• I Made My Boyfriend Crying After Sex: Will Your Spouse Be Sad After Intercourse?


    I Made My Boyfriend Crying After Sex: Will Your Spouse Be Sad After Intercourse?

    > Lucine Keogh

    Hi Sohimi,

    Last week, I rolled the sheets with my boyfriend, and I found that he was crying after sex. I didn’t take it seriously. I fell asleep when I was too tired. Then, it’s the day before yesterday, I found that he was crying again… I wondered if I was not so good, right? Should I cry if I want to cry? When asked what happened to him, he couldn’t tell it clearly, that is, he felt uncomfortable and wanted to cry…I was a little worried, he wouldn’t be depressed, right? But I don’t usually do anything. Recently, we just finished the sex and that’s it. Am I too good or too bad? I can’t help but think about it!

    A girl with trouble

    girl in sad

    Hi Anonymous,

    I’m sure that your boyfriend is not the first person who has encountered “Post-coital dysphoria” (PCD, also called post-coital depression, and it will also cause anxiety. The abbreviation PCD will be used in the following). In addition to men, many women will also have it with or within orgasm. Today, let’s talk about this “post-coital anxiety disorder”.

    What is post-coital anxiety?

    Anxiety disorder after sexual intercourse mainly refers to the feeling of anxiety, restlessness, and sadness after (consensual) sex. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2015 showed that PCD is a broad term that refers to a variety of negative emotions including anxiety, excitement, crying, depression, and even aggression after intercourse. It usually occurs within five minutes to two hours after sex.

    Just like some people will hug each other after sex, some will meditate (don’t know what to think, maybe just give up?), some will come to smoke, and some will have PCD.

    In fact, PCD existed as early as the ancient Greek era. The great philosopher Aristotle once said: “All the animals will be melancholy after intercourse. (Post coitum omne animal triste est)”

    Although I don’t know how Aristotle knew it, people just came to this conclusion. Current research shows that not all people have this disorder (it can be deduced that not all animals are depressed ), but Aristotle’s words at least show that this situation already existed in that era.

    sad girl in bed

    In 2018, a study surveyed approximately 1,200 men between the ages of 18 and 81 from 78 different countries. A 30-minute online survey was conducted on them. One of the questions asked whether they have experienced “unexplainable tears, sadness, or irritability after a mutually agreed sexual activity” in the past 4 weeks or ever.

    The results show that about 41% of men have experienced PCD; about 20% of men have experienced this condition in the past 4 weeks; about 4% of men said they “experienced this condition most or all of the time “.

    It should be noted that PCD occurs between men and women, and even the proportion of women appearing is higher than that of men.

    In 2015, the “Journal of Sexual Medicine” published a research report on 230 female college students in Australia. Their age ranged from 18 to 55, with an average age of 26. The report showed that 46% of women said they had experienced PCD in the past; about 5% of women said they had had symptoms in the past month; about 2% of women reported “always” or “most of the time”.

    From the above research, we can see that a large proportion of men and women have experienced PCD. Many people may feel baffled, at a loss, or even thinking when they experience PCD or their sexual partners' experience PCD. Don’t panic, let’s take a look at what caused them to have PCD.

    What is the cause of PCD?

    From a medical point of view, there is a saying that PCD is just a brief sense of loss after the pleasure of orgasm. From a sexology point of view, it may be because of the “refractory period” after male sexual intercourse is at work.

    sad man in bathroom

    International Society of Sexual Medicine also provides some theoretical explanations:

    1. It may be related to such close and in-depth contact with your partner during sexual intercourse, and the separation after the end destroys this intimacy;
    2. The existence of this reaction may be related to past sexual abuse;
    3. Conflicts in intimate relationships may also be a potential cause.

    In addition, it may also be related to the changes in hormones. A variety of hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins are produced during the same intercourse. The ups and downs of hormones may lead to changes in mood. Of course, recent psychological state/life pressure, etc., may also be an important factor leading to the appearance of PCD.

    Someone asked why men have PCD, and most of the men’s answers are as follows:

    1. Your partner does not care about your feelings, which makes people feel neglected;
    2. Experienced a bad one-night stand;
    3. Shame due to religious belief;
    4. Feel the current relationship is not good.

    How to deal with PCD?

    First of all, we need to know that PCD is a relatively common situation, so we don’t need to pay extra attention or focus on it to not cause greater pressure on our partner or ourselves.

    Secondly, we need to try to perceive it and try to describe what causes our PCD situation.

    sad man on bed

    If it is because you have suffered sexual abuse, or have separation anxiety, and your intimacy is affected by PCD, you can consider psychological treatment or counseling.

    If it’s because of hormones, then we won’t be a big problem when we recover afterward.

    If it is because of excessive pressure recently or a problem in the intimate relationship, it is recommended that both parties communicate in time to actively relieve the pressure and be honest about the problem.

    In general, the current understanding and research on PCD are not sufficient. At this stage, we only need to know that there is such a situation, face it squarely, but don’t pay too much attention, and treat it with peace of mind. If you or your partner experience anxiety, tears, anxiety, etc. So please don’t rush to get up and leave after sex. Hugging and chatting may help you know the reason and calm the current emotions.

    Maybe people can try sex toys

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    sohimi fake pussy

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    sohimi feder cock ring

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  • Are Sex Toys Cheating In Your Marriage When Your Husband Masturbated Alone?


    Are Sex Toys Cheating In Your Marriage When Your Husband Masturbated Alone?

    > Lucine Keogh

    Dear Wives,  

    Have you keep catching your husband masturbating?

    Do you have an hunch that he watched porn, but had no clue as to the frequency?

    Have you ever found your husband's sex toy?

    Is it normal for your man to masturbate when you're married?

    ……Or more.  

    It's quite possible that your husband has a high sex drive and, for him, masturbating is a way to experience the physical release he craves. It's actually quite normal. Masturbation is a part of most people's sex life — even when they find themselves in a long-term relationship. And yes, that even includes marriage. Many people who are married continue to masturbate, enjoying both their partner's sexuality while continuing to enjoy their own as well. Men physiologically need to have a physical release and they feel actual pressure to ejaculate. For both women and men, masturbation is a normal and healthy part of life that helps with stress relief and feeling connected with your own body. 

    Is that cheating? 

    Male masturbation

    Cheating means breaking the rules. If you and your spouse agreed that solo masturbation are off limits, then doing so would be breaking your word to him, and he would understandably feel betrayed and lose at least some trust for you. Masturbation or masturbation with toys is NOT the same as sleeping with someone else. 

    If you promised not to use sex toys, and you use sex toys, then you've broken a promise to your husband, and that's generally understood to be a Bad Thing. If you let him assume you're giving him his way, but you secretly don't, that's deceiving your husband, and that's generally understood to be a bad thing. The most honest and ethical option here is to communication, “I understand that you don't want me to use sex toys, but I really enjoy them. Can we talk about what's going on here? Why do you want me to avoid sex toys? How is that different from masturbating without accessories?” Get on the same page, and then you two can make your decisions. 

    Is masturbation bad? 

    Although it can be a little embarrasing to catch your partner during his masturbation, the frequency of his self-pleasure sessions shouldn't necessarily be cause for concern. 

    male masturbation alone

    We're raised, especially as women, to view masturbation as a shameful act, but in reality, masturbation has plenty of health benefits. In fact, as long as your husband's sessions don't become a substitute for your sex life, it really doesn't matter how often he's doing it. If you are happy with the frequency of the sex you're having together, the times he goes it solo shouldn't be a problem.

    Most men still desire for alone time even if they got married or retired, especially if it involves porn, it doesn't mean that they don't always like the marriage sex, but enjoying the solo time. 

    There is absolutely no reason to feel guilty for masturbating even though you are married or in a long-term relationship with your partner. You fall into a situation of low self-esteem, and the facts do most men and women do indeed continue to masturbate when they are in a relationship — it does not mean that there is anything wrong. And masturbating when you're in a long-term relationship is normal, just as normal as masturbating when you're not in a long-term relationship. 

    The impact of masturbation in marriage 

    an old couple

    As one example, a study of college students found those who masturbate frequently also engage in intercourse more frequently and have more sex partners. So while masturbation may indeed be a substitute for single people and those whose partners eschew sexual activity, it is also an integral behavior in the sexual repertoire for many who already have satisfying sex lives. The primary reason humans masturbate is pleasure, regardless of relationship status. 

    Does this mean then that masturbation is never a concern in a relationship? If one's partner primarily meets his or her sexual needs through masturbation to the detriment of the relationship, it might be time to consider seeking help. Masturbation can support the sexual health of a relationship but should not completely take the place of shared sexual activity unless this is a pact both partners expressly agree upon.

    Masturbation can be defined as sexual stimulation of one's own genital organs by hand or any simulator, in the absence of a sexual partner. There is no evidence that suggests that masturbation can have an impact on sex life with a partner, though it is believed otherwise . 

    Support your spouse's solo time 

    married people on bed

    Communication is the basis for harmony in all relationships. As your closest person in life, so talk to him and encourage him if it is not bad on hurting anyone. There are many ways to express love. The easiest way is to buy a gift to tell him that he is the best or you love him. If your partner likes to be alone, then we will recommend several products, all of which have cheap prices but good quality.

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    eliza hands free male masturbator

    The inner gel is really soft and works well with its suction pump. You can adjust its modes easily according to your comfort. It's pretty straightforward use: lube up, stick it in, and hold down the power button to turn it on. More lube is another kind of experience. The different speeds make for a fun experience. It’s the best overall nice option to try out. 

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    sohimi fake pussy

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    The third gift is ALICE, it might be the best choice compared with those masturbation toys providing fierce movement. 

    alice hands free male masturbator

    It has a mind-blow sensation with 10 different rotating & thrusting modes. By moving up and down constantly, as well as the rotating motion,  a warm soft woman’s hand is wanking penis gently. Switch to the next mode, stronger and faster. Choose any one mode and just enjoy the amazing masturbation.

  • Enjoy Remote Control Anal Fun With Your Gay Boy


    Enjoy Remote Control Anal Fun With Your Gay Boy

    > Lena Sohimi

    Sex is very important for the intimacy of gay boy couples. Sex can bring two people closer together. Through sex, gay boys can become more aware of the changes in their lover's body and psychological changes. It is very romantic for two people to pleasure each other's bodies. But flirting doesn't have to be about two people being physically close, flirting from a distance is also a very creative way to have sex.

    To give sex a different style, in addition to the physical intimacy between two people, you can also have a remote control flirtation. These are all perfectly fine to try! Don't let your stubborn thinking limit your fantasies about sex.

    What are remote-controlled sex toys?

    Many sex toys are now appearing one after another for fashionable boys and girls. Sex toys are also available in a variety of styles. On a topic like sex, fashionable gay boys are not shy about talking about their sexual experiences and sexually explicit experiences. This is because they are fashionable and have an open mind and a unique perspective on sex. They are very eager to play with different styles of sex toys. If a sex toy brand always sells the same type of sex toys, then the brand will be ignored and abandoned by fashionable men and women. So these sex toy brands are eager to take their place in the competitive sex toy market and are always working on developing new and innovative sex toys.

    They have taken inspiration from the TV remote control panels. The TV remote control panels can be connected to a TV set to control it. So can the body be controlled during sex as well? It's a bold and exciting idea. But for sex, bold ideas are good for advancing the relationship between couples. Couples in modern life need some exciting sex toys to improve their relationship with their partner and enhance the quality of their sex life.

    two gay men


    For these reasons, remote-controlled sex toys came to the public.

    A remote control sex toy usually consists of a mini remote control and a male or female sex toy. Couples can use the remote control to control the sex toy while flirting or making love and have a remote-controlled exciting sex with their partner. "My lover won't know which button I'll push, and each button brings a different kind of pleasure. I love flirting with my baby like this! It's so fucking exciting!" 

    What fun do remote-controlled sex toys bring to gay boys?

    Remote-controlled sex toys, whether they are handheld or apps on your phone, can take your exciting masturbation session with your lover up a few notches and can also make sex play between couples more fun. Remote-controlled sex toys can bring an unknown sexual experience to you and your lover because your partner will not know what gear of vibration frequency or pulse you are pressing at the moment you press the button. All this experience is unknown, but these unknown stimulations can add more fun to your sex.

    Currently, sohimi has launched two app remote-controlled vibrators for women. Both of these remote control vibrators have several features in common. First, these two app-controlled vibrators are easy to carry. Secondly, these two sex toys have very interesting features. They allow partners to use the app to remotely control their vibrators.

    app remote control


    These two vibrators have several very exciting vibration modes. The novelty of the remote control design can help women to pleasure themselves more easily.

    Sohimi also launched remote-controlled anal beads and remote-controlled anal massagers. In addition, sohimi's remote-controlled prostate massagers are also very attractive. These sex toys are designed to meet the needs of flirting between gay couples. Interactive sex can make sex more desirable and fun. When you and your partner play with remote-controlled sex toys together, you can get to know each other's bodies better. In the process of interaction, you will appreciate the wonderful moments of making love with your lover more.

    Remote-controlled anal toys for gay boys

    Sohimi Anal Expansion Vibrator

    This is an electric anal expansion vibrator with a special scissor design. It is made of a material with good elasticity. You and your gay boy can play with it very easily, whether you are novices or experts in the backdoor game. If you and your boy want to explore anal sex, you can fully extend your anus and get great sexual satisfaction with this anal expansion vibrator.

    Anal Expansion Vibrator


    The perfect remote-controlled anal toy, this vibrator comes with a mini remote control. You can freely control this anal vibrator from a distance of 15 to 20 meters. This distance is perfectly designed, neither too far nor too close. Even if your boy is in the bathroom and you are in the bedroom, you can have a romantic flirtation across the distance. 

    This electric dilator has great features. These features will make you feel unbelievable! It has eight frequencies. You can choose the right frequency according to the rhythm of your sex and flirting needs. Whether it's gentle or vigorous, this anal vibrator will give you the perfect anal sex experience. After you are familiar with the anal stimulator, you can adjust the frequency and intensity as you wish. Then you can achieve the ultimate full-body orgasm. And you will also get the pleasure of electric shock pulses. The electric shock pulse and eight frequencies bring you double sexual pleasure, making you feel thrilling pleasure! 

    Sohimi Anal Vibrator with Penis Ring

    This is a very perfect anal vibrator! If you choose such a vibrator, you will get all the features of a prostate massager, a vibrator, and a penis ring at the same time.

    It has a powerful dual motor. This design can help you experience different styles and different rhythms in your sexual experiences.

    Anal Vibrator With Penis Ring


    As a  multifunctional anal vibrator, it also has an excellent remote control setting. You and your gay boy can play with this anal toy with each other from a distance of 15 meters to 25 meters. You have ten vibration modes to choose from. This anal toy will give you ten different modes of sex! The penis ring will enhance your erection and help you last longer during sex. After all, every boy wants to make his erection last longer! The prostate vibrator stimulates and massages the male P-spot to help men achieve a quick P-spot orgasm.  

    To make sex even more exciting, sohimi added a lot of bumps to this vibrator's prostate massager. This will increase your sexual pleasure! You can enjoy playing with this perfect anal toy in the bathroom or pool because it is waterproof

    Sohimi S121 Vibrating Anal Beads 

    This is a very distinctive long anal bead. In addition to the usual features of a long anal bead, it brings you multiple vibration modes and a remote control remote device. This one comes with an extra mini bullet vibrator, which is an extra surprise for you!

    The small beads of this anal bead are arranged from small to large. The beads located at the top are the smallest, and the closer to the bottom the larger the beads are. This is an anal bead with the perfect size.

    Vibrating Anal Beads


    In addition to the usual anal beads for penetrative pleasure, you'll get nine modes of vibration for sexual pleasure. From weak to strong, from mild to strong, from slow to fast. The different frequencies bring you and your boy different surprises. You only need a remote control to control this wonderful anal bead with one hand.

    If you and your boy play with this anal bead while making love, you do not have to worry about the rough material that will make you hurt. This anal bead is made of soft silicone. When you touch this anal bead, you will feel the silk-like smooth touch. This material is so soft, flexible, and durable. You can bend the beads as much as you want to adapt them to your sexual position.

    Enjoy playing with this remote-controlled anal bead for your sexual pleasure!

    Remote-controlled anal toys make gay boys more intimate

    Remote control anal toys offer more sexual styles for gay boys. Whether it's anal penetration or masturbation, sex is free, spontaneous, and fun. Each person can create a more comfortable sexual experience for their lover, which is a sign of love for each other. Different styles of sex can bring gay boys closer to each other. Sex brings them not only physical pleasure but also spiritual enjoyment. By playing with remote control style toys during sex, lovers will get to know each other better.

  • Anal Toys - Ideal Sex Toys In Gay Bars


    Anal Toys - Ideal Sex Toys In Gay Bars

    > Lena Sohimi

    Where would you go with your boy to spend a nice weekend? Many bars in the United States are exclusively for gay boys. Here you can have fun with alcohol, music, and bouncing.

    Maybe you can also add a different feature to your bar date. Nothing goes better with a gay bar than exciting anal sex! Bring your male anal toys and sexual enthusiasm and head to the gay bar!

    What is a gay bar?

    A gay bar is not much different from a regular bar in terms of appearance. Usually, gay bars have a gay bar sign or rainbow flag at the entrance. It is a place of passion. You will not be restricted in any way here.

    Every gay boy knows such a lively and open place. There are many gay bars in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Usually, the people who entertain here are mostly gay couples or boys who want to find a boyfriend here. Gay boys can also bring their straight boyfriends along to experience this unique bar atmosphere. All gay boys can unleash their energy and desires in these places. Gay bars are the Garden of Eden for gay boys.

    beer drink


    There is energetic music here to stimulate your nerves. Usually, you can order a whiskey and sit at the bar when you will be approached by single gay boys for a chat. Many gay boys have become couples through gay bars. Whether you are top or bottom you can find a boy like you or your ideal partner here. Of course, you can also see the flashing lights and the stage. Fueled by alcohol, you can have exciting sex with your partner on the stage! It must be a great experience.

    This is a superb place to make love

    What do you think of when it comes to sex? Sex is a relatively private thing for many gay boys. They may kiss or cuddle on the street or in a restaurant. But they usually have exciting sex in bed after nightfall. Usually, they take shower before having sex and put on enchanting music. Then they kiss and flirt with each other and have an exciting marathon in bed. But even in their own homes, gay boys still have some concerns. They are worried that they accidentally open the curtains and neighbors would see sex. They also worry about disturbing the surrounding neighbors with the noise. Such sex might prevent gay boys from fully unleashing their sexual desires.

    It is not easy for single gay boys to find their lovers. They are afraid to woo the boy they love in public, and it would be a very embarrassing thing if the object of their affection was a straight man. Single gay boys are very eager to have a sexual encounter with their lover that belongs only to the two of them.

    gay bar


    In gay bars, gay boys can enjoy sex. They do not have to worry about disturbing anyone because it is a very lively place. Everyone who comes to a gay bar is eager for freedom and excitement. They can take out the sex toys they have prepared long ago and have an exciting backdoor game with their partner somewhere in the bar. Gay bars have a high tolerance for gay boys, where they can be free to be intimate with their partners. No one here would consider sex to be something abnormal or shameful. And the dynamic music and seductive lighting will make people more daring and spontaneous. Such an atmosphere will stimulate the lover's sexual desire!

    Single gay boys will gather in every gay bar. If you haven't found your lover yet, you can come to a gay bar to find your intimate lover. You can flirt boldly with a single boy and he will not be disgusted with you. The hot and exciting atmosphere may make you fall in love in no time. The burning desire inside will make the single of you want to make love right away to celebrate your love.                                                                                                                            

    Male anal toys - Excellent sex toys for bar sex

    Anal plug toys have always been a very popular sex toy for gay boys. Novel and exciting anal toys are perfect for you to use in bar sex.

    Sohimi BELL jeweled butt plug with chain

    If you have sex with your lover in a bar with this set of jewelry-shaped anal plugs, then you must be the most special couple in the whole bar.

    A set of anal plugs contains three sizes of anal plugs. This set of anal plugs is suitable for all gay couples who want to add creativity to their anal play.

    blue jeweled butt plug


    This set of anal plugs is very small in shape. You don't want to bring a large anal plug to a bar date, so this set of anal plugs is perfect for you. Both small and large jewelry-shaped anal plugs are easy to carry. You can easily put the anal plugs in your pocket.

    What a charming blue "jewel"! The color of this anal plug set makes it a beautiful member of the sohimi family. This set of jewel-shaped anal plugs is like a real blue jewel. The blue "jewel" is designed in the shape of a heart. If you are a bottom, you must play with your top in the bar with this toy. Your top will find you very attractive.

    When you play with this blue "jewel" anal plug in the middle of the bar dance floor or a corner, the blue jewel will shine beautifully under the light. And the bell at the end of the anal plug will also make a pleasant sound with the twisting of your body. This anal plug makes you so attractive!

    If you want to have a more exciting sexual experience with your lover, this set of anal plugs can completely meet your sexual needs. There is also a chain with a collar in the product. When you kneel on the floor and let your body bend into a beautiful arc, the blue jewelry-shaped anal plug will make your big ass look more attractive. This is when an attractive chain is really perfect. You can let your boy put the chain around your neck, the chain makes your neck more sexier.

    Sohimi S121 vibrating anal beads                                         

    With the beat of the music, enjoy the vibrating pleasure brought to you by the anal beads!

    This is an anal bead with a progressive design. It's perfect for those of you who want to have anal fun with your lover at the bar!

    If you want to start your great sex with your boy to music, then this anal bead has a vibration mode to help you achieve your dream. 

    Sohimi S121 Vibrating Anal Beads

    Whether it's sporty jazz music or crazy DJ music, you can find the perfect vibration mode for you. You can easily experience 3 intense speeds and 7 pulsating modes at the push of a button. Either vibration mode can bring you into the world of passionate sex while the music is playing.

    This anal bead is equipped with remote control, you can press the button to remote this anal bead. You can let your boy control the remote control, which will make your sex more exciting. You can't be sure which gear your boy will choose! You just enjoy the music and the sexual experience the vibrations bring you!

    Opening a special sexual experience to the beat of the music is an experience you won't forget! "Oh, you have no idea how well the DJ music and the vibration mode work together. My body was swaying all the time. I felt like I was dancing with joy. My boy said my position was very attractive to him!" The anal beads are very well designed. As you insert the anal beads deeper, you will feel a more intense vibrating sensation.

    Sohimi pink fox tail butt plug

    This pink foxtail anal plug will allow you to show your sex appeal perfectly in gay bars. The outstanding shape makes this pink foxtail anal plug a must-have sex toy for your gay bar visits.

    The shape of this anal plug is a pink fluffy foxtail. And this pink fox tail anal plug is made of a very soft and comfortable material. Gay boys do not have to worry about the poor quality of the material will reduce their sexual passion.

    The length of this foxtail is very appropriate. If you are a top, you will want your lover to put such a seductive anal plug in your big ass. Because it looks attractive and arouses your sexual desire more.

    If you are a bottom, this foxtail anal plug will make your attractive butt more sexier. You can flirt happily with your lover in the spotlight of a gay bar with this anal plug.

    pink tail anal plug

    The color of this anal plug goes very well with the atmosphere of the gay bar. It will make you look like a charming person. What's more surprising is that this pink foxtail anal plug has a remote control. You can let your boy remotely control this pink foxtail. The moment he presses the remote control button, you are the coolest gay boys in the whole bar! With the wagging of the foxtail, your big ass looks even more attractive. 

    Enjoy your anal sex in a gay bar

    No one sets a fixed place and a specific style for sex. You can have sex with your partner wherever you like. Gay bars are great places to do this. Here you can enjoy not only the pleasure of alcohol, the rhythm of the music but also the freedom of sex. The most important thing is that you can be your true self here. It doesn't matter where you have sex, what matters is the free and comfortable sexual atmosphere.

  • I’m A Man Who Can’t Orgasm Through Marriage Sex


    I’m A Man Who Can’t Orgasm Through Marriage Sex

    > Lucine Keogh

    Dear Sohimi,

    I’m a 45-year-old man who has a ten-year marriage now, but unluckily, my marriage sex doesn’t have too much pleasure for me. Every time I make love with my wife, our intercourse is smoothly without a hitch but I seldom get an orgasm from it. Through masturbating I could bring myself to orgasm within three minutes. However, through vaginal sex, it doesn’t happen at all and she has to finish me with oral sex or a hand job. I’m not sure what’s going on. My question is, knowing all this, how can I do? I’m starting to feel self-conscious and unattractive in addition to exhausted during the increasingly rare occasions that we do have sex. Please help me.


    sex on the bed

    Dear J.

    Do not worry, we are here to help you. 

    In modern society, it’s generally believed that some men have a strong physiological response to orgasm, which occurs with loud shouts and violent body movements. Others will have quieter ones. But the intensity of most men's orgasms may fall between these two extreme reflections.

    For many males, the main source of pleasure in orgasm is powerful ejaculation. Long after ejaculation, some men continue to experience a strong feeling of orgasm. While other men experience orgasms with a similar pattern to women, but the intensity is several times that of women, and a series of orgasms with short intervals of less intensity are accompanied by ejaculation at the peak

    There is also a stereotype that only women will encounter the problem of not having an orgasm during sex. In comparison, it is much more direct and easier for men to get happiness. However, the MSNBC website in the United States reports that: men are not as we imagined, which in the process of sex can reach orgasm every time.

    American sexologist Brian Alexander pointed out in the report that some people can have an erection without difficulty during sex, and can last for a long time without being weak, but they cannot achieve orgasm or ejaculation, not to mention sexual pleasure. This is a sexual dysfunction disease as opposed to premature ejaculation, and improper handling may affect the relationship between couples. 

    We have collected four ways to help you: 

    Find Your G Spot 

    Generally speaking, older men tend to have more control over the time of ejaculation. However, in order to prolong the time of intercourse, frequent use of diverting methods and this habit can eventually lead to non-ejaculation.

    To find the man’s G-spot: prostate. Sohimi's product Prostate Stimulator is just such an excellent product. It not only stimulates the penis but also stimulates the prostate in men. No matter you are a beginner or experienced, it must be the best prostate toy for men.

    Sohimi BANANA Prostate Stimulator sex toy for men

    In fact, men don't only have one G-spot, they have three! The first point is the "foreskin frenulum", a skin fold that connects the glans penis under the penis. The second point is the "perineum", which is located midway between the bottom of the scrotum and the anus. The third point is the most secret one: the "prostate", there is a chestnut-sized protrusion at five centimeters inside the anus.

    Keep these three points in your mind! Stimulate the G-spot of these men from time to time when making love. If you and your wife are both interested and adventurous, you can explore and enhance the sexual pleasure of men together. 

    sex on the bed

    Focus On Body Feelings

    Orgasm edge technique, that is, to consciously delay the arrival of orgasm until the most perfect and strongest orgasm is achieved. When a man approaches 90% of the orgasm, he can stop, take a break, and then "sprint" again, his final orgasm will be even more intense.

    Sometimes during sex, a man will distract himself unconsciously, such as thinking of how hot his female partner is, and recalling the most exciting pornographic film he has ever seen. If you want to achieve a stronger orgasm, you should focus on your physical feelings. Once you concentrate, you will find that your body's response will be very different. 

    Go to try Sohimi's Eliza-Hands Free Male Masturbator. This hands-free male sex toy has 3 modes sexy female moans selected by you, the more intense the twitching, the louder the screaming, allowing you to enjoy a different sexual experience to reach ultimate orgasms. Make sure to use a water-based lubricant to achieve the best experience.

    Eliza Hands Free Male Masturbator sex toy for man

    Learn Foreplay

    Dr. Linda De Villers, a psychologist and sex therapist in Gary, suggests starting with a slow and sensual back rub. 

    The position of a woman is useful because it helps a man restrain his urge to start pushing. A practical extension method is called the "extrusion technique". Just before orgasm, place your thumb on one side of the base of the penis, place the tips of your index and middle fingers on the other side, and squeeze.

    the couple foreplay

    Find the rhythm, and then slow down your breathing until it "resonates with the same frequency" as the thrusting action. When the orgasm is coming, you will find that your breathing begins to become rapid, but you still have to work hard to slow down your breathing, because this will make the penis get more blood flow and oxygen delivery, making the orgasm more intense. Go try Sohimi’s enlargement device. Don’t worry, this Sohimi’s penis enlargement device will help train your penis. It is the best penis pump on the market! It’s not only a penis enlarger but also makes the penis erection longer.

    Sohimi P5 Penis Enlargement Device sex toy for men

    This penis enlargement device is intelligent pressure controlled. Just select a preferred pressure level, the penis enlargement device will increase or decrease to the nominal voltage without further manipulation. Compared with traditional erection pumps, this one could be the best penis pump which is so easy to operate. 

    Ice Temptation

    If you want to help a man let him embrace the stimulus again, using the SPA during the shower can also help. You can use the water flow from the showerhead to stimulate around the top and roots of the dragon. If you want to enhance the effect, you can use alternating heat and cold stimulation. At this time, all he needs is the temptation of ice power. The cream and jelly just taken out of the refrigerator are very good flirting babies. On the one hand, it can be used as a lubricant, on the other hand, it can satisfy the appetite, full of fun, and is most suitable for hot summer use. 

    Talk With Her 

    A male orgasm includes two stages. In stage one, sperm are drawn from the testicles and collected in a staging area below the prostate in the ejaculate. The second stage (starting a few seconds after ejaculation) is ejaculation. 

    man and woman talking on the bed

    If possible, avoid disturbing the man’s attention at all stages. It is great to use techniques that you both know and love, but unexpectedly during orgasm, dramatic exercises are more distracting than distractions. No matter how long you are with your partner, you can have an open and honest conversation about the bed you like and the bed you don’t like, it’s never too late. A survey found that couples who openly talk about sex are getting closer and closer emotionally, and this intimacy translates into sexual desire.

  • Do You Like Gay Lovers Who Use Anal Plugs?


    Do You Like Gay Lovers Who Use Anal Plugs?

    > Lena Sohimi

    In heterosexuality, one person is the husband and the other is the wife. In a gay relationship, two people play different emotional roles. For gay men, a gentle and charming man has more maternal color. This means that he will be a "wife" side. A man who makes his partner feel powerful and strong plays the role of "husband”. If it's masturbation, gay men of different temperaments will be happy to use sex toys that match their temperament. If two people have sex together, they may want to use sex toys that both of them like.

    Many gay men like backdoor games. They will use anal toys as the ideal toys, for example, anal plugs. But this is not absolute, there are some people who have their unique views.

    What is the top?

    Among gay men, the top generally plays a more active role in their sex lives. And this more proactive attitude than bottom makes tops the ones who actively explore their partners during sex. Top's position in sex isn't necessarily above your partner's, but they must be positive. Tops want to have strong, thick penises.

    strong top man


    They may prefer to actively insert the penis into the other person's anus or put the anus plug into the anus. Some tops have a strong desire to control their sex, and they will grasp the rhythm of sex. Whether it's positive sex or backdoor games, they're the ones who take the initiative.

    What is the top’s view on lovers using anal plugs?

    Many men who act as tops in sex are willing to have sex with their partners with anal plugs. They don't resist plugs that bring wonderful sex to their partners and themselves. If their partner loves plugs, they'll find it attractive. When having sex, tops will enjoy the moment if their partner pull out chic electric anus plugs into their anus, and lets the remote control on. It's a wonderful visual treat! Watching your partner's body shake like a dance with a small plug will make them feel so sexy!

    Lover using anal plugs is charming

    In the view of many tops, anal sex is a very normal thing to do. They are happy to think that a partner who uses anal is very attractive because the partner will concave his body in a beautiful pose when using anal plugs. Such a body shape is very attractive to them. And some anal plug toys are designed in a very sexy shape. Such designs can make tops hot!

    This is a beautiful anal plug from sohimi, it will bring top a different sensory experience. This anal plug is inlaid with beautiful blue stones and small bells. Imagine a nice evening, your partner is this small cute toy slowly inserted into the anus.

    tail anal plug

    You look at your partner's pouting ass with his back to you, his perfect anus with a shiny gemstone. So you turn on the electric device and hold your partner and start a sexual bounce with him. But you can also explore another way to play with your partner. You can put the chain on the front of your partner's head and watch his hot body. Ruler, this is your preferred style! You can unleash your desire to conquer!

    If your partner uses such an anal plug, I think you will not want to break up with him. Because the person who has this anal plug must be the one who shines in sex! This is a special anal toy. This anal plug has a long pink tail at the end. The texture of this cute and seductive tail is very soft. A glamorous partner will attract not only your eyes and penis, but also your soul. No top can resist such a flirtatious and sexy another half. Your partner lies on his side beside you, showing his pink foxtail and swaying his body. Your bodies pressed together, making passionate love to the vibrations of the anal plug! This is when you'll want to be with him forever!

    What is the bottom?

    In general, a bottom is the one who gives up control during sex and can be said to like the manipulated party. In gay sex videos, the top always inserts his penis into the bottom's anus. But every bottom enjoys the sexual pleasure of being inserted and occupied. "When I had sex, I loved the feeling of being fucked!" That's cool! "A lot of bottoms like to tease and play with top, and they like to please tops in sex. But while the bottom gives up control, that doesn't mean they can't express themselves in sex.

    What is the top’s view on lovers using anal plugs?

    As a bottom, they often use anal plugs when masturbating. If he is a novice, he is most likely to use transparent or other plugs without an electric device. If he is already proficient in using anal plugs, then electric anal plugs will be ideal for masturbation partners.

    As a result, bottoms are more than happy to find a partner who plays with stuffing toys like themselves. This way, they can explore the backdoor world together.

    However, they want their partner to choose some dark-colored anal plug toy.

    bottom gay man

    Because they think this color will make their partner look stronger. Light-colored anal plugs do not satisfy their desire to be manipulated during sex.

    Vibration modes are very popular with the bottom, and they use them to experience the pleasure of being manipulated by the top. If you're a top who's passionate about using vibrating, the bottom will be attracted to you. The difference is that if top masturbation uses vibrating anal vibrator or vibrating anal beads, large vibrations can make the top look more powerful. This vibration pushes the top to release its male charm.


    What is the ideal sex toy for a versatile?

    If you can freely switch back and forth between the male and magnetic roles. Then you must have tried using different anal plug toys. Whether it's a mature and stable top or a sexy and hot bottom, you can play it all. It can be said that you have a variety of characteristics. Dominance, strength, gentleness, weakness are all words that can be used to describe you! You seek excitement, the general androgynous or magnetic role of the partner has not been able to meet your desire in sex. You are looking for a partner who is as versatile as you are! 

    Neither you nor your partner will refuse to use anal plugs toys. But anal sex or penile penetration makes you feel uninspired and passionate. It's such a fucked up thing to do!

    BDSM sex toy


    Open the door to BDSM with your partner, it's the ideal world for your sex! When playing with BDSM toys, you can change the role of control and manipulate at will.

    Go crazy for oral sex

    This is a good BDSM toy from sohimi. This face pocket pussy looks more realistic than a regular ball gag or tape gag. The ultimate visual pleasure arises from this! It is also a small creation of oral sex that can be carried around.

    BDSM pocket pussy


    You can take a silk scarf and blindfold your partner, then let him take this toy with him to kiss and massage your penis. The realistic design simulates the internal structure of a vagina. As your partner puts your penis into this "vagina," your penis feels like it's being sucked into it. "Enjoy the thrill of rubbing and sucking your penis!"

    Someone don’t like gay lovers who use anal plugs

    While most gay men and their lovers will enjoy anal plug toys. Rectal sexual pleasure is more lasting and efficient than penile penetration.

    There are still some gay men who do not want to use anal plug sex toys. "It was a nightmare! I was in such a hurry to get my enema in that I didn't clean it out! When I inserted the anal plug, feces came out! I never want to remember this!" Some gay men are not confident in their cleanup practices and are reluctant to try such sex toys on their own again. Such gay men also cannot accept that their partner is a user of anal plug toys. "If my partner makes me use such a toy with him that would humiliate me, I'd rather our love ended there!"

    Anal sex toys make love sweeter

    People often refer to the female vagina as a love tunnel. Similarly, the anus is a love tunnel for gay couples. Making love is a beautiful thing to express love and to communicate physically. Anal sex toys drive up the emotions between partners.

    kissing gay couple

    When anal orgasms occur, lovers become closer to each other physically and mentally. Sex is not only the passion of physical collision but also the sublimation of the soul. Even though each person likes different sex toys, each pair of lovers has the same heart for their lover.

  • How to Have Multiple Orgasms Through Masturbation For Men


    How to Have Multiple Orgasms Through Masturbation For Men

    > Lucine Keogh

    For Penis

    Imagine you rub your hands all over on the penis and the top of the penis. At the point when a man does this to himself, it is called masturbation. Masturbation is likewise called wanking or jerking off. A man is energized by a masturbation and may arrive at climax, which may be the most pleasurable thing on the planet.

    • Play the porn or make other preparations.
    • Hold your penis immovably yet tenderly in your grasp.
    • Slide your hand all over on the penis and the top of the penis.
    • Use your whole hand or just your thumb and a couple of fingers.
    • Make a short or a long stroke.
    • Slow, quick or quicker and quicker.
    • Use salivation or lube while jerking off. A few men like it when it is elusive.
    • Add a male masturbator into this game.

    Most of us know that women can have "multiple orgasms." Sustained stimulation of the vagina or clitoris, either manual, oral or through intercourse, can sometimes bring on successive orgasms, often of growing intensity.

    We also know that men can't really do this because after ejaculation there is a "refractory" period when our erection subsides. Some guys can have a couple in a row if they keep it upright through the refractory period. But, for the most part, we have to wait a while and start over. We'd be psyched if we had a handful of orgasms over a few hours.

    In fact, men can also have multiple successive orgasms. This is called Male Multiple Orgasm (MMO). The key is to have an orgasm without ejaculating. This seems like a crazy idea, because we always think orgasm and ejaculation are the same things! But actually, they are not. Men can have "dry" or "non-ejaculatory" orgasms. These are not ejaculatory orgasms where in the last second the semen is halted. There is no ejaculatory reflex at all. Typically, your penis is left entirely unstimulated.

    men orgams

    Not only can men have successive non-ejaculatory orgasms, but those orgasms can be extremely intense — more intense than your good old ejaculation. Some men may remember a time when they had the most intense orgasm of my life. Exceptionally strong ejaculatory orgasms may involve loud involuntary vocalizations and an overwhelming feeling of pleasure. Non-ejaculatory orgasms commonly have an intensity in that range. What's more, you can have a massive chain reaction of them for a half-hour, hour, or more.

    It’s not greedy to want the most euphoric sex imaginable. 

    For Anal

    Except for your penis, don't forget your prostate which is called the “male G-spot”, there is your golden ticket to an intense and full-body experience on one of the male erogenous zones. An erogenous zone is a highly sensitive area of the body that may generate a sexual response when stimulated. So if you haven’t enjoyed it, now is the best time. 

    men butt

    Anal masturbation with fingers or anal plugs is also a way for some men to achieve orgasm. Since the anal muscles contract during orgasm, the presence of objects that keep the sphincter open can enhance the sensation of contraction and exacerbate orgasm. If have to make a distinction between anal sex and anal intercourse, whether use a penile for direct insertion is the main factor. We usually use anal intercourse to describe penile-anal penetration and anal sex for any form of anal sexual activity. Since there are a large number of nerve endings in the anal area, and stretching the anal sphincter when inserting the finger increases irritation, this practice may be pleasant. The prostate is a walnut-sized organ inside the rectum and just under the bladder. It wraps around the urethra, which is the tube that drains urine from the bladder. It tends to get larger with age, making it easier to locate.

    To find the prostate, a person can insert a lubricated finger into the rectum, then push slightly on the front wall of the rectum. They may feel a slight bulge. It is recommended to use anal plug series from Sohimi with high-quality water-based lubricant to increase pleasure and facilitate insertion. 

    You can start off slow by using one finger to gently rub the outside and inside of your anal opening, then insert your finger gradually to massage your prostate. Increase the speed and motion as the pleasure begins to build until you’re ready to finish. 

    Anal play isn’t for every man, and I understand why you might be reticent to try it. It's still a bit taboo, and it can get a little messy. But if you're down to do butt stuff, you might discover the wonders of the prostate orgasm, and it's like no penile orgasm you've ever experienced.

    For Nipples

    There are many other changes in male masturbation techniques. Men may also rub or massage the glans, the rim of the glans, and the frenular delta. Some men place their hands directly on their penis during masturbation, while others may stroke their testicles, nipples, or other parts of the body with their free hands.

    men nipples

    Nipples are erogenous zones to millions of people. And like any special patch of so-labeled skin, stimulated nipples to invoke wickedly erotic sensibilities. The exact feeling is hard to pin down: it's like floating, like fire, like flying, like high vibrations, like trees swaying in the breeze, like the perfect temperature of the water, like the best bubble bath. 

    Having a nipple orgasm unfastened men. And they're not just for women, either. Studies show men can get off this way, too. It's not so far-fetched when you consider nipples have more than 800 nerve endings, release oxytocin when stimulated, and are the erogenous zones in closest proximity to the heart.  

    Nipples are the sensual area, and strong stimulation to them during masturbation usually causes the penis to erect faster than otherwise. We would recommend Vibrating Dual Penis Ring. Compared with other Penis toys, it is not too tight or small, because it is adjustable. There is no need to worry about how to choose a suitable size. Everybody can use this adjustable penis massager, giving you strong stimulation and sexual pleasure. And this one can massage your nipples as you want. 

    sohimi dual cock ring

    Some people may keep their hands still while pumping water with pelvic thrust to simulate the action of sexual intercourse. Some people may lie down in a prone position and rub their genitals with a bed sheet or other surface. This technique is called prone masturbation. Don't forget to try Penis Massager from Sohimi. It can massage male penis and stimulate the anus. Unlike other penis rings, this sex toy provides extra pressure and amazing stimulation to your perineum with a taint teaser on the inside. Let the penis massager fits around your cock and balls tightly, stimulates your perineum with gentle pressure. Your penis, balls and perineum will be under pleasurable vibration when put on the button, relax and enjoy the wonderful time. 

    sohimi feder penis message

    When taking a bath or shower, a man can direct water to his frenulum, testicles or perineum by holding the shower head. Don't worry, the above two cock rings are waterproof.  

    Now let us have the conclusion for you:


    It's high-intensity continuous stimulation of the glans, achieving multiple orgasms and squirting effects. Pay attention to relaxation and do not suppress the urinary urge.


    The word means "edge", which is to keep on the edge of the verge of orgasm through breathing, finger pressing, muscle control, stop stimulation, etc., to extend the period of time before ejaculation, so as to enjoy multiple orgasms. This method is unisex.

    a couple lie in the bed for sex

    Stop stimulating the penis before orgasm, and relax the urethra and perineum. At this time, the semen will flow out instead of ejaculation, and refractory period will not occur.

    Prostate orgasm

    Stimulate the prostate and perineum to reach a super orgasm. During this period, semen may flow out, but it is not ejaculated, and there will be no refractory period.

    The focus of prostate orgasm is also relaxation, and its highest state is Super-O, which is a dreamy and selfless ultimate orgasm.

  • Eliza Hands-free Male Masturbator - I Became The Male Sex Toy Tester


    Eliza Hands-free Male Masturbator - I Became The Male Sex Toy Tester

    > Lucine Keogh

    It’s a stimulating, mystery and well-paid job with ups and downs online, but people agree benefits include being allowed to work from home whenever the mood takes you or anywhere in the world for that matter, maybe just not in public.

    So today, to uncover the mystery of this profession, the daily work of male sex toy testers, we conducted an interesting and complete interview with a male tester, we have an interview with a male sex toy tester with his own story.

    Can you tell us a little bit about you?

    Yes. Sure. This is the most common question I’m been asked — maybe because this work is so damn cool, and all you open-minded people wondering how to get into it too.

    When the pandemic Coronavirus hit, everyone was scared and I was no exception. I had hardly any savings. I realized that I had no skills and I got really poor, really fast. I went home to New Jersey and stayed with my parents, and it was terrible because we almost quarreled every day. Then I fled out to Austin and stayed on a friend’s couch for a while, which was an even more terrible idea because Austin was small and even more terrible to try to find a job.

    I accidentally came into contact with sex toys under the leading of a friend. The first sex toy is Eliza-Hands Free Male Masturbator, you see, I still cannot forget it. Under pressure, I began to fall in love with this feeling of indulging in pleasing myself. I saw various sex toy testers on the Internet, and then I was thinking: why not What? So I started to prepare to be a sex toy tester.

    You won’t be surprised to hear that I didn’t grow up with the dream of being a sex blogger. I also didn’t use toys as a teen, or even in college; it was only in this pandemic year that I realized that enjoying sex was OK — and more than just OK. Really good.

    When I get involved in something, I get really involved. My interests in toys and masturbation became a passion, and I wanted to learn more and more about it. After the first product, I kept looking for better options for my body — that’s how I discovered body-safe sex toys and began reading review blogs. I thought I was on a great mission, and my mission was male-centric for all the males in the world as much as possible, on behalf of me.

    Now I am a happily male sex blogger that loves sex toys and enjoys experiencing different styles of products to test and enjoy writing reviews to reveal the products.

    I was nervous at first because I was sharing something intimate with total strangers on the internet. I also didn’t know what I was getting myself into, because it isn’t like sex blogging is a four-year degree plan. But I decided, my opinions are worth something and that'll be fun. That’s when I started writing reviews of toys I’d already owned.

    It took me two days to set up the vanilla schemes of the site: choosing a theme, publishing a few posts, uploading photos, customizing and arranging menus, designing a sidebar, and more. But by the end of that weekend, I had a site that looked not too bad. LoL. I began signing up for affiliate programs and creating social media accounts so I could let other people know about my idea. The next week, I promoted my firmness guide on Twitter for the first time, and I was super-duper excited when I had my first follower!

    Although the objective of reaching a climax is always the same, the technology to provoke an orgasm is constantly evolving. For example, batteries have almost become a thing of the past as these days, most sex toys are rechargeable.

    They are also made from soft, body-safe materials and packaged in elegant boxes. Their features are also becoming increasingly complicated. There are even app-controlled toys that can be controlled by a partner on the other side of the world. I really like this job now because of the direction it is moving forward. It brings me not only countless orgasms but also bright hopes.

    How many toys have you tested?

    I have honestly lost count. Over the last years, I have tested over 200 sex toys — that’s a lot of orgasms, both alone and with ex-partners. It’s always fun to bring a one-night stand home and give them a good surprise. I’ll never get bored of testing them.

    using sex toy with one night stand patner

    How to figure out a good toy?

    What it comes down to really is — does it feel good? You don’t want something that’s going to make you feel numb with too strong a vibration or something that’s hard to maneuver. Personally, I am drawn to toys that have various settings and are easy to handle. I am always excited when a new product comes out in the market.

    What is the process of testing a sex toy?

    What I usually do is to take a rest at home, get the toy out of its packaging box, read the instructions and just start it. It’s really important for you to read the instructions, as you might miss out on an awesome setting that’ll make the experience better.

    When it comes to evaluation, you should focus on stimulation and whether it hit the pleasure points in the correct ways. For example like an electric masturbator, you might want something which will massage and grip the penis head as this is the most sensitive point. If it is tight and textured and glides up and down the shaft simply — perfect. Personally, I prefer mid-vibration — nothing too intense as it numbs. A good way of testing a toy is seeing if it will bring you to orgasm without you having to pull it up and down like masturbation. I usually test a toy 2–3 times before deciding on it, as some days you can feel more sensitive than others.

    Do they lose the appeal after a while?

    No. I love using toys. I get bored of some after a while but I still have a large enough selection now to keep me occupied. I love pleasure and exploring new pleasure zones, so if there is a toy offering a new sensation or experience, I’m down for trying it.

    Have sex toys decreased your sexual appetite?

    I feel a lot of people are concerned that toys will decrease your appetite for humans, but for me, it’s not the case. If anything, it does the opposite as it educates you on pleasure points, spots, and even techniques that feel good. There are some things you can do with your mouth and fingers that no toy will ever manage — that’s the fun bit. I honestly believe the use of sex toys is fantastic for your sexual appetite and they are also fantastic for keeping sex exciting in long-term relationships.

    Do you have some recommendations?

    Apart from the mentioned sohimi product above, the second product I would like to recommend to everyone is Sohimi LG362 Blowjob Masturbator. This blowjob masturbator has multiple models for you by adjusting the pressure and speed of airbags, the size, and the tightness of the channel. So that you can get a unique experience from Sohimi blowjob masturbator.

    Sohimi LG362 Blowjob Masturbator

    You can get deep throat sucking and unlimited pleasure with these best male masturbation toys. It’s the best blowjob masturbator with Clamp and Vibration Technology. The pressure of airbags can make you feel like a hot girl is performing oral sex on you, and what’s more, it has a sexy female voice. The more intense you perform, the more passionate her voice becomes.

    The third product I recommend to everyone is Sohimi FEDER Penis MassagerUnlikely other penis rings, Sohimi penis massager provides extra pressure and amazing stimulation to your perineum with a taint teaser on the inside. Let the penis massager fits around your cock and balls tightly, stimulates your perineum with gentle pressure. Your penis, balls and perineum will be under pleasurable vibration when put on the button, relax and enjoy the wonderful time.

    Sohimi FEDER Penis Massager

    This penis massager with a taint teaser is made of high-quality soft silicone, safe and durable in use. Smooth silicone feels soft to the touch but firm enough to give you a delicious feeling of fullness. Moreover, it’s very stretchy, so this penis massager can fit perfectly on just about everyone.

    Not only for men to use this penis massager, but also used by single women or couples. Generally, the penis massager makes men erect longer and harder, but it also stimulates women’s clitoris while sending vibrations down men’s shaft.

    Where is the future of sex toys?

    Technology is changing a lot of things. It is used in every aspect of our lives making living more efficient, so naturally, sex and relationships are no exception. Technology changes culture, it creates a new language and whether you like it or not, it is already common practice to use technology to connect, feel and relate with others. Toys are becoming interactive with porn films, remote-controlled, Bluetooth controlled, etc., it’s really exciting. I would say the industry is getting a lot better for men, Sohimi is always bringing something exciting to the market and I love it.

    ring for sex

    The last trend I want to touch on is still emerging, but I think it’s going to quickly become the next big thing. Similar to how lingerie and bondage harnesses are becoming popular to wear in public or at the club, sex toys are becoming more discreetly integrated into our daily lives.

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