis head is designed so realistically!

This pink tiny dildo for anal is the best tool for women anal sex, you’ll fall in love with it if you have a try.