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This upgraded g-spot vibrator for women has 2 intense vibration motors. Its soft and elastic silicone 2 tongues can lick your clitoris and G-spot at the same time. The way of licking is more itching than sucking, making your orgasm more...



♥ Popular for the 360-swing, flexible stretch, heating design, and strong vibration. Rotation strength can be adjusted manually. ♥ 9 modes of vibration, extension, and frequency rabbit head vibration design. Using high-quality medical silicone, it is very soft and comfortable. You can...



♣ Medical silicone: Made of silky silicone, this rabbit vibrator is very soft, hygienic, non-porous, 100% compatible with the human body, and has no peculiar smell. Therefore, please rest assured that there is no need to worry about skin allergic...



♥ Silicone quickly warms to your body temperature, letting you relax and enjoy the ride –– one orgasm at a time! ♥ Spiral pulse design enhances a sense of stimulation. Deliver simultaneous stimulation to your clit and G-spot. ♥ Strong...


An Ultimate Guide for Buying Thrusting Vibrators

What are Thrusting Vibrators?


The thrusting vibrator is a kind of vibrator that doesn’t just vibrate but also moves up and down imitating an inserted penis. It is an automatic thrusting sex toy that provides powerful stimulation to your clitoris, anus, or vagina by up and down action.

A thrusting vibrator usually comes in various shapes including the traditional dildo-shaped thrusting vibrator, the butterfly vibrator, the thin thrusting anal vibrator, and the classic thrusting jack rabbit vibrator, also known as the thrusting rabbit vibrator. You’ll also find it comes in multiple colors and sizes, textures, and decorations.

Thrusting Vibrator VS Thrusting Dildo

The basic point of a thrusting vibrator is that it thrusts while it’s inside you. Thrusting dildo is named after its dildo-shaped appearance, and it’s a typical type of thrusting vibrator collection.

Besides the outlooks, there are some other small differences in functions.

For example, a thrusting rabbit vibrator provides both clitoris and g point pleasure but thrusting dildo cannot do like that. Thus, thrusting dildo is the perfect option only for those who like concentrated stimulation on the g spot.

Thrusting vibrators broke the limitation of the typical sex toys for women, adding extra fun on clitoris, anus and g spot areas for females. If you prefer intense vibration and inner movement during masturbation, the thrusting vibrator must be your best erotic accessory to have a powerful orgasm.

Pros of Thrusting Vibrators:

1. Affordable - Most thrusting vibrators are made of silicone material, they’re durable and cheap. Almost all people can afford them.

2. Easy to Use / Hands-Free - Thrusting vibrators move faster than those controlled by hands, stick in and turn on the thrust motion, you can free your hands after the thrusting vibrator is in its place.

3. Easy to Clean 

4. Multiple Shapes to Choose - Looking through Amazon or other official websites, you’ll have plenty of choices. Research before purchasing, and you can choose the one you like the most to start.

5. Easier to Reach the Top - Compared with other traditional vibrators like g spot wands, thrusting vibrators offer deeper sexual arousal.

What Does a Thrusting Vibrator Feel Like?

Thrusting vibrators were created to mimic penetrative sex and imitate real penis penetration. However, it’s not 100% the same as a real sexual experience. Inside of a thrusting rabbit vibrator, there are totally three motors on the top, on the medium and on the extended rabbit head. The gyrating motor or vibrating motor on the top of the vibrator, the vertical motor is in the medium shaft and another vibrating motor is in the rabbit head. Compared with ordinary vibrators with basic function, thrusting vibrators actually provide much stronger stimulation, you literally cannot get such feelings from other sex toys.

Cons of the thrusting vibrators:

1. Although the thrusting motor pushes the top of the vibrator up and down inside your vagina, it’s not as “deep” as a real penis. Especially those vibrators made from glass or metal, they can’t feel like a real penis because of the material. That is really a disadvantage of the thrusting vibrators.

2. Due to the three motors, the noise is much louder.

In conclusion, the thrusting sex toy is quite a perfect choice for those who already had a range of vibrators and would like something new to spice up.

How to Use Thrusting Vibrators?

1. Find a secret place such as your bedroom to avoid someone disturbing your journey.

2. Put on the batteries or charging it fully before using, making sure it’s powerful while using.

3. Add plenty of lubes before penetrating, making sure it won’t hurt.

4. Insert the thrusting vibrator into your vagina and adjust the direction.

5. Spread your labia and put the rabbit ear against your clitoris directly.

6. Position the thrusting sex toy in the right place and adjust the depth with the up and down motion.

7. Switch to different modes & frequencies if you want, and choose one you like the most.

8. Free your hands and enjoy!

How to Clean Thrusting Vibrators?

Because the thrusting sex toy has an extended head, there is another additional step before cleaning: Make sure the toy is fully extended, or you cannot clean it thoroughly.

Then make sure which type is your thrusting sex toy, powered by batteries or USB charging? Pull out the batteries if it is the first kind.

Rinse the thrusting sex toy in the water and spay professional sex toy clean soap, making sure all the directions are cleaned thoroughly.

Attention: Do not wet the charging port area.

What’s the Best Thrusting Vibrator?

Having sold all kinds of female sex toys on Amazon and websites for so many years, Sohimi has many tips for choosing the best thrusting vibrator. Here we have a top 3 thrusting vibrators for your reference.

# 1 Heated Deep Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

This is really the No.1 hot product in Sohimi!

From the appearance aspect, there’s nothing different from other thrusting rabbit vibrators. The best highlight of this amazing female sex toy is that it integrates vibrating, heating, rotating and even thrusting functions into a small machine!

With double strong motors, both the two heads of this thrusting sex toy are powerful enough to let you high. To be heated to the most comfortable temperature with only a few minutes, you can quickly enjoy the most realistic feeling of a human penis. Switch the frequencies button, the thrusting sex toy rotates and thrusts inside your vagina as you change the mode.

Just imagine how realistic and amazing it will be, can you still wait to buy this silicone thrusting rabbit vibrator?

# 2 Dildo-shaped Thrusting Rabbit

How amazing this thrusting sex toy is!

You must have never seen this kind of vibrator before because it really has too much function!

This self thrusting vibrator looks like a real penis with an extra tiny clit tickler head. 

Besides the basic vibrating function, this female sex toy can thrust in different modes to stimulate your g point. What’s more, the penis head can rotate 360°to stimulate the G spot area as much as possible. 

Besides the internal pleasure, you can still have external fun with the tiny head like a flexible tongue licking your clitoris. 

The unbelievable thing is this thrusting sex toy still has a heating function to imitate the real penis moving up and down inside the vagina.

Do not wait and have one now!

# 3 G Spot Thrusting Dildo

Compared with the top 1 and top 2 thrusting vibrators above, this thrusting vibrator is slightly inferior. It only has a vibrating and thrusting function, no heating and o rotating. 

However, this thrusting dildo is also one of the bestsellers among the thrusting vibrators collection. With a strong suction cup, this thrusting sex toy can be sucked on a smooth surface tightly, you can enjoy the unbelievable pleasure with your hands being free. Moreover, this thrusting vibrator is also a nice tool for you and your partner to spice up your sexual life. Let your partner control the toy with the remote, both of you can have an amazing experience.

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