• 7 Weird Sounds You May Hear During Dildo Sex


    7 Weird Sounds You May Hear During Dildo Sex

    > Jenny sohimi

    When you are enjoying sex with a dildo, some sounds pop up out and ruin the atmosphere. If you experienced it for real rather than through movies or porn, you should understand that there are blushing moans in the process and likely to be interspersed with some strange sounds. Some of them will make you feel less aroused, and some will make you laugh. Real sex is always like this, not as literary as the movies show, nor as smooth as porn. Strange sounds are the most common accidents in sex.

    Vaginal Exhaust 

    When you are using a dildo for high-frequency thrusting, sometimes you suddenly feel a gas coming out of your body, and you try to close your anus to avoid embarrassing yourself or your partner. However, it still comes out smoothly and with a sound similar to a fart... It's an embarrassing moment, but you can feel that it's coming out from your vagina! In fact, there is a technical term for this condition called vaginal exhaust.

    sohimi thrusting dildo

    Some people may mistakenly think that their vaginal laxity causes it. Still, it has nothing to do with laxity because vaginal emission is a normal physiological phenomenon during sex. The high frequency of thrusting, especially when using a thrusting dildo, causes air to enter the vagina through the thrusting motion. After it reaches a certain amount, it needs to be expelled, just like the inflation and deflation of a balloon.


    As we all know, sex is a dynamic process. Mainly when you use the dildo with a sucking cup, you need to work on it yourself after fixing it. During your movement, besides getting pleasure, it also accelerates the peristalsis of your intestines. Your intestines accelerated peristalsis allows the gas in your body to be expelled faster, which is why some people always fart during sex.

    embarrassed woman

    Especially after reaching orgasm, when your whole body muscles are in a relaxed state, and the anal sphincter is no exception. Hence, farts just run out when you are unprepared, by the way, with its trademark sound, leaving only some smell and your embarrassed expression. But farts, like old friends in life, are so familiar that we may not care too much about them. What's worse is that something else comes out of the anus along with the fart, and that's really embarrassing.

    Joints Rattling

    Just like exercise, SEX is also considered an exercise, and it comes with a variety of new positions to innovate. People always have different ideas about sex. Some of them are even very difficult, which requires our body to cooperate with various styles. In this process, the joints will always make a sound because of our movements. But while pursuing pleasure and freshness, you should also pay attention to safety, do not move beyond the normal range of motion of the joints. Otherwise, it may cause some accidents and have to terminate the movement to the hospital.

    Especially when using dildos, people who are willing to accept sex toys are adventurous, so they also often have more daring ideas and try to practice them. We need to consider the actual situation to estimate whether we can do it or not to the actual. Otherwise, it is not worth it if it hurts the body.


    Advances in technology have brought convenience to people's lives, and sex toys are no exception. From the manual silicone dildo, designers have often installed electric motors inside the dildo to facilitate the use of the dildo, which enables users to enjoy a variety of modes and frequencies of hands-free dildo sex. But technological innovation also comes with a side effect, which is the noise of the motor.

    rose queen - rose toy pro

    Sex requires mood and atmosphere when the mechanical noise will be incompatible with the hot and sexy atmosphere, too much noise will destroy the ambiguous atmosphere, reducing the user's experience, so more and more consumers seek quiet vibration dildo, which sounds unlikely, but sohimi launched the Rose Toy Pro perfectly fit in this. It not only has seven intense vibration modes but also can be 100 percent silent. If you hold it in your hand, you will only feel the intense vibration but can not hear a sound. After ten seconds or so, you will feel your hand numb.

    Juicy Crashes

    Unlike the previous ones, this sound is the standard of an excellent sexual state. If you feel like it's ringing in your ears at the mention of this concept, then you must have had a similar experience. This "juicy" feeling comes from the fluid secreted in women's vagina, which has the effect of moistening and protecting the vagina and means that they are in great condition at the moment.

    The source of this sound is not only juicy but also because of the collision. If your dildo has two testicles as a base, you are lucky because even if you are alone, you can enjoy the collision, and the intense stimulation from the dildo can easily make your sex juicy.

    Uncontrolled Moaning

    As the title of this article suggests, I don't mean sexy and seductive moaning here, but rather the unconscious, uncontrolled shouting by a man or woman during intense sexual intercourse. Moaning in movies or porn is a professional skill for actors. Still, in practice, there are many accidents, such as suddenly breaking the voice, or choking on one's saliva, or a muffled voice after a long time, and some even say, "Oh my God, it sounds like I'm going to kill you."

    sexy lips

    Don't be shy or embarrassed; if you're fully engaged, moaning is just one of the ways to show your emotions, especially with some particularly intense stimuli, such as large dildos or black dildos. When you are high, it is difficult to ensure that your moans are moving. Sometimes it makes the person who hears you want to laugh, whether it's pretending not to hear or just laughing aloud. That's what real sex is all about, right?

    The Bed

    If your chosen bed as your venue, you may be familiar with the sound of a bed rocking up. Especially an old iron frame bed, if you've had sex on it, you may find the bed is more exciting than you do. It's not a big deal, but if it's late at night, then the neighbors downstairs may be more annoyed than you are.

    If you buy a thrusting dildo, which requires less drastic movement, you can stick it to the headboard or wall, so you don't have to worry about the bed being too noisy to ruin the ambiance or affect the ambiance neighbors. Enjoy your dildo sex until orgasm.

    woman on the bed

    These sounds are very typical in regular sex life and can be considered a kind of fun. Don't be too concerned if these sounds occur. It may become some fun worth remembering frequently. Come to sohimi to buy your satisfaction dildo. It can make your sex life more full and exciting.

  • Rose Toy Pro - Rose Queen sends a sincere invitation to YouTube and Tiktok bloggers


    Rose Toy Pro - Rose Queen sends a sincere invitation to YouTube and Tiktok bloggers

    > Lena Sohimi

    In recent months, rose toys have become popular on Tiktok and Youtube. There are many unpacking and evaluation videos of Rose Toys on these platforms. Many bloggers expressed their love for rose toys. The rose toy has received a lot of praise in a short period of time. At present, the upgraded version of the rose toy- Rose Queen has been launched in July! The Rose Queen invites all bloggers on Youtube and Tiktok! The Rose Queen will bring new surprises to users who love the Rose family.

    Rose vibrator is loved by many bloggers

    Whether on Youtube or Tiktok, many bloggers have shown a rose-shaped clitoral vibrator in their videos. Here are the comments written by some bloggers. The Rose Vibrator is a rose toy that many bloggers love. Not only do they love it, but their fans are especially willing to try this little thing.

    "The rose vibrator gives me very intense sexual pleasure. For example, the clitoral suction that shocked me. The Rose toy gave me a very strong hit from the moment I pressed the button. Don't let its lovely floral appearance fool you. Many of my fans love this rose toy that I recommended to them"

    rose review

    "The Sohimi Rose Vibrator gave me a great feeling - the silicone was soft, the toy was super light, and overall the toy did feel pretty good. I love the shape of it - while the rose look feels a bit gimmicky to me, I can't help but think the shape would work well in games. I really appreciate the rose vibrator. It can be used not only for masturbation, but for foreplay as well as a variety of situations. My fans really like this beautiful rose and this little toy gives them a lot of sexual pleasure!"

    "I was surprised how quiet it was so I could sneak in and jerk off with the Sohimi Rose clitoral vibrator. I love it so much with the multiple sucking modes and the vibrating frequency. It's so wonderful! I have fans who have already used this Rose toy and they love this little toy!"

    Rose Queen gives you and your fans an even bigger surprise

    Rose toys are now popular on Youtube and Tiktok. Many people are recommending this unusually shaped and small sex toy. If you have already recommended rose vibrator toys to your fans, this next rose queen must be a good choice for you. Rose Queen is an upgraded version of the Rose toy. The Rose Queen is a new multifunctional rose toy from sohimi that integrates a dildo and a rose vibrator. In addition to the special shape and funky color, the Rose Queen has been greatly improved in function. This will be a great surprise for your fans! You can share this wonderful rose toy with your fans. I think your fans will love this new Rose Queen! Wonderful and funny Rose Queen will help you attract more people!

    About Rose Queen - Rose Toy Pro

    Romantic and elegant design concept

    The Rose Queen represents sohimi's fashionable sex concept. Let women be a noble, elegant, sexy and charming goddess in sex is the reason why Sohimi designed the Rose Queen.

    Sohimi found such a noble and elegant image of the rose from the many moving legends and designed a sex toy based on the rose.

    2-1 rose queen

    Inspired by the many titles of the rose, sohimi designed the female vibrator in the image of the rose and gave the toy the elegant name "Rose Queen".

    Sohimi believes that every woman has the right to express herself and release her sexuality in her sex life. Every woman deserves to have a perfect sexual experience like a queen. Therefore, the design of Rose Queen reflects the concept of fully stimulating women's sexual potential

    Beautiful and exquisite appearance

    The appearance of the Rose Queen is a beautiful red rose with a stem. Sohimi gives the Rose Queen the ultimate beauty. The appearance of this upgraded rose toy is not the same as the general rose toy. Rose Queen has a hot and slender body. The shape of the Rose Queen is small and curvy. The flower part is a rose toy and the stem part is a dildo vibrator. The Rose Queen truly achieves the perfect combination of two sex toys without losing its beauty.

    The Rose Queen wears elegant accessories around her neck. There is a gold border in the middle representing the Queen's necklace. The gold border where the flowers and stems connect makes the Rose Queen look more noble and elegant. When it comes to the Rose Queen, you will not think of her at all as the same as a traditional sex toy, this is because the Rose Queen is designed according to aesthetic standards. You can completely treat her as a fine and small artwork. The Rose Queen perfectly matches your elegant and romantic goddess temperament.

    Safe and comfortable material 

    The silky soft material represents the smooth and delicate skin of the queen. When you touch the Rose Queen, it is a silky smooth touch like satin. Rose Queen makes you feel that you can have a premium feeling even with sex toys. The material of the Rose Queen is a combination of ABS and liquid silicone.

    upgraded liquid

    Sohimi thoughtfully takes women's health into account and uses body-friendly materials. You can knead the flowers and stems at will without worrying about breaking your rose toy. This is because the two materials are not only safe but also flexible. The safe and resilient material makes the Rose Queen your intimate companion.

    Powerful sucking mode and multiple vibration frequencies

    The flower part of the Rose Queen is a lifelike rose with small petals. Hidden inside the small petal rose is a clitoral vibrator. When the clitoral vibrator surrounds your nipples and clitoris, you will feel the irresistible stimulation and sexual pleasure. When you press the electric button, the unique rose-shaped suction cups surround your breasts and clitoris, bringing you sexual pleasure you can't deny! The delicate and compact rose petals precisely stimulate your G-spot, giving you an instant orgasm! What's more surprising is the Rose Queen's five sucking modes that take you to oral sex-like pleasure!

    The dildo vibrator on the stem part of the Rose Queen can easily stimulate your G-spot, highly simulating the sexual pleasure of penile penetration.

    sucking modes

    The dildo vibrator comes with ten vibration modes, bringing you ten different kinds of sex passion! When you are masturbating or having foreplay with your partner, the Rose Queen can bring you the pleasure of being penetrated! 

    Both the Rose toy and the dildo vibrator can perfectly stimulate your G-spot, making it easy for you to get the pleasure and excitement of sex. If you play with the Rose Queen, then you're only one step away from orgasm!

    Advanced quick charge and water ingress prevention device

    With the Rose Queen, you don't have to wait too long for an orgasm. The Rose Queen can be fully charged in just two hours. You can play with the Rose Queen wherever you are.


    Rose Queen understands very well that bathrooms and swimming pools should not limit your sexual passion. The unique advanced Class 7 waterproof rating allows you to have worry-free sex wherever you are!

    Why you recommend Rose Queen to your fans?

    What makes the Rose Queen unique makes her a one-of-a-kind rose toy! The Rose Queen is even better than the Rose Vibrator in several ways. Many bloggers are now recommending the Rose Vibrator. The Rose Queen may help you become a more fashionable blogger!

    A more beautiful shape - no compromise on elegance

    The traditional Rose toy is shaped like a large petal rose flower. Underneath the large petal is a clitoral vibrator with a sucking mode. The rose vibrator effectively stimulates the clitoris and the female G-spot to bring women to orgasm quickly.

    The Rose Queen is a traditional clitoral vibrator device that is cleverly designed to incorporate a dildo vibrator. The upgraded look of this rose toy is not bulky because of the dildo design. On the contrary, the Rose Queen looks more elegant and lighter. The small red petals of the rose flower and the beautiful stem go well together.

    More functions - Rose toy is not just a clitoral vibrator

    The Rose Toy, currently popular on YouTube and Tiktok, stimulates the female clitoris to give women sexual pleasure. Most women play with rose toys during masturbation or foreplay to stimulate their bodies so they can get turned on faster. The Rose Queen dildo device allows women to enjoy the pleasure of penile penetration while stimulating the clitoris. When women play with the Rose Queen, they can feel the pleasure of clitoral penetration and the excitement of clitoral stimulation at the same time. The Rose Queen comes with this dildo with ten different vibration patterns. From weak to strong, from low frequency to high intensity, the intensity you want, the Rose Queen can bring you.

    Unimaginable 30 seconds to climax

    Some surveys show that women generally need one to two minutes to have an orgasm when playing with the Rose Vibrator. The new and improved Rose Queen saves valuable time for women. Women only need a brief thirty seconds to get the sexual pleasure of a stimulated clitoris or vaginal penetration! The Rose Queen saves women at least half the time!

    A silent device just for you

    Have you ever thought of playing your rose vibrator in public? But the embarrassing noise makes you give up the idea.

    zero noise

    Don't let the noise extinguish your passion for sex. The exclusive silent device of the Rose Queen allows you to enjoy silent sex at any time.

    The Rose Queen is about to become the new trend

    The trendy Rose Queen is about to become popular on Youtube and Tiktok. Rose Queen sends you a sincere invitation. Sohimi believes that Rose Queen will be the perfect choice for every blogger who is responsible for her fans. Compared with the popular Rose toy before, Rose Queen is even better in both appearance and function. As a new member of the Rose family, the Rose Queen looks forward to participating in women's sexual experience. This new upgraded Rose Vibrator can bring all women a wonderful sexual experience. Rose Queen will make every woman become a stylish sex queen!

  • Rose Queen Reviews - The Use Experience Of 10,000 Users


    Rose Queen Reviews - The Use Experience Of 10,000 Users

    > Lucine Keogh

    There are lots of moments in a woman’s whole life turning out to be a game changer in retrospect, and her experience with her every vibrator from Sohimi Rose toy to Sohimi Rose toy pro is definitely one of them. People are always chasing after better self-pleasure. While dating remains risky and some people are still quarantining apart, they are trying to stay sexually satisfied by investing in the best sex toys.

    Which one is the best product? We have one here, and because there are too many good reviews, we have to extract the top good reviews from 10,000+ users:

    Such a cute design!

    Absolutely worth the money, and 5 stars!!!

    Ladies you definitely need to add this to your toy collection!!!

    I didn't believe that vibrators would work but this product truly blew me away.

    What a powerful vibrator and the suction power is unmatched.

    Charges fast and is a MUST HAVE for any woman.


    Yes, as you have seen now, there are still an ocean of good reviews purring in, which are all the praises for the best female sex toy in 2021Sohimi Rose toy pro, which is also called Rose queen. 

    sohimi rose queen

    We have to repeat it here first, folks: Masturbating is pretty much essential to your mental and physical health for pain relief and better sleep. And when you bring a vibrator into the masturbation, countless toe-curling orgasms on demand will come to you directly . 

    And the best sex toy shops online are taking note! Sohimi is offering more sexual wellness products than ever which always encourages the self-love. The best clitoral vibrator, the Rose queen, is the new product in July 2021, which is a high-end product of modern technology that makes women feel more happier, offering fast yet gentle clitoral and vagina stimulation. Worth. Every. Penny.

    Rose Queen Can Hide In Real Flowers

    We extracted three reviews from the players' comments due to the limited space. In order to prevent you from being unclear to read the text in the picture, we have re-entered the words again following:


    Absolutely cute! Great design and discreet packaging! Definitely would suggest to others!

    Elegant Toy

    The vibrations are strong and it's really cute. Love it.

    the cutest vibrator

    easy to use and to clean! my new favorite toy for sure, it’s so cute and sleek and the suction is 10/10 so fun! i like that it came with a little carrier bag as well that was a nice touch. 

    No woman will refuse fresh roses, passion and unrestrained, can light the love fire in their hearts. if a bouquet is not enough, please gift more. As many users commented, the appearance and color of Rose queen hit their aesthetics. Rose queen has improved much on the basis of Rose toy. In appearance, it looks more like a delicate rose. The perfect rose shape, looks just like the real flower we need to embellish in the floral course.

    sohimi rose queen

    If you have bought a Rose toy before, you can feel the difference by looking at the picture of Rose queen, but if you have not before, then please allow us to introduce you how these two products differ.

    If Rose toy is just a flower bone, Rose queen would be a complete rose with branch, it has a height of 8.26 inch (210mm). Its lotus-shaped and cute appearance makes it outstanding and elegant than other types sex toys ever. Most small leather bags cannot give it a very comfortable space, so we would recommend to use larger bags or tote bags. Although Rose queen is longer than Rose toy, but this long part also has its advantages, let's take a look at how to use this prominent part. 

    Use Rose Queen To Satisfy The Clitoral And Vagina 

    GET IT!

    I LOVE this toy, for all of the toys i have this one is definitely my favorite. Its suction is amazing, theres several vibration settings, and honestly i highly recommend it. The battery lasts a decent amount of time and it has a really nice feel to it. 

    I love it!

    The suction & vibration power of this toy was super surprising. It's very easy to clean & the opening of the flower is a nice size. I absolutely love this toy & it is my new favorite. I highly recommend it!

    Wonderfully Strong Clitoral Stimulation

    The suction on this toy is so intense and strong. The toy is super soft. I had no idea that the back end was a vibrator and it definitely helped with the power behind the stimulation end. Truly a wonderful toy! 

    What many praises! 

    Look at the flower bone of Rose queen, it can give you marvelous stimulation to experience the ultimate thrill of oral sex at any time with 5 suction modes

    Look at the branch of Rose queen, takes you to feel the virginal intercourse. The most important is that it has 10 frequency vibration, which can easily stimulate your g-spot to meet your needs anytime and anywhere. 

    A woman's vagina is the only way to a woman's heart, and Rose queen has made it. So you only need to buy one Rose queen to experience the pleasure of multiple toys at the same time. It's the perfect connection of a vibrating dildo and sucking toy.

    Rose Queen Is A Silent Friend Between Your Legs


    WOW....this product us just....WOW....I love the material its softness is one of a kind and its suction is PHENOMENAL. Super easy to clean and comes with a great little case. Charges fast and is a MUST HAVE for any woman 


    LOVED IT!! It’s such a cute design but it is POWERFUL but silent, I love it!  

    Silent and Powerful!!!

    This toy is amazing and I love how it doesn’t sound like I have a motor running. Super quiet and powerful. 

    Thanks for every sincere and true feedback. The easiest and most effective way to level up your sexual wellness is, of course, with one of the best sex toys. Rose queen is the right one. Because it is made of non-toxic and harmless silicone. It uses ABS and liquid silicone rubber with European CE logo, It is very soft, body-safe, smooth and stretchy. You can rub it at will for any sexual position. 100% silent

    There is a pro tip which is that invest in some quality lube to make everything more fun. And if you're still figuring out what kind of stimulation you need, you may want to pick up two different styles and experiment. 

    Even the hottest spark in the bedroom needs new sex positions to stoke the flames from time to time, otherwise things get boring, fast. Anytime you introduce something fresh and novel into the bedroom, you set yourself up for a more stimulating experience and bigger finish. In short, your brain craves newness, and especially for women, your brain is very involved in your excitement and satisfaction.

    If you don't need your partner to participate in your orgasm, you can also experience the happiness it brings in the room. It is also 100% silent, so you don't have to worry about the roommates or parents who live with you. Most of our users are buying it for personal use, but at the same time some users take Rose queen into their sex. 

    Enjoy Your Adventure 

    When you find your perfect vibrator, it improves your whole masturbation experience. If you've ever walked into a sex shop or scrolled through an online store, though, you've seen that the number of options can be overwhelming. Particularly if you don't know the difference between a rabbit vibrator, a wand, and a bullet. If you're seeking a new top-drawer buddy, look no further, whether you're a self-pleasure beginner, hoping to spice things up in the bedroom with a sex toy you can both enjoy, or simply want to take your orgasm to the next level, Rose queen is one of the best vibrators for women available now. 

    From the bed in house to the adventure, there are tons of ways to incorporate Rose queen into your next love-making scene. Finding new ways to pleasure yourself and giving your sex life a much needed refresh can work wonders for any relationship. Invest Rose queen and come on try it now.

  • Rose Queen - Best Women’s Gift For Pride Month


    Rose Queen - Best Women’s Gift For Pride Month

    > Veronica Swift

    The concept of Rose Toy has been upgraded to the Rose Toy Pro version, as the best gift for women in pride month, only to provide women with the pride and sense of ritual that pride month enjoys the most. It represents pride, equality, free love. Rose Queen looks like a small microphone in the shape of a rose, more like a torch in the hands of the Statue of Liberty.

    me is me

    For women, the symbolic meaning represented by Rose Queen both in terms of appearance and design concept fits the pride and sense of ritual promoted by the pride month. We can hold up the rainbow flag while holding up the Rose Queen in the pride month parade. This is an extremely bold, innovative and free idea and action, which is very worthy of our pride.

    Rose Queen Symbolizes Pride

    Honestly, women need a sense of pride and ritual brought to them by a group. Rose Queen brings true pride in women with exquisite rose prototype design and practical functions. In other words, the female user experience of Rose Queen is extremely good, and it is a sincere sense of collective ritual.

    pride month

    The appearance of Rose Queen designs is very unique. From the perspective of the first layer, it is based on the design of roses. The color of the rose is red, the petal head is small and exquisite, the ends are hard, the middle is soft, and the petal head is soft. A close-fitting metal ring with a flower handle connects the flower head and the flower handle. In a derivative sense of the second layer, Rose Queen is like a torch in the hands of the Statue of Liberty. Flower head is the source of fire. The goddess held the torch proudly.

    Kissing you

    Of course, I am not saying that Rose Queen is the torch in the hands of the Lady Liberty, but the prototype of the design concept of Rose Queen is similar to the symbolic meaning of the torch in the hands of the Lady Liberty. Its symbolic meaning is freedom, equality, love and pride. And it is no exaggeration to say that the design of the Rose Queen is also in line with the symbolic meaning of pride month.

    Hold High the Rainbow Flag And Rose Queen

    Imagine that when we celebrate our pride month in New York City. On this day, rainbow flags symbolizing "comrade pride" will be fluttered throughout New York City. If we hold the rainbow flag in our left hand and Rose Queen in our right hand, as the boldest attempt and creative move, we only enjoy the pride and ritual brought to us by the pride month. And the LGBTQ community will follow with great momentum cross 26th Street and Fifth Avenue, continue across Christopher Street and Stonewall National Monument, and finally continue along Seventh Avenue and end on 23rd Street. Through such actions, we are enjoying the sense of ritual and pride brought to us by LGBTQ unity.


    Is there anyone worried that displaying Rose Queen in public will be seen as a sex toy? Regarding this, we can rest assured that everyone who has bought it knows that Rose Queen's exquisite and compact appearance is not like a sex toy. It is more like an elegant little rose toy, no one will associate it with a sex toy at all. If you don't buy it, then buy it and try it, then show it to your friends and ask them to guess what is it?

    Rose Queen For Single Lesbian

    So, from the perspective of use, Rose Queen is suitable for singles, lesbians, couples. During pride month, lesbians can use Rose Queen happily. Anyone who has used Rose Queen knows that Rose Queen is very light and its size is 1.8*1.8*8.3inch, weighs 150g, which is equivalent to the weight of 3 eggs, which means you can put Rose Queen in your bag and carry it with you easily whether it is a large bag or a small satchel.

    vibrate button

    If you are a single lesbian, then you must take Rose Queen as a gift for you to take part in pride month. You can not only hold it as a small torch during the parade but also use it as a sex toy in a real sense. After all, its practical use is mainly for pleasure women. In the evening, after listening to the famous Madonna concert, you must be very excited at that time cuz you are enjoying the great satisfaction of hearing. When you return to the place where you live, you have to soak in a hot bath. You can use Rose Queen in the bathtub. You need to know that the waterproofness of Rose Queen is 100%. The bathtub is women's favorite place to enjoy masturbating. The pleasure of playing with Rose Queen in the water is simply amazing. Also, you can use  ROSE EGG Vibrator with Rose Queen together which will add your sexual pleasure well.

    A lesbian from California shared that she most enjoys the sexual pleasure that Rose Queen brings to her in the bathtub. Normally, she likes to turn on the super vibration mode of Rose Queen's flower stalk first to massage her shoulders for about 5 minutes. After waiting for the nerves to relax completely, lie in the bathtub and turn on the third sucking mode of the petal head to stimulate her neck, ears, and nipples. After her sexual desire is stimulated, she will turn on the 10 vibration modes of the vibrator to stimulate her vagina, and she can reach the climax of vagina G-sport and P-sport in about 30 seconds. Sometimes she wants to masturbate again, Rose Queen can always satisfy her multiple vaginal orgasms. So, on this beautiful and special night, you can also try to play with Rose Queen in the bathtub like her, and let Rose Queen lead you to experience orgasm well. 

    Rose Queen For Couple Lesbian

    If you are a lesbian couple participating in pride month, it's even more fun. Two people usually have more than one person's fun. During pride month, you can listen to the concert together and use Rose Queen as a support stick in your hands. When you are excited, you can wave Rose Queen in your hands, or use Rose Queen in your hands to give each other a high-five, as a way to talk to each other, it is like an interactive link.

    Orgasm time

    When you participate in cosplay & pride activities, Rose Queen can dress up as your secret weapon, and you are the most elegant and invincible partner. At night,you can also go to the private theater together to watch a movie and enjoy your movie night. In the private theater, you can use Rose Queen's petal head sucking mode to tease each other's ears and nipples through the clothes. This is indeed a very exciting thing to do. Your sexual desire will be quickly stimulated. At this time, I suggest going back to where you live or a nearby hotel to continue doing stimulating things with each other. After all, you have to know that having sex in a movie theater is very likely to be peeped, even in a private theater with only the two of you.


    When you return to the place where you live, you are even more impatient and excited. You want to have sex with each other. At this time, Rose Queen's vibrator  can assist you in making love that is suitable for any sexual position. Do enough tease and excitement during foreplay, and then enter the double orgasm of vaginal vibration. You groan to each other, and the sweet erotic sound stimulates each other's hearing. You look at each other's most touching moments, as if in the world, you only have each other, only share the pleasure of each other, you are perfectly fused, and you love each other with pride.

    Take Rose Queen As a Sweet Gift

    Rose Queen's appearance appreciation and practical functions are very strong. During pride month, the sexual pleasure that Rose Queen brings to women is very worth trying which is the best gift for women during pride month! So,whether you want to use it alone or with your couple, you can use it as a sense of ritual of a sweet gift, and enjoy the fun it brings to you.

  • Rose Queen - Upgraded Vibrator for Dildo and Rose Toy


    Rose Queen - Upgraded Vibrator for Dildo and Rose Toy

    > Jenny sohimi

    Just like the superheroes in Marvel, they are modified and functionally enhanced to save the world. The same is true of sex toys. Unlike the superheroes that everyone knows, they save yourself quietly over on nights. With the openness of the sexual conversation, women's sexual needs are more easily heard by the public on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, or in the comments on Amazon. As a result, a variety of sex toys for women have come to be active. But satisfying sex toys never appear in a short period; they constantly undergo some remodeling and aesthetic upgrading through a combination of thoughtful design and input from those who experience them.

    You may not be a stranger to dildo and rose toys. Dildo is an old member of the sex toys, while the rose toy is a new member that exploded as soon as it appeared in 2021. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. According to their structure and function, sohimi's designers combined the two and launched a brand new product, the Rose Toy Pro - ROSE QUEEN.

    How Does Rose Queen Work?

    The structure of a woman's body is complex, many sensitive points need to be satisfied at the same time, and there are many different ways to please them, sucking, rubbing, pressing, thrusting... Usually, these verbs correspond to different sex toys, which are used to satisfy your diverse needs. But sometimes it's inconvenient when you're in the middle of masturbation, and another idea comes into your head and says, "let's try something else," and you drop the sex toy in your hand, go to the room or the box to find a toy that fits the bill, then goes back to bed and flip the switch... Hopefully, this won't affect your sex drive too much. Have you ever thought that you only need one sex toy to satisfy almost all your sexual needs?

    rose queen - sohimi

    Yes! sohimi heard your voices, and that's how Rose Queen was born. Not just a rose toy, it has an extra rose branch underneath, not just a dildo, because there is a beautiful rose at the top of it. The whole toy looks like an elegant rose, and its red and purple tones make it look quite advanced. The rose is a round opening in the middle, inside the retractable head can stimulate your nipples, clitoris or any sensitive point. In addition to stretching, it also has a sucking function to simulate real oral sex. The rose branch is like a dildo, with the function of insertion, different from the ordinary dildo. Sohimi's Rose Queen has added a motor inside it to make it vibrate, ten vibration modes, so you can experience all different kinds of pleasure.

    It is not difficult to find that Rose Queen's former life is rose toy and dildo and combined through some transformation and functional upgrades. You can see it as an upgraded version of the dildo and rose toy on the flip side.

    Upgrading For Dildos

    In terms of appearance, Although today's attitude towards sex has been very open, this does not affect the girls to pursuit the beauty and elegance of the product shape. Rose Toy Pro is precisely in line with this. Whether it is the material of liquid silicone or the color of red, all reflect the product's premium feeling. Compared with the ordinary silicone material, liquid silicone is more environmentally friendly and skin-friendly. Just holding it in your hand is already an enjoyment. Unlike the realistic dildo, the Rose Queen's rose branch is designed in the shape of thin in the middle and thick at the end to impress the moment of insertion.

    rose toy pro - SOHIMI

    In terms of function, Ordinary dildos do not contain electric motors and require you to work yourself up to orgasm. Still, this Rose Queen has an electric motor on end and up to ten modes of vibration, both gentle and intense, so whether you are a novice or a veteran, there is always a mode for you. If you don't like the continuous vibration mode, then it also has a rhythmic pause mode. The rhythm of the pause also has a fast and slow and a wave-like burst; don't worry about getting bored. Different modes have different pleasures for you to explore. The raw material of vibration we use is tungsten steel. If you pursue a strong beat, then it is perfect for you.

    But it also continues the soft and bendable features of the dildo. As a penetrative sex toy, flexibility and softness are indispensable traits. If you squeeze the middle part of the rose branch, you will find that it is hollow, designed to make it easy to bend and easy to insert at all angles, especially when playing alone.

    Upgrading For Rose Toys

    As the sex toy that took Tik Tok by storm, the popularity of the rose toy is apparent, but that doesn't mean it's perfect or there's no room for improvement. Sohimi has upgraded it based on user experience and opinions.

    In terms of appearance, there are many differences between the Rose Queen and Rose Toy' roses. In terms of flower form, rose toy flowers are in their newly bloomed state, while Rose Queen's flowers are buds that have not yet bloomed. Such a design can reduce the size and weight of Rose Queen, making it more lightweight. Since this has the function of dildo, lightness and convenience in use is the primary consideration, avoiding the embarrassing situation of sore arm muscles caused by the excessive size and weight. But do not worry that its beauty is not as good as a rose toy. Although it does not bloom, the tiny buds make it look noble and cute. Although the petals are not in full bloom, they still have the sense of layers, making them look like a realistic rose that is about to bloom.

    sohimi rose queen

    In terms of function,Rose Queen is not only pretty in appearance, but also has improved a lot in professional skills. Compared to the rose toy, it has a smaller range of stimulation. As we can see, the rose has a circular depression in the middle with a small head inside for stimulating sensitive points. The Rose Queen's circle has a smaller radius and a more concentrated stimulation point, which guarantees that the space formed in the middle of the rose is airtight when used, reducing the possibility of air leakage and bringing you to the orgasm quickly. In addition to the reduced range, the depth of the rose queen stimulation point is also reduced. The protruding design allows for more intimate access to sensitive points.

    Upgrading For Usage

    Tired of the single function and play method of rose vibrators? Since Rose Queen is an upgraded version of the dildo and rose toy, there are more tricks in playing. Firstly, it is suitable for all people, whether gay, lesbian, heterosexual or solo play. The rose can stimulate all the sensitive points on your body, and the flower branch can insert into the vagina or anus. Whether it stimulates the G-spot or P-spot, it helps in reaching the orgasm. Secondly, it serves many purposes. You can use it for flirting, for foreplay, to stimulate your nipples, and after your mood is in place, you can use it to achieve orgasm, either internal or external, depending on your preference.

    Rose Queen - female vibrator

    Sex toys may not be superheroes, but they do help you enrich your sex life and experience. Try Rose Queen, the upgraded Dildo and Rose Toy. Let this little hero use his superpowers to satisfy you in every empty moment. 

  • Seven Reasons To Choose The Rose Toy Pro——Rose Queen


    Seven Reasons To Choose The Rose Toy Pro——Rose Queen

    > Scarlet Sohimi

    It can be said that owning a vibrator is never a bad thing,it can bring you many experiences you have never had before. If you have never used a vibrator before, the  Rose vibrator  is a good choice for beginners. But if you are already a vibrator collector, then this product launched in July 2021 will be very suitable for you. The official name of this mysterious vibrator is the  Rose Queen, and it is also an upgraded version of the rose vibrator, so it can also be called a Rose Toy Pro. If you still have temporary doubts, then the following reasons will definitely help you.

    Outstanding appearance

    sohimi rose queen


    Appearance is one of the most crucial selling points of a product, no one wants their vibrator to be ugly. And this is absolutely nothing to worry about on the Rose Queen. The difference between the Rose Toy Pro and other vibrators is that it maintains the original rose shape design but is slightly different. If the Rose Vibrator is likened to a fully blooming rose, then the Rose Toy Pro is a budding rose. Although it is not bloomed, it already has a sense of beauty. At the same time, the Rose Queen chose big red as the main color, red can not only represent the color of roses, but also can represent the bold and gorgeous and even passionate love. Not only that, a golden ring is added under the rose-shaped head, which also adds a sense of luxury to the whole vibrator. 

    powerful functions

    rose queen function

    The two ends of the Rose Toy Pro have different functions,and have two switches to control the two modes separately. One end of the rose head provides a sucking function, while the dildo shape at the other end offers a vibration function. At the same time there are many choices, there are five sucking modes at one end of the rose toy pro, while one end of the vibrator is up to ten vibration modes. Ten vibration modes from shallow to deep, can stimulate different places, each way can bring different feelings. Sucking mode will make you wet very quickly and can suck the breasts, ears, clitoris, anus, or other sensitive areas. Its sucking sensation is not only on the surface, but can be transmitted from the surface to the deep. You can choose the mode you want according to your different needs. 

    Better orgasm

    Or should I say a stronger orgasm, the vibrator is an excellent supplement to postures where the partner's body does not rub the clitoris. They are also great for women who have difficulty achieving orgasm during partner sex in any position. The Rose Vibrator brings orgasm in one to two minutes, and the upgraded Rose Toy Pro naturally does not take longer than that, it allows you to quickly reach orgasm in 30 seconds. Not only that, because the tungsten steel material is used at one end of the vibrator, it can make the vibration more intense, and it can also make the orgasm more violent. You will feel the orgasm coming so fast and swiftly, like a hurricane passing through your body.

    vibrator orgasm

    Plus, the entire vibrator material is made of abs and liquid silicone making one end of the vibrator very soft and bendable, so you can bend it to the angle you want to explore more pleasurable areas of your body, and maybe find sensitive areas that you never found before. This is something that ordinary sex cannot achieve, even if there is no problem when you come, a vibrator can completely change the way you get an orgasm. That kind of direct clitoral stimulation may be precisely what your body needs to get a strong orgasm or even multiple orgasms.​​​

    Completely silent 

    If you are not living alone, using a very noisy vibrator is embarrassing. No one would want to be heard by others from the buzzing sound from their room. Most of the vibrators will have varying degrees of sound, even the Rose Vibrator’s sound has been considered very small, it still can reach forty decibels. Suppose you put it in your carry-on bag and accidentally turn it on. In that case, I hope you will not be in a quiet environment, because the people around will hear the unidentified vibration in your bag.

    silent woman

    The emergence of the Rose Toy Pro can make all the embarrassment disappear,whether it is sucking mode or vibration mode, it can achieve a hundred percent mute. If you are a person who likes excitement, you can also be bold to find a hidden place to use outside, there will be absolutely no noise. Even if there are people outside the room when you use it, they will never hear any sound. It can be said that your groans will overwhelm the sound of the vibrator itself.

    Can be used by couples

    couple lying on bed

    Generally speaking of vibrators, everyone will think that this is a sex toy for singles, but just like the Rose Vibrator can be used as a foreplay prop between couples, the Rose Toy Pro can also add a lot of fun between couples. Due to the perfect combination of a rose-sucking vibrator and dildo vibrator. Its two shapes provide different usage methods, and at the same time it can create a variety of extra pleasure from the Rose Vibrator. This side of the dildo shape takes you to experience the thrill of classic penetrative sex. And the other half takes you to feel the stimulation of the clitoris to meet your needs. You can try to place a vibrator on your clitoris when your partner starts or engages in penetrative sex. Different couples have different ways to use it, maybe you guys can explore more novel ways to use it.

    Safe materials and charging methods 

    As mentioned before, the Rose Toy Pro is made of brand new abs and liquid silicone, which makes the whole softer, skin-friendly and completely harmless. Also is a magnetic charging mode with no bacteria and it is 100% waterproof,don't have to worry about safety when you use it underwater. The charging time of Rose Toy Pro needs 2.5 hours of charging time, and the use time can be as high as 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Of course our products all have CE marks, so you don't have to worry about the safety of materials and environmental protection issues, please feel free to use them. 

    Good for health

    You have to understand that nothing in life is more important than your own happiness,believe me that using a vibrator to masturbate is good both mentally and physically.When you masturbate to orgasm, it releases hormones and serotonin. These hormones can bring many benefits, including reducing stress, improving sleep, and relieving pain. Even strengthen muscle tone in your pelvic and anal areas.

    woman lying on bed

    Rose toy pro massages the sensitive areas by sucking, vibrating and other functions, regulating endocrine, achieving the purpose of treatment, comfort, and improving the quality of sexual life. The exquisite oscillating design can adjust the vibration frequency arbitrarily to fully meet the needs of women's sexual life. The brightly colored and lovely Rose Queen can easily make women lust and enjoy sexual pleasure. If you are interested in the Rose Queen, please do not hesitate, or you can go to the sohimi official website for more information.