• What Are The Styles Of Hot-Selling Female Vibrators In 2021


    What Are The Styles Of Hot-Selling Female Vibrators In 2021

    > zhang xinyi

    Thanks to today’s era, sex toys are no longer a taboo topic. These products have come a long way from the 80’, there were only a few styles from before. But now these products have different types, different sizes and even different shapes. It can be said that sex toys have successfully entered the mainstream market, they have been an important part of popular culture since the late 90s.

    For example, you must know the rabbit vibrator that once appeared in Sex and the City. In March 2009, Dr. Laura Berman appeared in a regular segment of the popular American television series The Oprah Winfrey Show, where she advised mothers to teach their 15 or 16-year-old daughters the concept of pleasure by equipping them with a clitoral vibrator.

    Now you can easily buy sex toys on Amazon and even from target. According to a  2017 survey, female vibrators accounted for more than 70% of sex toys owned by female users.


    It is a sex toy for the body to produce pleasurable sexual stimulation. They can be used in sensual areas, such as the clitoris, vulva or vagina, penis, scrotum, or anus, for sexual stimulation, release of frustration, and orgasm. Vibrators can help your body learn to respond to various sensations, it can also make your sex repertoire more diverse and can add interest to your long-term sexual relationship. And you can use that to find your pleasure zone, easier to reach climax. This not only brings physical pleasure but also spiritual relaxation, and makes you sleep better at night.

    pink vibrator

    If you are new to the sex toy world, a quick search for the best vibrator on Amazon may be a good starting point. There are tons of options out there that can be overwhelming, you might want to ask what this product? Is it safe? Is there a less expensive one?But please keep reading, I will give you a detailed introduction and some advice about vibrators.

    Before purchase

    In addition to your favorite colors, here are a few points that need special attention.

    1.What type of experience do you want this tool to help you unlock? Maybe oral? Or perhaps you prefer deep thrusts? Focus on the area you want to stimulate, and then choose the right tool.

    2.Check their speed and power settings, and whether you can adjust them according to your mood.

    3.Can the vibrator be charged? You might pay more for rechargeable toys, but in the long run, they are cheaper because you don't have to continue buying batteries.

    4.Think about the ideal size of the vibrator.

    5.What material is it made of? Is it waterproof?Check the product detail page, If you want something velvety and non-irritating to your skin, silicone is the most common method.

    6.If you live in a place with thin walls, or if you share a lease with others. To avoid some embarrassing situations, try to find a vibrator that runs silently.

          Types of vibrators

          At this point, you might be wondering:Which kind of vibrator is best for me?When it comes to buying vibrators online, the possibilities are almost endless. Don’t worry, whether you have never owned a vibrator before or want to add it to your collection, we have compiled some of the top models you can buy today. let me introduce you to this year’s hottest products.

          1.ROSE Vibrator Rose Toy Clit Sucker

          ROSE Vibrator Rose Toy Clit Sucker


          There’s a reason this beautiful product is the hottest seller this year in the vibrators category. If you are a beginner this will be the best gift for you,especially for those people who are seeking clit sucking orgasm. Multiple functions at the same time,can suck the breasts, ears, clitoris, anus, or any other sensitive area, this  rose vibrator  can make you wet so quickly. Also offers 7 suction modes and made from soft silicone, very light and easy to carry. Did I forget to mention this is USB charging & waterproof,so you can use it anywhere you like.


           2.TULIP Mini Tongue Vibrator

          Sohimi TULIP Mini Tongue Vibrator


          This vibrator is shaped like real tongues and designed with licking devices. According to different needs, clit lickers vary in different sizes, materials and sizes. Can give you the feeling of real oral sex,also can use it in any position you like. Most mini vibrators are lack of power because there’s no space for them to run a strong motor inside. However, our  tongue vibrator  has an unbelievably powerful motor. So don’t be fooled by its mini size, you must be surprised by its strong vibration! With ten modes of intensity and a silicone surface that’s soft to the touch, there’s truly nothing quite like it on the market.


           3.Heating G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

          Heating G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator


          This hot pink vibrator has a tilting dildo that can hit the G-spot and a pair of bunny ears to stimulate the clitoris. And it has a very unique design that this rabbit vibrator can provide 40 ℃ constant temperature, which gives a better real feeling and massage experience as often as you want. This  rabbit vibrator  has 16 powerful vibration modes,you can choose a mode as you like. It has a unique shock vibration frequency, which directly stimulates the clitoris and vagina, causing the strongest orgasm and sexual pleasure. Moreover, it’s not too big or too thick, it’s soft and gentle going down, it’s great for practicing “deep-throating” techniques. It does not hurt your throat and so easy to slip deeply through.


          4.Bullet Vibrator with Angled Tip

          Bullet Vibrator with Angled Tip


          This  bullet vibrator  is a mere 3.4 inches in length,but don’t ignore it because of its compactness. The tip of the bullet vibrator has a narrow edge to focus the vibration on your clitoris, nipples and other sensitive parts. It offers three speeds and seven pulse modes, which means there are plenty of combinations to try. Due to the small size and special design,this bullet vibrator is one of the best travel vibrators we’ve ever seen. You can easily fit it in your purse or suitcase wherever you go. Also if your budget is limited, then this product is the best for you.


          5. Wearable Butterfly Vibrator

          Finger-Scratch Remote Control Vibrator


          Are you not tired of having sex only in bed? This  butterfly vibrator  may save you from boredom, just put the butterfly sex toy close to the sensitive area in your underwear, you can perform precise clitoral stimulation on the street, office, or perhaps in the cinema, and let yourself or your partner control the remote to experience unexpected excitement anytime, anywhere.

          This wearable vibrator is ergonomically designed,the curved glans effectively stimulate the G-spot and cause the strongest orgasm. With 10 frequency vibrations, different frequencies can meet your different sexual pleasure needs. It is amazing that the dual stimulation design can meet the needs of men and women, the remote control vibrator can cleverly use its wings to tease the male perineum, and also stimulate the prostate!

           Things you need to know

          In the past, sex toys were regarded as nasty things, but now it has successfully integrated into popular culture, and people are no longer silent about it. You can see them in a lot of TV series, this is a good start. I really want to see more positive portrayals of the use of sex toys in popular culture.

          Give us a happy portrayal of women masturbating, free from shame, guilt, or narratives about addiction, pornography. You need to know invest in your sexual pleasure in a way that is meaningful to you, and there is absolutely no illegal, wrong, or shameful behavior. Don't let others project their insecurities onto you and your choices.

          women having fun


          Trust me, it's not good for you to put too much emphasis on what other people think. There is nothing unhealthy about using a vibrator, it is are a completely normal part of masturbation and partner sex.

           How to clean your vibrator

          First,after every single use, you need to clean them. Also, you need to give it a quick wash before use, dirty is one thing your sex toy should never be. Dirty vibrators are not only disgusting but also dangerous-bacteria in dirty toys can cause yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis or worse.

          clean your vibrator


          1. A simple way to wash toys by hand with warm water and mild antibacterial soap is a convenient and simple way to clean sex toys. Then give it a good scrub remember: Don’t immerse any toy completely in water unless it is waterproof.
          2. Good storage is also very important,Once your vibrator is clean, put it in a clean box or pouch so that it is less likely to accumulate dust. Try to stay away from other objects, such as mobile phones or clothes. (The less interaction it has with other bacteria-carrying things, the better.)
          3. Do not attempt to clean your vibrator with boiling water,it's easy to ruin your favorite vibrator by not doing it the right way.

          You can also check the vibrator’s manual to figure out how to clean it. Whatever you do, just clean and store your toys well  your health and your partner will thank you for that. Keep it clean, be safe and enjoy your vibrator!

        1. Do Women Really Need Sex Toys?


          Do Women Really Need Sex Toys?

          > jiajia lu

          Every day, there are over thousands of customers visiting Sohimi’s website. However, only 20% of the visitors are female.

          Many girls worry about a lot of problems when buying sex toys, a large part of the reason may be that they subconsciously feel ashamed of using sex toy, or sex toy is always inferior to the real person, and some people even worry that they will become addicted after using it. 

          By communicating with some friends, I found that the process of everyone’s exposure to sex toys is actually a process of continuous “evolution”, including the acceptance of toys, their changes of their own thoughts and concepts.

          Some people slowly unlocked the happiness on sex toys; some people were entangled and confused, and then found the answer; some people are open about sex life, they have been very firm, and live wantonly and calm.

          Regardless of whether they are suitable or not, whether they need or don’t need sex toys, they have learned their true thoughts and learned to tell their own needs in the process of searching, expressing and persisting.

          01 Anonymous User  20-Year-Old  I’m still exploring...

          A few days ago, I received a gift from a big sister, a very cute girl’s toy. When I saw it at the time, I had an idea in my mind that this little thing seems a bit too...

          But I didn't expect that I took it out again after putting it aside for some time. In an unintentional groping, I experienced the wonderful fun brought by this tiny toy. How to describe the feeling? Although not as strong as in the legend, but the body was suddenly awakened, fierce and gentle.

          At the beginning, I was worried about addiction. I felt that if I had too much desire, I would always want it in the future, and if I would become insensitive after using toys? If men would not be able to satisfy me?

          But I found that this is not the case. My sex desire has not changed much. It's just that I can only pinch my legs or toss when I have the desires before, but I can use toys to satisfy myself and relax.

          I have had a boyfriend, I found that having a skin-to-skin intimate contact with a person I like is emotional integration, and the double joy of physical and psychological satisfaction cannot be given by a small toy.

          Later, I also had more awareness and opportunities to take the initiative to learn knowledge of this aspect, such as the whole physiological process of arousal, the pleasure switch in the female body, and how to love myself.

          Slowly, I also bought some new toys for me. I was amazed by the different styles, which gave me a lot of different feelings. Even though some toys may no longer be used now, I will still collect them carefully and record them as precious specimens. 

          For me now, the important thing is not how many toys I own, but being able to get to know myself from more aspects, enjoying this journey of free exploration and discovery. 

          02 Anonymous User  27-Year-Old  Do I have a strong Desire on Sex?

          Although I don’t spend much time with my partner every week, we have sex three or four times a week at least. However, I want some "fast-food sex" sometimes, which is to arouse quickly, to end quickly, and be satisfied. Because it is still tiring to go to work, and most of the time we both don’t have the time and energy to satisfy each other, but using toys will relax and satisfy ourselves easily and quickly.
          When masturbating myself, I need only six to seven seconds to reach the top. My body is out-of-control and I can't help but clamp my legs, gasp in a low voice, and enjoy the joy of complete satisfaction. 

          My partner knows that I use toy, but I have never used them in front of him, because I still can’t let go when he’s there, and cannot explore, moan, relax, and give up expression management. 

          On the one hand, I don’t want him to feel that my desire is too strong, and I will still feel a little ashamed. On the other hand, I am worried that I look too ugly when I reach the top. He  understood me so well that he would wait for me to finish before coming in every time. Maybe one day I can handle these contradictions, find a way that suits me. So just explore it step by step.

          03 Anonymous User  29-Year-Old  Well use the toys together

          I have a boyfriend, but I am also using small toys at the same time. He knows it. Fortunately, the two of us have reached an agreement on this aspect. We believe that a partner and a sex toy never stand on opposite sides.

          At the beginning, I was a little worried. While he was in the living room, I pretended to go back to the room to rest, in fact, quietly comforting myself.

          Later, I simply performed it next to him, but when he saw me using a small toy, he became a little excited and couldn't help but kiss me and touch me, and then actively joined in. I found that after using toys, I became more sensitive, but his participant gave me a completely different new experience. 

          Later on, we often played in this way. I used toy as a foreplay before he joined in, the pleasure was so intense that I pulled the sheets crazily. We often reach the peak at the same time, reaping great satisfaction.

          Therefore, it will not affect the intimate relationship no matter who uses small toys if the two people are working together. On the contrary, when we try new possibilities, life will become more ritual. 

          04 Anonymous User  34-Year-Old  I regained the long-lost happiness After getting married

          After two years of marriage, I bought myself a small toy. Compared to real people, I like toys better, it’s mainly because I like the feeling of being in control. In most cases, no one knows what you want better than you.

          My husband is a traditional man. Although he will take care of my feelings in that respect, he can’t find out the feelings and can’t give me more surprises. As time goes by, the passion and romance become less and less, I think it’s a little unlikely for him to be enthusiastic.

          Once I heard my friends were talking about sex toys, I was curious and quietly bought an entry-level one. After a simple groping on my body, I found clitoris, pinched and sucked it with a clitoral vibrator, my long-lost happiness finally came back.

          He hasn't found out yet, maybe one day, my husband will accept me using small toys, or maybe I don't need toys anymore by that time. I think it’s worthwhile to enjoy all the good things now.

          Of course, there are still many exciting and interesting stories in the process of exploring sex. These stories may not be important to others, but you can truly feel that enjoying being yourself is a very beautiful thing. 

          Everyone can hold their own ideas on whether to use toys or not, and we are warm welcome you to discuss with us in the message area.