The Most Luxurious Male Masturbator in 2023--LETEN

The Most Luxurious Male Masturbator in 2023--LETEN

Seeing that 2023 is coming to an end, it will be December soon. During this year, have you achieved the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year? sohimi is a company that focuses on the research and development, sales, and wholesale of adult toys. We not only have several major e-commerce websites, but also have warehouses in many countries around the world. The fastest possible time is to place an order today and have your package delivered tomorrow. When shopping at sohimi, you can be 100% assured. The professional product research and development team and considerate after-sales service will make you happy to shop and enjoy. Today we launched the most luxurious masturbation cup in 2023. This male masturbation cup is completely different from other conventional masturbation. It has a unique design and powerful functions, allowing you to reach the climax you want every time. Next Let me introduce this product to you in detail. I believe you will fall in love with it after reading its introduction.

First, let’s take a look at its appearance design. The design of this masturbator is very different from other products. First of all, there are handles at both sides. You can hold the cup with two hands to play, and your hands will not be tired when holding it. In addition, there is a mobile phone holder on the top. This holder is convenient for you to watch exciting videos while playing the toy. This is the first time I have seen such a design. This kind of design will put you into the state of mind and body, imagining that you are the male protagonist in the video, engaging in a frequent and exciting sexual activity. There is also a special design, that is, long-distance sliding. This design allows the sleeve to stimulate your penis in all directions from the bottom to the top. From top to bottom. This design allows you to reach orgasm better than other conventional cups, because ordinary toys generally have a short liner and cannot fully stimulate the entire penis. So are you satisfied with this design? Moreover, the distance range of this long-distance sliding is 0.8inch-4.73inch, which can meet the needs of most men. In addition, the blue lights on both sides will always be on during use, which is very atmospheric.

Next, let’s introduce its functions. The main functions of this masturbation cup are telescopic function and telescopic speed adjustment. In addition, you can also plug in headphones to listen, or turn on or off the sound function. The functions of the buttons on the top of the left handle are mainly the on/off and telescopic function buttons. Next is the sound switch function. You can consider whether to turn on the sound according to your own needs. Next is the telescopic speed adjustment button. One is speed + One is speed - you can adjust the speed according to your own feelings, from slow to fast, quickly entering the feeling, and finally reaching the climax. Next, the buttons on the right part from top to bottom are the sleeve upward and down buttons, telescopic mode adjustment (+, -), and 10 telescopic frequency modes. After hearing this, do you want to try it right away?

In addition, this male masturbator is also equipped with 2 different styles of inner sleeves. Different channels have different feelings, allowing you to experience different feelings. You can switch sleeves at will according to your needs. In addition, the product is also very convenient to clean. You only need to remove the inner liner. Just remove the sleeve, clean it and wipe it clean.

Are you excited about such a luxurious and innovative product? If you also want to try this product, place an order now!