• How to Make a DIY Fleshlight: 5 Homemade Pocket Pussy Ideas?


    How to Make a DIY Fleshlight: 5 Homemade Pocket Pussy Ideas?

    > jiajia lu

    Sometimes you might be away from home and horny; using your hand might not be the most appealing idea when your fleshlight is safely stored in your bedroom. Also, you might not have to find money to buy a fleshlight . You might also be a thinker who will love to create homemade sex toys. This article will help you with all the required information and skill.

    If the above paragraph describes you, then your solution could be a homemade masturbator.

    Homemade Fleshlight and towel Masturbators

    Use towels to make masturbator

    You need three items to make a towel masturbator: a small-sized towel, latex glove, and a rubber band called Fifi.

    Towel masturbator is the simplest pocket pussy which requires just minutes to make.


    • Fold a small towel a couple of times into a long and narrow shape.
    • Place the latex glove on one of the folded towels' narrow ends with a curve hanging over the end.
    • Then fold the towel in half over the latex glove.
    • Hold the end of the glove cuff and stretch it to fit over the towel ends, and secure with a rubber band, which gives you a tight hole covered with rubber.

    Another version of pocket pussy is a rolled towel masturbator. It is made from a rolled towel instead of a folded towel. A rolled towel masturbator requires a glove, a small towel, a rubber band, and a toothpaste tube. It can be made out of the following steps;

    • Fold your towel in half and lengthwise, and then put the toothpaste tube inside a latex glove and place it on the towel near one end. The cuff of the glove should overhang the long folded edge of the towel.
    • Roll the towel around the glove and tube; after one or two rolls, start folding the edge of the cuff.
    • Roll until you reach the end of the towel.
    • Pull out your toothpaste tube and secure your roll with one or two rubber bands.

    Even if you follow the instructions, you might not get everything right. The first attempts can be too tight. The channel can be too thin if you use an inappropriate tube; thus, making your own rolled towel masturbator ensures that you use something that fits your size.

    When making a folded towel type, do it carefully to ensure that the entrance is not too small. Tightness is dependent on the towel size. When your towel of choice is too thick, it is squeezed too tight, and thus, the resulting opening will be too small.

    In case you have challenges with the glove staying in place, you can secure it with a small piece of string tied around the fingers and then pulled through the rolled or folded towel.

    All the towel masturbators are okay once you get the right thickness. The narrow opening can easily open out, but you can easily control the tightness using your hand.

    For the rolled version, its uniform canal width is more fantastic, but unfortunately, it is challenging to get the best canal width. The glove usually limits the penetration depth; thus, you cannot push through as you typically do with a full-sized fleshlight.

    Towel masturbators are also not intense because they don't have specially created texture to improve pleasure when compared to fleshlights.

    How to make a sock masturbator?

    Sock masturbator

    A sock masturbator is simpler to make compared to a towel masturbator; most probably, you might have the kit to make this, and it is effortless to adjust the tightness. All you need to have is; three pairs of sports socks, one latex glove, and two rubber bands.


    • Stack your two pairs of socks and lay them side by side. Fold each pair of socks starting from the toes and lay them in a way the fold is underneath.
    • Lay the latex glove on top of one pair and allow the cuff to stick out 1-2inches. Add the second pair of socks on top so that the latex glove is sandwiched between them.
    • In the third step, you should wrap the cuff of the glove over the socks' ends.
    • The remaining pair of socks is then wrapped around the middle of the socks glove sandwich. These can be used to alter the tightness as required.
    • Finally, secure the ends with rubber bands, and your sock masturbator will be ready for use.

    Sock pocket pussies can be made from any socks provided it is of the right thickness, but sports socks are the best, especially when you need to wrap them at the ends of your masturbator.

    To adjust the tightness, you can remove the rubber bands or move them to a different sleeve location. Taking off the one closest to the opening, for example, will make it less tight.

     A sock masturbator works quite well and is smoother than the towel pocket pussies. It lacks texture; thus, it is less intense. You can control the tightness easily with your hand. Unfortunately, the depth of penetration is limited by the small depth of the latex glove.

    Toilet paper roll masturbator

    This is the easiest to make pocket pussy on the lists. There are only two parts to it, and tightness adjustment is straightforward. You need toilet paper and a latex glove to make it.


    • Remove the tube contained within a toilet roll by pulling and giggling out.
    • Put the glove inside the toilet roll by pushing through from one end of the tube. Your pocket pussy will be ready for use in a minute. It's ideal when you are in a hurry.

    The inner channel of the toilet masturbator is soft and fantastic, as with a sock masturbator. Your experience is dependent on the type of toilet paper; the more soothing, the better the experience.

    At first, it can be uncomfortable due to the tightness. This can be corrected easily by removing more paper. To adjust the channel's size, you only need to remove more of the middle paper before you insert the latex glove.

    The depth of penetration is also limited by the size of the glove and the roll's size. It may frustrate you if you are used to the deep penetration of a fleshlight.

    It is enjoyable, but there is no texture we can speak of. Generally, it is enjoyable but less intense when compared to a well-textured fleshlight.

    Sponge masturbators

    Sponge masturbators

    A sponge masturbator might require a shopping trip as you might not have all the materials needed in hand. You need one pringles or lay can, 2-4 kitchen sponges that should be small enough to fit into the lay can, and a latex glove.


    • In case you are using a long can, begin by pushing one set of the sponges into its end and bend them in such a way they fit around the sides of the Can.
    • Sandwich the latex glove between the last two kitchen sponges.
    • In the third step, push the 'sandwich' into the Can, as you bend the sponges to fit around the edges.
    • Finally, wrap the cuffs of the glove around the opening of the can so that you can hold the whole thing in one place.

    A sponge masturbator is okay, but it is not on the same level as a real fleshlight. The sponges can be challenging and might not envelop your penis as you would like. I think softer sponges can give a better experience.

    In case you use pringles, you might not be appealed with its leftovers of grease and salts. Thus a well-cleaned lay Can is a better idea. A tall cup is an excellent alternative to the pringles.

    In case you use a giant can, then some extra sponges are necessary. Ensure you set them at the bottom of your Can so that they maintain the other sponges' position. Sponge masturbators can also be made from narrower Cans and extra-large condoms.

    Ensure the sponges you choose are soft and flexible as too hard sponges feel inflexible and unpleasant when using. 

    A balloon pocket pussy or masturbator

    This is one of the unusual designs of the pocket pussies on the list. It is simple to make but requires a shopping trip unless you have party supplies in store. It would be best to have four small balloons, duct tape, one latex glove, and one wide cup or container.

    Steps on how you can make a balloon masturbator

    • Blow some air into a balloon and tie the end, do not blow in too much air. Ensure that the balloons you have can fit inside your content without making the whole formed too tight.
    • Repeat the same with the other three balloons and put them in a container to check on the width. If the hole is too tight, replace a balloon with one that has less air.
    • Ensure you secure all the balloons to the edges of the container with duct tape over the knots.
    • Finally, push the fingers of the latex glove through the balloons' center and carefully the cuff of the glove over the edges and around the opening.

    Generally, for balloon pocket pussy, the entry is way better than the rest of the DIY pocket pussies. Unfortunately, deep penetration isn't that enjoyable as that to sock or towel masturbators.

    In your steps, you might incur some difficulties, which might include over-inflating balloons. You can also tear gloves; thus, it a good idea to have spare balloons as fitting the glove over the container might be a challenging step if you don't figure it out well.

    The homemade pocket pussies are not very comfortable compared to those that are sold with professional sellers like a fleshlight.

    They can be too tight when you get to do it for the first time. Textures are not good also; thus, the pleasure isn't enhanced. Furthermore, for some homemade pussies, the canal may not have the required thickness or uniformity; therefore, it feels uncomfortable to push into.

    The latex gloves can also limit the depth of penetration. Even though it isn't the end of the world, it can frustrate you if used to deep penetration provided by your fleshlight. Toiled rolls can also limit penetration depth in conjunction with being too tight.

    Why You Should Buy Pocket Pussies On Sohimi?

    However, you’ll find that all of these homemade masturbators are not as comfortable as those sold by professional producer, or you may cost more money than buying one.

    Sohimi sells pocket pussies at very reasonable prices, including realistic pocket pussies, dual ends pocket pussies, and face pocket pussies. Sohimi store offers precisely what you want as our services are individualized. We deal with our customer needs at an individual level.

    We are always ready to assist our customers and potential customers; thus, one can still contact us to consult prices and available items and their specifications.

    We always keep our customer details safe; all the transactions made with us are secured. Thus there is no reason to be concerned with your privacy.

    We offer high-quality products that will give you optimal pleasure. All our products mimic everything that a natural pussy has. Sohimi is your perfect business partner. At least you are always guaranteed a smile. We hope to see and hear from you.

  • How To Make A Pocket Pussy


    How To Make A Pocket Pussy

    > jiajia lu

    There are a wide variety of sex toys out there that are aimed to give different experiences. But did you know that sex toys are not just limited to what you can buy?

    Unfortunately, lockdown regulations are still lingering. This means that boredom may continue to be the main issue from being homebound. Due to a need to revamp sexual experience so that people can continue to be entertained at home, there has been a spike in online sex shop traffic. If you're one of those people who tried getting their hands on a new set of sex toys but got disheartened by the price, then you're in luck!

    A pocket pussy or a fleshlight is precisely what it's named after – a portable pussy. From the benefits of a stamina workout to generally having a good time, this is a must-have for any stud looking to get their game on. Additionally, if your pocket can't afford a pocket pussy just yet, then try your hands on these homemade versions. After all, it's not all about how good the product is as long as it comes to terms with what you need it to do. So open up your New Year with a special type of fireworks with these homemade pocket pussies, which can be just as safe, sanitary, and arousing.

    The Traditional Homemade Pocket Pussy

    Pocket pussies usually have three essential parts: the shaft, the head, and the insides or the linings. Typically, a commercial pocket pussy has all these parts neatly compacted into one tube, which gives off a flashlight shape, hence the term "fleshlight." However, for your homemade version, don't expect it to be as neat and dandy compared to the commercial ones you see online, especially if it's your first DIY project. But no matter how rickety it may look, if it gets the job done, then it has served you well.

    Getting off with the towel method

    If there's another thing a towel is useful for other than drying you off, it's getting you off. The age-old towel method has been a gift of knowledge highly suggested for beginners with not much experience and resources into making a pocket pussy. You'll be needing a hand towel, a latex glove, some elastic bands, and your lotion of choice. First, fold your hand towel – preferably small for compactness, into quarters. Then, place the latex glove, preferably powdered to prevent skin irritation, on the towel with the cuff hanging off one side.

    Afterward, roll the towel around the glove, making sure it's not too tight so that you can still have ease of penetration. On the other hand, if the towel is too loose, there won't be enough friction. To get the perfect fit, you'd have to rely on a trial-and-error method to find your ideal fit. For the next step, when you've reached your preferred tightness, secure your towel with rubber bands or a belt to prevent it from unfurling. For the second to the last step, peel back the glove cuff to cover the towel edge, and then lastly, place extra bands along the shaft to create tension.

    How to use it?

    Now, you have your very own pocket pussy made with the available house materials you can get your hands on. But if you don't know how to use it well, you may end up hurting yourself or causing skin irritation. To maximize pleasure, penetration, and health measures, consider either lubing your penis or the pocket pussy. You can opt to use a commercial sex lubricant if you have one at your disposal, but any lotion of choice is acceptable.

    After you've shared your fill of the towel pussy, for hygienic purposes, unroll the towel, dispose of the glove properly, and wash the towel. Even though the main entrance of your penis was directed in the glove, the edges of the towel can still have some spills or blots caught in them. These residues can cause the towel to stink, and that can cause skin responses as a worst-case scenario. After cleaning up, repeat the process to make your next one.

    Going Natural with a Cucumber Pussy

    If the towel method isn't for you and you'd opt for a cooler sensation around your penis, then this next method may be what you want. The cucumber pocket pussy is perfect for beginners looking to add variety to their experience. Just like the towel method, you can easily get this with homemade materials. But the catch is that you'd have to buy a cucumber every time you'd want to go to pound-town. For this method, you will need a room temperature cucumber, a sharp knife, some duct tape, and rubber bands.

    Preparing your main dish

    The cucumber pocket pussy is relatively easy to make as well, and if you follow the steps correctly, you'll only enjoy maximum pleasure later on. First thing's first, to prepare your cucumber, cut one end from the cucumber cleanly with a sanitized knife to prevent rust from seeping in. Second, cut the cucumber in half lengthways and then open the cucumber to remove the seeds from both sides. After doing so, carve out small amounts of cucumber flesh until both sides wrap snugly around your penis.

    Once your preferred tightness has been found, secure the cucumber with rubber bands to maintain the desired tension. After that, wrap the cucumber with duct tape to accommodate or increase tightness preference and to keep the pocket pussy from splitting. The next step is optional, but if you want a clean and smooth experience, a condom can be placed inside the cucumber. To do so, insert the condom before duct-taping the halves back together. Then, stretch the condom's rim over the edges of the cucumber and fold back.

    How to use it

    Congratulations, you're now a proud owner of a wholly organic and safe pocket pussy ready to be used at your disposal! However, before using it, consider that the materials used here are natural, so it can't last for days. If you didn't opt to use a condom and didn't pull out, that should be replaced immediately. Always practice good sexual hygiene when using these pocket pussies and treat them like they're the real deal.

    As for everything, before enjoying your time, lubricate the pocket pussy with whatever lubricant you can find. The importance of always lubing up goes beyond smoothness of penetration since it helps protect the skin of your penis from irritation.

    Eating-out Mr. or Mrs. Pringles

    By now, you are probably accustomed to how creative you can get in securing your very own pocket pussy. The possibilities are pretty much limitless if you know how to be innovative and understand the basics of creating one. If the other two methods are beginning to get boring, then for this method, you will need a can of Pringles.

    Preparing your canned pussy

    Unlike the previous example, this type of pocket pussy is for those who want texture in their experience since the lining can easily be changed. What you'll be needing for this project is an empty tube of pringles (whatever size you'd prefer), two kitchen sponges, duct tape, latex gloves, and a knife. Before anything, prepare these materials, and once you're ready, you can now begin with the first step. First, remove the Pringles' tube lid as the can will be the shaft of your pocket pussy. Second, lay one sponge down, place the glove on top, and then put the second sponge over.

    After that, pull the glove cuff out so that the glove opening hangs over the sponge's end since you'll be needing that for later. Next, you'll have to push the glove sandwich that you made inside the tube of Pringles so it's level with the opening. Keep in mind that there should be no gaps anywhere, and the sponges should be squashed together. Then, tug the glove cuff apart and then slip it back over the rim of the tube to conceal the edge of the can. Once that's done, tape it securely into place and cut a small hole on the base to avoid any build-up of suction.

    How to use it

    As per any pocket pussies mentioned in this article, safety and hygiene should always be prioritized over pleasure. Beforehand, make sure that the materials you used were clean and new to prevent any unwanted infection when using your homemade pocket pussy. After which, make it a habit to lube up your sex toy to protect and pleasure yourself later on.

    Since the base materials used in this method were sponges and gloves, routinely replacing them is a smart idea since the build-up of your secretions and sweat can leak out in the sponge. It's also self-explanatory why you'd need to replace the glove since that is where you will be releasing. After cleaning out the sponge and the glove, it would be best to give the can a few wipes before re-building your pocket pussy again.

    Indulging in Everything Made of Silicone

    By far, this next homemade pocket pussy is both the hardest and the longest one to make. Although it may be relatively challenging compared to the other builds, the silicone pussy offers you a multi-use pocket pussy. When it comes to its texture and replication to that of commercial fleshlights, this is the closest you'd get at a low price.

    Preparing your silicone pocket pussy

    This build is arguably the hardest out of the listed homemade pocket pussies because of its lengthy process time. However, if you can spare the time, you'd be enjoying this one for much longer than the others. What you'll be needing for this project is a candle bigger than your penis, a sharp knife, and a silicone sealant. First of all, measure your penis' width and length against the candle and mark off the width of a candle 25% smaller than your measurement. Second, cut those two sides off lengthways at the 25% mark, and then cut the candle's remaining two sides, squaring it.

    Afterward, smooth the sides down and resemble a carrot while keeping the perimeter 25% smaller around the edges. Once that's done, cover the candle in your silicone sealant at half an inch thick, then set aside for several weeks to dry out. After drying, remove the candle and throw it away unless you're looking to build a new silicone pussy later on. What you're left with now is the mold of your very own reusable silicone pocket pussy.

    How to use it?

    Unlike the other pocket pussies listed, this one is completely reusable with minimal maintenance after every use. As usual, if you're looking to reuse it with only minimal attempts of cleaning it, then put on a condom to prevent unwanted secretion in the mold. Remember that you still have to clean it to prevent it from stinking and wearing out the silicone with your excretion.

    Since it's highly reusable but probably a little bit rough on the inside, especially if this is your first build, lube up. Lubing up will certainly help you to easily slide your penis in and out without worrying about a snug feeling or irritation later on.


    If you know what you're doing and are willing to put the time in, pleasure doesn't necessarily have to come at a price. Sometimes, you can find extra fun and excitement in the process of making your very own sex toy. There's an endless stream of ideas when it comes to crafting your pocket pussy. From the basic towel method to the intermediate level of silicone usage, making a homemade pocket pussy is relatively easy. However, keep in mind that what you're using demands the utmost care and proper hygiene since you're still partaking in a sexual interaction. So never neglect to prioritize safety over pleasure and enjoy your affordable homemade pocket pussy!

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  • The Best Sex Toys For Different Sex Positions


    The Best Sex Toys For Different Sex Positions

    > jiajia lu

    Sex toys abound. But if you don’t know how and when to use them, you miss out on an amazing sexual ride.

    You want to level up in bed with sex toys, and that’s a great thing. They can certainly help boost your sex life. But they can also scare your partner off if you don’t know how to use them properly. This is why sex toys can make or break your entire experience.

    Keep in mind that not all sex toys can be used for any position, but using them for the right sex position can give you incredibly intense pleasure. Of course, you don’t want to overthink when bringing toys in the bedroom. This is why it is always a good idea to do some research beforehand. Ensure that you know how to use your sexual device and what position you can use it for. To help you, here are the best sex toys that can elevate your favorite positions in bed.

    Cock ring and vibrator combo for doggy-style 

    The majority of men love the doggy style position because it gives them more control, a great view, and deeper penetration. While some women enjoy this just as much as men, this position often fails to get women off. So if you want sex to be more satisfying for both of you, adding a cock ring and vibrator will intensify the experience.

    Cock rings are worn around the penis base and the testicles for a longer-lasting and bigger erection. There are also vibrating penis rings with different vibration modes to help men stay harder. While penetrating from behind, your partner can use a vibrator to stimulate their clitoris from the front. Start with one sex toy first, and then add the vibrator once you get accustomed to the increased sensation.

    Butt plug for missionary sex 

    For some couples, missionary is not the most exciting sex position. A butt plug, however, can change this. What you can do is to open up you or your partner’s rear and slowly put the plug in before climbing between the legs. This method can increase the pleasure for you or your partner because penetration will be felt on both sensitive holes.

    Ensure that you have a high-quality plug, though, so it doesn’t wiggle out when worn during this position. So you want a durable butt plug that’s not sticky and easy and smooth to insert.

    Vibrator for an exciting cowgirl position

    Cowgirl is common for females’ most favorite position as it allows them to ride their partner while stimulating their clitoris for added sensation. The thrusting and pulling back movements can hit their g-spot while giving them great control.

    To level up the fun, adding a vibrator is a fantastic way to have more orgasms in a partnered sex. This can make orgasms easier during intercourse, especially during the nights when you might need some extra help. You do this by having your partner hold the vibrator against your clitoris while you’re in a cowgirl position. Teasing between your legs and thighs can add to the sensation as well.

    Dildos for every position

    Dildos are by far the most common sex toys that people have. They are quite versatile, so there are different sex positions that you can enjoy with this toy. Some might work great for you, while other positions might feel awkward and uncomfortable. This is why you must find your favorite position for comfort and ultimate pleasure.

    For example, a dildo can take your romantic spooning sessions to a whole new level. For many women, spooning with two penises inside them can be exhilarating. In this case, a double-headed dildo is your best bet. This can also be a good solution for those who crave to explore two penises without relying on another person. Another example of how useful dildos are in this situation is giving oral sex. If you have always wanted to be penetrated from behind, dildos are very useful.

    Masturbation dolls for solo play 

    If you don’t have a partner, but you still want to enjoy different sex positions, your taste might be towards sex dolls. You can buy sex dolls in their full-body form or take advantage of half body ones.

    Life-sized full-body dolls are more expensive, though, and might be too heavy for women to use than half-body masturbation dolls. But whichever you choose, sex dolls are made with soft silicone materials making them realistic and feel. 


    For those who are new to the world of sex toys, these devices can be intimidating at first. So if you’re trying them out, make sure you use them in the right sex position, whether solo or with a partner. It is also necessary to purchase sex toys from a seller that reassures high-quality sex toys like Sohimi, the best online sex toy shop in the US.

  • Are There Good Sex Toys For Men?


    Are There Good Sex Toys For Men?

    > Boodle Web Mart Collaborator

    Sohimi, as a sex toy seller with a 10-year experience, we’ve reviewed most kinds of sex toys made by different manufacturers from different countries, including Fleshlight, Cock Rings, Sex Doll, Buttplug, Prostate Massager, etc.

    To make a conclusion, fleshlight is the most popular one in recent years. I would like to call it a pocket masturbator because it’s small and easy to be taken belong with. Products like sex dolls and buttplugs are more expensive than other products and also come along with a high shipping fee. Cock ring and prostate massage are like by part of people, but it’s not the most useful toy for the male to get orgasm quickly.

    In the category of fleshlights, there are also many things buyers need to pay attention to. Many novice friends will ask several questions like:

    "Which product is more realistic?",

    "Which product is more exciting?"

    "Which product is more suitable for novices?“

    The key point to these questions is about the material of fleshlight! There are mainly three common materials on the market:

    • Silicone
    • TPE
    • TPE+Sponge

    The TPE is the softest one among these materials, TPE+Sponge is in the middle, then it’s silicone. The softer the material, the stronger the sense of wrapping, and the relatively low irritation; the harder the material, the weaker the sense of wrapping, and the higher the irritation. As for which cup is more suitable for every single people, there may be completely opposite answers depending on personal circumstances and needs. If you are more sensitive and want low-stimulus, it’s better to choose softer products; if you want high-stimulation, more sensational products, it’s better to choose hard products.



    Moreover, how to make out which level of stimulation you are suitable for?

    • Sensitive Type (3–5 minutes of sex time)-suits for a soft one
    • Normal Type (5–15 minutes of sex time)-suits for a mild irritation
    • Long-time Type (over 15 minutes of sex time)-suits for a strong stimulation

    It’s better to try manual fleshlight for the first time because you can adjust the frequency that suits you at any time according to your own wishes. The automatic masturbators move back and forth on its own, so it’s not friendly enough for new triers, because not everyone’s frequency can match with you. For people with full of experience in sex, there are more choices.

    Visit this link: Manual 10 modes Masturbator to see the most popular one on our site!



    Top Sex Toy Store--Sohimi.com

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