• The Most Erotic Movies That Can Trigger Desire - Suitable For Foreplay Viewing


    The Most Erotic Movies That Can Trigger Desire - Suitable For Foreplay Viewing

    > Scarlet Sohimi

    Do you like watching erotic movies? I believe no one will not like it, but you have to know that erotic movies and pornographic movies are two completely different concepts. Erotic is not pornography, it is art. It is about love, passion, strong desire. It is about foreplay, scenes, caresses, embraces and backgrounds, and it often has a story. In comparison pornography is straightforward and explicit, usually without a whole story just pure intense sex.

    An excellent erotic movie can arouse your desire and can also vividly arouse your deepest sexual fantasies. Erotic movies can always explore more sexual fantasies with novel stories, from quirky obsessions to passionate things, from interdependent addictions to hot encounters. There is something for everyone who wants to enter the reel world of sex and foreplay. Erotic movies are also great for getting you into the mood, whether you want to masturbate or have sex with your partner. This kind of movie will introduce you and your partner to new themes to explore and allow us to better communicate our desires and needs. Also some of the scenes in it can add a spark to your bed, which is what everyone wants, isn't it? So in this article, some erotic movies or TV shows will be introduced to expand your fantasies about sex.

    The Dreamers



    This is a classic film about an American college student in Paris who gets caught in an erotic triangle after meeting a pair of peculiar film-loving siblings. It is set against the backdrop of the 1968 student riots in Paris. The film makes several references to various films from both classic and French New Wave cinema, and incorporates film clips that the actors often mimic in specific scenes. The film's images are unbelievably beautiful and utterly captivating. And the film is not just about love and sex, but blends sexual discovery with political agitation. Inside the apartment in the film, sex becomes the testing ground, and then the battleground for revolutionary ideas in the air. The nude scenes of the protagonist and the twin siblings in the movie can also be bloodcurdling.

    Nymphomaniac 1 and 2

    Nymphomaniac 1 and 2

    This two-part European erotic art film talks about women's sexual addiction in a very avant-garde way. The plot follows Jo (played by Gainsbourg and Martin), a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac who recounts her erotic experiences to a bachelor who helps her recover from an attack. The narrative chronicles Jo's mixed life from adolescence to adulthood in two volumes divided into eight chapters. In both films you can see many different scenes about sex, not the least of which include oral sex, SM and threesomes. The movie also shows sex for hire, and even invites strangers to have sex. In the first movie, the beginning is slow, but the sex is extreme and intense at the end. Sometimes you can even replay certain scenes from the movie in real life. In this film, the quest for identity and the struggle for and against autonomy are related to the experience of watching sex on screen.

    Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut

    A well-known erotic suspense psychological film, this movie follows the sex-filled adventures of Dr. Bill Harford (Tom Cruise). He is shocked when his wife Alice (Nicole Kidman) reveals that she had considered an affair a year ago. He then embarks on a night-long adventure during which he infiltrates the masked orgy of an unnamed secret society. The film's pace is intense, but it's also mesmerizing with a unique ghostly moving atmosphere. A few misguided decisive steps can push you past the fragile walls of love, marriage and trust into a den of iniquity, immorality, sadness, loneliness, death, plague and cruel deceit. This movie will keep your eyes wide open as you watch.



    A drama about sexual fantasies released by Netflix this year, it follows a suburban mother of two who takes a fantasy-filled trip down memory lane that puts her married present at odds with her wild past. The drama is interspersed with the wild sex life of the heroine and her ex-boyfriend from their past relationship and it leaves her missing a bit of her ex-boyfriend even after her marriage. Most importantly, he was a bad boy - brooding, fickle, hurt, and corrupt, easily breaking the hearts of even the strongest, most confident women. While television's depiction of female sexuality has improved since Sex and the City, it's still rare to see a series written by a woman who recruits a predominantly female writing team to flesh out a sexually charged heroine and hires all-female directors as well as female intimate coordinators to capture the fun of the character. It was a big hit after it aired but the reviews were mixed, so if you're interested you can watch it and make your own judgment.

    Vibrators are also suitable for foreplay

    The whole idea behind foreplay is to warm up and feel sexually aroused. Vibrators can be used not only for your own pleasure, but also as a prop for foreplay between couples to use. Because the vibrator can generally stimulate multiple private parts, can provoke the body's desire, and make you wet faster. Think about it: lower settings, lighter touch, and covering many sensual areas instead of focusing on just one. For example, you can have your favorite tongue vibrator  running over your nipples during foreplay, then crank it up to its highest position and rest it against your clitoris during intercourse.

    sohimi rose and Tougue vibrator

    In particular, this mini tongue vibrator can be wrapped perfectly in the palm of your hand, and the little tongue on top will wiggle freely with the vibration frequency to give you the most realistic experience. You can also use the vibrator to stimulate his perineum, the area between the anus and scrotum. Use your toy in a lower position and then slide it over the area, which will bring intense pleasure since it is very close to the internal prostate. You can also start stroking your partner as you do this, which can lead to an intense orgasm. This will be a great opportunity to increase the couple's bond and also allow them to see what their partner likes. If you enjoy the sucking sensation more than the licking sensation, then a  rose toy  of the same size would naturally be a good choice, with a sucking device on top to stimulate the most intimate areas. Also this sucking mouth matches the size of almost all women's clitoris, and of course this sucker can also stimulate the male testicle position. There are many ways to use a vibrator, the methods you can customize and use with your partner are diverse, not necessarily limited to a few methods.

    sexy couple

    So whether it's erotic movies or  vibrators  they are actually great aids to get you into the atmosphere of desire and also to increase the spark of foreplay between couples. When watching erotic movies, there are some novelty scenes about sex that you can try and get pleasure from. The same is true for sex toys, which can save you from the stale or routine and take your sex life to the next level. So go ahead and explore your sexual desires and needs with confidence, it's going to be a lot of fun!

  • The Status of Tail Butt Plug in Sex Toys


    The Status of Tail Butt Plug in Sex Toys

    > Veronica Swift

    Tail butt plug is a sex toy designed to imitate the tail of an animal and is provided to human being. When it comes to the word tail, what will you get in your mind? The tail is almost standard in the animal kingdom. Fish’s tail fins can provide propulsion for swimming.Crocodiles store fat in their tails. The fox's tail can keep warm,balance and smooth the fur.From the perspective of the history of life development, life originated from the ocean. When fish climbed from the sea to land, of course, they also brought their tails out. Later, reptiles passed their tails to mammals, and they have survived to this day. But we humans seem to be an exception. Many people can't help but wonder, have humans ever had a tail? The answer is yes.

    The Connection Between Humans And The Tail

    If you observe the birth process of a baby, you will find that humans have a tail in the early embryonic stage. The human tail is most obvious from the 31st to the 35th day of gestation, and the size is about one-sixth the size of the embryo itself. When the embryo develops into a fetus, the tail is absorbed by the body and degenerates into four or five coccyx bones fused.

    It can be seen that human ancestors had tails, which only disappeared at a certain stage of evolution, while early embryos still retain the memories of their ancestors. To some extent, our tails have always had features, because each of us has a series of vertebrae fused into a series of vertebrae at the end of our spine. This section is called the coccyx. This also shows that our ancestors had tails.

    Baby tail


    For human beings, we have developed so far, obviously focusing on the development of the brain. Normally, although the weight of an adult’s brain only accounts for 2%-3% of its body weight, it consumes about 20% of the body’s total energy. The tail consumes precious energy. For those who no longer need a tail to survive, the tail is meaningless. People naturally abandon the development of the tail to save energy consumption. Therefore, the position of the tail depends on the needs and role of different organisms, the greater the demand, the higher the position they occupy, which is not rare truth but needs to determine their social status and role.

    The High Status of Tail Butt Plug in Sex Toys

    In the relationship between the sexes, sex toys play a vital role. They are an aid to arouse sexual desire, just like the condiments for cooking. If you don’t add seasonings, your food will have no taste, but we all know that if the seasoning is just right, your food will cook very delicious, if you put too much seasoning, for example, if you put too much salt and butter, it will make your food greasy and salty which obtain the counterproductive effect. Just ask, who doesn’t want to eat a delicious meal?

    A girl is wesaring a pink tail butt plug


    In the same way, if you want to have sex that is not boring, but also full of sexy, it is best to use one to three sex toys. The Tail Butt Plug is an exquisite but sexy little toy among sex toys. Don’t underestimate this light little toy. Its status is high. As I mentioned earlier, demand determines status. So, sex demand determines status. In sexual life, people's demand for tail butt plugs is extremely high.

    Foreplay Flirtation, Timulating Libido

    Foreplay is a step before sex. Foreplay is a game of sex. We kiss, hug, touch, and tease each other during foreplay that is a combination of both psychological, emotional, and physical. In the crucial foreplay process, we usually use some sex toys to stimulate sexual desire more quickly.For couples, they often use swan strapless sucking clitoral vibrator and banana prostate stimulator to stimulate each other's sensitive.

    Anime bunny


    Many people also like to use sohimi pink fox tail butt plug. This sex toy is a type of anal plug, which can be used by both men and women. The shape of the pink tail butt plug is like the tail of a sexy fox. From a visual point of view, the stimulating objects will stimulate our senses. When we insert the pink tail butt plug, the vibration mode will stimulate us to flirt with each other more lustfully. The process is more agile and sexy, even with a little cuteness. When you turn on the vibration mode, the little tail will swing from side to side, like a cute little fox saying "Hi, do you wanna play with me together"?

    Play with me


    From the perspective of human evolution, we all have the characteristics of tails in our genes, but the use of tails has been eliminated due to evolutionary reasons. Modern people do not have tails, so deep in our hearts, we see each other putting a tail in, we will be more excited, and will have a greater interest in playing with each other during foreplay, stimulate more sexual desire, make more preparations for the later sex, and ultimately get more wonderful sexual experience.

    Plush Texture, Better Touch

    Pink fox tail butt plug is not only lightweight but also very soft and silky to the touch, just like touching a cute plush doll. The fluffy fur texture is exquisite. The hair used in this tail butt plug is not Rough hair is chosen to fit the human skin to give the human skin a comfortable touch.

    I'm coming!


    When you lightly touch this little tail, you will want to slowly stroke it up and down, and then want to grab the little tail and rub it on your face, because it is smooth, just like you touch Teddy and you just couldn't help stroking it many times. So during the foreplay, the pink vision and the soft texture will drive your facial features. You just want to play with it well.

    Sex Role-playing

    Sexual role-playing is a way of sex that many couples like very much. Our role in real life is relatively single, so we want to pursue excitement in sexual life, and the role-playing of sexuality perfectly fills our desire for curiosity. So on Tik Tok, we will find that some people will use the tail butt plug as a sex role play. Its click volume is also quite high. Therefore, in cosplay live broadcast, we play the role of sexy little animals, such as cat girl, bunny girl, little fox girl. This pink tail butt plug is the most suitable.

    Imagine playing a pink bunny wolf in foreplay. We put on bunny ears, bunny earrings, and plug-in pink tail butt plug on the hips, adding to the sexy beauty of our hips as if we have a cute little tail that is wagging. If you pat your butt twice again, the little tail will tremble twice and touch the soft and fluffy tail. This feeling stimulates our vision and senses, and our sexual desire is instantly satisfied. No wonder, many people watch the cosplay player wearing the tail, a little toy, just for excitement and excitement, which makes it easier to ignite the fire of desire among those watching.

    I am a bunny girl


    Wanna be a cute bunny girl but don't like those simple tails? Try this anal plug with waves, silky smooth furry and soft, and a remote control fulfill it all. I look forward to how you feel after using it! 

  • How To Use Sohimi Rose Vibrator


    How To Use Sohimi Rose Vibrator

    > Scarlet Sohimi

    You may not think of what happened this year. Due to a global pandemic, people had to stay in quarantine at home and reduce all kinds of social life. The loneliness of isolation makes the sales of sex toys are like riding on a rocket, and the sales volume has doubled several times this year. You will find that many people have taken sexual pleasure-literally-in their own hands. Therefore, we raised the standard of sex toys, and it makes sense: when you can use a vibrator that promises an exciting orgasm, why waste time on a mediocre, ordinary vibrator? 

    sohimi sex toys

    Countless new products appear on the market, But one product stood out and became a huge hit on TikTok. It's the protagonist we're talking about today, the rose vibrator. If you are a beginner, you must be thinking about how to use it. Fortunately, this is not as tedious as learning mathematics, and the learning process is enjoyable. You see, there is no correct way to use a vibrator. This is one of the items you can pick up at any time and personalize it to your liking. But this does not mean that there are no tips and tricks you might want to know to make your experience as safe and enjoyable as possible. Here's everything you need to know about the vibrator,and how to use it.

    Meet up with the best seller

    sohimi rose vibrator

    The flower-shaped cute appearance makes the rose toy more beautiful and elegant than other sex toys. However, before using it, you have to know where it is specifically targeted. It is specially designed to suck the breasts, ears, clitoris, anus, or other sensitive areas. Convenient to carry, only the size of a palm, seven levels can adjust the rotating airflow and vibrating arteries, allowing you to experience the ultimate pleasure of oral sex at any time.

    Let yourself get into the mood

    woman on bed

    First things first,whether you are masturbating or having sex with your partner, setting your emotions before sex is essential, especially for women. You can clean up your room first, a comfortable and clean environment will make people enter the mood faster. Then you can try a hot bath,massage your body with oil or lotion, Dim the lights or light candles and watch porn. These tips can quickly turn you on, once you are excited about the next step, turn on the vibrator. But don’t rush towards to your vagina yet,continue please yourself by using the vibrator on other body parts, such as your breasts or ears.

    Find the pleasure spot

    Because each product is targeted at different areas, be sure to look at the product description before buying. Since most people need to stimulate the clitoris directly to achieve orgasm, you may want to focus most of your attention on using the vibrator externally, still you can also try using it internally (if your vibrator can do that). Some people like the penetrating in and out movement. If your toy is specifically designed to stimulate the G-spot, you can try rubbing the vaginal wall with the head of the toy. Your G-spot is on the side of the vagina under your abdomen. It feels terrific to put pressure there because you are indirectly stimulating the inner fibers of the clitoris.

    sohimi rose egg vibrator

    I guess you don’t know that there are other rose vibrators, don’t think I will only introduce one product to you. One  multifunctional -Vibrator,with a two-in-one design, one end of the rose vibrator can stimulate the clitoris, and the side of the egg design can perform an insertion exercise to stimulate the G-spot,also be used as an  anal plug. The momentary orgasm under double stimulation will definitely make you scream! You can switch either end at will to tease the clitoris and anus. Once you learn the basics, you can start experimenting with different sets. Turn up the intensity level and see what setting you respond best to.

    Play with different modes and see if you have a favorite. There are five sucking modes and ten vibration modes that can be adjusted at will, let your pleasure come like a rose blooming. Everyone’s body is different, using a multi-functional product allows you to explore as many different areas of the body as possible to understand your body better. So keep having fun and you will soon become a professional.

    Try to use your new toy with your partner

    The vibrator can not only be used by one person, it can also be used between couples. Even though it is the same vibrator, when your partner uses it on you, it feels different from when you use it on yourself. Not only can it increase sexual pleasure, but it can also enhance the relationship between two people. If you have never tried it before, you may feel nervous about recommending it to your partner, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with incorporating new things into it. Let your partner know that you are interested in trying something new, and it will also allow you to understand each other better.

    sohimi rose queen vibrator


    I suggest you start with this rose-shaped double head vibrator,it still has an elegant signature rose design, and can be used as a vibrating dildo and clitoral stimulator. It is a perfect combination of a rose-sucking vibrator and dildo vibrator, equivalent to buying two products for one price. This powerful combination makes some people call it the  ROSE QUEEN.  Literally, right?

    This side of the dildo shape takes you to experience the pleasure of traditional sex, and the other half takes you to feel the stimulation of the clitoris to meet your various needs. You can try to place a vibrator on your clitoris when your partner starts or engages in penetrative sex. It also has five different sucking modes and ten vibration modes, two switches control two different functions. You can use it in many other places, can be used in the vagina, anus and even to stimulate the prostate. Isn’t this the most suitable product for couples? Remember, after using the vibrator with your partner, you must tell them how you feel. Maybe the next time you two use it, you may have a different experience.

    couple use vibrators

    Extra tips

    As long as you use and store the vibrator carefully, it is completely safe to use the vibrator. Follow these tips to extend the life of your vibrator.

    1. In order to avoid that your nervousness may hurt yourself during use, please use lube,it can help the toy slide on your skin without getting stuck or straining.
    2. Whether you use it alone or with your partner, clean it before and after use to avoid bacterial growth.
    3. If you share a vibrator with your partner, please wear a new condom every time you share a vibrator to help prevent infection.
    4. Check your vibrator before each use to make sure there are no cracks or damages.

    Vibrators are the first step in learning the pleasure of masturbate. It is not just a simple physical pleasure, but also wants you to recognize the beauty of sex. For us, sex does not stop at one meal or one night, it's more than just skin contact. It's a natural, warm desire, a little sweetness in the adult world. I hope that every time you pick up the rose vibrator, you can ride the wind and waves and actively explore the unknown new world without hesitation.

  • The Temptation of Big Ass: Jeweled Butt Plug VS Tail Anal Plug


    The Temptation of Big Ass: Jeweled Butt Plug VS Tail Anal Plug

    > yiman zeng

    If a sexy butt is in front of you, will you get a nosebleed? Does your boyfriend like to insert the penis into your vagina from behind? Attractive big ass and huge breasts have always been the focus of sex videos. No one will refuse the attractiveness of a big ass, regardless of male or female.

    Although some men or women say "I'm a serious person", they still open sex sites in the middle of the night to see the sexy butts of those pretty girls or click on Nicki Minaj's Anaconda. When men masturbate, they always click on sex videos with big ass, fantasizing about inserting their penis into such big ass. Because the big ass is so sexy!

    A hot figure always attracts the audience more than a pretty face! Whether it's a man or a woman, they all fantasize about having sex with a partner with a big butt. Everyone likes those female stars with big breasts and big butts. Female stars with sexy hips can make the audience cheer because they are charming, sexy, hot! 

    two sexy butts


    Therefore, many female stars will be proud of having a big ass. When people see a female star with a big ass, they always say, " Wow, this is fucking sexy!"

    Female celebrities with big ass

    There are many female stars with big butts, such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian,and Nicki Minaj. Big ass is now a fashion. One might say that big ass is the new black of Hollywood. Now women with big butts like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are becoming more popular and famous. Female stars will deliberately post sexy photos of themselves ass or fitness on their mv or social platforms. Viewers were also happy to see their shaking hips and chests in mv. It's an extraordinary visual treat! They even pay a lot of money to insure their plump hips.


    Kardashian must be the star who gets so many eyes with her butt. Kardashian is a very famous model, she is also an actress. Because of her excellent back and hot devil figure, she has become the current Internet celebrity.

    Kardashian sexy curves


    She has published videos on many platforms and has also gained a large number of fans. Out of love for her figure, many fans imitated Kardashian's outfit. There are even rumors that her hips are not natural, but some kind of implantation.

    Nicki Minaj

    Nicki Minaj's talent as a rapper has been a hit with many people. As one of the most famous female rap singers in the US, she is also known for her hot sexy ass. A well-known mv called Anaconda was photographed, and the mv was very high.

    Nicki Minaj's butt


    In the video, she shows off her seductive perfect curves and her huge ass. Similar to Kardashian's rumors, she has also been rumored to have had an ass implant.

    Why big asses are tempting

    The era of slim mini aesthetics is over. It's a great choice to be with a fat woman with curves.

    Most women with beautiful hips do have the added characteristics of a glamorous appearance, they tend to be smarter, more enthusiastic, and make an incredible impression in bed.

    A woman who knows how to have beautiful hips and natural curves has something unique.

    a girl with a sexy ass


    Over the years, the trend of popular aesthetics has changed. Decades ago, thinning was a fashion. A slim figure is considered ideal, and a hungry diet is a rule. Later, women became obsessed with sports and healthy living. This trend makes muscular, strong bodies popular.

    Women with big buttocks have a special sexual attraction. These people have obvious waists, muscular hips, and wonderful chests. Their S-shaped figures form naturally. Men get more sweet experiences when dating or having romantic relationships with such girls.

    a man like sexy buttock


    They're sexy in everything they wear, whether she's wearing silk pajamas, men's shirts, or worn towels. These impressive curves can speed up a man's heartbeat in any situation. Big ass girls prefer to wear T-shirts because plain underpants usually don't fit their ass.

    She doesn't like to wear trousers at home. This is because the ratio of her big buttocks to her thin waist led her to choose a hard dress size. For them, the easiest way is to wear a regular t-shirt at home. Holding a woman with such a sexy figure is a wonderful thing for a man. Perfect body curves and beautiful arcs make men feel comfortable. The perfect spice girl with a beautiful ass usually has a unique personality, and they are open-minded and direct. Such personalities determine that they do not give in easily. And this personality often makes men want to conquer their bodies and minds.

    Big Ass with the butt plug in sexual games

    A plump and sexy ass during sex is extremely tempting for every man and woman. The attractive curves and large buttocks even allow men to maintain a long-lasting movement without ejaculation without the help of aphrodisiacs or other propulsion. In the rear-entry penetration movement, men are always very obsessed with the feeling of watching their asses do penile thrusting. This visual and tactile stimulation makes them wish that this sexual game would never stop. In many sex videos, we can see that men like to look at women's asses and touch women's breasts for sex.

    So have you ever tried to make sex more seductive and attractive for you? Anal plug toys can give you a different experience on this.

    sex love


    You can easily put a plug into your or your partner's anus, which can seem exciting. What a wonderful experience with a small anal plug in the big ass! If it's an anal plug toy with a chain, couples can also use them to flirt, stimulate each other's libido, and then orgasm together. Men or women accustomed to traditional plug-in sex may be new to this, but don't worry. stuffed toys are so small that men and women have no longer to worry about not being able to use them skillfully.

    The perfect experience of using anal plugs is something that everyone can create. Couples insert anal plugs into that mysterious passage to open the door to explore this unknown realm of love. 

    The charm of the pink tail 

    "It was a moment like nothing I've ever experienced before, it was so wonderful!" The corners of Lisa's mouth lifted into another smile as she thought about the perfect experience she had that night. Before Black Friday, every time Lisa and her boyfriend Thomas made love, it seemed like something was missing. They were always used to having sex in the most traditional penetrative style or else rear entry. Although sometimes Lisa will also suck her boyfriend's dick, Lisa's skills do not seem to make her boyfriend happy, either to hurt each other or mouth not strong enough. On Black Friday, Lisa inadvertently clicked into Sohimi's official website on the Internet and was attracted by a pink foxtail toy

    Sohimi Pink FOX TAIL anal plug


    Seeing the color, she exclaimed in her mind, "Thomas said the last time I wore pink was years ago." The pink color attracted her to click on the product page. Lisa found it was an anal plug with a pink tail. The anal plug was electric and had several gears, which meant she had the flexibility to adjust it. The sexy girl on the product cover made her think that she had a great body too, so why not try it more often during sex. Thinking about it, Lisa decided to buy this pink-tailed anal plug to try it out.

    One night after the delivery, Lisa took a shower and put on perfume. According to the instructions, she inserted the anal plug into the anus, and then called Thomas to the bed. "Honey, this is my new little pink toy!" Lisa said happily. Thomas was immediately attracted to the little pink foxtail, and then Lisa told him it was a toy that could vibrate. With a twinkle of excitement in his eyes, Thomas activated the remote control. As the pink tail swung, Lisa began to shout flirtatiously. "Honey, you're so like a flirty little fox!" Thomas was excited. Lisa gradually got used to the vibrating gears and worked well with Thomas. It didn't take long for Thomas to feel his penis erect and thrust him into Lisa's vagina. Then they kissed each other on the lips, shoulders, and breasts. "Darling, it's so wonderful, the feeling is so exciting!" Thomas said as he kissed Lisa's neck. 

    The passion of the blue plug  

    Jack and James are a couple. Although they are both men, yet Jack is very fond of some clothes and shoes with feminine decorations. "Honey, these toys are either black or gray or white, it's so boring. Jack lamented with James in the store. A friend of James had used Sohimi's dildos and told James about the creative toys on the site. To surprise Jack, James was ready to buy a sex toy as a gift. He found a blue jeweled ass butt plug toy on Sohimi, and the look appealed to him right away. "Jack would love the color, it's so pretty and small." James thought to himself as he placed his order.

    The holiday evening was so nice that James also took out the blue gift he had prepared. Jack exclaimed happily, "What is this? it's so beautiful!" "This is the beautiful sex toy you wanted!" James said. That night, they unwrapped the smallest model.

    Sohimi BELL jeweled butt plug with chain


    In the process of cleaning the toy before sex, they discovered it was a creation that made people feel ice and fire. And the toy came with a chain. Jack used this anal plug for the first time and carefully shoved it into his anus. "Honey, you look so tempting," James exclaimed. Jack slowly crawled over to James, who took the chain and placed the holster over the head of the blue jewel. Looking at the anus stuffed with the blue jewel, James became more and more excited. Watching the anal plug pump back and forth on Jack's anus, James pulled harder. Then, to experience even more pleasure, they rinsed the anal plug with hot water. James reinserted the anal plug into Jack's anus. "It's so hot, but it's so cool!" Jack said with his head turned toward James, sweating profusely.

    Similarly, you can find many styles of anal toys on Sohimi's official website. Enjoy shopping for your favorite sex toys to make your ass more seductive and sexy!

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sex Toys


    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sex Toys

    > Channing Billion

    Moderate masturbation is beneficial to your mental health,and excessive masturbation is beneficial to your doctors' bank deposits.


    The self-overflow of semen in dreams at nights of male and menstruation due to  shading of endometrium are the normal phenomenon once people reach the reproductive ages. And like we need food’s nutrition when our stomach is hungry, we need water’s moisture when our mouth is thirsty, and we need sex when our bodies send us signal: we are mature enough to produce. That’s why men of 18 - 25 years old have the strongest sexual desire and the strongest ability, because this is the best time of male sperm quality. However, we can’t give birth as soon as we need or we can. We can cheat our brain by masturbating or having safe sex with protection like condoms.


    Let’s take a look at what conditions are needed to have sex without a partner:

    1. Time-consuming search on social software, after being rejected countless times, and then you are lucky after so many rejections on Tinder finally to meet a person who also has a strong need, and chime in easily.

    2. Judging the other person’s character and possible potential venereal diseases - if you play with fire, you will eventually get burned. If it is not the person who may have potential possibility to harm you, then will booty call be possible to harm you with the sexually transmitted diseases(STD)?

    3. Besides the matching time and there is also need money to buy condoms and to check in a hotel, even there is the possible accidentally pregnant disputes, and the entanglement of he or she might falling in love with you is worse. Forget it, with so much time, why not cultivate intimacy, the kind of lovers who can not only satisfy the sexual needs of the body, but also satisfy the soul's loneliness, and can nourish each other and make progress together on the long journey of life?


    If you really don’t have time, I think masturbation, whether for health reasons or time and money costs, is a better choice than casual sex. If you are masturbating, you have been letting your hands help you for many years. For better experience, it's time to change to a new experience and be nice to yourself. In fact, with the help of adult toys, not only can you experience the realistic love-making that your hands can't give, but you can also reach the orgasm more easily. The only thing an adult toy touches is your genitals, and your hands are exposed to so many bacteria every day with so much touches, so hands may not be as clean as you think. If you can solve it with your hands, then why do you eager for a female vulva so much? Think about a sex experience that has a feeling of thrusting like a female pussy channel but does not require you to buy a Chanel to get a sexual experience, isn't it good?   


    If you decide to buy an adult product to solve the problem that you can’t handle with your hands, what I want to share with you today is that the pros and cons of sex toys. And I believe that those advantages and disadvantages of adult toys will give you a more intuitive feeling and no longer waste time hesitating.


    The Advantages/Pros Of Masturbation

    Gain Dopamine By Having Fun On Sexual Interest

    One of the greatest ways to get dopamine is through sex, because when men and women desire each other for the first time, they secrete the so-called sex hormones testosterone and estrogen. When this desire continues and falls in love, dopamine and serotonin are secreted. If it comes to the next stage, men and women desire to be more intimate due to the continued relationship, and then develop into sex. At this time, the brain will secrete the posterior pituitary hormone, also known as oxytocin.

    Dopamine is the main neurotransmitter that transmits happiness information and maintains sexual desire. Dopamine stimulates people's emotions towards the opposite sex. The 2000 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology and Medicine, Sweden’s Alvid Karlsson’s research results show that dopamine not only influences people’s behavior, but also participates in the process of human love and inspires emotions towards the opposite sex. Dudley Chapman, a clinical professor at Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, said: "Intercourse promotes the production of dopamine, and dopamine is the main hormone related to sexual desire." Dopamine makes couples feel the happiness of love. Decreasing the content of dopamine in human brain tissues will reduce male libido, and even impotence; make women's menstrual cycle disorder, decreased libido, coldness, and even infertility.

    With dopamine, you will feel happy and not get so depressive. This clitoral sucking vibrator will surely help you with your slight depression.

    This 3 in 1 clitoral sucking vibrator is a U-shaped vibrator, half of the vibrator is designed for penetration and the other half of it is designed for clitoral stimulation. This clitoral sucking vibrator has 5 different pulsation and suction patterns and 10 different vibration speeds, and the unique inhalation vibrator surrounds your clitoris for intense stimulation.

    This clitoral sucker is made of super-soft, silky smooth, body-friendly silicone, no need to wear a condom, this sex health care product is not only good to touch, warm, and low noise. The noise is less than 60DB, so there’s no noise disturbs your greatest pleasure, whether at home or on other occasions, you can enjoy sexual pleasure without restriction.
    Buying a U-shaped clitoral sucking vibrator means that you will have both a vibrator and a clitoral sucker. The scoop-shaped suction cup concentrates the pressure wave on your clitoris, making you feel like someone is blowing on it! This green vibrator will provide explosive pleasure and make you more when you come back.
    Using a USB cable, 90 minutes of charging time will make the clitoral sucker run continuously for more than 60 minutes. No need to worry about replacing the battery. Waterproof toys, you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.
    All of our adult sex toys will be provided to you in prudent packaging, and we take your privacy very seriously. And no one knows what's in it. If you encounter any problems when using this clitoral sucking vibrator or other after-sales services, please feel free to contact us.

    Enhance Your Confidence

    A pleasant sex life can help you improve your self-confidence, and at the same time feel more attractive and attractive. Many people fail to gain self-confidence because they have little successful experience, but an orgasm experience is a good little success. If you have feedback on successful results, it will make you more and more confident. Therefore, orgasm is one of the healthy and available ways that you cannot be ignored to make you more and more confident. If you use your hands too many times, it may be difficult to gain orgasm with your hands only. At this time, you need to use this Sohimi Male Masterbator.

    Powered by a strong motor, Sohimi male masterbators provide 10 thrilling speeds and 9 vibration patterns to choose from, it is fully automatic thrusting and vibrating. Try the rapid thrusts at the highest setting for a wild, intense session or indulge in relentless, slower thrusts for stamina training and a slower-building climax.

    Sohimi male masterbators are made from eco-friendly health silicone material, they're soft and skin-friendly, safe and reliable. With just a few drops of lubricant, you can enjoy a sensational climax. The lifelike inner structure inside the male masterbators, lined with rows of stimulating nubs to massage your sensitive tip with every stroke, making you feel like being inside a woman’s vagina and give you the pleasure of friction to enhance the stimulation.

    Activate the light with a push of a button and explore a dazzle color lamp, you may feel like entering a woman’s vagina under an exciting laser, providing you mind-blowing sensations. Visible crystal clear vaginal, enjoy your thrust and orgasm.

    Listening at the same time sexy girl moans interactive. Just plug in your earphone, press the sound button, at this time, you are not enjoying it alone, but with the sexy women inside the male masterbators. She will orgasm with you and you will enjoy the authentic thrills.

    The male masterbators have a perfect size which fits most men, and you won't find a more suitable for you than it. The male masterbators are open design to fully disassembles for easy cleaning, 100% discreet, we will have unmarked packaging, confidential delivery, express orders, without leaving any sensitive words.

    The Good Feeling Of Orgasm Enhance Relationship

    Hysteria can be cured by a doctor's hands. If she often gets angry or complains, maybe it's because you haven't let her experience an orgasm in a long time. If your erection time is too short due to stress  to meed her demands, over time, she will only complain about you and even cheat on you more and more. In fact, using adult toys does not represent your weakness. Admitting that you cannot get a better erection under stress or your dick is too sensitive to hold a longer time, and then using sex toys may be a way to better enhance your relationship. After all, we need to face the truth, even in psychotherapy, this is the only way to heal our wounds. You can chose many sex toys on Sohimi official website, but if you are gay couple,I recommend this banana prostate stimulator to you. Do you want him to gain double orgasm while he is thrusting you? This prostate stimulator for male is your best choice.

    No matter you are a beginner or experienced in prostate toys, this one must be the best prostate massager for you! This is not only a prostate stimulator, but also a 3 in 1 anal vibrator. The vibrating prostate stimulator can aim at your anus, massage the prostate and anus. There are 2 penis ring locks on the penis and testicles, which make you more enjoyable. The dildo-shaped vibrator is designed according to the human body structure, both men and women can use it.

    This prostate stimulator has 9 vibration modes to meet a variety of frequency stimulation needs. Moreover, the 30-foot wireless remote hands-free stimulation game makes the vibrating butt anal plugs easier to hit the prostate/anal/perineum/p-point.

    It is made of medical silicone, which is safe tasteless, soft , silky smooth and comfortable to touch. The different feelings with realistic dildo give you a real experience for anal pleasure. The entire prostate stimulator is 100% waterproof, so you can rinse with water or enjoy an explosive orgasm in the bathtub and swimming pool.

    This prostate stimulator is USB rechargeable, you can use the included USB cable to plug the vibe into any handy powered USB port, and a full charge only takes 120 minutes.


    Disadvantages/Cons Of Masturbation

    Low Quality

    If you buy inferior materials, it might hurt your skin with poor quality silicone material or inferior quality and not has strong and safe waterproof function.
    Solution: Buy high quality sex toys of trustworthy brands.


    Excessive use leads to addiction, damages health, and wastes a lot of time.
    Solution: Set a limited use on a day and keep self-discipline.

    Make Your Partner Jealous

    Solution: Tell your partner you love him or her and the sexual demand is not strong enough to make you love sex toys.


    Bottom Line

    After you have a detailed understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of adult products, will you no longer waste time hesitating? The speed at which your masturbation experience can be upgraded depends on the speed with which you make up your mind, but then you have to spend just little time on the selection on Sohimi.

    Come on, sohimi's official website is a paradise for your sex toys. This is a toyland for adults. There is no need to be ashamed of masturbation. Masturbation is healthy and regarded by psychologists as a normal behavior that can achieve self-satisfaction and increase self-confidence and self-worth. Don’t feel ashamed with the help of masturbators. I believe that with the progress of society, sooner or later, one person will even recommend their sex toy brand to each other.

  • 5 Tips To Enhance Your Foreplay


    5 Tips To Enhance Your Foreplay

    > jiajia lu

    Sexual intimacy is always an exciting and thrilling moment because sexual pleasure can come in a myriad of ways, one being foreplay.

    Foreplay is the act of pleasuring each other before sexual penetration. For most people, when they think of sex, they usually think of sexual intercourse. In fact, foreplay is not something that people really think about, but instead, they will do it naturally. A few individuals don't even know that what they do before sex is called foreplay.

    However, sex is actually much more than just intercourse. Although foreplay takes part in a much bigger role for women as a way to stimulate lubrication for their vagina, it is equally beneficial for men too. So, if you are searching for some tips to enhance your foreplay activities, then here are five that we recommend.

    1. Take Your Time With Foreplay

    It can be very tempting to just get right into the whole sex act when you're in the mood, particularly for men. It is a proven fact that men can become aroused quickly and more easily than women. Therefore, if you're a man and want to sexually arouse your female partner just as much as you, then foreplay has a significant role in this.

    Furthermore, the longer the foreplay, the more aroused women get. So if you want to get the most out of sex as a man, then take your time enjoying your sexual intimacy before moving on to sexual intercourse.


    2. Give Each Other Feedback

    A lot of people think that talking during sexual intimacy is a big put-off. But, as they say, communication is key to any successful relationship. And this is the same with a sexual relationship.

    During foreplay, you should give each other feedback on what you are enjoying and what you are not a fan of. That way, you are not only receiving the pleasure that you like, but your partner can also avoid actions that will put you off in the future.

    In addition, knowing what your partner likes can help you both get into the sexual mood sooner. It will also allow you both to become more aroused, which is always a bonus. If you want your sexual intimacy to be more fun and pleasurable, then make sure to communicate in the bedroom as well.

    3. Use The Dirty Talk Technique

    If you want to spice up your sex life, then one of the best ways to achieve this is to have dirty talk during foreplay. Of course, you can do this during sex as well, but dirty talk while in the middle of foreplay can drastically boost your arousal level. The reason for this is that talking out what you want to do or desire to do allows you to imagine what you're saying before you get to act it out. So, in a way, it is a method of playing out your fantasies. For some people, letting their imaginations run wild is all the foreplay they need to get the ball rolling.

    4. Try New Things

    One of the benefits of being with the same partner is that you can be open to exploring new ways to sexually please each other. Because you already know one another well, experiencing new things will be less awkward. So don't be afraid or too shy to try something new. Sometimes, experimenting can lead to new ways that can help you get each other off better.

    One of the hardest things about women is that they tend to take longer to reach orgasm than men. Therefore, they require more time and work to achieve this kind of ecstasy. So by trying out new foreplay techniques with your partner, such as giving light kisses on her inner thighs or lightly licking his nipples, you can cherish the sexual intimacy more than just getting the whole sexual act over and done with.

    5. Incorporate Sex Toys

    Probably one of the most effective methods of enjoying foreplay is the use of sex toys. There is a wide variety of sex toys out there that both men and women can use. There are even such things as couples toys. Naturally, there are more sex toys for women as they are more open to different ways of pleasure. Clit suckers and clit massagers are two great examples of the different kinds of clit sex toys you can get.

    But the sex toy you incorporate in your foreplay routines should be determined by what you or your partner will enjoy the most. This is also when you can consider getting a sex toy that is specifically meant for couples. Whatever you choose, you can guarantee that a sex toy can enhance your sexual experience.


    Sex is always a great feeling, especially if it's with someone you care a lot about or are very attracted to. But in combination with foreplay, you can experience a greater sexual high than ever before. Make sure that you, particularly if you're a man, spend a little extra time making your foreplay count. Who knows, it might just be what your female partner needs to finally reach orgasm.