What To Do If Your Partner Eats Aphrodisiac Secretly

What To Do If Your Partner Eats Aphrodisiac Secretly

It is common for everyone to love sex. After all, sex makes you feel a kind of pleasure that you can't experience from anything else.

However, regardless of how much you love the feeling that results from sexual activities, there are just some moments or even some people that cannot become aroused. These moments or individuals turn to aphrodisiacs, and at times, secretly or without their partner's knowledge.

If you are not aware, an aphrodisiac is a food or drink that can boost your libido or sexual desire. The majority of these aphrodisiacs are natural edibles, which are the common choices. But you can also purchase supplements that are specifically created to boost your arousal levels. Whatever it is and for whatever reason, though, it can be heartbreaking to find out that your partner has been secretly taking them to become sexually active.

Understanding How Aphrodisiac Works

As mentioned, an aphrodisiac is a consumable that is supposed to increase your ability to feel sexually aroused. It has been around for a very long time, dating back to the BC ages. But today, this topic is still very debatable by both consumers and medical experts because there are a lot of factors to consider before determining if aphrodisiacs work or not.

Some people say that it is the placebo effect

Most people, particularly medical experts, say that aphrodisiacs don't work as well as people say they do. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration has stated that all non-medical solutions are ineffective due to the considerable lack of evidence that confirms the positive results of aphrodisiacs.

Therefore, many have said that aphrodisiacs are only useful because of the placebo effect, meaning it works because you believe it will work. As a result, the effect becomes positive – or so it seems to that person. On the other hand, if a person doesn't rely on the placebo effect, they still may not receive the desired outcome despite having many kinds of aphrodisiacs.

Some say that it is their appearance

Another issue of debate with aphrodisiacs is the theory that it is about the food's appearance that brings about the sexual desire from eating them. For example, fruits that look like genitals are considered aphrodisiacs, and when consumed, it can boost libido. So, in essence, what makes an aphrodisiac is if it represents or symbolizes something sexual.

Because of this approach, scientists, such as a clinical sexologist, believe that it is not so much that these fruits contain properties that boost sexual desires. It is more the imagination that triggers the mind to prepare itself for sexual pleasure, resulting in a rise in arousal levels.

How Aphrodisiacs Affect Relationships

Finding out that your partner has been relying on aphrodisiacs this whole time can be discouraging. What makes sex unique is that both parties are getting pleasure because of each other. Realizing that your partner has been getting this kind of excitement from aphrodisiacs is not much of a comforting thought.

Aphrodisiacs are only good under mutual agreement

In hindsight, there is completely nothing wrong with aphrodisiacs. It is only the situation or circumstances you're in that can make it wrong. In this case, it is taken secretly. As most people know, secrecy in a relationship is never a good thing. So you want to make sure that you let your partner know if you are having problems getting aroused. That way, you can discuss solutions together and understand that mutual understanding can prevent any misunderstandings in the future. Who knows, this level of honesty might just be what you need to get sexually excited again.

Always take care of your health and partner

When it comes to talking about aphrodisiacs, the primary issue that medical experts and health professionals have about them is the neglect that individuals have of their health. In reality, the lack of arousal levels has proven to be health-related conditions, which can be as simple as stress or anxiety. So if you were to look at your lifestyle rather than focusing on solutions, such as relying on aphrodisiacs, you might end up finding the cause instead.

Furthermore, you should also never fail to neglect your partner. By being honest with them, you can talk about certain aspects that may be putting you off sexually. For instance, if your partner has started smoking, and their breath smells like smoke all the time, then you may no longer feel sexual desires because of it.


Sex can be both an exciting and nerve-racking topic. In the end, you always want to be honest because your one-time experience can change everything. So, whether aphrodisiacs work or not, what should be your priority is honesty with yourself and your partner.