• How To Choose The Best Anal Toy For Gay Boy?


    How To Choose The Best Anal Toy For Gay Boy?

    > yiman zeng

    Hey, dear gay boys! Pride Month is coming! Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and queer will take to the streets to greet the event that belongs to them. Pride Month is not only a month of the year but also a special event for you. During such an exciting holiday, you will have sex with your partner, in order to celebrate this special holiday. How to make your partner enjoy pleasure during sex is a question you often think about, and you may be anxious about it. 



    You are worried that your sexual ability will not satisfy your partner during sex. A bad sex process can cause your partner to feel depressed. Of course you want to have comfortable and in-depth physical communication with your partner. You think that a short and thin penis will be seen as a sign of a man's incompetence. Everyone wants to have a strong penis. If a man wants to get harder erections, one may choose to ask the doctor for help and ask the doctor to give him some advice. For example, the doctor will tell him that he has a minor problem with the prostate or that he has a mental illness, and then he will need treatment.

    All these troubles make you and your partner depressed. But man, cheer up!

    You can believe that you can get it! You can choose to use some creative anal toys to improve your sexual ability. These creative and wonderful inventions will greatly enhance your performance in bed. Your partner will think you are a charming man because of the pleasure you bring to him.

    Does this sound exciting? Let’s explore together! We will see the following points

    What Are Anal Toys?


    You may never know this type of toy before. Now you can start exploring them. Anal toys are designed to stimulate the anal area of the male user. In order for the user to have constant sexual pleasure, these toys are designed in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. They are usually spherical, and they have a flared base. Anal beads, butt plugs, and other anal toys can allow you and your partner to experience extraordinary sexual pleasure.

    In addition to general sexual intercourse activities, these sex products can allow you to explore backdoor games securely. This is a perfect experience you can't miss. If you have never tried any type of anal insertion, it will be a pity. Gay boys could use these wonderful things to stimulate their prostate to get a more intense and pleasant experience. You can use these toys to help you and your partner explore this sensitive area of ​​your body. You can incorporate them into foreplay. If you are a beginner, you can experiment while masturbating.



    After unlocking the mystery of this type of toy, gay boys surely want to find the toy that suits them best, which is very important for creating a good sexual experience or comfortable masturbation. So how do find the best assist? Boys need to understand the specific types of anal toys. According to their specific needs, they can choose special sex products.

     Anal Toys

    If a boy uses anal toys for the first time, something small and flexible will be more appealing to him. These inventions will relax him, and when he adapts, he can choose advanced products.  The main anal toys are: anal beads, butt plugs, prostate toys, penis enlargement device, and penis Massager. Each type of toy has its own characteristics and advantages.

    Anal Beads

    Anal beads are perfect for beginners. If users just start to try to use anal sex toys to please their butts, then anal beads will meet the needs of such users. These beads usually adopt a progressive design, from small beads to large beads.



    Anal beads are usually made of silicone, plastic, rubber, latex, glass or metal, with a ring or similar handle at the end for pulling. The purpose of this ring is to prevent the beads from staying in the rectum completely and to facilitate removal.

    Sohimi S121 Vibrating Anal Bead

    Sohimi S121 Vibrating Anal Bead is great. This product has many advantages, these advantages make Sohimi S121 Vibrating Anal Bead the best companion for beginners! For example, multi-speed vibration mode can make gay boys feel the speed and passion. High-quality and safe silicone material can minimize pain during use. The USB charging device makes charging more convenient and faster. Surprisingly, these anal beads are also waterproof. This feature will make the process more comfortable whether the user is cleaning the toy or in the intimate shower.

    Butt Plug

    In addition to anal beads, butt plugs can also make it more convenient for beginners to enjoy the pleasure of anal sex. This type of appliance is used to stretch the anus in preparation for something bigger. If you now cannot have an accurate evaluation of your body right now, you can use this toy to explore the world of sex. After you get used to this intimate partner, you will have the ability to use the anal plug flexibly, and then you can wear it on the anus for a long time.

    Prostate Massager

    The prostate massager is a sex toy specially designed for men. It is used to stimulate the prostate. It could also be called a prostate stimulator. In terms of the physiological structure, women have a G point, and men have a P point. By stimulating this point, they can get sexual pleasure more easily and quickly and then reach a state of orgasm. Many men find that this kind of vibrating anal toy can stimulate P point more effectively. This kind of toys can lay a perfect foundation for formal sex, and both gay men can get the ultimate perfect enjoyment. Of course, this massager has other unexpected advantages for users. The prostate massager can prevent some male diseases, which is also very beneficial to their physical health.

    Penis Enlargement Device

    Do you worry that your performance in bed is not enough to satisfy your partner? Maybe you sometimes feel that you can't work with your “brother” perfectly because he can't grow bigger in a short time. You may have never heard of a penis enlargement device, which can make your penis firm quickly. The firmness of a man's penis represents his strength to a certain extent. Having a perfect penis allows a man to perform at his best level in the bedroom, and a long standby state will make the partner more willing to enjoy this physical passionate collision with his partner.

    A penis pump can provide temporary penis enlargement for gay boys. If a gay boy is not satisfied with his penis, then this product will become his best device. The user places the device on his penis, and a hermetic seal is formed. The pump then generates suction, drawing blood into the penis, making it harder and larger.

    Sohimi P5 Penis Enlargement Device

    Sohimi P5 Penis Enlargement Device can train men's penis. Surprisingly, it can also make the penis erect longer. The penis pump is controlled by intelligent pressure, which is a user-friendly system. During training, 55% of the penis's muscles will become stronger under the influence of vacuum pressure. This powerful intelligent pressure control system can make gay boys’ penis get the greatest sense of security and comfort. Of course, the materials used in this product are also very good. This product is made of excellent PC and ABS materials, which will not cause harm to the human body.


    Penis Massager

    Is it only a penis pump to exercise the erectile ability of the penis? The answer is no because other products can also achieve the same effect. Gay boys can also choose a penis massager. They can use a penis massager to make their little brother grow bigger. This process is wonderful for them because they are full of expectations for their physical changes during sex or foreplay. This outstanding invention can effectively stimulate the sensitive parts of the penis, making this organ rapidly enlarged.

    Of course, it would be disappointing to shrink quickly after getting bigger, but men don’t have to worry about this problem, because if they use this massager, their penis can continue to have an erection. This state of erection is very beneficial to their subsequent sex process. 

    Sohimi FEDER Penis Massager

    Sohimi FEDER Penis Massager is a massager specially developed to improve male sexual ability. This massager has comprehensive functions. One special feature of this product is that this massager comes with a vulva teaser. This part will provide wonderful feelings and extraordinary stimulation to the perineum of gay boys. When men press the USB button, they can feel the ultimate enjoyment brought by gentle pressure. 



    The penis, testicles, and perineum of gay boys will continue to be in a pleasant vibration state. This product uses high-quality and safe silicone material, so men can use it with confidence. What’s more, this device will give a gay boy and his partner a complete release and ultimate relaxation.

     Suggestions For Gay Boys To Buy Anal Toys

    Gay boys certainly want to buy the best anal toys for themselves and their partners. There are a few points to be noted.

    First, size is not everything, the one that suits you is the best. Gay boys can choose their favorite device according to their stage. If you are a beginner player, you'd better try small toys first. If you are an advanced player, you can choose toys as you like. These sex toys can make you and your partner enjoy the perfect sex game.



    Second, before an exciting sexual experience, gay men should do adequate lubrication to protect their bodies. You need to use plenty of lubrication, such as silicone based lubrication. If the toy you are using is made of silicone, you better clean it before you use it. The right amount of lubrication can make gay men more comfortable and at ease during sexThe intense sex process is certainly desirable, but the physical safety of the partner is also very important. Therefore, the necessary pre-sex work cannot be ignored.

  • What Is In A Man’s Mind Besides Sex Toys?


    What Is In A Man’s Mind Besides Sex Toys?

    > Lucine Keogh

    Sex should be fun, but it can also be complicated.

    Vague sexual language communication is an important form of sexual communication. When people speak, the vibrations in the voice express emotions and can stimulate our imagination. The language includes not only words information, but also tone, and volume. Using language to convey sexual demands to the other party or to respond to the other’s sexual demands can elevate general emotional communication to a rational understanding.

    Human love is different from animal love, and its important foundation is emotional communication by means of language communication. Due to the influence of cultural level and concepts, the use of language in sexual communication often has the characteristics of vagueness.

    A woman moan in sex with her lover

    When a man and a woman are dating, the voice can act as a catalyst and aphrodisiac, and when a woman is affectionate, the voice will become softer. The voices of most women in love are charming, and the feeling and tone of talking to a lover are obviously different from usual, like adding honey to make men melt and excite. If the female voice can return to nature and softness, it is an invisible weapon to penetrate men.

    Why Women Moan In Sex?

    During sex, women sometimes make some moans on the bed. Through this sound, they can tell men about their sexual feelings. After hearing these sounds, men feel more sexually blessed. The most representative of this kind of voice was the voice of the old radio a long time ago. It is soft, light, and sweet, which makes men addicted. When sexual excitement and orgasm occur, the aphrodisiac calls made by men and women are also quite stimulating, especially for men.

    There was a 28-year-old man who said: When I was having sex with my wife, I heard my wife’s voice. The more she called me, the more excited I was because her voice would make me think that I did something right to make her happy.

    a couple are having sex on bed

    Another 30-year-old man confessed that the low voice of his wife during orgasm is very seductive and provocative. It can be said that the linguistic communication of the man in the foreplay is very important to the woman’s sexual excitement, while in the intimacy process, the woman’s voice has an aphrodisiac effect on the man’s sexual excitement.

    Women’s voices during sex are different, but their meaning is similar, such as fast, I can’t stand it, don’t stop and wait, they will blurt out naturally without learning, and no doubt women all over the world share with the same language.

    But the reason why women with a faster breathing rate can scream during sexual excitement is due to the obvious acceleration of breathing and heart rate, central nervous system excitement, which leads to increased blood pressure and accelerated aerobic metabolism. At this moment, the breathing rate can reach 40 breaths/min, the heart rate can increase to 120 beats/min, and the individual can reach 150 breaths/min-160 breaths/min. Due to the decrease in oxygen content in the blood, women will fall into a mild hypoxic state, accelerated breathing disorders, and will naturally emit a muffled cry characteristic of orgasm.

    At the same time, due to the increase of excitatory substances in women’s brains, it will relieve the inhibitory effect on the brain, causing women to make calls that are unimaginable by themselves.

    Most men like woman calls. Quite a lot of men and women will take an attitude of joy and use the size of the voice as the criterion for judging the level of female sexual excitement. Very few men do not like a woman’s moan.

    Women’s 4 voices make men soft which is to say that men like these kinds of voices. If the female voice is natural and soft, it is an invisible weapon to penetrate men.

    Blurred voices. This kind of voice, as well as the voice of the old radio a long time ago, is soft, soft, and sweet, which makes men addicted.

    Sweet voices, sweet and fresh voices, will make men’s impetuous and perplexed hearts, get calm and calm, even indulge in them, forget everything.

    Magnetic sound. Using this voice to interpret the feminine taste of women is like a glass of old wine.

    Sexy voice. Sexy voice is a relatively vague concept, but there is one word in this voice: soft. And the softness is the key to sexiness.

    a couple are having sex on the bed

    The Sound Of Sex?

    Voices can tip us off not just to how people look, but perhaps to their level of sexual activity as well. A 2004 study looked at the relationship between voice attractiveness and body dimensions. In men, an attractive voice was correlated with a higher shoulder-to-hip ratio (broad shoulders, narrow waist); in women, voice attractiveness was correlated with waist-to-hip ratio (waist narrower than hips). The authors speculate that because testosterone influences both voice and physical development, a man’s deep baritone can indicate more muscle mass and strength, and hence, greater genetic fitness. Likewise, estrogen and progesterone influence a woman’s voice as well as her body dimensions, which can indicate her reproductive status.

    Since voice is correlated symmetrical proportions, which play a large role in attractiveness, it’s no surprise that a person’s voice also corresponds to her sexual activity. The study also found that men and women with more attractive-sounding voices reported having more sexual partners had their first sexual intercourse at a younger age and were more promiscuous.

    Love is a place where sound is especially needed. When a man caresses a woman, he especially hopes that the woman will respond. If the woman does not respond, the man thinks that his caressing is unsuccessful and will lose interest in continuing to love. Such love can hardly reach its climax. In fact, the sense of hearing occupies an important position in the sexual process of enriching psychological content, and its main function is to stimulate the emotions of both parties through it. When expressing the feeling of sex, the voice has a special function, and it also brings many subtle meanings to it. Hearing is also particularly inspired when it accepts a variety of love voices. At this time, men love to listen to coquettish love words, and they also love to hear moans without exact words.

    a couple are having sex and woman moan

    A psychologist once wrote: There is no better view in the world than a beautiful face, and there is no voice sweeter than the voice of love in the heart. The female voice with a special sentiment has an important influence on every intimacy and every one-time life. Like the singing of a nightingale, it fascinates men; it also encourages and admires men like applause. In the symphony of love, men are more engaged, and the sea of love is ups and downs… In short, both men and women have a full range of feelings about love, and the organs for feeling love are also diverse. It is not a single use of sexual organs, but a comprehensive combination of all aspects. It’s feelings.


    In today’s guide, there are five products worth recommending, and what they have in common is that they all have a charming voice. When you are enjoying masturbating, you are also surrounded by women.

    Eliza-Hands Free Male Masturbator

    This hands-free male sex toy has 3 modes sexy female moans selected by you, the more intense the twitching, the louder the screaming, allowing you to enjoy a different sexual experience to reach ultimate orgasms. Make sure to use a lubricant(water-based) to achieve the best experience.

    sohimi male masturbator for men

    Sohimi LG362 Blowjob Masturbator

    In the Sohimi sex world, You can get deep throat sucking and unlimited pleasure with these best male masturbation toys. It’s the best blowjob masturbator with Clamp and Vibration Technology. The pressure of airbags can make you feel like a hot girl is performing oral sex on you, and what’s more, it has a sexy female voice. The more intense you perform, the more passionate her voice becomes.

    sohimi blowjob masturbator sex toy for men

    Sohimi Thrusting Sex Toy Vibrating Cup

    This handsfree masturbator is specially featured in 3 different girls’ moaning. The faster you thrust in, the louder her voice. It is feeling like different women are giving you oral sex, moaning, and enjoying under you.

    sohimi thrusting sex toy for men

    Sohimi Realistic Pussy Masturbator

    High-quality TPR material ensures high elasticity and extreme compactness. 100% harmless, safe to the human body, and friendly to the skin. It’s also 100% waterproof and easy to clean. Two attractive passages, lifelike and compact, different internal structures bring you different pleasures, soft brẹạsts can provide you with more ways to play and bring you unlimited fun.

    You can use it in the bathroom, bedroom, and anywhere to relax for maximum comfort and pleasure. Easy to clean, simply wash with clean water before and after use.

    sohimi pussy sex doll for men

    Sohimi Auto Stroker Masturbator

    Sohimi auto stroker is the best masturbator for men on the market. It has 10 rotating modes and 10 thrusting modes, giving you a variety of options to help you enjoy the various stimulations. The auto stroker will move up and down your cock, stimulating you with every stroke. Built-in special convex granules, just the right friction will enhance your pleasure. With other dildo, vibrators, penis ring, pocket pussy, this male auto stroker are your another collection.

    A detachable cup is the best advantage of this auto stroker, you can take out the inner sleeve and clean it completely. First, you need to unscrew the upper cover, then put your finger into the cup, grab the groove, pull out the entire inner cup, and finally clean the inner sleeve and dry it. Do not wash the whole cup underwater.

    Made of Eco-friendly silicone material, this auto stroker is so soft but full of granules, giving you the pleasure of friction to enhance the stimulation of your orgasm. And of course, using the right amount of lubricant can make it easier for you to get in, and it can also enhance the sense of pleasure.

    sohimi stroker sex toy for men

  • How Can I Choose The Best Masturbator Among Sex Dolls And Pocket Pussy?


    How Can I Choose The Best Masturbator Among Sex Dolls And Pocket Pussy?

    > Lucine Keogh

    What Are The Male Masturbators?

    To start with today's topic, the male masturbator is a very generic term. There are actually numerous product classes under this term. Some of the most popular male masturbators types include the following:

    • Pocket pussies (Fleshlights). Pocket pussy can be of all shapes and sizes, but most are fleshlights. Some designs are more realistic, with attractive labia or even with the shape of a real woman's body. Others, on the other hand, have a rather simple and modern design. It is a small fake pussy that you can take with you wherever you go. This best male sex toy feels like a real woman's pussy, also this fake pussy is so small that it's ideal if you often travel. Pocket pussy can easily be taken in your pocket. Therefore, pocket pussies are often smaller than our other male masturbators and easy to use.
    • Anal masturbators. As the name suggests, an anal sex toy refers to a toy that can be inserted and thrust into a person’s anus. Besides that, anal sex is including other forms of sexual activity, such as fingering, pegging, and anal stimulator penetration sex. If have to make a distinction between anal sex and anal intercourse, whether using a penile direct insertion is the main factor. We usually use anal intercourse to describe penile-anal penetration and anal sex in any form of anal sexual activity.
    • Oral sex toys. These products are crafted from a flesh-like material like silicone or cyber skin. Oral sex toys often come with lips and tongues of different sizes that bring more realism to the experience. Some of them are motorized to give you a bit of suction, resulting in a very intense experience.
    • Sex dolls. It's a separate toy category. Using sex toys is the easiest way to get an orgasm, that might be the reason why people need sex toys. Especially for men, according to people's specific demands, there are also gay sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls & Asian sex dolls, BBW sex dolls, anal sex dolls, big butt sex dolls, etc. If you need a 'smarter' one, there are also robot sex dolls with artificial intelligence for sale online. Moreover, you can even find a celebrity sex doll online if you like. Among so many kinds of sex toys, sex dolls are the most expensive, but the most popular among male.

      pocket pussy between a woman's legs

      Sex Doll For Jacob: The Second Wife

      Before paying for the price, you’ll need to decide what kind of masturbator appeals to you. Usually, the kind of sex you enjoy will be determined by the toy you’ll feel drawn towards. Some of the masturbators on the market can offer multiple experiences. For example, one end of the masturbator can be designed for vaginal sex and the other for anal. Such toys give you more versatility for the price of one toy. Under this topic, we also interviewed a customer who has been using sex dolls and another customer who likes pocket pussy. They also have something to speak out about.

      “Jacob” (32)

      Bought his sex doll for around $300. 

      Where did you buy it from?

      Well, I bought this sex doll from Sohimi absolutely and I shopped around a little bit before buying a sex doll. I had various other masturbation toys (including 3 models of pocket pussy) on Sohimi or Amazon. I bought this Half Body Sex Doll because I'm super into the body type, though not many women actually have the sex doll body in real life. Her belly and waist is ridiculously tiny compared to her hips and ass. These women exist, but they are few and I don't know them.

      female butt sex doll butt for men

      Do you like it?

      The sexual aspect of doll ownership is a very small part of it, what you find more pleasure from in the long run is looking after them, dressing them, putting on their make up and interacting with them. I feel deeply for her, more deeply than I had ever imagined. Her body type excites me (I love curvy women), and that has had an inverse relationship with how long I can last, which annoys me since I spend far more time preparing and cleaning up than actually fucking her. It's like closer to 15 minutes getting her ready and cleaning up versus struggling to last 10 minutes while fucking.

      How does it feel compared to a real woman?

      Doggy style is not a problem because her back can flex, you put it in whatever position you want. Every guy knows what it is like to slap a woman on the butt and this is not unlike the real thing.

      sex doll between the couples

      Does anyone know?

      My wife Jina struggled at first with the other "women" coming into my life while she was caring for her sick mother, but has now grown accustomed to them sharing his bed.

      She supports me and told other people if I really wanted to I could have gone out and found someone else but I didn't do that, so she thought I was true to her. In a way, she is the best wife in the world, but I can't live without my "second" wife in terms of the harmony of sex life.

      female sex doll with man

      Pocket Pussy For Macino: The Safe Sex

      “Macino” (30)

      Bought his sex doll for around $70.

      Where did you buy it from?

      Most of the time I preferred using my hand when I masturbate and occasionally when I am really in the mood I like using pocket pussy. The pocket pussy is ordered from Sohimi when I was searching online casually that day, after reading its shape and description, I decided to give it a try immediately because it looks pretty cool. The pocket pussy is beige color, almost similar to skin color and the pussy have a very nice soft pink color. 

      Do you like it?

      Yes! I like it! Especially I like using pocket pussy because is soft to touch and easy to use, I lube the inside very well for smooth gliding and once my cock is semi-erect I can penetrate pocket pussy easily and the lubes also help with penetration. The intercourse experience is another thing than the real one,  I like using a firm grip around the pocket pussy to create pressure to simulate tight pussy, but this little one always is fucking suck my dick better than any mouth or pussy I’ve ever had when I plug the end hole with my finger to increase suction. I thrust my hips to meet the toy at the base of my cock and my cock head pops out of the end showing me a stream of precum oozing out. 

      How does it feel compared to a real woman?

      Almost like women, lol, and the best way to try that out is to utilize techniques, changing the tempo as you go. Going fast and then suddenly slowing down will feel fantastic. Your penis usually gets used to a particular speed as you masturbate, so switch it up to surprise your buddy. This is also the biggest difference between toys and women. 

      pocket pussy sex toy for men

      Does anyone know?

      I don’t think anyone knows about it yet. Let me tell you where I hide it. I locked it in my closet box. No one will look through the closet belongs to a single man, including my parents. Everyone is saying that the best way to hide is to make one. Use common materials at home and throw it away after use. If you find it troublesome and unhygienic, you can buy a ready-made toy and wash it after use.

      What Worth To Buy? 

      If you’re really serious about the quality of your masturbation experience, a sex doll might be the sex toy to buy.

      There is a cruel fact that an average sex doll will cost you anywhere between 1,000 and 5,000 dollars. The more lifelike the doll is, the more expensive it will become. Some companies even create custom dolls to meet every customer’s fantasy. Are you willing or unwilling to buy it? That really depends on your preferences and your budget.

      If you thoroughly enjoy masturbation and you do it a lot, getting a doll may be a good idea. It can give you a ton of fun and a chance to have the most realistic solo play possible. Sohimi’s sex doll exists in many forms, but it may also consist of an entire body with the head, or just pelvis, butt, or other partial body with the accessories (vagina, anus, mouth, penis) to stimulate. And most important is good quality and low price

      SIMON Gay Sex Doll 

      Sohimi SIMON Gay Sex Doll Male Butt is an excellent gay sex doll. It is not as large as most other gay sex dolls, but it’s the most suitable size for people to hold for a long time or hide it in a secret place in a private home. It does have some weight to it, providing people with a realistic and best sexual experience. 

      The Gay sex doll is one of the most popular kinds of gay sex toys, and the male butt is the best for both beginners and experienced ones.

      Sohimi gay sex toy butt for men

      Tiny Virgin Sex Doll 

      If you want female sex dolls, we also have other products, such as 2KG 3D Realistic Tiny Sex Doll. It's 2kg to hold in your hand! The small-size design makes it a portable sex doll for traveling or taking it anywhere you like. Although this silicone sex doll is a tiny size, it has two particle channels that are modeled from a young girl, and both two channels are as tight as a virgin girl.

      Sohimi female sex toy butt for men

      Sohimi fake pussy 

      This Sohimi fake pussy is designed like a real woman's vagina, you can see the annular lines and salient points inside the sleeve, the realistic and sexy clitoris, like a secret lover waiting for your touch, creating stronger stimulation while putting it up and down. Made from high-quality silicone, this fake pussy is 100% body-safe and without smell, it is smooth, soft, and stretchy. Moreover, the silicone part of this fake pussy is waterproof, so you can clean it thoroughly with water, and it's also a good shower masturbator for you. The total length of the fake pussy is 8.77 inches and the insertion length is 7.67 inches. It is not too big, so you can easily hold it in your hand, but it's big enough for your penis. What's more, due to its suitable size, you can take it anywhere you like to go.

      Sohimi pocket pussy sex toy for men

    • Alice vs. Eliza:The Duel Between Innocent Chick And The Woman of Lust


      Alice vs. Eliza:The Duel Between Innocent Chick And The Woman of Lust

      > Channing Billion

      Hesitation is normal when you first to buy a male masturbator when you face Alice and Eliza, because you don’t know whether Alice is your best baby or Eliza could satisfy you profoundly.

    • How To Make A Pocket Pussy


      How To Make A Pocket Pussy

      > jiajia lu

      There are a wide variety of sex toys out there that are aimed to give different experiences. But did you know that sex toys are not just limited to what you can buy?

      Unfortunately, lockdown regulations are still lingering. This means that boredom may continue to be the main issue from being homebound. Due to a need to revamp sexual experience so that people can continue to be entertained at home, there has been a spike in online sex shop traffic. If you're one of those people who tried getting their hands on a new set of sex toys but got disheartened by the price, then you're in luck!

      A pocket pussy or a fleshlight is precisely what it's named after – a portable pussy. From the benefits of a stamina workout to generally having a good time, this is a must-have for any stud looking to get their game on. Additionally, if your pocket can't afford a pocket pussy just yet, then try your hands on these homemade versions. After all, it's not all about how good the product is as long as it comes to terms with what you need it to do. So open up your New Year with a special type of fireworks with these homemade pocket pussies, which can be just as safe, sanitary, and arousing.

      The Traditional Homemade Pocket Pussy

      Pocket pussies usually have three essential parts: the shaft, the head, and the insides or the linings. Typically, a commercial pocket pussy has all these parts neatly compacted into one tube, which gives off a flashlight shape, hence the term "fleshlight." However, for your homemade version, don't expect it to be as neat and dandy compared to the commercial ones you see online, especially if it's your first DIY project. But no matter how rickety it may look, if it gets the job done, then it has served you well.

      Getting off with the towel method

      If there's another thing a towel is useful for other than drying you off, it's getting you off. The age-old towel method has been a gift of knowledge highly suggested for beginners with not much experience and resources into making a pocket pussy. You'll be needing a hand towel, a latex glove, some elastic bands, and your lotion of choice. First, fold your hand towel – preferably small for compactness, into quarters. Then, place the latex glove, preferably powdered to prevent skin irritation, on the towel with the cuff hanging off one side.

      Afterward, roll the towel around the glove, making sure it's not too tight so that you can still have ease of penetration. On the other hand, if the towel is too loose, there won't be enough friction. To get the perfect fit, you'd have to rely on a trial-and-error method to find your ideal fit. For the next step, when you've reached your preferred tightness, secure your towel with rubber bands or a belt to prevent it from unfurling. For the second to the last step, peel back the glove cuff to cover the towel edge, and then lastly, place extra bands along the shaft to create tension.

      How to use it?

      Now, you have your very own pocket pussy made with the available house materials you can get your hands on. But if you don't know how to use it well, you may end up hurting yourself or causing skin irritation. To maximize pleasure, penetration, and health measures, consider either lubing your penis or the pocket pussy. You can opt to use a commercial sex lubricant if you have one at your disposal, but any lotion of choice is acceptable.

      After you've shared your fill of the towel pussy, for hygienic purposes, unroll the towel, dispose of the glove properly, and wash the towel. Even though the main entrance of your penis was directed in the glove, the edges of the towel can still have some spills or blots caught in them. These residues can cause the towel to stink, and that can cause skin responses as a worst-case scenario. After cleaning up, repeat the process to make your next one.

      Going Natural with a Cucumber Pussy

      If the towel method isn't for you and you'd opt for a cooler sensation around your penis, then this next method may be what you want. The cucumber pocket pussy is perfect for beginners looking to add variety to their experience. Just like the towel method, you can easily get this with homemade materials. But the catch is that you'd have to buy a cucumber every time you'd want to go to pound-town. For this method, you will need a room temperature cucumber, a sharp knife, some duct tape, and rubber bands.

      Preparing your main dish

      The cucumber pocket pussy is relatively easy to make as well, and if you follow the steps correctly, you'll only enjoy maximum pleasure later on. First thing's first, to prepare your cucumber, cut one end from the cucumber cleanly with a sanitized knife to prevent rust from seeping in. Second, cut the cucumber in half lengthways and then open the cucumber to remove the seeds from both sides. After doing so, carve out small amounts of cucumber flesh until both sides wrap snugly around your penis.

      Once your preferred tightness has been found, secure the cucumber with rubber bands to maintain the desired tension. After that, wrap the cucumber with duct tape to accommodate or increase tightness preference and to keep the pocket pussy from splitting. The next step is optional, but if you want a clean and smooth experience, a condom can be placed inside the cucumber. To do so, insert the condom before duct-taping the halves back together. Then, stretch the condom's rim over the edges of the cucumber and fold back.

      How to use it

      Congratulations, you're now a proud owner of a wholly organic and safe pocket pussy ready to be used at your disposal! However, before using it, consider that the materials used here are natural, so it can't last for days. If you didn't opt to use a condom and didn't pull out, that should be replaced immediately. Always practice good sexual hygiene when using these pocket pussies and treat them like they're the real deal.

      As for everything, before enjoying your time, lubricate the pocket pussy with whatever lubricant you can find. The importance of always lubing up goes beyond smoothness of penetration since it helps protect the skin of your penis from irritation.

      Eating-out Mr. or Mrs. Pringles

      By now, you are probably accustomed to how creative you can get in securing your very own pocket pussy. The possibilities are pretty much limitless if you know how to be innovative and understand the basics of creating one. If the other two methods are beginning to get boring, then for this method, you will need a can of Pringles.

      Preparing your canned pussy

      Unlike the previous example, this type of pocket pussy is for those who want texture in their experience since the lining can easily be changed. What you'll be needing for this project is an empty tube of pringles (whatever size you'd prefer), two kitchen sponges, duct tape, latex gloves, and a knife. Before anything, prepare these materials, and once you're ready, you can now begin with the first step. First, remove the Pringles' tube lid as the can will be the shaft of your pocket pussy. Second, lay one sponge down, place the glove on top, and then put the second sponge over.

      After that, pull the glove cuff out so that the glove opening hangs over the sponge's end since you'll be needing that for later. Next, you'll have to push the glove sandwich that you made inside the tube of Pringles so it's level with the opening. Keep in mind that there should be no gaps anywhere, and the sponges should be squashed together. Then, tug the glove cuff apart and then slip it back over the rim of the tube to conceal the edge of the can. Once that's done, tape it securely into place and cut a small hole on the base to avoid any build-up of suction.

      How to use it

      As per any pocket pussies mentioned in this article, safety and hygiene should always be prioritized over pleasure. Beforehand, make sure that the materials you used were clean and new to prevent any unwanted infection when using your homemade pocket pussy. After which, make it a habit to lube up your sex toy to protect and pleasure yourself later on.

      Since the base materials used in this method were sponges and gloves, routinely replacing them is a smart idea since the build-up of your secretions and sweat can leak out in the sponge. It's also self-explanatory why you'd need to replace the glove since that is where you will be releasing. After cleaning out the sponge and the glove, it would be best to give the can a few wipes before re-building your pocket pussy again.

      Indulging in Everything Made of Silicone

      By far, this next homemade pocket pussy is both the hardest and the longest one to make. Although it may be relatively challenging compared to the other builds, the silicone pussy offers you a multi-use pocket pussy. When it comes to its texture and replication to that of commercial fleshlights, this is the closest you'd get at a low price.

      Preparing your silicone pocket pussy

      This build is arguably the hardest out of the listed homemade pocket pussies because of its lengthy process time. However, if you can spare the time, you'd be enjoying this one for much longer than the others. What you'll be needing for this project is a candle bigger than your penis, a sharp knife, and a silicone sealant. First of all, measure your penis' width and length against the candle and mark off the width of a candle 25% smaller than your measurement. Second, cut those two sides off lengthways at the 25% mark, and then cut the candle's remaining two sides, squaring it.

      Afterward, smooth the sides down and resemble a carrot while keeping the perimeter 25% smaller around the edges. Once that's done, cover the candle in your silicone sealant at half an inch thick, then set aside for several weeks to dry out. After drying, remove the candle and throw it away unless you're looking to build a new silicone pussy later on. What you're left with now is the mold of your very own reusable silicone pocket pussy.

      How to use it?

      Unlike the other pocket pussies listed, this one is completely reusable with minimal maintenance after every use. As usual, if you're looking to reuse it with only minimal attempts of cleaning it, then put on a condom to prevent unwanted secretion in the mold. Remember that you still have to clean it to prevent it from stinking and wearing out the silicone with your excretion.

      Since it's highly reusable but probably a little bit rough on the inside, especially if this is your first build, lube up. Lubing up will certainly help you to easily slide your penis in and out without worrying about a snug feeling or irritation later on.


      If you know what you're doing and are willing to put the time in, pleasure doesn't necessarily have to come at a price. Sometimes, you can find extra fun and excitement in the process of making your very own sex toy. There's an endless stream of ideas when it comes to crafting your pocket pussy. From the basic towel method to the intermediate level of silicone usage, making a homemade pocket pussy is relatively easy. However, keep in mind that what you're using demands the utmost care and proper hygiene since you're still partaking in a sexual interaction. So never neglect to prioritize safety over pleasure and enjoy your affordable homemade pocket pussy!

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    • How To Make Masturbation More Pleasurable


      How To Make Masturbation More Pleasurable

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      What makes masturbation an interesting topic is that not everyone is willing to talk about it publically. However, almost everyone is doing it privately.

      Although there might not be evidence of it, masturbation has surely existed since the beginning of humanity. Even if our early ancestors may not have known what they were doing is called masturbation, there is a strong assumption that if animals can do it, then humans can too.

      According to many studies, masturbating is totally normal and healthy. Like most things in life, this healthy habit can only become harmful if it’s done too much or in a dangerous way. But you might be thinking that masturbating can get boring using your own hands all the time. Well, this is where sex toys come in. With the use of technology, sex toys can make your masturbation sessions more fun and exciting. Whether you are a man or a woman, there are sex toys available for you.

      Choosing Your Ideal Sex toy

      Nowadays, there are a plethora of sex toys that you can browse from. The majority of these toys are made for women because they can feel pleasure in more ways than one compared to men. As for the men, there are only a few pleasuring spots to target. But despite the higher number of sex toys available for women, men statistically masturbate more than women because it is easier for them to ejaculate. Hence, one kind of sex toy is usually enough.

      Sex toys for men

      If you’re a man, don’t let this fact dwindle your hope. The toys for men out there have become quite extravagant and multifunctional. Take the Vibrating Dual Penis Ring with Taint Teaser as an example. This beauty of a masturbator toy can be great whether you are a straight or gay man. What’s important here is that it can target all of your pleasurable spots in one go.


      This penis vibrator hooks onto your penis shaft using the two holes on the ring, while the long shaft of the vibrator is pointing to the back to target the rectum. When you turn it on, both the rings and the shaft vibrate to stimulate your sensitive spots in both the scrotum and rectum. If you want more pleasure on the penis shaft, then you can point the toy’s shaft towards it, thus giving the vibration to the penis shaft instead of the rectum. This toy also has ten different vibration modes. So whichever way you want to point the shaft, you will get maximum pleasure regardless.

      Sex toys for women

      If you are a woman, then you are in luck. There are so many varieties of sex toys for women that the question is not whether they will find one that’s ideal for them, but which one to get. If you are also looking for a multifunctional toy, then a great option is the Clitoral Sucking Vibrator. This vibrator’s purpose is to stimulate the most sensitive part of your sexual organ, which is the clitoris. But what makes this toy interesting is that it does more than vibrate. It can also suck. Not only that, but this toy consists of a shaft as well, which you can use to penetrate your vagina either separately or at the same time.

      When turned on, both the sucker and the shaft will vibrate, which will provide stimulation to two different and very sensitive locations on a woman. One thing to note about this product is that it can actually be used for men too. The shaft can be inserted into the anus while the sucker is positioned to stimulate the scrotum.

      But if you are a woman and would prefer clitoral stimulation to penetration, then the Sucking Clitoris Stimulator and Wand Massager might be the better choice for you. This is because all it is made for is to pleasure the clitoris. This is a sex toy that is double-ended, meaning both ends have pleasuring functions. One end has the clitoral suction, while the other end is a massager for the clit.

      Although both ends of this toy target the same spot, they each deliver different pleasurable feelings and sensations, not to mention the seven vibration modes that you can select from. If you love playing with your little guy and don’t care much for penetrative pleasure, then you may want to go with this product.


      Sex toys are great inventions and have been around for a very long time. Although they may not be as ancient as masturbation, they have certainly increased the overall sexual pleasure. So if you want more fun and excitement, and even some creativity in your solo sessions, then you cannot go wrong with purchasing a sex toy, including the products mentioned above.

    • 5 Tips To Enhance Your Foreplay


      5 Tips To Enhance Your Foreplay

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      Sexual intimacy is always an exciting and thrilling moment because sexual pleasure can come in a myriad of ways, one being foreplay.

      Foreplay is the act of pleasuring each other before sexual penetration. For most people, when they think of sex, they usually think of sexual intercourse. In fact, foreplay is not something that people really think about, but instead, they will do it naturally. A few individuals don't even know that what they do before sex is called foreplay.

      However, sex is actually much more than just intercourse. Although foreplay takes part in a much bigger role for women as a way to stimulate lubrication for their vagina, it is equally beneficial for men too. So, if you are searching for some tips to enhance your foreplay activities, then here are five that we recommend.

      1. Take Your Time With Foreplay

      It can be very tempting to just get right into the whole sex act when you're in the mood, particularly for men. It is a proven fact that men can become aroused quickly and more easily than women. Therefore, if you're a man and want to sexually arouse your female partner just as much as you, then foreplay has a significant role in this.

      Furthermore, the longer the foreplay, the more aroused women get. So if you want to get the most out of sex as a man, then take your time enjoying your sexual intimacy before moving on to sexual intercourse.


      2. Give Each Other Feedback

      A lot of people think that talking during sexual intimacy is a big put-off. But, as they say, communication is key to any successful relationship. And this is the same with a sexual relationship.

      During foreplay, you should give each other feedback on what you are enjoying and what you are not a fan of. That way, you are not only receiving the pleasure that you like, but your partner can also avoid actions that will put you off in the future.

      In addition, knowing what your partner likes can help you both get into the sexual mood sooner. It will also allow you both to become more aroused, which is always a bonus. If you want your sexual intimacy to be more fun and pleasurable, then make sure to communicate in the bedroom as well.

      3. Use The Dirty Talk Technique

      If you want to spice up your sex life, then one of the best ways to achieve this is to have dirty talk during foreplay. Of course, you can do this during sex as well, but dirty talk while in the middle of foreplay can drastically boost your arousal level. The reason for this is that talking out what you want to do or desire to do allows you to imagine what you're saying before you get to act it out. So, in a way, it is a method of playing out your fantasies. For some people, letting their imaginations run wild is all the foreplay they need to get the ball rolling.

      4. Try New Things

      One of the benefits of being with the same partner is that you can be open to exploring new ways to sexually please each other. Because you already know one another well, experiencing new things will be less awkward. So don't be afraid or too shy to try something new. Sometimes, experimenting can lead to new ways that can help you get each other off better.

      One of the hardest things about women is that they tend to take longer to reach orgasm than men. Therefore, they require more time and work to achieve this kind of ecstasy. So by trying out new foreplay techniques with your partner, such as giving light kisses on her inner thighs or lightly licking his nipples, you can cherish the sexual intimacy more than just getting the whole sexual act over and done with.

      5. Incorporate Sex Toys

      Probably one of the most effective methods of enjoying foreplay is the use of sex toys. There is a wide variety of sex toys out there that both men and women can use. There are even such things as couples toys. Naturally, there are more sex toys for women as they are more open to different ways of pleasure. Clit suckers and clit massagers are two great examples of the different kinds of clit sex toys you can get.

      But the sex toy you incorporate in your foreplay routines should be determined by what you or your partner will enjoy the most. This is also when you can consider getting a sex toy that is specifically meant for couples. Whatever you choose, you can guarantee that a sex toy can enhance your sexual experience.


      Sex is always a great feeling, especially if it's with someone you care a lot about or are very attracted to. But in combination with foreplay, you can experience a greater sexual high than ever before. Make sure that you, particularly if you're a man, spend a little extra time making your foreplay count. Who knows, it might just be what your female partner needs to finally reach orgasm.

    • The Best Sex Toys For Different Sex Positions


      The Best Sex Toys For Different Sex Positions

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      Sex toys abound. But if you don’t know how and when to use them, you miss out on an amazing sexual ride.

      You want to level up in bed with sex toys, and that’s a great thing. They can certainly help boost your sex life. But they can also scare your partner off if you don’t know how to use them properly. This is why sex toys can make or break your entire experience.

      Keep in mind that not all sex toys can be used for any position, but using them for the right sex position can give you incredibly intense pleasure. Of course, you don’t want to overthink when bringing toys in the bedroom. This is why it is always a good idea to do some research beforehand. Ensure that you know how to use your sexual device and what position you can use it for. To help you, here are the best sex toys that can elevate your favorite positions in bed.

      Cock ring and vibrator combo for doggy-style 

      The majority of men love the doggy style position because it gives them more control, a great view, and deeper penetration. While some women enjoy this just as much as men, this position often fails to get women off. So if you want sex to be more satisfying for both of you, adding a cock ring and vibrator will intensify the experience.

      Cock rings are worn around the penis base and the testicles for a longer-lasting and bigger erection. There are also vibrating penis rings with different vibration modes to help men stay harder. While penetrating from behind, your partner can use a vibrator to stimulate their clitoris from the front. Start with one sex toy first, and then add the vibrator once you get accustomed to the increased sensation.

      Butt plug for missionary sex 

      For some couples, missionary is not the most exciting sex position. A butt plug, however, can change this. What you can do is to open up you or your partner’s rear and slowly put the plug in before climbing between the legs. This method can increase the pleasure for you or your partner because penetration will be felt on both sensitive holes.

      Ensure that you have a high-quality plug, though, so it doesn’t wiggle out when worn during this position. So you want a durable butt plug that’s not sticky and easy and smooth to insert.

      Vibrator for an exciting cowgirl position

      Cowgirl is common for females’ most favorite position as it allows them to ride their partner while stimulating their clitoris for added sensation. The thrusting and pulling back movements can hit their g-spot while giving them great control.

      To level up the fun, adding a vibrator is a fantastic way to have more orgasms in a partnered sex. This can make orgasms easier during intercourse, especially during the nights when you might need some extra help. You do this by having your partner hold the vibrator against your clitoris while you’re in a cowgirl position. Teasing between your legs and thighs can add to the sensation as well.

      Dildos for every position

      Dildos are by far the most common sex toys that people have. They are quite versatile, so there are different sex positions that you can enjoy with this toy. Some might work great for you, while other positions might feel awkward and uncomfortable. This is why you must find your favorite position for comfort and ultimate pleasure.

      For example, a dildo can take your romantic spooning sessions to a whole new level. For many women, spooning with two penises inside them can be exhilarating. In this case, a double-headed dildo is your best bet. This can also be a good solution for those who crave to explore two penises without relying on another person. Another example of how useful dildos are in this situation is giving oral sex. If you have always wanted to be penetrated from behind, dildos are very useful.

      Masturbation dolls for solo play 

      If you don’t have a partner, but you still want to enjoy different sex positions, your taste might be towards sex dolls. You can buy sex dolls in their full-body form or take advantage of half body ones.

      Life-sized full-body dolls are more expensive, though, and might be too heavy for women to use than half-body masturbation dolls. But whichever you choose, sex dolls are made with soft silicone materials making them realistic and feel. 


      For those who are new to the world of sex toys, these devices can be intimidating at first. So if you’re trying them out, make sure you use them in the right sex position, whether solo or with a partner. It is also necessary to purchase sex toys from a seller that reassures high-quality sex toys like Sohimi, the best online sex toy shop in the US.

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