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Sohimi G-spot Vibrators for YouSohimi G-spot Vibrators for You
Sohimi Strap on 6 inch DildoSohimi Strap on 6 inch Dildo
Sohimi Mini Tongue VibratorSohimi Mini Tongue Vibrator
The length of Sohimi hands free male masturbator is 14.5 cmSohimi Hands Free Male Masturbator
Sohimi Male Vibrator Glans MassagerSohimi Male Vibrator Glans Massager
Sohimi Strap on Lesbian DildoSohimi Strap on Lesbian Dildo
Sohimi Gay Sex Doll Male ButtSohimi Gay Sex Doll Male Butt
Sohimi Kreativ Glas CocktailglasSohimi Kreativ Glas Cocktailglas
Sohimi Sohimi Bondage Kit BDSM ToySohimi Sohimi Bondage Kit BDSM Toy
Sohimi Vibrating Anal Trainer SetSohimi Vibrating Anal Trainer Set
Sohimi 4 IN 1 Bell Butt Plug With ChainSohimi 4 IN 1 Bell Butt Plug With Chain
Sohimi Heating G-Spot Rabbit VibratorSohimi Heating G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator
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Clitoral Vibrator: It is a kind of vibrator to be used on clitoris.

The Hitachi magical wand is one of the most classic clitoral vibrators. With a rounding vibrating ball on the top attached to the handle, the vibration is provided by the electric motor on the bottom. Besides the classic wand vibrator, clitoral vibrators variations include vibrators shaped like bullets, human tongues, animals(butterfly, rabbit), flowers, etc. Regardless of the its appearance, the main function of this kind of female masturbator is to stimulate the clitoris by vibrating, sucking or licking at varying speeds. Moreover, there are other dual vibrators that can be inserted into vagina to stimulate the G point.

Butterfly Vibrator: It is also called strap on vibrator.

It is a butterfly shaped female masturbator that usually be worn by straps attached to hips and waist to give a clitoral stimulation. Butterfly vibrator is usually small and easy to be put on a panty, so it’s also called as vibrating panty vibrator.

Bullet Vibrator: Tiny vibrators inserted into vagina or anus.

Bullet vibrator is used to stimulate clitoris or for penetration pleasure. This is one of the most popular female masturbators during 2020. Not only because of its simple and fashion appearance, but also the cheap price. At Sohimi, the price of this kind of female masturbator ranges from $19.99 to $39.99, almost everybody can afford it. It is usually made out of silicone, rubber, silver, metal and glass, etc, and the bestseller of it in Sohimi is silver bullet vibrator.

Egg Vibrator: An egg-shaped vibrator

Egg vibrator is a portable female masturbator which is so popular during the past 10 years. It can be either used for clit stimulation or vaginal penetration.

Rabbit Vibrator: Two-pronged for stimulation of both vagina and clit

Rabbit vibrator comes with two vibrators, a bigger one shaped like a penis intended to be inserted into vagina and a smaller one with double rabbit ears to stimulate clitoris. This kind of female masturbator is usually made out of silicone, plastic, rubber, latex and it comes in various colors and designs.

Anal Vibrator: Used on anus for anal fun

Anal vibrator is not only a female masturbator, bu also be widely used by men, straight and gay. It usually come with a long handle to be controlled easily and to prevent it slip in your body. Anal vibrator is designed variously but it is generally shaped as butt plug or phallus-like vibrators. The most essential tip for using an anal vibrator is add plenty of lubes to avoid potential damage to the rectal lining.

Vibrating Ring Vibrator: The combine of a vibrator and a cock ring

The vibrating ring vibrator is a couple sex toy including a cock ring and a vagina massager, couples would like to spic up their sexual life with this little toy.

Realistic Vibrator: Shaped like real penis

Girls with some experience would like to seek for more realistic feeling, so the penis shaped vibrator comes out. No matter from the shape, material or the feeling, this female masturbator is like a real male penile. Generally it is made from soft and stretchy silicone, making it feels like real skin.

Tongue Vibrator: Tongue shaped vibrator

This is another classic female masturbator which is liked by girls for so many years. This female masturbator mimics the human tongue but much bigger than that. Full of raise lines and spots, increased the friction, making the stimulation stronger when it vibrating and licking the clitoris.

G Spot Vibrator: The traditional wand stimulate the G point

Compared with other female masturbators like clitoral vibrators, the G spot vibrator is a flexible wand inserted into vagina stimulating the G point directly, bringing deeper enjoyment.