Anal Cancer - The Risks and How to Avoid it

Anal Cancer - The Risks and How to Avoid it

Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases in this world and everyone wants to stay away from this disease. There are various types of cancer diseases such as lung cancer, blood cancer, breast cancer, etc. However, anal cancer is one of the least heard types of cancer diseases and is a bit rare among people. Still, anal cancer is a very unwanted disease and is surely one of the most fatal types of cancer diseases. Some data and studies have revealed that the risk of cancer is gradually increasing in people and the risk in even higher in man.

So, what happens in anal cancer?

Well, in simple words, anal cancer occurs when the anal canal develops cancer. The anal canal is nothing but the lowest part of the rectum which is responsible for excretion. In anal cancer, some cells grow around the anal canal abnormally and there is a very high chance that these unwanted cells that grow around turn out to be cancer cells. It is always advised to never ignore any type of abnormality in the anus area as experts believe that one should start the treatment of anal cancer without any delay at all or else the situation can worsen.

But how do people come to know when they have anal cancer? Well, some of the very common symptoms of anal cancer are anal bleeding and anal pain. Whenever one faces the above two problems, it is advised to consult a medical expert immediately as the situation could get worsen very fast. There are other symptoms also that are common in the case of anal cancer such as itching in the anus and also irregular mass in the anus area. There are a couple of treatment options available for the people who get diagnosed with anal cancer, namely; combination treatment involving chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, people need to know that the combination treatment option also gives more power to the side effects.

What Are A Few Common Risk Factors For Developing Anal Cancer?

The risk factors of most of the types of cancer diseases are similar but some can vary. One should be aware of the risk factors for anal cancer as they seriously increase the chances of developing cancer. Following are the most common risk factors for anal cancer:

HPV Infection

HPV or Human papillomavirus is surely the heaviest risk factor for developing anal cancer. This risk factor is so dominating because most of the anal cancer cases are caused due to this infection only. But what exactly is this infection? HPV or human papillomavirus infection is nothing but a virus group that constitutes 150 viruses that are elated o each other. This group of the virus is also responsible for causing other types of cancers such as cervical cancer.

The human papillomavirus infection shows its effect on the skin surface of the body and the skin surface that acts as a lining of organs such as anus, mouth, throat, etc. This type of infection also has the potential to spread into another human body when there is sexual contact between two people and one of them is infected. It is not always necessary that this type of infection does cause anal cancer as the human body is capable of fighting this infection away. However, if the body is not able to fight away the same, the infection becomes chronic and eventually goes onto cause anal cancer. This infection may not necessarily cause serious cancer and may end up causing infections that eventually go away.

Anal Warts

Anal warts are another very prominent risk factor that may go on becoming cancer in the human body. Anal warts are caused by human papillomavirus infections and there is a very high chance that anal warts cause anal cancer. But what exactly are anal warts? Anal warts are nothing but small warts that occur around the anus or on the inner walls of the anus.

Sometimes anal warts are also referred to as genital warts as they can occur in the genitals of women also. Anal warts are infections that may not cause discomfort but there is a very high chance that this condition causes anal cancer. It is not always necessary that genital or anal warts cause cancer but when a person suffers from anal warts, the chances of other types of HPV infections that have a relatively higher risk of causing anal cancer also increase. Therefore, one should never ignore anal warts and consult a medical expert immediately.

Other Cancer Types

Certain cancer types can trigger the chances of anal cancer occurring in the human body. But why is that so? Well, there are a few types of cancer diseases that happen after the human body is infected with Human papillomavirus infection. Those infections can further cause anal cancer. It has been seen that people or especially women who have had cervical or vaginal cancer are highly exposed to anal warts and cancer.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

People who have been found or diagnosed with HIV infection or are suffering from AIDS are potentially more exposed to anal cancer-like conditions. These infections may not necessarily cause anal cancer but the risk of getting the same surely increases.

Decreased Immunity

Immunity is very important for the human body as immunity is what stops infections from happening and keeps various diseases away from the human body. People who suffer from a lack of immunity have a relatively higher risk of getting diagnosed with anal cancer. Everyone needs to keep taking a diet that improves the immunity of the body to stay safe from harmful diseases like anal cancer.

Uncontrolled Sexual Activities

Studies have proved that uncontrolled sexual patterns followed by human beings increase the chances of people getting diagnosed with anal cancer. Anal sex, in particular, increases the risk of anal cancer. There have been studies that have found that men who are gay and are engaged in sexual activities have higher chances of getting diagnosed with anal cancer. People need to keep their sexual activities controlled.

Why Gay Men Are Exposed To The Risk Factors Of Anal Cancer More Than Anyone?

Gay men or people who are bisexuals are believed to be e potential targets of the disease of anal cancer. They are at very high risk, according to some studies and these studies have constantly appealed to the government to subject gay men or bisexual individuals to screening tests as this can save many lives easier.

It has been discovered that gay men with anal cancer have become very common and such cases are only increasing gradually. This can be stopped just like the government stopped the spread of cervical cancer which was becoming very common in women. Why is it possible that the same screening test would work in the case of gay men with anal cancer risk?

Well, in both the above cases, cancer occurs due to the infection of the human papillomavirus. Pap Smear was the name given to the screening test and was suggested to be used on gay men too. Since the infection that causes this cancer is the same, the screening test would also fit perfectly. However, it is still a long way to go in this as the results on gay men can be different and the same results may not be understood by the experts also. So, after a bit of research and training, the government is capable and is most likely to implement this test on bisexual and gay men.

Also, HPV infection is being fought and dealt with very nicely by health authorities and there is a huge chance that many vaccines may be made to curb the cases of anal cancer in gay men which are on a rise and are expected to rise even more in the future. Moreover, gay men should also become aware of these risk factors that make them the potential targets of such a harmful disease. Men should keep a check on their sexual activities and should stay away from HPV infection as this infection is not just a risk that may cause genital warts but can grow serious and may cause cancer too.

How Can Gay Men Avoid HPV Infection Or Anal Cancer?

HPV infections cause anal cancer and sexual activities in Gay men or receptive anal sex, in particular, are the main causes of anal cancer. Anal sex is something which people hardly know about. Anal sex is a lot different from vaginal intercourse as the risk of getting infected is more in the case of anal sex. So, what is a good alternative for gay or bisexual men? Well, have you heard about sex toys? Gay men or bisexual men can research the sex toys that assist in anal sex as they are the best way to find sexual satisfaction and that too without getting exposed to harmful infections or HPV in particular.

Nowadays, there are several sex toys available for gay men to find the ideal assist when going for anal sex. These toys are easily available as Sohimi brings some of the best sex toys for anal sex. Anal stimulation can be done best by the anal stimulator that is widely available in the market nowadays. People have started to become a bit more aware and the use of anal stimulators has surely increased and so has the popularity of anal stimulators.

Anal stimulators are a group of sex toys that are required to be inserted inside the anus of a person, following which it causes sexual pleasure inside. Anal stimulators are widely used to cause anal masturbation as it causes the same kind of pleasure while eliminating the risks of anal cancer. There are several types of anal stimulators and one can easily find all the types online. Sohimi brings you some of the best anal stimulators that are completely safe and very fun to use. Following are a few sex toys that can be ideal for having anal stimulation:

Sohimi Anal Beads

Sohimi Anal beads are another very popular anal stimulator and are widely used by people. The material used to make this is silicone as it is completely safe to use it inside the human organ. The Sohimi Anal beads stand out because the sections of the beads are thicker and longer to cause more pleasure upon being inserted. The texture of the toy says that it is very soft and is also stretchy to avoid rough penetration in the anal area.

Sohimi 4 in 1 Anal Kit

This anal kit consists of 3 differently sized butt plugs and also has one chain. This is perfect for people who love exploring their limits. This is the perfect product for people who are fascinated with anal sex. This particular toy takes a teardrop shape and has a smooth surface for easy insertion into the anus.

All the above sex toys can be bought easily by you as Sohimi is dedicated to helping people enjoy what they like to do and also to avoid infection risks that are usually there when having anal sex with a partner. Bisexual and gay men can use these toys rather than having uncontrolled anal sex with their gay partners as the same would only increase the risk of anal infections or anal cancer.

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