Can I Have Sex During My Girlfriend's Period?

Can I Have Sex During My Girlfriend's Period?

There is an ongoing debate in the academic community whether you can have sex during your girlfriend's period or not. Some doctors say no, some say yes.

There is no manual for life, and we may encounter all kinds of situations, such as coming back from a business trip to meet period.

Run a red light

I suggest that it is ok to "Run a red light" - remember that the suggestion is that the person can not refer to!

Many people feel that those of us who engage in sexology are very perverted, completely out of line with mainstream values, bent on the pursuit of sexual excitement, even women's menstrual period, but also believe that: menstruation can have sex, which is simply a stinking rascal.

But please listen to our explanation first before you make a judgment.

First of all, we say: you can have sex during the period, it is empowering to the woman and it is empowering to the litigant. Because we are sexologists, the worst thing we do is to strip adults of their sexual rights; your desires are all your own, and you have the right to decide when and where and in what way to have sex.

All of the above are questions raised from a male perspective, but what about women? Some studies have shown that some women also have a strong sexual desire during their periods and they ask to have sex.

Consider the principle of consent: if they all want sex, then why shouldn't they have it?

Of course there are many different ways to have sex, such as: oral sex, masturbation, etc.

Rationale for opposing menstrual insertion during sex?

So what is the rationale for opposing menstrual insertion during sex? I would broadly summarize the main points as follows:

  1. During women's menstruation, because of the spread of blood and tiny wounds in the endometrium, it is easy to cause bacterial infections, causing unnecessary trouble for women.
  2. Because the sperm meet the overflowing blood cells at the endometrial rupture and even enter the blood, they can induce the production of anti-sperm antibodies, thus leading to immune infertility and sterility.
  3. As the uterus contracts during sexual impulses, it can also squeeze endometrial debris into the pelvis, causing endometriosis and leading to ectopic pregnancy and infertility.

These are mainly considered from a physiological view. Women's menstruation and menstrual blood are also a cultural taboo: traditional thinking is that women's menstruation is "bad luck" and that men who meet women's menstruation can bring bad luck to themselves.

But the above factors, there is no scientific experiment to prove that menstrual sex and infertility, endometriosis has a significant correlation, there are still theoretical derivation stage. And some of the doctors' opinions are unfounded.

Benefits of menstrual sex

And other studies have shown the prevalence and possible benefits of menstrual sex.

  1. In 1996, Dr. Kotler of Stanford University found that menstrual sex promotes uterine contractions and facilitates the discharge of menstrual blood, while also increasing the volume of menstrual blood.
  2. According to a sex flyer distributed to students by The University of Arizona, if a woman is sexually healthy, does not suffer from any sexually transmitted diseases, and is not promiscuous, then there is no problem with having "period sex" and it is purely a personal choice, and there is no reason to prevent it.
  3. Dr. Laura Berman, a well-known sex education columnist, believes that women who have orgasms during menstrual sex release a natural stimulant and pain reliever called endorphin, which can reduce the discomfort of PMS, Premenstrual Syndrome. This includes cramps, headaches, mild depression and irritability during menstruation. She also believes that women who have sex during their periods are more likely to enjoy the pleasure of sex than during normal times.
  4. Cindy Meston, professor of psychosexuality and therapy, points out that prostaglandins cause contractions in the smooth muscles of the uterus, which can help menstrual bleeding at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, but can also cause dysmenorrhea. Sex can affect the action of prostaglandins on the body. When a woman has an orgasm, her uterus contracts, using up the excess prostaglandins and thus relieving menstrual cramps.
  5. Yale University, School of Medicine researchers found that women who had regular sex or masturbated during their periods were 1.5 times less likely to have endometriosis than those who did not have sex during their periods. Sex acts as a vaginal cleanser, and the endometrial tissue in menstrual blood flows back into the pelvic area, a phenomenon called "menstrual reflux," which can cause endometriosis, while having sex can force residual menstrual blood out of the vagina, thus reducing the likelihood of the disease.

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Suggestions to have menstrual sex

The general debate on menstrual sex tends to agree that the interaction of culture and medicine has led to the common belief that menstrual sex is not allowed.

Modern science and sexology agree that you can have sex during your period under consensual and hygienic conditions. If you both want to come to the risk of dirtying the sheets for sex, then the following suggestions for your reference.

  1. if it is the first two days of the period, the amount of menstrual blood is relatively large, and you do not want to wash the sheets, then you can put a towel or disposable sanitary pad on the bed.
  2. Use condoms please. Although menstrual sex is almost not pregnant, but the most important thing is to use condoms to maintain hygiene and reduce the possibility of body fluid exchange.
  3. men who wants period sex first of all should to obtain the consent of the woman, and at the same time to pay special attention to their own cleanliness and hygiene.

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Whatever scientists and conventional medicine suggest, that's a matter for scientists.But for you, being able to have sex is just one more option than not being able to have sex. You should respect your body and your feelings, and determine if you want to have sex during her period.

You are in love with her and she is free.

May your love for her and her period both come on time.