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This upgraded g-spot vibrator for women has 2 intense vibration motors. Its soft and elastic silicone 2 tongues can lick your clitoris and G-spot at the same time. The way of licking is more itching than sucking, making your orgasm more...



This pink vibrator has an unique design, it is shaped like a rabbit. Design ergonomically angled with a pronounced curve to slide in easy to your magic spot or take it deep anally to massage ever more happiness into your body. ...



♥ Silicone Material: you will love the premium silky silicone, which is flexible, soft, and easy to clean! The clitoral sucking vibrator is created to fit in the palm of your hand, easy to use. ♥ Double Stimulation: This G-spot...



♥ Dual Stimulation for Quick Orgasm: Sohimi clitoral sucking toy has 6 sucking intensities and 7 vibration modes, you can switch between different functions and modes to suit your love rhythm to stimulate your g-spot and clitoris. experience what feels...



With two motors designed, this pink vibrator can stimulate the female’s G-Spot and clitoris better. 9 vibration modes from mild to wild, you can freely choose one to enjoy the best time. Moreover, it is also a heat vibrator, and it...



  Several control modes are available in the APP - With our APP you can try out other modes of this love ball. Touch mode, sound mode, music mode, video mode and more. Just to find more with your couple and partner. It's a...



This wearable vibrator has two strong motors, one is in the brush head which is ideal for pleasant foreplay, and another is in the dildo-shaped head which is perfect for penetrating the vagina, creating intense stimulation from the friction between...



【Small and Light】Mini-sized, small and easy to carry and private for your handbag, or for travel. 【9 Different Patterns】Suck on Your Clitoris with 9 Different Patterns to help you reach orgasm in just a few moments.  【Body-safe and Ultra Hygienic...



♥ The round head design will not hurt your vagina. Your partner can use it to stimulate multiple sensitive parts of your body, such as breasts, clitoris, and butt, which will help you reach the climax easily. ♥ There are...



[8 Tongue Licking Modes]---The converting of multiple licking modes are exceedingly satisfying. It is easy for each beginner and advanced users to flip through to find the perfect one, which makes them squirt within 2 min with an intense body...



♥ This toy has unique tapping tips that work your clitoris like you’re getting amazing oral sex. ♥ It’s also great for nipple stimulation and BJs, making it a fun twist on a couples’ vibrator. ♥ The head of this sex...



♥ 9 frequency vibration mode, ultra-quiet G-point suction, anal stimulation, each mode can be adjusted, allowing you to switch to perfect vibration intensity to meet your individual needs. ♥ Safe and waterproof design for the part of the massager, easy to...


5 Things You Need to Know About Vibrators

What is a female masturbator?

Female masturbator is a kind of sexual tool that is used on the body for sexual pleasure. The most common name of a female masturbator is vibrator (sometimes called as a massager). It varies in all kinds of shapes (butterfly vibrator, bullet vibrator, rabbit vibrator, tongue vibrator, lipstick vibrator, rose vibrator, finger vibrator, slim vibrator, etc.) and sizes (small vibrator, giant vibrator, thin vibrator, thick vibrator), it works on different body areas (clitoral vibrator, anal vibrator, nipple massager, penis vibrator, etc.).

At the very beginning, the female masturbator was invented to help the patient relieve pain. It was prohibited for women to masturbate themselves and until the year of 1899, vibrator came into people’s ordinary life as a household appliance. Click to know more about the magic history of female masturbator. 

At Sohimi, no matter you’re looking for male vibrator or female vibrator, pink vibrator, white vibrator, blue vibrator or black vibrator, absolutely you’ll find the favorite one!

Types of Female Masturbator (Vibrator)?

Clitoral Vibrator: It is a kind of vibrator to be used on clitoris.

The Hitachi magical wand is one of the most classic clitoral vibrators. With a rounding vibrating ball on the top attached to the handle, the vibration is provided by the electric motor on the bottom. Besides the classic wand vibrator, clitoral vibrators variations include vibrators shaped like bullets, human tongues, animals(butterfly, rabbit), flowers, etc. Regardless of the its appearance, the main function of this kind of female masturbator is to stimulate the clitoris by vibrating, sucking or licking at varying speeds. Moreover, there are other dual vibrators that can be inserted into vagina to stimulate the G point.

Butterfly Vibrator: It is also called strap on vibrator.

It is a butterfly shaped female masturbator that usually be worn by straps attached to hips and waist to give a clitoral stimulation. Butterfly vibrator is usually small and easy to be put on a panty, so it’s also called as vibrating panty vibrator.

Bullet Vibrator: Tiny vibrators inserted into vagina or anus.

Bullet vibrator is used to stimulate clitoris or for penetration pleasure. This is one of the most popular female masturbators during 2020. Not only because of its simple and fashion appearance, but also the cheap price. At Sohimi, the price of this kind of female masturbator ranges from $19.99 to $39.99, almost everybody can afford it. It is usually made out of silicone, rubber, silver, metal and glass, etc, and the bestseller of it in Sohimi is silver bullet vibrator.

Egg Vibrator: An egg-shaped vibrator

Egg vibrator is a portable female masturbator which is so popular during the past 10 years. It can be either used for clit stimulation or vaginal penetration.

Rabbit Vibrator: Two-pronged for stimulation of both vagina and clit

Rabbit vibrator comes with two vibrators, a bigger one shaped like a penis intended to be inserted into vagina and a smaller one with double rabbit ears to stimulate clitoris. This kind of female masturbator is usually made out of silicone, plastic, rubber, latex and it comes in various colors and designs.

Anal Vibrator: Used on anus for anal fun

Anal vibrator is not only a female masturbator, bu also be widely used by men, straight and gay. It usually come with a long handle to be controlled easily and to prevent it slip in your body. Anal vibrator is designed variously but it is generally shaped as butt plug or phallus-like vibrators. The most essential tip for using an anal vibrator is add plenty of lubes to avoid potential damage to the rectal lining.

Vibrating Ring Vibrator: The combine of a vibrator and a cock ring

The vibrating ring vibrator is a couple sex toy including a cock ring and a vagina massager, couples would like to spic up their sexual life with this little toy.

Realistic Vibrator: Shaped like real penis

Girls with some experience would like to seek for more realistic feeling, so the penis shaped vibrator comes out. No matter from the shape, material or the feeling, this female masturbator is like a real male penile. Generally it is made from soft and stretchy silicone, making it feels like real skin.

Tongue Vibrator: Tongue shaped vibrator

This is another classic female masturbator which is liked by girls for so many years. This female masturbator mimics the human tongue but much bigger than that. Full of raise lines and spots, increased the friction, making the stimulation stronger when it vibrating and licking the clitoris.

G Spot Vibrator: The traditional wand stimulate the G point

Compared with other female masturbators like clitoral vibrators, the G spot vibrator is a flexible wand inserted into vagina stimulating the G point directly, bringing deeper enjoyment.

How to Clean a Female Masturbator (Vibrator)?

Have never used a female masturbator? Not sure how to use it correctly? Here Sohimi has an ultimate guide for using a female masturbator.

Before starting the vibration game, there is one thing you should keep in mind that using a female masturbator is nothing shamed, and it’s an addition to spice up your sexual life. Only be open-minded and confident to your body that you can have enough pleasure.

1.For penetration fun

For those vibrators with penetration head, the most essential point is to add plenty of lubes on the female masturbator before inserting. It will be more pleasurable if the lube cut down on friction, giving you better feeling. (Remember to use water-based lubricant)

Do not use too much lubes if it’s a strap on butterfly vibrator, because it may cause the female masturbator slip out of the vagina easily.

2.For clitoral stimulation

There are various types of clitoral vibrators, including sucking vibrator, licking vibrator, dual sitmulation vibrator, etc.

For female masturbator with sucking or licking function only, it’s the special toy that stimulating your secret area to make you wet. Use the vibrator to suck or lick your nipples softly, then move it down to the clitoris, switch to a stronger mode, enjoy the marvelous stimulation.

If it comes with a penetration head & sucking/licking head, then that must be a more complete sex experience. Use the small head to make you wet, and another head inserting into the vaginal wall. 

How to Clean a Female Masturbator (Vibrator)?

What is the best way to clean it without do harm to your toys? There Sohimi has a complete toy cleaning guide for you!

Before talking about how to clean it, when and how often should you clean your female masturbator comes firstly to our mind. After every single use, it is suggested to be cleaned. And, depending on how you store them, you may need to give them a quick wash prior to your masturbation session too.

What’s more, it is more important to clean the female masturbator before and after use if you:

1. Switch it from vaginal vibration to anal play.

2. Use it with another person.

3. Store it without a clean container.

All the conditions above may cause bacteria to grow, so the right solution is to clean the female masturbator thoroughly before and after use.

Moreover, should there be any difference when it comes with different material?

If you are going to hand washing the female masturbator, just make sure it’s not with fragranced and antibacterial soaps if you don’t want to get risks in a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. Normal soap is recommended because it’s mild and non-irritating. If you have plenty budget, it’s better to buy professional female masturbator cleaner.

Among several kinds of materials, only silicone is the material which can be boiled in water disinfect, but remember, only a few minutes! And, do be careful to protect the charging port from being rinsed by water.

At last, aftercare is important. Store your female masturbator in a clean box or fabric bag to protect them away from dust.

Where to Buy a Female masturbator?

Sohimi has plenty of female masturbators for you to choose, including vibrators, dildos, anal toys and BDSM toys, etc.

If you prefer clitoral stimulation, find one from Sohimi clitoral vibrator. No matter you like sucking or licking, you can definitely find one you like.

If you don’t have enough budget but want to get double stimulation on vagina and anus, a double vibrator is the right sex toy for you. You can obviously find a double penetration vibrator with a surprising price in Sohimi.

If you would like to take the female masturbator outside or for travelling, a mini vibrator is a perfect choice, it can be easily put in a small bag or even in a pocket.

If you are not satisfied by normal-seized toys, a huge vibrator must do better than others. With the most powerful vibrator, you can experience the unbelievable pleasure you’ve never felt.

If you’d like to create more flexible stimulation while enjoying masturbation, choose a suction cup vibrator to free your hands. A remote control vibrator is also a good choice, the wireless vibrator is more flexible while operating.

The phone controlled vibrator is popular among young users in recent years, but it’s quite easy broken after being used several times, and most Android phones are not compatible with the App. Sohimi is now stepping up the development of this kind of high-tech vibrator and we believe that it will soon come to our users.