The Comparison Between Vibrators and Big Dildos

The comparison between vibrators and big dildos

From the perspective of the sex toy purchase market, women prefer to use vibrators and big dildos at a relatively high level. This shows that female vibrators and big dildos meet women's demands for sexual pleasure. The similarities between these two sex toys are 100% waterproof, and the vibration function also has the function of up and down expansion and 360 degree rotation. So what is the difference between the two? This is worth exploring.

Appearance Difference

Vibrators are Pretty, Big Dildos are Natural

The vibrator is mainly used by women, so the appearance of its design is based on beauty. Like the very classic rose vibrator family, the rose-shaped style gives women an exquisite visual sense, and the tadpole-shaped app vibrator makes women look like a very adorable toy at first glance, wearing a rabbit with two ears. The curvature of the vibrator is like a female sexy S body curve. The mini lipstick shape vibrator is like an Armani lipstick, which is more of a queen's charm under the concealment of the small black gold tube.



The variety of designs gives women a fresh and sophisticated sense of choice. This point from the market vibrator style more than dildo can be completely contrasted out. The big dildo is designed to imitate a real American male penis, so although it is not as rich in shape as the vibrator, its authenticity is quite high. The uneven folds, the pink glans, and the floppy testicles bring women real feelings about the dildo. But big dildo style from the shape of the words, in addition to the length, width, and thin difference, its shape is relatively single.

Vibrators are Colorful, Big Dildos are Simple Color

Customers who have bought vibrators are attracted by the dazzling colors, which are not only bright red but also purple, green, pink, black, gold, and so on. The colors of the big dildo are relatively simple, only flesh, transparent, black. This also means that if you are a female customer who likes colorful colors, you will prefer to choose your preferred female sex toy in a bunch of vibrators.

Size Difference

Vibrators got mini size, big dildos size are super large

About the size of the difference is very big, vibrators have a class is bullet vibrator, it has the smallest size is a 2.72in hidden mini bullet vibrator, the volume of the super mini can be placed directly in the pocket of our denim tops, carry to which a place will not feel heavy. The shape, size, and color is the bullet as a prototype, a small bullet vibrator 9 vibration sense is you can not imagine the powerful motor power.

a bullet vibrator

Even if you play with it in your hands, you basically can not feel its weight, so its lightness can be imagined! The huge liquid silicone dildo, a favorite among female customers, is 10.6 feet long and weighs 720g, and although the length limitation is not as convenient to carry, it is an excellent realistic penis for women, which is used indoors. The liquid silicone dildo is made of double-layer silicone gel, and its touch is 99% realistic with a male penis.

Function Difference

Useful Functions of Vibrators

It must be said that the vibrator is very powerful and diverse, one of the most obvious differences is that it is electric, turn on the button switch to enjoy the vibration, sucking, jumping, licking, 360 degree rotation, stretching, and other functions, including the heating G-spot rabbit vibrator vibration mode up to 16 kinds of, from low to medium. The most powerful vibrator is as exciting as if you are on a Disney roller coaster.


Moreover, the tulip mini tongue clit licker vibrator's 10 sucking modes make women feel pampered and tender during foreplay and flirtation which is vibrator with clit sucker. While the M5 remote control butterfly vibrator's 3 in 1 function stimulates women's clitoral, vaginal and hepatic pleasure. The most exciting thing is that the app control remote simulation of the vibrator can have a distant each other for interactive mode, when you are in a bar online, you can connect bluetooth to turn on the interactive mode and invite your friends or lovers to control your vibration frequency. The excitement is unmatched by a large dildo.

Useful Functions of Big Dildos

The big dildo does not have the same 3 in 1 stimulation as the vibrator. However, it is worth mentioning that the length of the big dildo makes it easier to stimulate the three genital nerve stimulation points of the G-spot, A-spot, and P-spot of the vagina. The most special point is that the big dildo is designed with a realistic suction cup, which is so sticky that when you use it, you can attach it directly to the wall, floor, or bathtub without worrying about it falling off. The problem of falling off is not a concern. And this is the vibrator does not have the function.

big dildo

It is precisely because of the different functions of the vibrator and big dildo that women have different needs for buying these two sex toys. For example, the biggest feature of the big dildo is its sufficient length and its sucking cup that can be attached to the wall and other places at will. Some American women like the big and long penis of men very much, so they prefer to buy a big dildo to enjoy masturbation so that they can more perfectly enjoy the pleasure of A-spot in the vagina which is closest to the uterus.

And some women like to pursue more exciting gameplay, they like to use female masturbation devices on some outdoor occasions. At this time, the app control vibrator is very popular among them. Some women like to enjoy the pleasure of the clitoris, and they will focus more on the sucking strength and happiness that the mini tongue vibrator brings to them.

Price Difference

The price of the vibrator fluctuates between $20 and $50, with the most expensive being a $49.99 thrusting vibrator and the cheapest being a $19.99 bullet vibrator with an angled tip. The most expensive one is the sexy dildo made from two-layer platinum silicone, and the lowest price is the silver transparent realistic suction cup dildo. Every customer who buys sex toys will be concerned about the price, and it is ideal to buy affordable and cheap sex toys. Whether it is a vibrator or big dildo prices are acceptable range, they are not like a full sex doll price is hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars, so women to buy the two types of sex toys are cost-effective.

Real and Objective Comparisons are the Most Useful Information

From a macro point of view, vibrator and big dildo belong to two different types of women sex toys, the differences and similarities between them are determined by the parameters of whether the buyer chooses them or not, while from a micro point of view, the comparison of their features is meaningful only from the user's point of view, which means real and valid information comparison can help them buy high quality vibrator  and big dildo.

various1 of vibrators

There are many articles on the comparison of vibrator and dildo, but there are not so many articles on the comparison of the vibrator and big dildo, which are the most popular among women, whether from the shape, size, or the practical functions, price comparison is the most powerful comparative analysis that buyers like.