• Three Creative Anal Toys Bring You Unforgettable Anal Orgasm


    Three Creative Anal Toys Bring You Unforgettable Anal Orgasm

    > Lena Sohimi

    When couples have sex, many heterosexuals choose penile penetration as a way to achieve orgasm. Penile penetration is a practice that is widely practiced during sex. Many couples who seek excitement during sex will choose some other more fashionable ways, such as anal sex. Many gay men prefer to insert their penis into their partner's anus for anal sexual pleasure. Lesbians also like to use some special methods to create the excitement that comes from backdoor play. Yet is anal orgasm so easy to obtain? Or are anal orgasms only available to skilled people? And there are three great anal toys for you to explore.

    Can I have an anal orgasm?

    The truth is that everyone has the possibility of having an anal orgasm during sex. You don't have to think of anal orgasm as something almost impossible to do; such thoughts can limit your imagination. God never ordained that men and women could only have the sex they wanted fixedly. I know you've probably seen the same sexual positions and penetration styles in many movies, and these fixed sexual styles limit what you can do in bed. If you feel like your sex life is boring, you can watch some sex videos and play with some sex toys. The brave boys and girls in these videos can give you a wealth of sexual advice.

    gay boy

    Please believe that you can have an anal orgasm if you are willing to believe that you can do it. Even if you just stimulate the outside of your anus with your fingers or mouth and tongue, you'll have a lot of fun. Once you've had these primary pleasures, you won't be able to resist the urge to explore even more. Whether you want to stick an anal toy up your anus while you masturbate, or you want your lover to insert his penis into your anus, you need to stay relaxed and calm. You can continue to believe that anal sex is a perfectly normal thing to do if you are sure you can have an anal orgasm.

    People of all genders can enjoy anal sex because the area is very sensitive and the genitals can be stimulated indirectly through anal sex. All these aspects combine to produce pleasure and orgasm.

    Is it easy to get anal orgasm?

    Dear gay boys or lesbians, if you want to have an easy and pleasurable anal sex experience, you have to believe that you have the potential to be good anal sex players. It would be a shame if you thought that having an anal orgasm was a difficult task just because you hadn't heard of anal sex before or because of some misconceptions about it.

    I can tell you with certainty that you can easily have an anal orgasm, provided you keep a good mindset and use the right approach.

    two gay boys kissing


    Backdoor play is not the same for someone with a penis as it is for someone with a vulva. But to have perfect anal sex for both yourself and your lover, there is one preparation that is very necessary for both boys and girls. Before you start your intense and exciting anal sex, you need to lubricate each other's anus sufficiently. You don't need to worry that too much lubrication will lead to a bad sexual experience because for those who are trying backdoor play for the first time, you are likely to be too tense to relax your bodies. Therefore, adequate lubrication is very important to carry out a relaxing and pleasurable backdoor game. With a good start, you will have an anal orgasm more easily.

    To have such a pleasurable orgasmic experience, gay boys usually choose the right position before making love. Changing positions during sex also helps boys and girls to have anal orgasms easily. So you don't have to worry too much that you will have a bad anal sex experience. As long as you are relaxed and prepared, you can be the king or queen of the backdoor game.

    Three creative anal toys for your unbelievable anal sex

    Sohimi S121 Vibrating Anal Beads

    This is an ideal anal toy for all boys and girls. Whether you are a novice or a skilled person, you can play with this anal toy to get the pleasure of anal sex easily.

    This is an electric anal bead. The design of this anal bead is based on the human body structure. A good anal toy can try to save you from the physical injuries that come with sex. The beads are structured from small to large. If you are just starting to use anal toys, then you can play with slightly smaller anal beads. For your health, you do not have to try larger anal beads at first. The adventure and excitement at first will not bring easy anal pleasure but can cause physical harm. Once your body becomes familiar with the anal beads, you can be braver and try the larger models.

    vibrating anal beads

    It is worth mentioning that whether you are a novice or an experienced user, these anal beads can bring you exciting and pleasurable sexual pleasure. The anal beads come with nine vibration modes. Each of these modes can give you a whole new level of anal sexual pleasure. You just need to press the button on the remote control and this anal bead will give you automatic sexual pleasure. Next, you don't have to do anything, just enjoy the wonderful sex. 

    In addition, this anal bead also comes with a mini bullet-type vibrator. This mini bullet vibrator is very small and easy to carry. Women can use it to stimulate their breasts. Enjoy the pleasure that this sex toy brings to your body.

    Sohimi 360° Rotating Vibrating Prostate Massager

    This small and exquisite prostate massager brings you a unique sexual pleasure, come and experience it!

    This is a prostate massager that can vibrate. This prostate strap has a very flexible teaser. This small teaser is like a jumping genie that brings you different anal sexual pleasure. It can rotate 360 degrees. You can control this teaser freely and flexibly. It's all up to you!

    This anal sex toy is ready to stimulate your innermost fantasies about sex. The flexible teaser and plump probes give you plenty of caress both inside and outside your anus.

    Rotating Vibrating Prostate Massager


    Sohimi understands that you have many new and exciting ideas when it comes to sex, which is why it designed this unique anal toy. Whether it's a fierce, soft, fast, or slow style, this massager can take you through it all! You can also switch the mode you want at will. This will give you a different kind of sexual experience!

    The 3 rotating functions, unique curved body, and silky silicone gradually bring you electric sexual pleasure, pulsating passion, and an upgraded erotic experience.

    This is the perfect anal sex toy, just for you. You can play with it like a trusted friend.

    Sohimi Vibrating Anal Trainer Set

    This is the very great anal training kit that will take you from novice to skilled player!

    We understand your expectations and worries about backdoor games. sohimi will make your worries fade away. This sweet anal training kit includes 3 anal plugs of different sizes and a bullet vibrator.

    All three anal plugs are relatively small in size. Boys or girls can choose the right anal plug for their situation. The anal plugs for training are available in different sizes from 11 cm to 14.2 cm in length and 2.9 cm to 3.8 cm in diameter. Women can insert the anal plugs into the vagina or anus.

    Vibrating Anal Trainer Set

    After you get used to the size of the anal plug, you can choose whether to use it with or without a vibrator. At the bottom of the training anal plug there is a strong suction base to prevent the plug from slipping out of it.

    Everyone who chooses this training anal plug can fully appreciate its benefits. It won't take long for you to go from beginner to expert. 

    Be confident for your anal pleasure

    If you want to have a different anal orgasm experience, then you must first have full confidence in yourself. Only if you believe that you can get it, then you can get the sex you want. My friend, getting an anal orgasm is really a simple and easy thing to do. You can play with the above anal toys to gradually get the sexual experience you want. Anal sex toys can help you eliminate some of your worries and give you some help. Be brave enough to pursue the perfect sexual experience you want!

  • Enjoy Remote Control Anal Fun With Your Gay Boy


    Enjoy Remote Control Anal Fun With Your Gay Boy

    > Lena Sohimi

    Sex is very important for the intimacy of gay boy couples. Sex can bring two people closer together. Through sex, gay boys can become more aware of the changes in their lover's body and psychological changes. It is very romantic for two people to pleasure each other's bodies. But flirting doesn't have to be about two people being physically close, flirting from a distance is also a very creative way to have sex.

    To give sex a different style, in addition to the physical intimacy between two people, you can also have a remote control flirtation. These are all perfectly fine to try! Don't let your stubborn thinking limit your fantasies about sex.

    What are remote-controlled sex toys?

    Many sex toys are now appearing one after another for fashionable boys and girls. Sex toys are also available in a variety of styles. On a topic like sex, fashionable gay boys are not shy about talking about their sexual experiences and sexually explicit experiences. This is because they are fashionable and have an open mind and a unique perspective on sex. They are very eager to play with different styles of sex toys. If a sex toy brand always sells the same type of sex toys, then the brand will be ignored and abandoned by fashionable men and women. So these sex toy brands are eager to take their place in the competitive sex toy market and are always working on developing new and innovative sex toys.

    They have taken inspiration from the TV remote control panels. The TV remote control panels can be connected to a TV set to control it. So can the body be controlled during sex as well? It's a bold and exciting idea. But for sex, bold ideas are good for advancing the relationship between couples. Couples in modern life need some exciting sex toys to improve their relationship with their partner and enhance the quality of their sex life.

    two gay men


    For these reasons, remote-controlled sex toys came to the public.

    A remote control sex toy usually consists of a mini remote control and a male or female sex toy. Couples can use the remote control to control the sex toy while flirting or making love and have a remote-controlled exciting sex with their partner. "My lover won't know which button I'll push, and each button brings a different kind of pleasure. I love flirting with my baby like this! It's so fucking exciting!" 

    What fun do remote-controlled sex toys bring to gay boys?

    Remote-controlled sex toys, whether they are handheld or apps on your phone, can take your exciting masturbation session with your lover up a few notches and can also make sex play between couples more fun. Remote-controlled sex toys can bring an unknown sexual experience to you and your lover because your partner will not know what gear of vibration frequency or pulse you are pressing at the moment you press the button. All this experience is unknown, but these unknown stimulations can add more fun to your sex.

    Currently, sohimi has launched two app remote-controlled vibrators for women. Both of these remote control vibrators have several features in common. First, these two app-controlled vibrators are easy to carry. Secondly, these two sex toys have very interesting features. They allow partners to use the app to remotely control their vibrators.

    app remote control


    These two vibrators have several very exciting vibration modes. The novelty of the remote control design can help women to pleasure themselves more easily.

    Sohimi also launched remote-controlled anal beads and remote-controlled anal massagers. In addition, sohimi's remote-controlled prostate massagers are also very attractive. These sex toys are designed to meet the needs of flirting between gay couples. Interactive sex can make sex more desirable and fun. When you and your partner play with remote-controlled sex toys together, you can get to know each other's bodies better. In the process of interaction, you will appreciate the wonderful moments of making love with your lover more.

    Remote-controlled anal toys for gay boys

    Sohimi Anal Expansion Vibrator

    This is an electric anal expansion vibrator with a special scissor design. It is made of a material with good elasticity. You and your gay boy can play with it very easily, whether you are novices or experts in the backdoor game. If you and your boy want to explore anal sex, you can fully extend your anus and get great sexual satisfaction with this anal expansion vibrator.

    Anal Expansion Vibrator


    The perfect remote-controlled anal toy, this vibrator comes with a mini remote control. You can freely control this anal vibrator from a distance of 15 to 20 meters. This distance is perfectly designed, neither too far nor too close. Even if your boy is in the bathroom and you are in the bedroom, you can have a romantic flirtation across the distance. 

    This electric dilator has great features. These features will make you feel unbelievable! It has eight frequencies. You can choose the right frequency according to the rhythm of your sex and flirting needs. Whether it's gentle or vigorous, this anal vibrator will give you the perfect anal sex experience. After you are familiar with the anal stimulator, you can adjust the frequency and intensity as you wish. Then you can achieve the ultimate full-body orgasm. And you will also get the pleasure of electric shock pulses. The electric shock pulse and eight frequencies bring you double sexual pleasure, making you feel thrilling pleasure! 

    Sohimi Anal Vibrator with Penis Ring

    This is a very perfect anal vibrator! If you choose such a vibrator, you will get all the features of a prostate massager, a vibrator, and a penis ring at the same time.

    It has a powerful dual motor. This design can help you experience different styles and different rhythms in your sexual experiences.

    Anal Vibrator With Penis Ring


    As a  multifunctional anal vibrator, it also has an excellent remote control setting. You and your gay boy can play with this anal toy with each other from a distance of 15 meters to 25 meters. You have ten vibration modes to choose from. This anal toy will give you ten different modes of sex! The penis ring will enhance your erection and help you last longer during sex. After all, every boy wants to make his erection last longer! The prostate vibrator stimulates and massages the male P-spot to help men achieve a quick P-spot orgasm.  

    To make sex even more exciting, sohimi added a lot of bumps to this vibrator's prostate massager. This will increase your sexual pleasure! You can enjoy playing with this perfect anal toy in the bathroom or pool because it is waterproof

    Sohimi S121 Vibrating Anal Beads 

    This is a very distinctive long anal bead. In addition to the usual features of a long anal bead, it brings you multiple vibration modes and a remote control remote device. This one comes with an extra mini bullet vibrator, which is an extra surprise for you!

    The small beads of this anal bead are arranged from small to large. The beads located at the top are the smallest, and the closer to the bottom the larger the beads are. This is an anal bead with the perfect size.

    Vibrating Anal Beads


    In addition to the usual anal beads for penetrative pleasure, you'll get nine modes of vibration for sexual pleasure. From weak to strong, from mild to strong, from slow to fast. The different frequencies bring you and your boy different surprises. You only need a remote control to control this wonderful anal bead with one hand.

    If you and your boy play with this anal bead while making love, you do not have to worry about the rough material that will make you hurt. This anal bead is made of soft silicone. When you touch this anal bead, you will feel the silk-like smooth touch. This material is so soft, flexible, and durable. You can bend the beads as much as you want to adapt them to your sexual position.

    Enjoy playing with this remote-controlled anal bead for your sexual pleasure!

    Remote-controlled anal toys make gay boys more intimate

    Remote control anal toys offer more sexual styles for gay boys. Whether it's anal penetration or masturbation, sex is free, spontaneous, and fun. Each person can create a more comfortable sexual experience for their lover, which is a sign of love for each other. Different styles of sex can bring gay boys closer to each other. Sex brings them not only physical pleasure but also spiritual enjoyment. By playing with remote control style toys during sex, lovers will get to know each other better.

  • Anal Toys - Ideal Sex Toys In Gay Bars


    Anal Toys - Ideal Sex Toys In Gay Bars

    > Lena Sohimi

    Where would you go with your boy to spend a nice weekend? Many bars in the United States are exclusively for gay boys. Here you can have fun with alcohol, music, and bouncing.

    Maybe you can also add a different feature to your bar date. Nothing goes better with a gay bar than exciting anal sex! Bring your male anal toys and sexual enthusiasm and head to the gay bar!

    What is a gay bar?

    A gay bar is not much different from a regular bar in terms of appearance. Usually, gay bars have a gay bar sign or rainbow flag at the entrance. It is a place of passion. You will not be restricted in any way here.

    Every gay boy knows such a lively and open place. There are many gay bars in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Usually, the people who entertain here are mostly gay couples or boys who want to find a boyfriend here. Gay boys can also bring their straight boyfriends along to experience this unique bar atmosphere. All gay boys can unleash their energy and desires in these places. Gay bars are the Garden of Eden for gay boys.

    beer drink


    There is energetic music here to stimulate your nerves. Usually, you can order a whiskey and sit at the bar when you will be approached by single gay boys for a chat. Many gay boys have become couples through gay bars. Whether you are top or bottom you can find a boy like you or your ideal partner here. Of course, you can also see the flashing lights and the stage. Fueled by alcohol, you can have exciting sex with your partner on the stage! It must be a great experience.

    This is a superb place to make love

    What do you think of when it comes to sex? Sex is a relatively private thing for many gay boys. They may kiss or cuddle on the street or in a restaurant. But they usually have exciting sex in bed after nightfall. Usually, they take shower before having sex and put on enchanting music. Then they kiss and flirt with each other and have an exciting marathon in bed. But even in their own homes, gay boys still have some concerns. They are worried that they accidentally open the curtains and neighbors would see sex. They also worry about disturbing the surrounding neighbors with the noise. Such sex might prevent gay boys from fully unleashing their sexual desires.

    It is not easy for single gay boys to find their lovers. They are afraid to woo the boy they love in public, and it would be a very embarrassing thing if the object of their affection was a straight man. Single gay boys are very eager to have a sexual encounter with their lover that belongs only to the two of them.

    gay bar


    In gay bars, gay boys can enjoy sex. They do not have to worry about disturbing anyone because it is a very lively place. Everyone who comes to a gay bar is eager for freedom and excitement. They can take out the sex toys they have prepared long ago and have an exciting backdoor game with their partner somewhere in the bar. Gay bars have a high tolerance for gay boys, where they can be free to be intimate with their partners. No one here would consider sex to be something abnormal or shameful. And the dynamic music and seductive lighting will make people more daring and spontaneous. Such an atmosphere will stimulate the lover's sexual desire!

    Single gay boys will gather in every gay bar. If you haven't found your lover yet, you can come to a gay bar to find your intimate lover. You can flirt boldly with a single boy and he will not be disgusted with you. The hot and exciting atmosphere may make you fall in love in no time. The burning desire inside will make the single of you want to make love right away to celebrate your love.                                                                                                                            

    Male anal toys - Excellent sex toys for bar sex

    Anal plug toys have always been a very popular sex toy for gay boys. Novel and exciting anal toys are perfect for you to use in bar sex.

    Sohimi BELL jeweled butt plug with chain

    If you have sex with your lover in a bar with this set of jewelry-shaped anal plugs, then you must be the most special couple in the whole bar.

    A set of anal plugs contains three sizes of anal plugs. This set of anal plugs is suitable for all gay couples who want to add creativity to their anal play.

    blue jeweled butt plug


    This set of anal plugs is very small in shape. You don't want to bring a large anal plug to a bar date, so this set of anal plugs is perfect for you. Both small and large jewelry-shaped anal plugs are easy to carry. You can easily put the anal plugs in your pocket.

    What a charming blue "jewel"! The color of this anal plug set makes it a beautiful member of the sohimi family. This set of jewel-shaped anal plugs is like a real blue jewel. The blue "jewel" is designed in the shape of a heart. If you are a bottom, you must play with your top in the bar with this toy. Your top will find you very attractive.

    When you play with this blue "jewel" anal plug in the middle of the bar dance floor or a corner, the blue jewel will shine beautifully under the light. And the bell at the end of the anal plug will also make a pleasant sound with the twisting of your body. This anal plug makes you so attractive!

    If you want to have a more exciting sexual experience with your lover, this set of anal plugs can completely meet your sexual needs. There is also a chain with a collar in the product. When you kneel on the floor and let your body bend into a beautiful arc, the blue jewelry-shaped anal plug will make your big ass look more attractive. This is when an attractive chain is really perfect. You can let your boy put the chain around your neck, the chain makes your neck more sexier.

    Sohimi S121 vibrating anal beads                                         

    With the beat of the music, enjoy the vibrating pleasure brought to you by the anal beads!

    This is an anal bead with a progressive design. It's perfect for those of you who want to have anal fun with your lover at the bar!

    If you want to start your great sex with your boy to music, then this anal bead has a vibration mode to help you achieve your dream. 

    Sohimi S121 Vibrating Anal Beads

    Whether it's sporty jazz music or crazy DJ music, you can find the perfect vibration mode for you. You can easily experience 3 intense speeds and 7 pulsating modes at the push of a button. Either vibration mode can bring you into the world of passionate sex while the music is playing.

    This anal bead is equipped with remote control, you can press the button to remote this anal bead. You can let your boy control the remote control, which will make your sex more exciting. You can't be sure which gear your boy will choose! You just enjoy the music and the sexual experience the vibrations bring you!

    Opening a special sexual experience to the beat of the music is an experience you won't forget! "Oh, you have no idea how well the DJ music and the vibration mode work together. My body was swaying all the time. I felt like I was dancing with joy. My boy said my position was very attractive to him!" The anal beads are very well designed. As you insert the anal beads deeper, you will feel a more intense vibrating sensation.

    Sohimi pink fox tail butt plug

    This pink foxtail anal plug will allow you to show your sex appeal perfectly in gay bars. The outstanding shape makes this pink foxtail anal plug a must-have sex toy for your gay bar visits.

    The shape of this anal plug is a pink fluffy foxtail. And this pink fox tail anal plug is made of a very soft and comfortable material. Gay boys do not have to worry about the poor quality of the material will reduce their sexual passion.

    The length of this foxtail is very appropriate. If you are a top, you will want your lover to put such a seductive anal plug in your big ass. Because it looks attractive and arouses your sexual desire more.

    If you are a bottom, this foxtail anal plug will make your attractive butt more sexier. You can flirt happily with your lover in the spotlight of a gay bar with this anal plug.

    pink tail anal plug

    The color of this anal plug goes very well with the atmosphere of the gay bar. It will make you look like a charming person. What's more surprising is that this pink foxtail anal plug has a remote control. You can let your boy remotely control this pink foxtail. The moment he presses the remote control button, you are the coolest gay boys in the whole bar! With the wagging of the foxtail, your big ass looks even more attractive. 

    Enjoy your anal sex in a gay bar

    No one sets a fixed place and a specific style for sex. You can have sex with your partner wherever you like. Gay bars are great places to do this. Here you can enjoy not only the pleasure of alcohol, the rhythm of the music but also the freedom of sex. The most important thing is that you can be your true self here. It doesn't matter where you have sex, what matters is the free and comfortable sexual atmosphere.

  • Best 10 Sex Toys For Women


    Best 10 Sex Toys For Women

    > Jenny sohimi

    Whether tomorrow is a weekday or a day off, whether you're in a good or a bad mood, when you're lying in bed after a long day, ready to say good night to the world...Sexual desire always pops into your brain, knocks your head and says, "I want it! Right here! Right now!" Well, it may not be as crude as I describe, but it will be more straightforward than that.

    Fortunately, today the market for female sex toys is mature, and we have thousands of options to choose from. But the mind-boggling thing is that there are too many types and factors to consider! Quality, noise, shape, strength, etc. But now you don't have to worry, because here I've listed the ten best female sex toys for you from a selection as vast as the sea, whether you're a novice or a veteran. Get your notebooks ready. The following descriptions for you to select toys have a great sense of reference.

    Rose Queen Clitoral Sucking & G Spot Vibrator

    rose queen

    This one is excellent value for money, both in material and function. Functionally it has both stimulation and penetration. Buying it is like buying two toys at the same time. The outside is made of liquid silicone, which has a soft and skin-friendly characteristic and is comfortable and advanced to touch. The inside of the vibrator is made of tungsten steel, making it small in size and strong in vibration. The most appealing thing is that it is absolutely silent, with a great sense of privacy and immersive experience!

    Rose Toy Clit Sucker

     Rose toy

    The dark horse of the sex toy world in 2021, If you also play TikTok, you may not be new to this product. Its overall look is senior, a red rose. This image also happens to hit the soft spot of most women. Its function is to stimulate the clitoris through the rose to achieve orgasm. One buyer from sohimi mentioned in the review is "be sure to have a towel ready, or your sheets will end up in a mess!"The rose toy can suck your soul out of your body and float up to the ceiling.

    G - Spot Thrusting Dildo


    Its appearance is designed to look like a real penis; it even has veins on it, with different densities of material inside and outside, harder inside and softer outside, making it more realistic in feeling and using. To highlight its experience, the designers added many tiny bumps on its surface to keep the vagina safe while increasing the friction and stimulating the vaginal lining further. The base has a sucking cup that allows you to use it in a variety of places. This one has an intense sensation because it rotates, vibrates, and stretches three kinds of movements that can regularly stimulate your G-spot to reach orgasm.

    TULIP Mini Tongue Clit Licker Vibrator

    Sohimi - TULIP Mini Tongue Vibrator

    This purple clitoral vibrator sells very well because of its cute shape and precise stimulation. This is one of sohimi's best-selling clitoral stimulators, and the tulip center is set in the form of a tongue to lick your sensitive spots, including the clitoris and nipples. If you are alone, then let it lick your clitoris to help you reach orgasm. If you have a partner, you can also use it for the foreplay part. The ultimate experience and powerful stimulation always bring surprises. Here are some reviews from the sohimi website.

    "It's super cute, soft, and comfortable to hold, as well as to be a way more powerful and unique sensation than I had expected."

    "It usually takes me a little while to O, but this toy made me O fast."

    Sucking Clitoris Stimulator and Wand Massager


    If you own it, you will find that its uses far outweigh its price. It includes three functions: vibrating, sucking and thrusting, so you can use it for clitoral stimulation and sucking, or you can use it to penetrate your vagina and anus. In addition to its many uses, it also stands out because of its superb value for money. Hey! Just because it's inexpensive doesn't mean it's crudely made. It's high quality and made of safe silicone material. The average Hitachi wand is about $70-100, while this one is half the price but has more features.

    10.6" Huge Liquid Silicone Dildo


    If you're used to regular size dildos and are looking for more intense stimulation, then this 10.6-inch silicone dildo is perfect for you. It is designed in the shape of a real penis with delicate lines on it. The use of a double layer of silicone makes the touch more realistic. With a suction cup at its base, its powerful suction enables you to use it anywhere. The flexible feature supports you to insert it into your body from all directions. It is natural for women to seek more stimulating play; this huge dildo sits in the top eight of the female sex toy sales list, receiving over a thousand positive user reviews. 

    Vibrating Anal Trainer Set

      Vibrating Anal Trainer Set

    If you like or want to try anal play, then I recommend you try this anal plug! In fact, it is a set of sex toys that contains three sizes of anal plugs from small to large and a vibrator. So whether you are a novice or a veteran, you can use this versatile anal plug. If you want to shove it up to your anus, here are three sizes you can pick from. Want something more tingling? Then add a vibrator. It is absolutely flexible and safe because the material it uses is 100% medical silicone.

    M3 Remote Control Vibrator

     M3 Remote Control Vibrator

    If you want an exciting outdoor sex toy experience, you will regret missing it. The unique design allows it to fit the lines of women's private parts and stimulate your clitoris and vagina very well. Wear it with your panties on and enjoy its stimulation whenever you are outside. It shakes with only a tiny sound, so you don't need to worry that others will hear it. It can be controlled by remote. If you are alone, you can switch on and off and switch modes according to your thoughts. If you have a partner, give the remote to your partner and enjoy the sudden stimulation.

    ROSE EGG Vibrator

     Rose Egg Vibrator

    This one is also a member of the rose family, and the difference is the egg vibrator on the other end of the rose. The bright color scheme makes it an excellent choice for either your use or as a gift. Roses also have a sucking and vibrating function like the previous two models, with five modes, giving you a clitoral orgasm easily. You can place the egg vibrator in the vagina or anus, but it can also stimulate sensitive points such as nipples. During intercourse, this little egg will not help you reach orgasm, but it will be the best helper for flirting and foreplay. BTW, it is 100% silent, so it will never spoil the ambiguous atmosphere.

    HAMMER Sucking Vibrator

     HAMMER Sucking Vibrator

    This vibrator looks very cute as a pink hammer and what's more significant is that it has three stimulation points. The hammer handle acts as a vibrator that can reach into your vagina or anus, and the hammer's crook can stimulate your anus for multiple comforts after you insert it into your vagina. You can use the flat piece for patting your clitoris, and the shape of the whole toy is effortless to hold while masturbating without the risk of slipping away. The material chosen is food-grade silicone to guarantee the smoothness and safety of use.

    OK, the ranking of the top 10 female sex toys ends. If you want to get more information about sex toys, please visit Sohimi Official Website.

  • How to Have Multiple Orgasms Through Masturbation For Men


    How to Have Multiple Orgasms Through Masturbation For Men

    > Lucine Keogh

    For Penis

    Imagine you rub your hands all over on the penis and the top of the penis. At the point when a man does this to himself, it is called masturbation. Masturbation is likewise called wanking or jerking off. A man is energized by a masturbation and may arrive at climax, which may be the most pleasurable thing on the planet.

    • Play the porn or make other preparations.
    • Hold your penis immovably yet tenderly in your grasp.
    • Slide your hand all over on the penis and the top of the penis.
    • Use your whole hand or just your thumb and a couple of fingers.
    • Make a short or a long stroke.
    • Slow, quick or quicker and quicker.
    • Use salivation or lube while jerking off. A few men like it when it is elusive.
    • Add a male masturbator into this game.

    Most of us know that women can have "multiple orgasms." Sustained stimulation of the vagina or clitoris, either manual, oral or through intercourse, can sometimes bring on successive orgasms, often of growing intensity.

    We also know that men can't really do this because after ejaculation there is a "refractory" period when our erection subsides. Some guys can have a couple in a row if they keep it upright through the refractory period. But, for the most part, we have to wait a while and start over. We'd be psyched if we had a handful of orgasms over a few hours.

    In fact, men can also have multiple successive orgasms. This is called Male Multiple Orgasm (MMO). The key is to have an orgasm without ejaculating. This seems like a crazy idea, because we always think orgasm and ejaculation are the same things! But actually, they are not. Men can have "dry" or "non-ejaculatory" orgasms. These are not ejaculatory orgasms where in the last second the semen is halted. There is no ejaculatory reflex at all. Typically, your penis is left entirely unstimulated.

    men orgams

    Not only can men have successive non-ejaculatory orgasms, but those orgasms can be extremely intense — more intense than your good old ejaculation. Some men may remember a time when they had the most intense orgasm of my life. Exceptionally strong ejaculatory orgasms may involve loud involuntary vocalizations and an overwhelming feeling of pleasure. Non-ejaculatory orgasms commonly have an intensity in that range. What's more, you can have a massive chain reaction of them for a half-hour, hour, or more.

    It’s not greedy to want the most euphoric sex imaginable. 

    For Anal

    Except for your penis, don't forget your prostate which is called the “male G-spot”, there is your golden ticket to an intense and full-body experience on one of the male erogenous zones. An erogenous zone is a highly sensitive area of the body that may generate a sexual response when stimulated. So if you haven’t enjoyed it, now is the best time. 

    men butt

    Anal masturbation with fingers or anal plugs is also a way for some men to achieve orgasm. Since the anal muscles contract during orgasm, the presence of objects that keep the sphincter open can enhance the sensation of contraction and exacerbate orgasm. If have to make a distinction between anal sex and anal intercourse, whether use a penile for direct insertion is the main factor. We usually use anal intercourse to describe penile-anal penetration and anal sex for any form of anal sexual activity. Since there are a large number of nerve endings in the anal area, and stretching the anal sphincter when inserting the finger increases irritation, this practice may be pleasant. The prostate is a walnut-sized organ inside the rectum and just under the bladder. It wraps around the urethra, which is the tube that drains urine from the bladder. It tends to get larger with age, making it easier to locate.

    To find the prostate, a person can insert a lubricated finger into the rectum, then push slightly on the front wall of the rectum. They may feel a slight bulge. It is recommended to use anal plug series from Sohimi with high-quality water-based lubricant to increase pleasure and facilitate insertion. 

    You can start off slow by using one finger to gently rub the outside and inside of your anal opening, then insert your finger gradually to massage your prostate. Increase the speed and motion as the pleasure begins to build until you’re ready to finish. 

    Anal play isn’t for every man, and I understand why you might be reticent to try it. It's still a bit taboo, and it can get a little messy. But if you're down to do butt stuff, you might discover the wonders of the prostate orgasm, and it's like no penile orgasm you've ever experienced.

    For Nipples

    There are many other changes in male masturbation techniques. Men may also rub or massage the glans, the rim of the glans, and the frenular delta. Some men place their hands directly on their penis during masturbation, while others may stroke their testicles, nipples, or other parts of the body with their free hands.

    men nipples

    Nipples are erogenous zones to millions of people. And like any special patch of so-labeled skin, stimulated nipples to invoke wickedly erotic sensibilities. The exact feeling is hard to pin down: it's like floating, like fire, like flying, like high vibrations, like trees swaying in the breeze, like the perfect temperature of the water, like the best bubble bath. 

    Having a nipple orgasm unfastened men. And they're not just for women, either. Studies show men can get off this way, too. It's not so far-fetched when you consider nipples have more than 800 nerve endings, release oxytocin when stimulated, and are the erogenous zones in closest proximity to the heart.  

    Nipples are the sensual area, and strong stimulation to them during masturbation usually causes the penis to erect faster than otherwise. We would recommend Vibrating Dual Penis Ring. Compared with other Penis toys, it is not too tight or small, because it is adjustable. There is no need to worry about how to choose a suitable size. Everybody can use this adjustable penis massager, giving you strong stimulation and sexual pleasure. And this one can massage your nipples as you want. 

    sohimi dual cock ring

    Some people may keep their hands still while pumping water with pelvic thrust to simulate the action of sexual intercourse. Some people may lie down in a prone position and rub their genitals with a bed sheet or other surface. This technique is called prone masturbation. Don't forget to try Penis Massager from Sohimi. It can massage male penis and stimulate the anus. Unlike other penis rings, this sex toy provides extra pressure and amazing stimulation to your perineum with a taint teaser on the inside. Let the penis massager fits around your cock and balls tightly, stimulates your perineum with gentle pressure. Your penis, balls and perineum will be under pleasurable vibration when put on the button, relax and enjoy the wonderful time. 

    sohimi feder penis message

    When taking a bath or shower, a man can direct water to his frenulum, testicles or perineum by holding the shower head. Don't worry, the above two cock rings are waterproof.  

    Now let us have the conclusion for you:


    It's high-intensity continuous stimulation of the glans, achieving multiple orgasms and squirting effects. Pay attention to relaxation and do not suppress the urinary urge.


    The word means "edge", which is to keep on the edge of the verge of orgasm through breathing, finger pressing, muscle control, stop stimulation, etc., to extend the period of time before ejaculation, so as to enjoy multiple orgasms. This method is unisex.

    a couple lie in the bed for sex

    Stop stimulating the penis before orgasm, and relax the urethra and perineum. At this time, the semen will flow out instead of ejaculation, and refractory period will not occur.

    Prostate orgasm

    Stimulate the prostate and perineum to reach a super orgasm. During this period, semen may flow out, but it is not ejaculated, and there will be no refractory period.

    The focus of prostate orgasm is also relaxation, and its highest state is Super-O, which is a dreamy and selfless ultimate orgasm.

  • How To Choose The Best Anal Toy For Gay Boy?


    How To Choose The Best Anal Toy For Gay Boy?

    > yiman zeng

    Hey, dear gay boys! Pride Month is coming! Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and queer will take to the streets to greet the event that belongs to them. Pride Month is not only a month of the year but also a special event for you. During such an exciting holiday, you will have sex with your partner, in order to celebrate this special holiday. How to make your partner enjoy pleasure during sex is a question you often think about, and you may be anxious about it. 



    You are worried that your sexual ability will not satisfy your partner during sex. A bad sex process can cause your partner to feel depressed. Of course you want to have comfortable and in-depth physical communication with your partner. You think that a short and thin penis will be seen as a sign of a man's incompetence. Everyone wants to have a strong penis. If a man wants to get harder erections, one may choose to ask the doctor for help and ask the doctor to give him some advice. For example, the doctor will tell him that he has a minor problem with the prostate or that he has a mental illness, and then he will need treatment.

    All these troubles make you and your partner depressed. But man, cheer up!

    You can believe that you can get it! You can choose to use some creative anal toys to improve your sexual ability. These creative and wonderful inventions will greatly enhance your performance in bed. Your partner will think you are a charming man because of the pleasure you bring to him.

    Does this sound exciting? Let’s explore together! We will see the following points

    What Are Anal Toys?


    You may never know this type of toy before. Now you can start exploring them. Anal toys are designed to stimulate the anal area of the male user. In order for the user to have constant sexual pleasure, these toys are designed in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. They are usually spherical, and they have a flared base. Anal beads, butt plugs, and other anal toys can allow you and your partner to experience extraordinary sexual pleasure.

    In addition to general sexual intercourse activities, these sex products can allow you to explore backdoor games securely. This is a perfect experience you can't miss. If you have never tried any type of anal insertion, it will be a pity. Gay boys could use these wonderful things to stimulate their prostate to get a more intense and pleasant experience. You can use these toys to help you and your partner explore this sensitive area of ​​your body. You can incorporate them into foreplay. If you are a beginner, you can experiment while masturbating.



    After unlocking the mystery of this type of toy, gay boys surely want to find the toy that suits them best, which is very important for creating a good sexual experience or comfortable masturbation. So how do find the best assist? Boys need to understand the specific types of anal toys. According to their specific needs, they can choose special sex products.

     Anal Toys

    If a boy uses anal toys for the first time, something small and flexible will be more appealing to him. These inventions will relax him, and when he adapts, he can choose advanced products.  The main anal toys are: anal beads, butt plugs, prostate toys, penis enlargement device, and penis Massager. Each type of toy has its own characteristics and advantages.

    Anal Beads

    Anal beads are perfect for beginners. If users just start to try to use anal sex toys to please their butts, then anal beads will meet the needs of such users. These beads usually adopt a progressive design, from small beads to large beads.



    Anal beads are usually made of silicone, plastic, rubber, latex, glass or metal, with a ring or similar handle at the end for pulling. The purpose of this ring is to prevent the beads from staying in the rectum completely and to facilitate removal.

    Sohimi S121 Vibrating Anal Bead

    Sohimi S121 Vibrating Anal Bead is great. This product has many advantages, these advantages make Sohimi S121 Vibrating Anal Bead the best companion for beginners! For example, multi-speed vibration mode can make gay boys feel the speed and passion. High-quality and safe silicone material can minimize pain during use. The USB charging device makes charging more convenient and faster. Surprisingly, these anal beads are also waterproof. This feature will make the process more comfortable whether the user is cleaning the toy or in the intimate shower.

    Butt Plug

    In addition to anal beads, butt plugs can also make it more convenient for beginners to enjoy the pleasure of anal sex. This type of appliance is used to stretch the anus in preparation for something bigger. If you now cannot have an accurate evaluation of your body right now, you can use this toy to explore the world of sex. After you get used to this intimate partner, you will have the ability to use the anal plug flexibly, and then you can wear it on the anus for a long time.

    Prostate Massager

    The prostate massager is a sex toy specially designed for men. It is used to stimulate the prostate. It could also be called a prostate stimulator. In terms of the physiological structure, women have a G point, and men have a P point. By stimulating this point, they can get sexual pleasure more easily and quickly and then reach a state of orgasm. Many men find that this kind of vibrating anal toy can stimulate P point more effectively. This kind of toys can lay a perfect foundation for formal sex, and both gay men can get the ultimate perfect enjoyment. Of course, this massager has other unexpected advantages for users. The prostate massager can prevent some male diseases, which is also very beneficial to their physical health.

    Penis Enlargement Device

    Do you worry that your performance in bed is not enough to satisfy your partner? Maybe you sometimes feel that you can't work with your “brother” perfectly because he can't grow bigger in a short time. You may have never heard of a penis enlargement device, which can make your penis firm quickly. The firmness of a man's penis represents his strength to a certain extent. Having a perfect penis allows a man to perform at his best level in the bedroom, and a long standby state will make the partner more willing to enjoy this physical passionate collision with his partner.

    A penis pump can provide temporary penis enlargement for gay boys. If a gay boy is not satisfied with his penis, then this product will become his best device. The user places the device on his penis, and a hermetic seal is formed. The pump then generates suction, drawing blood into the penis, making it harder and larger.

    Sohimi P5 Penis Enlargement Device

    Sohimi P5 Penis Enlargement Device can train men's penis. Surprisingly, it can also make the penis erect longer. The penis pump is controlled by intelligent pressure, which is a user-friendly system. During training, 55% of the penis's muscles will become stronger under the influence of vacuum pressure. This powerful intelligent pressure control system can make gay boys’ penis get the greatest sense of security and comfort. Of course, the materials used in this product are also very good. This product is made of excellent PC and ABS materials, which will not cause harm to the human body.


    Penis Massager

    Is it only a penis pump to exercise the erectile ability of the penis? The answer is no because other products can also achieve the same effect. Gay boys can also choose a penis massager. They can use a penis massager to make their little brother grow bigger. This process is wonderful for them because they are full of expectations for their physical changes during sex or foreplay. This outstanding invention can effectively stimulate the sensitive parts of the penis, making this organ rapidly enlarged.

    Of course, it would be disappointing to shrink quickly after getting bigger, but men don’t have to worry about this problem, because if they use this massager, their penis can continue to have an erection. This state of erection is very beneficial to their subsequent sex process. 

    Sohimi FEDER Penis Massager

    Sohimi FEDER Penis Massager is a massager specially developed to improve male sexual ability. This massager has comprehensive functions. One special feature of this product is that this massager comes with a vulva teaser. This part will provide wonderful feelings and extraordinary stimulation to the perineum of gay boys. When men press the USB button, they can feel the ultimate enjoyment brought by gentle pressure. 



    The penis, testicles, and perineum of gay boys will continue to be in a pleasant vibration state. This product uses high-quality and safe silicone material, so men can use it with confidence. What’s more, this device will give a gay boy and his partner a complete release and ultimate relaxation.

     Suggestions For Gay Boys To Buy Anal Toys

    Gay boys certainly want to buy the best anal toys for themselves and their partners. There are a few points to be noted.

    First, size is not everything, the one that suits you is the best. Gay boys can choose their favorite device according to their stage. If you are a beginner player, you'd better try small toys first. If you are an advanced player, you can choose toys as you like. These sex toys can make you and your partner enjoy the perfect sex game.



    Second, before an exciting sexual experience, gay men should do adequate lubrication to protect their bodies. You need to use plenty of lubrication, such as silicone based lubrication. If the toy you are using is made of silicone, you better clean it before you use it. The right amount of lubrication can make gay men more comfortable and at ease during sexThe intense sex process is certainly desirable, but the physical safety of the partner is also very important. Therefore, the necessary pre-sex work cannot be ignored.

  • Things You Need to Know About Prostate Milking


    Things You Need to Know About Prostate Milking

    > jiajia lu

    Engaging in sexual activities has been at an all-time high now that many people have more free time since the pandemic began. With this phenomenon happening, it was about time the people took to the internet on how to do certain activities for their partners to enjoy. Among these frequently searched sexual activities is the common act of prostate milking and how to do it safely to oneself or to a lover.

    For everyone who isn't familiar with the act, prostate milking comes in many different names, from prostate massage to prostate orgasm. Essentially, prostate milking is the act of sexual stimulation to the prostate, enough to get it producing prostate fluid, a thin and milky fluid. It's best to note that prostate fluid and semen are two different fluids since prostate fluid makes up a good volume of semen.

    Prostate milking is essentially a sexual activity since the appropriate term used for the medical field is prostate massage. Basically, the prostate is a walnut-sized organ found inside the rectum and under the bladder, wrapping around the urethra. Normally, the act of milking it is safe and one with a lot of benefits. But if done wrongly, it could cause complications. So before getting into it, sufficient research should be a must.

    Everything About Prostate Milking

    Before learning how to do it, knowing the basics of prostate milking should be known since knowledge about the act could help greatly in performance. In addition, poor knowledge about prostate milking may lead to you being too rough when performing it, leading to pain and problems. Prostate milking could be highly beneficial if done right, but poor execution could lead to an accident, so approach this act with caution.

    Why do people do it?

    There are multiple reasons why people partake in prostate milking, from health benefits to sexual purposes and urges. However, a good population of men and people in homosexual relationships engage in prostate milking for sexual benefits. It's undeniable that prostate milking is highly pleasurable, considering that you could get an orgasm from it.

    Aside from a good orgasm, intimacy could be built from the act considering that prostate milking is highly romantic if done with a partner. The act requires a gentle stimulation of the prostate gland through finger insertion from the anus, which explains why the action is highly intimate. No matter what the reason may be, though, it's absolutely normal to engage in this activity since it's a perfectly normal human action.

    What are the health benefits?

    Other than getting a good orgasm out of it, prostate milking actually has numerous health benefits that have been scientifically studied. One of the biggest health bonuses it could give you is preventing prostate cancer because it decreases its swelling. Since prostate milking often leads to the secretion of prostate fluids, it helps clear out excess fluid, reducing and relieving the prostate gland from swelling.

    In addition, prostate milking may clear out your prostatic duct, promoting a healthy flow of fluids typically wearing out as you age. Due to this, painful ejaculation, prostatitis, urine flow, and even erectile dysfunction could be prevented or have its chances decreased.

    Although there are numerous benefits from it, prostate milking does come with its risks. However, hygiene and slow movements could prevent such things.

    Common Misconceptions About Prostate Milking

    Since the internet is huge, you may have gone through a couple of misconceptions and myths regarding prostate milking. These myths are mostly from speculations and coincidences only, and there's no scientific proof behind them. Here are two of the biggest myths which have already been debunked time and time again by experts.

    Addressing the myths

    The first greatest myth regarding prostate milking is that it causes cancer since it overworks the prostate gland. Contrary to the myth, milking actually significantly reduces the chances of having prostate cancer since it relieves the prostate gland. Because the prostate enlarges over time, it could be prone to swelling and producing cancer cells. But since milking reduces swelling, this chance decreases.

    Second, there's an ongoing myth that prostate milking could give your partner STDs, AIDS, or even HIV. This myth is only situational since there's only one way you could contract any sexually transmitted disease from prostate milking, and that's poor hygiene. Suppose you practice the needed safety measures before engaging in prostate milking. In that case, there's no need to be scared of transmitting any STDs.

    Before moving on, it's best to know the difference between prostate orgasm and penile orgasm since it's a popular misconception as well. The main difference between both is ejaculation since the prostate fluid is only one part of what makes seminal fluid. On the other hand, the stimulation method is different since the arousal taking place in penile orgasm usually takes place through penis stimulation, not the prostate.

    Why research is essential

    You're now knowledgeable about how dangerous the misconceptions on prostate milking are since it may discourage people who'd actually want to do it. Other than that, the misconceptions may just be the reason why someone doesn't want to seek medication through prostate therapy because of the negative myths. This is why research on the subject at hand is highly important before getting into things like this.

    Also, its reasons like negative myths and misconceptions why the stigma around prostate milking is still being looked down upon. It's a completely normal and safe activity that everyone who wants to do it should enjoy without judgment. Moreover, once the myths and misconceptions are cleared up, it would be easier for people to start enjoying its numerous medical and sexual benefits.

    How to Milk the Prostate Safely and Efficiently

    Now that you know about everything there is to learn regarding prostate milking, you're ready to learn about how to do it safely and properly. Before getting into the steps, you need to remember the most important thing: hygiene. Like in any sexual activity, hygiene should always be the first priority, so simply wash your hands, lube up your fingers, and follow these steps.

    Basic Steps to Take

    After you've finished up with the initial process of making sure you're clean, you can then proceed to the first step of milking the prostate. Before starting, it's optional to wear gloves for a smoother and cleaner insertion, but it's completely up to you and or your partner. First, gently insert your finger into your or your partner's anus while slowly pushing on the rectum's front wall.

    Second, you'd have to locate the prostate, which is usually halfway through the anus, and you could typically feel it as a bump. Once you've found the prostate, gently massage it in a consistent and slow pattern as not to shock your partner so it would be pleasurable. You can pair this movement up with engaging in masturbation to enhance the sexual feelings, which could also quicken the orgasm process.

    Third, once you've finally hit a climax, you would be expecting to find that the prostate fluid would seem thin and milky. It would be best to clean up through a shower, especially having engaged in some form of anal sex, to ensure safety for both parties. Remember that hygiene and safety should always come first since prostate milking may not give you STDs, and poor hygiene will.

    Sex toys that could help

    There are numerous online sites where you could buy your sex toys to aid your exploration with prostate milking. However, it's best to buy and stick with trusted sites for your general safety to prevent scams and other unfortunate transactions.

    If you're having a difficult time getting your lover orgasming from prostate milking, there are numerous sex toys in the market that could help. One example of a reliable and trusted online site that could provide you with quality sex toys is Sohimi, with its wide array of choices. For example, you could opt and buy you or your partner a Banana Prostate Simulator that could easily achieve a prostate climax in minutes.

    Prostate Milker Toy | Best Prostate Toy | Prostate Stimulator |

    There are more toys that could fit any personal preferences here on the site as well since there's a perfect toy for everyone here. For achieving the perfect orgasm through prostate milking, you could also choose the traditional Sohimi S281 Gay Anal Beads as it might do the trick. Its ergonomic shape and medical silica gel material make it the perfect and safest way for beginners and experienced prostate milkers to climax.

    Anal Ball | Gay Anal Beads | Long Anal Toy | Sohimi


    Prostate milking is a sexual action commonly surrounded by myths and misconceptions, but it has numerous benefits from a sexual or medical standpoint. Not only is it healthy for the prostate gland since it keeps its size-controlled, but it's one pleasurable way to achieve climax through a prostate orgasm. And don’t forget that there are multiple sex toys available on the market, so don’t hesitate to include these in your sexual activities to please you and your partner.

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sex Toys


    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sex Toys

    > Channing Billion

    Moderate masturbation is beneficial to your mental health,and excessive masturbation is beneficial to your doctors' bank deposits.


    The self-overflow of semen in dreams at nights of male and menstruation due to  shading of endometrium are the normal phenomenon once people reach the reproductive ages. And like we need food’s nutrition when our stomach is hungry, we need water’s moisture when our mouth is thirsty, and we need sex when our bodies send us signal: we are mature enough to produce. That’s why men of 18 - 25 years old have the strongest sexual desire and the strongest ability, because this is the best time of male sperm quality. However, we can’t give birth as soon as we need or we can. We can cheat our brain by masturbating or having safe sex with protection like condoms.


    Let’s take a look at what conditions are needed to have sex without a partner:

    1. Time-consuming search on social software, after being rejected countless times, and then you are lucky after so many rejections on Tinder finally to meet a person who also has a strong need, and chime in easily.

    2. Judging the other person’s character and possible potential venereal diseases - if you play with fire, you will eventually get burned. If it is not the person who may have potential possibility to harm you, then will booty call be possible to harm you with the sexually transmitted diseases(STD)?

    3. Besides the matching time and there is also need money to buy condoms and to check in a hotel, even there is the possible accidentally pregnant disputes, and the entanglement of he or she might falling in love with you is worse. Forget it, with so much time, why not cultivate intimacy, the kind of lovers who can not only satisfy the sexual needs of the body, but also satisfy the soul's loneliness, and can nourish each other and make progress together on the long journey of life?


    If you really don’t have time, I think masturbation, whether for health reasons or time and money costs, is a better choice than casual sex. If you are masturbating, you have been letting your hands help you for many years. For better experience, it's time to change to a new experience and be nice to yourself. In fact, with the help of adult toys, not only can you experience the realistic love-making that your hands can't give, but you can also reach the orgasm more easily. The only thing an adult toy touches is your genitals, and your hands are exposed to so many bacteria every day with so much touches, so hands may not be as clean as you think. If you can solve it with your hands, then why do you eager for a female vulva so much? Think about a sex experience that has a feeling of thrusting like a female pussy channel but does not require you to buy a Chanel to get a sexual experience, isn't it good?   


    If you decide to buy an adult product to solve the problem that you can’t handle with your hands, what I want to share with you today is that the pros and cons of sex toys. And I believe that those advantages and disadvantages of adult toys will give you a more intuitive feeling and no longer waste time hesitating.


    The Advantages/Pros Of Masturbation

    Gain Dopamine By Having Fun On Sexual Interest

    One of the greatest ways to get dopamine is through sex, because when men and women desire each other for the first time, they secrete the so-called sex hormones testosterone and estrogen. When this desire continues and falls in love, dopamine and serotonin are secreted. If it comes to the next stage, men and women desire to be more intimate due to the continued relationship, and then develop into sex. At this time, the brain will secrete the posterior pituitary hormone, also known as oxytocin.

    Dopamine is the main neurotransmitter that transmits happiness information and maintains sexual desire. Dopamine stimulates people's emotions towards the opposite sex. The 2000 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology and Medicine, Sweden’s Alvid Karlsson’s research results show that dopamine not only influences people’s behavior, but also participates in the process of human love and inspires emotions towards the opposite sex. Dudley Chapman, a clinical professor at Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, said: "Intercourse promotes the production of dopamine, and dopamine is the main hormone related to sexual desire." Dopamine makes couples feel the happiness of love. Decreasing the content of dopamine in human brain tissues will reduce male libido, and even impotence; make women's menstrual cycle disorder, decreased libido, coldness, and even infertility.

    With dopamine, you will feel happy and not get so depressive. This clitoral sucking vibrator will surely help you with your slight depression.

    This 3 in 1 clitoral sucking vibrator is a U-shaped vibrator, half of the vibrator is designed for penetration and the other half of it is designed for clitoral stimulation. This clitoral sucking vibrator has 5 different pulsation and suction patterns and 10 different vibration speeds, and the unique inhalation vibrator surrounds your clitoris for intense stimulation.

    This clitoral sucker is made of super-soft, silky smooth, body-friendly silicone, no need to wear a condom, this sex health care product is not only good to touch, warm, and low noise. The noise is less than 60DB, so there’s no noise disturbs your greatest pleasure, whether at home or on other occasions, you can enjoy sexual pleasure without restriction.
    Buying a U-shaped clitoral sucking vibrator means that you will have both a vibrator and a clitoral sucker. The scoop-shaped suction cup concentrates the pressure wave on your clitoris, making you feel like someone is blowing on it! This green vibrator will provide explosive pleasure and make you more when you come back.
    Using a USB cable, 90 minutes of charging time will make the clitoral sucker run continuously for more than 60 minutes. No need to worry about replacing the battery. Waterproof toys, you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.
    All of our adult sex toys will be provided to you in prudent packaging, and we take your privacy very seriously. And no one knows what's in it. If you encounter any problems when using this clitoral sucking vibrator or other after-sales services, please feel free to contact us.

    Enhance Your Confidence

    A pleasant sex life can help you improve your self-confidence, and at the same time feel more attractive and attractive. Many people fail to gain self-confidence because they have little successful experience, but an orgasm experience is a good little success. If you have feedback on successful results, it will make you more and more confident. Therefore, orgasm is one of the healthy and available ways that you cannot be ignored to make you more and more confident. If you use your hands too many times, it may be difficult to gain orgasm with your hands only. At this time, you need to use this Sohimi Male Masterbator.

    Powered by a strong motor, Sohimi male masterbators provide 10 thrilling speeds and 9 vibration patterns to choose from, it is fully automatic thrusting and vibrating. Try the rapid thrusts at the highest setting for a wild, intense session or indulge in relentless, slower thrusts for stamina training and a slower-building climax.

    Sohimi male masterbators are made from eco-friendly health silicone material, they're soft and skin-friendly, safe and reliable. With just a few drops of lubricant, you can enjoy a sensational climax. The lifelike inner structure inside the male masterbators, lined with rows of stimulating nubs to massage your sensitive tip with every stroke, making you feel like being inside a woman’s vagina and give you the pleasure of friction to enhance the stimulation.

    Activate the light with a push of a button and explore a dazzle color lamp, you may feel like entering a woman’s vagina under an exciting laser, providing you mind-blowing sensations. Visible crystal clear vaginal, enjoy your thrust and orgasm.

    Listening at the same time sexy girl moans interactive. Just plug in your earphone, press the sound button, at this time, you are not enjoying it alone, but with the sexy women inside the male masterbators. She will orgasm with you and you will enjoy the authentic thrills.

    The male masterbators have a perfect size which fits most men, and you won't find a more suitable for you than it. The male masterbators are open design to fully disassembles for easy cleaning, 100% discreet, we will have unmarked packaging, confidential delivery, express orders, without leaving any sensitive words.

    The Good Feeling Of Orgasm Enhance Relationship

    Hysteria can be cured by a doctor's hands. If she often gets angry or complains, maybe it's because you haven't let her experience an orgasm in a long time. If your erection time is too short due to stress  to meed her demands, over time, she will only complain about you and even cheat on you more and more. In fact, using adult toys does not represent your weakness. Admitting that you cannot get a better erection under stress or your dick is too sensitive to hold a longer time, and then using sex toys may be a way to better enhance your relationship. After all, we need to face the truth, even in psychotherapy, this is the only way to heal our wounds. You can chose many sex toys on Sohimi official website, but if you are gay couple,I recommend this banana prostate stimulator to you. Do you want him to gain double orgasm while he is thrusting you? This prostate stimulator for male is your best choice.

    No matter you are a beginner or experienced in prostate toys, this one must be the best prostate massager for you! This is not only a prostate stimulator, but also a 3 in 1 anal vibrator. The vibrating prostate stimulator can aim at your anus, massage the prostate and anus. There are 2 penis ring locks on the penis and testicles, which make you more enjoyable. The dildo-shaped vibrator is designed according to the human body structure, both men and women can use it.

    This prostate stimulator has 9 vibration modes to meet a variety of frequency stimulation needs. Moreover, the 30-foot wireless remote hands-free stimulation game makes the vibrating butt anal plugs easier to hit the prostate/anal/perineum/p-point.

    It is made of medical silicone, which is safe tasteless, soft , silky smooth and comfortable to touch. The different feelings with realistic dildo give you a real experience for anal pleasure. The entire prostate stimulator is 100% waterproof, so you can rinse with water or enjoy an explosive orgasm in the bathtub and swimming pool.

    This prostate stimulator is USB rechargeable, you can use the included USB cable to plug the vibe into any handy powered USB port, and a full charge only takes 120 minutes.


    Disadvantages/Cons Of Masturbation

    Low Quality

    If you buy inferior materials, it might hurt your skin with poor quality silicone material or inferior quality and not has strong and safe waterproof function.
    Solution: Buy high quality sex toys of trustworthy brands.


    Excessive use leads to addiction, damages health, and wastes a lot of time.
    Solution: Set a limited use on a day and keep self-discipline.

    Make Your Partner Jealous

    Solution: Tell your partner you love him or her and the sexual demand is not strong enough to make you love sex toys.


    Bottom Line

    After you have a detailed understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of adult products, will you no longer waste time hesitating? The speed at which your masturbation experience can be upgraded depends on the speed with which you make up your mind, but then you have to spend just little time on the selection on Sohimi.

    Come on, sohimi's official website is a paradise for your sex toys. This is a toyland for adults. There is no need to be ashamed of masturbation. Masturbation is healthy and regarded by psychologists as a normal behavior that can achieve self-satisfaction and increase self-confidence and self-worth. Don’t feel ashamed with the help of masturbators. I believe that with the progress of society, sooner or later, one person will even recommend their sex toy brand to each other.