• 6 Fantastic Benefits Of Dildo Sex For Women


    6 Fantastic Benefits Of Dildo Sex For Women

    > Jenny sohimi

    There's no surprise that dildos can be used as therapy. After all, as early as the nineteenth-century Victorian era, automated, mechanized dildos were invented to treat female "hysteria." They were able to satisfy the sexual needs of contemporary aristocratic women, rescuing them from the anxiety and emotional instability caused by sexual repression, and these machines were thrusting dildo's former life.

    Human beings are complex, and the health of the human body is associated with many factors, and sex is one of them. Why are people increasingly advocating for the rational release of sexual needs? Because with the development of medicine and society, sex is no longer an obscure topic, and the medical community has confirmed the positive effects of sex on the human body. So dildo, as one of the mainstream sex toys, can heal your body and mind while satisfying people's desires.

    Increase Your Productivity

    You won't notice the benefits immediately, but if you had dildo sex the night before, you might surprisingly find yourself working more efficiently. Researchers at Oregon State University have found that regular, healthy sex life can increase people's productivity and satisfaction with their work, making them more motivated to get to work. If you have a dildo on your nightstand, you can enjoy a regular and enjoyable sex life whether you're single or not.

    sexy working woman

    After talking about its effect and then let's talk about its principle. It's actually because when women have sex, it promotes the body to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with reward centers in the brain, and oxytocin, a neuropeptide associated with social bonding and attachment, resulting in a more positive mood that can last for at least 24 hours.

    Conversely, if too much work or other factors take up time for people to have sex, people will be less productive and satisfied. So don't forget to have a good sex life when you are working, as a good sex life can also bring higher efficiency to your work.

    Relieve Your Pain

    I don't know if you've ever had an experience where you had a headache, and it magically cleared up after your sex is done. You could think it's a coincidence, but in fact, you may have inadvertently discovered a little-known pain relief method. During a migraine or cluster headache attack, sexual activity may reduce pain in some patients.

    This may be because sex causes the body to release endorphins, improving pain tolerance and slowing down various ailments such as headaches, toothaches, and joint pain.

    But why is this approach little known? Because most people don't have the intention to have sex when they are in pain. Sex requires exercise, but exercise often exacerbates the pain. But with a thrusting dildo, you can fix it without exercise and enjoy its different frequencies and patterns of pleasure. After that, you get not only psychological satisfaction but also physical pain relief or disappearance.

    Makes You Rich

    This conclusion may seem unscientific to many people, but studies have shown that good sex life does seem to increase a person's income. This is not a statement of discrimination or anything like that, but a conclusion based on rigorous scientific research data. The study results show that those who have sex at least four times a week will get a higher salary than those who have less than four times, while those who have sex have a 3% higher salary than those who do not. The people responsible for the study believe that people must meet some basic needs before striving for success, such as eating, sleeping and sex. The first two can be self-sufficient, and thanks to dildo, sex can also be something that can happen whenever you want.

    rich woman

    The study, which also took education and professional background into account, showed that even people with health problems who have a regular sex life would have higher salaries. Not having enough sex may also lead to feelings of loneliness, which may lead to social phobia and depression.

    On the other hand, what dildo brings is safe and clean sex, and safe sex is an almost harmless thing, and the proper sex brings pleasure to both parties, no less than the pleasure of going out and spending a few hundred dollars, which is also considered "earned."

    Immune Enhancement

    There are significant differences in immune system regulation between sexually active women and abstinent women. The study collected data from 30 healthy women during their menstrual cycle. About half were sexually active. Among the sexually active women, immunoglobulin production changed, with higher levels of immunoglobulin G in the luteal phase and higher levels of immunoglobulin A in the follicular phase. In contrast, no changes in immunity were observed in any of the sexually abstinent women.

    In this regard, the researchers concluded that women's bodies need to defend themselves against foreign invaders in order to protect themselves. However, if this logic is applied to sperm or fetuses, then no pregnancy will occur. The changes in immunity that women experience may be a response to this problem. The immune system of sexually active women is preparing for the possibility of pregnancy.

    Improving Stress Resistance

    This was demonstrated by a study from Paisley University's School of Social Sciences that distinguished between sex and masturbation among different genders. It concluded that people who engaged in sexual activity were less likely to have elevated blood pressure during stressful encounters. In contrast, those who only masturbated or did not have sex had systolic blood pressure that was 14mmHg more reactive than those who had sex. So if you're single, then your masturbation needs to be as reductive as possible to realistic sex, but how? This is where you might need a realistic dildo, which mimics a real penis, both in appearance and feel of the actual experience; use your imagination a little and fool your body into thinking it's real sex instead of masturbation.

    It's also worth noting that people's satisfaction with their sex lives is directly related to penetrative sex, so this directly explains the dildo's longevity and popularity.

    Improve Sleep

    Perhaps many people start sex without the clear idea of wanting to improve their sleep quality, but definitely, this effect is one of its plus points. Thirty minutes of sex can burn 200 calories, consume physical energy, lose excess fat, and release sleep-promoting endorphins at the end of the session. This is the reason why many people just after showering and fall asleep as soon as they hit the pillow.

    So if you want to improve your sleep through dildo sex, a classic realistic dildo or huge dildo is very suitable. With a sucking cup under the dildo, you can exercise yourself to achieve orgasm. You know, orgasm is not an easy thing. You need to sweat for it so that after exhaustion, you can also sleep peacefully.

    sleeping woman

    Hopefully, after understanding that sex is not only pleasurable but also good for health and life, all of us can have a happy dildo sex life. Buy cheap dildos at Sohimi. Here we offer a wide variety of dildos to suit your needs as well as your budget.

  • What Is Americans’ Top Picks In Male Blowjob Masturbators 2021?


    What Is Americans’ Top Picks In Male Blowjob Masturbators 2021?

    > Lucine Keogh

    Thomas Lacquer’s 2003 book, Lonely Sex: A Cultural History of Masturbation, let us know that the word masturbation was invented in 1713. He believes that masturbation may have always existed, but this phenomenon was only named in the early 18th century from which has been regarded as a new “disease” that will bring “guilt, shame, and anxiety” to people.

    But today, in the summer of 2021, the discussion of masturbation has become more public in society, and the shame it gives people has been greatly reduced. With the advent of the Internet age, people are discussing more private topics online than in reality, and according to reports, 20% of mobile searches are for pornographic content. According to WebMD, masturbation is now considered a normal, healthy sexual activity that is enjoyable, fulfilling, acceptable and safe, and many people have even written guidelines on how to do it. In addition, a large number of studies have shown that masturbation has many health benefits.

    man penis goes out like a banana

    With all of this in mind, sex toys have also appeared in our current society to solve our cunning masturbation troubles. Thanks to all sex toy manufacturers, what a great invention! Undoubtedly, our tone may be a bit more excited than usual, but we absolutely appreciate the fact that sex toys can free hands and enjoy happiness. The benefits of popularizing sex toys to more people are not only in our work but also in the future. It’s our mission, you know. If you are shopping for an oral sex device that meets the requirements, then leave this task to us. We have spent some time sorting out the choices in the US market for you.

    Sohimi Eliza-Hands Free Male Masturbator

    PRICE: $ 68.99

    Sohimi Eliza-Hands Free Male Masturbator

    While enjoying wonderful masturbation, would you like to free your hands to explore more fun?

    Unsurprisingly, the hottest male masturbator on the American market is Eliza. Congrats. She may always be a champion. Why? She provides a chance for users to spice up their sex life to the new dimension of masturbation. The users who have used it all praised her highly.

    Not only because she has 5 different thrusting modes, letting you get rid of the boring single mode, but also because she has three kinds of female groans, it’s up to you, giving you a variety of possibilities to satisfy yourself.

    The insertion length of this hands-free male masturbator is up to 14.5 cm, long enough for almost penis size. Made from high-quality silicone, this hands-free male masturbator is stretchy, soft, and smooth, it can accommodate any size dildo while provides extremely intense suction. The hands-free male masturbator is designed with a firm suction base that you can free your hands by grabbing it to any smooth hard surface such as the bathroom, bedroom, etc. It must be the best shower masturbator in your collection.

    Honestly, the best male sex toys exist for any and all situations — no matter what you’re getting into. We all believe it can be fit for almost every man. But the only disadvantage for ELIZA is that it has various modes to choose from, each mode is stronger than other similar auto strokers. If you’re a beginner or looking for strokers that providing the feeling of hands wanking, please go for Top 2 ALICE masturbator.

    Sohimi ALICE hands-free masturbator

    PRICE: $72.99

    Sohimi ALICE hands-free masturbator

    In order to climax, many of us require higher and stronger friction. However, not all men suit this kind of fierce sexual activity, not a quick orgasm, they may feel hurtful on the contrary. If you don’t feel good about this masturbation style, ALICE might be your best choice compared with those masturbation toys providing fierce movement.

    It also provides a mind-blow sensation with 10 different rotating & thrusting modes. By moving up and down constantly, as well as the rotating motion, you can feel that a warm soft woman’s hand is wanking your penis gently. Switch to the next mode, you can feel the strong stronger and the frequency faster. Choose one mode you like and just enjoy the amazing masturbation.

    Sohimi Fake Pussy

    PRICE: $29.99

    Sohimi Fake Pussy

    This product has also won a lot of love, but its potential problem is that if your genitals are small or you are still a developing minor, then you need more grip and pressure to enter. It is several soft gel-like bristles instead of one solid piece so that helps fit to different sizes. Take note bro.

    A lot of modern masturbators are designed to look handy and easy-to-go which is resembling Bluetooth audio or air purifier rather than a portable orgasm lover. But there’s no pretense with Sohimi Fake Pussy, which would never be mistaken for anything other than exactly what it is.

    The fake pussy is akin to real skin — some smooth, some textured, but elastic enough. They do a great job of imitating the likeness and tightness of a real vagina or any orifice of your choice. The toy inside has all these grooves and bubbles and cutouts that are going to make you feel really good and let you explore different sensations your genitalia has never felt before. It has so many different grooves and ridges, it feels different everywhere.

    As long as you “clean it out with soap and water” after climaxing, it’s designed to last for years. This fake pussy is the simplest — and if you want to experiment, it’s so much worthy due to the price.

    Sohimi LG362 Blowjob Masturbator

    PRICE: $ 67.95

    Sohimi LG362 Blowjob Masturbator

    LG362 is a handheld masturbator. It’s designed to operate with your hand once you’ve added lube, resulting in an experience as “basically there is a real person doing oral sex for you and you are holding her head.” It’s not the first time the concept has been attempted, but the resulting products have always been really loud, with not enough grip, and no way to adjust the tightness. LG362, by contrast, is the closest of a real hand or blow job without having one.

    The LG362’s price point is justified by its increased durability, lasting longer than other sleeves. While many reviewers did specifically mention that the texture of this model was useful in helping them last longer, others simply stated that they found it to be more pleasurable than other models.

    The product featured here is the “Lady” design, so the user can get deep throat sucking and unlimited pleasure. It’s the best blowjob masturbator with Clamp and Vibration Technology. The pressure of airbags can make you feel like a hot girl is performing oral sex on you, and what’s more, it has a sexy female voice, The more intense you perform, the more passionate her voice becomes.

    Sohimi Auto Stroker

    PRICE: $ 69.99

    Sohimi Auto Stroker

    Sohimi auto stroker is the best masturbator for men on the market.

    A detachable cup is the best advantage of this auto stroker, and you cannot find any other same product until now. Made of Eco-friendly silicone material, this auto stroker is so soft but full of granules, giving you the pleasure of friction to enhance the stimulation of your orgasm. And of course, using the right amount of lubricant can make it easier for you to get in, and it can also enhance the sense of pleasure.

    Just like other ordinary male masturbators, this auto stroker is USB rechargeable, so there’s no need to change batteries, and you can charge it in a easier way.

  • Why Do People Moaning When Having Sex?


    Why Do People Moaning When Having Sex?

    > Channing Billion

    Is thrusting movement necessary for sex? According to my usual understanding, I think that having thrusting movement is considered sex life, but is that actually the case? Regarding "sex moaning", the girls may always have a lot of worries:

    Why are you moaning when having sex?

    Do boys like to hear girls moaning?

    Is there really a big difference between moaning and not moaning?

    Will moaning too well make him misunderstand you?

    How can you let go like the AV female stars in the PornHub film?

    I don't want to moan, can I keep quiet ?



    If you have had such doubts, I hope this article can help you!

    Why do girls have sex moan unconsciously?

    You can't help but moan when you are having sex, it's your instinctive reaction.

    It feels like it's coming up, so think about it!

    From a physiological point of view, the main reason for screaming is: when approaching the high nest, the oxygen content in the blood will decrease.

    At this time, you will fall into a mild hypoxic state, showing blurred eyes, blurred vision, body twitching and other "orgasm reactions."

    After hypoxia, breathing will speed up naturally, and it will make a muffled sound that is characteristic of orgasm.

    On the other hand, when excited, girls will produce a kind of "exciting substance" that relieves the inhibition of the brain.

    It will dilute your sanity and make unexpected moaning.

    This is why after the sex, your boyfriend said how excited you were just now, but you didn't believe it at all.

    If you are interested, you can turn on the recording function on your phone before a certain sex, and listen to it afterwards.

    Boldly moaning when you are having sex, is it really that important?

    Of course!

    Players who always follow us know that the way to have a satisfying sex is that you must fully stimulate your brain.

    In the process of having sex, the sources of stimulation are diverse. Although the incident itself is very exciting, this kind of stimulus also needs to be "the right time, the right place, and the people."

    What you can do is learn to mobilize the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch to make yourself and him happier.

    Speaking of hearing, you might think of choosing small films or affectionate flirting music as BGM.

    In fact, some inadvertent sounds made by your body are also very attractive.

    Speaking boldly when snapping is arguably the most direct and intense auditory provocation method.


    In addition to providing a steady stream of auditory stimulation and screaming when having sex, there are these additional gains:

    Stimulate desire

    Moaning when having sex can bring a strong sense of joy and accomplishment to each other.

    Sometimes you will find that your body is not completely in the best state, but the emotions and atmosphere that you set off by doing so can enhance your own pleasure.

    Express feelings

    Do you like it or not, do you want to continue or you want to stop, are you enjoying it? Sounds can help you accurately convey your emotions.

    Strengthen communication

    Moreover, the moaning can also help the other party to adjust their behavior during sex.

    Especially when you are embarrassed to make a request directly, a moaning, a word, and a special breathing sound can convey your true intentions well.

    He can adjust his actions in time according to your reaction.

    In addition, research has also found that sound can solve men’s ejaculatory dysfunction to a certain extent. Moaning is not equal to debauchery

    Some girls are worried, will their boyfriend feel "too open like a slut" just because they moan?

    On the one hand, as explained earlier, the moaning is a physiological phenomenon and has nothing to do with the moral character of girls.

    What's more, more than 90% of boys said that they like it very much and look forward to girls being able to make a moaning during this process.

    They feel that when they hear their lovers’ moaning, they will be excited and difficult to hold on to their libido.Sometimes the voice can bring a sense of accomplishment and conquest, rather than just praise him.

    Let alone men, let you choose a porn film yourself, you must also like the female protagonist who will moan,  and the moaning is naturally not artificial, right?

    So, when you make love, you can boldly moan this kind of thing, which is a private experience that belongs only to you and your partner. As long as you close the door and don't disturb the people, it can be as exciting as you want.



    Want to moan but don't know how to start?

    Many players, including players, feel that they "don't know how to moan", and you must have had a moment of "talking but stopping". Then, you can try the following tips.

     Start slowly

    If you are usually shy, suddenly begin moaning, and the content is very erotic and explicit, then he might be "scared".

    So, if you’ve never tried it before, it’s best to say something less erotic first.

    You can try to bite your lower lip and make a "huh~" sound, and at the same time, don't stop your hands and touch each other's sensitive parts.

    Such dirty talks and actions can effectively relax him and guide the him to follow your fucking rhythm, making each other more comfortable.

     From simple to complex

    Don’t start by pursuing intense phrases or coherent sentences, because you don’t have the experience to judge whether the atmosphere is appropriate.

    If you don't have much experience in this area, you can use relatively euphemistic words like "yes, yes" and "don't stop" when you feel good.

     Judge each other's taste

    There are few men who don't like women moaning, but you better figure out how the way he likes you to do it.

    With the increase of vocabulary and the change of environment, various situations will certainly occur in this process of change.

    You need to remember his excitement points and dislike points, and continue to practice in the direction of his excitement.

    Some men like lighter ones, and some men like rough ones.

    Therefore, after knowing what type of skills he likes, you can "shoot the arrow at the target".

     Take care of your feelings

    It is also very important to please yourself, otherwise the matter of moaning loses at least half of its meaning.

    Not only need to pay attention to his likes and dislikes, but also need to feel attentively and remember the ways and feelings you like. You are more important than any others.

    If the way he likes, you still can't do it, and you won't be able to accept it for a while, don't force yourself.

    What's more, there are also boys who feel that the way a girl hold the moan is the most charming look during the sex.



    However, I still suggest that you can say it out first and try it. Maybe you resist before saying it, but you will feel different after saying it. Just make a difference.