• You Have no Idea How Amazing About Travel Vibrator


    You Have no Idea How Amazing About Travel Vibrator

    > Veronica Swift

    Travel vibrator is very marketable for women, and it is very convenient for women to have a vibrator that can be carried during travel. Whether you are traveling alone, or with your couple or your friends, you can use a vibrator when traveling. What are the characteristics of the vibrator that can be used during travel?

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    This is worth mentioning. First of all, I will first consider its size. If it is too heavy, like the hands free male masturbator used by men which is a bit bigger. Obviously, it's not suitable for women who like the small and exquisite lady vibrator. Secondly, I will also consider its functions, not that the more functions the better, but the functions it provides are suitable for me to use. Such as choosing a vibrator that stimulates the clitoris and stimulates the vagina to reach orgasm, or choose a clitoral vibrator that focuses only on multiple vibration frequencies.

    Finally, if the appearance is good-looking and exquisite, this will be a super bonus item. In this way, my experience of using a sex toy during travel will be better. Here are three travel vibrators that are very suitable for travel.

    Three Types of Travel Vibrator

    M5 Remote Control Butterfly Vibrator

    The warm purple color, the three-headed design is like a small sailing boat, and the cute shape design looks hard to associate with a wearable sex toy. When you take it through the security check, if a staff member asks you what it is, just tell him it is a small toy, and they will really think that it is just a small toy for children to play with.

    Few people really know that this is a lady vibrator unless it is someone who has bought and used it. The design of these three heads is very useful. Strictly speaking, it is the perfect size and ergonomic curve design for easy introduction. So it can be directly hidden in the vagina and worn in underwear. And its three heads are to stimulate women's vagina, clitoris, and hepatic portal.

    M5 Remote Control Butterfly Vibrator

    The thickest peanut that looks like a bump is used to stimulate the vagina. A thin and small tongue is designed on the head to stimulate the G-spot of the female vagina to reach climax faster. Under normal circumstances, the female vagina gets orgasm through the insertion and vibration of the male penis, and if there is a small sucking tongue licking at the position of the female G-spot, the sense of orgasm will be more special which is like a kind of numb electric current. It feels like your couple is licking the G-spot in your vagina with his charming little tongue. This is too crazy!


    Two pointed heads stimulate the clitoris. There is a mini tongue that looks like a raised small mountain on the forehead of the clitoris. The seven vibration modes will continuously lead your clitoris into different modes of pleasure. The long animal tail is designed to stimulate the anus, which is equivalent to when you turn on the switch, these three heads can vibrate and suck at your three sensitive parts at the same time.

    Using a remote control butterfly vibrator is more convenient. It is precise because of its light size, simultaneous stimulation of multiple parts, and very cute appearance, so it is very convenient to use it as a flavoring agent during your short trip.

    Lipstick Vibrator Quiet Vibrator

    The mini size of 4.02in*0.87in, this is a small lipstick that can be put in any mini bag during travel. Well, I'm just kidding. I mean the bullet vibrator design is a classic Dior lipstick in red. The detail hidden in the lipstick is that the tip of the lipstick has three shapes that can be selected, the whole body of this lipstick contains lipstick styling, bull shape, and crown shape. There are 9 kinds of vibration in any shape design. From the first frequency of uniform vibration massage to the ninth frequency of mountain undulating vibration massage, it's enough to give you exciting enjoyment.

    Lipstick Vibrator Quiet Vibrator

    The crown shape lipstick is most suitable for massaging earlobe, the bull shape lipstick is most suitable for nipple stimulation, and the lipstick styling lipstick is most suitable for clitoris massage, which is very suitable for couples who stay in motels, hotels, motorhomes during travel. But it should be noted that this size is mini, and it cannot be put into the vagina to stimulate the G-spot and obtain a vaginal orgasm. So you can definitely wait for his big penis with a completely wet vagina after flirting with your couple.

    Of course, if a woman is using it alone, a big dildo can be used in combination to get double orgasm pleasure on the clitoris and vagina. And the most convenient part of  using a bullet vibrator is that you can use it in many situations during travel. You can also massage your ears even in public. It is really comfortable, and the most important thing is that it is a quiet vibrator, equivalent to a breeze sound of about 30dB, which is basically zero noise, which protects your privacy to a large extent.

    Rabbit Vibrator for Vagina

    If you are traveling, you just want to use a vibrator to get a strong vibrating vaginal orgasm, then a rabbit vibrator for the vagina is very suitable for you to carry. This is 100% body safe silicone, and the flexible vibrator is a perfect designated angle, which means that when it stimulates your vagina, the slightly curved intimate design will more easily stimulate the vagina's G-spot, A-spot, P- spot, plus 7 strong vibration modes will stimulate your vagina orgasm again and again.

    Rabbit Vibrator for Vagina

    If you also noticed that the vibrator also protrudes a head like a thumb, this place is designed to stimulate the clitoris. When you insert the rabbit vibrator into the vagina, the small head can just be topped. To the position of the clitoris, but this small head does not stimulate the clitoris as well as the lipstick vibrator. The skin of the clitoris is more sensitive and needs care. The multi-head sucking vibration of the lipstick vibrator will have a significant effect on stimulating human nerve pleasure.

    Take Travel Vibrator Wherever You Want to Go

    In 2021, due to the tension of the epidemic, travel has become less convenient than in previous years, and the number of tourists has dropped greatly. All states are advocating that it is the safest behavior to be a big family. This is of course the right choice.

    For those who like to use travel to relax themselves, it is indeed a frustrating thing, but with the injection of the vaccine and the control between the states, I firmly believe that we will eventually defeat the virus, and then we can truly relax and go wherever we want to go without any stress. The travel vibrator is a sex toy that you can enjoy while traveling. Even if a woman is traveling alone, she can also enjoy sex pleasure by herself. Of course, if you travel with your couple, you can also explore the joy of using a travel vibrator with your couple. That's more fun to do it though.