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Clitoral Vibrator ( Clit Sucker )

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The vortex-like airflow formed by the vacuum vibration surrounds the vagina, bringing a wonderful cunnilingus pleasure, simulating real oral sex and will maximize your sense of pleasure. While enjoying clitoral sucking, its vibrating egg can be inserted into the vagina...



Powerful suction for Quick Orgasm - Unforgettable multiple clitoral orgasms. With its powerful suction, this revolutionary clitoral stimulator mimics the sensations of oral sex, it feels like someone sucking on your lady bits and fast often orgasms for women. The...



Powerful Vibration for Quick Orgasm - Unforgettable multiple clitoral orgasms. With its powerful vibration, this revolutionary clitoral stimulator will give you strong stimulation. The specially shaped tip wraps around your clit for maximum pleasure. Enhanced g-spot stimulation - The shaft...



Mimic Oral Sex---it mimic the real oral sex to stimulate your clitoris with different waves of pulsation, providing you touch-free clitoral climax. 10 Different Patterns--- from gentle kissing, sucking, to higher intensities vibrating modes, you will experience what feels just...



Equipped with dual motors, Sohimi's LITTLE DEVIL clitoral vibrator is designed for G spot stimulation and clitoral sucking massage with many patterns for each function, ranging from soft and gentle to fast and wild. With one side glided into the vagina and comes to...



Clitoral Stimulator with 7 Strong Suction Modes--designed to simulate realistic oral pleasure, sucks and vibrates the clitoris or nipples with 7 different modes, the unique sucking vibrator encircling your clit and targeting it for intense stimulation. Double Stimulation--Sucking and Tongue...



Double Stimulation: Has 3 different sucking patterns and 7 vibration patterns. Stimulate your G-spot and clitoris. You can switch between different modes to suit your love rhythm. This dual stimulation brings you unprecedented orgasm! A Toy for Solo and Couple Flirting:...



Double Stimulation - Dual motor bullet vibrator has a strong vibration power of G-spot stimulation and clitoral suction, bring you and your partner a wonderful unforgettable sexual experience. Both of you can reach climax multiple times and enjoy every minute...



Elsa - tongue bullet vibrator has dual motor, 9 kinds of patterns, vibrating and flicking like finger or tongue, swing back and forth like a finger, giving g spot and vaginal double stimulation. Besides, this classic vibrator also can be...



Unique vacuum technology that will suck your clit and nipple and 8 varying vibrations that lick you to orgasm within moments target your hot button with ‘touchless’ air pressure waves and makes it a prefect multifunctional vibrator to play with....



Ergonomically designed toy optimal size to give you more possibilities. Unique round ball with 30 degrees of perfect inflation. Curved tip hits all your right spots, G-spot, vagina, anus, breasts and anal. USB rechargeable powerful motor provide the motive of...


The Most Completely Guide of Clitoral Vibrators

Orgasms are one of the best forms of self-care, and vibrators are the best sexual tools to help you come to the next level. There are countless types of vibrators on the market, which differ in technology and design. Among so many vibrators, the clitoral vibrator is the most popular kind of women's sex toys in the world.

What is a clitoral vibrator?
Clitoral vibrator aims to stimulate a woman's clitoris and bring her sexual orgasm. It is generally used for massaging the clitoris, although some of them are designed with dual heads and allow penetrating, it’s not the same as penetrating sex toys. 

Types of Clitoral Vibrator

-Manaul Clitoral Vibrator 

-Hands-free clitoral vibrators  

*Butterfly strap-ons 

*vibrating panties 
*cock rings  

Among all kinds of clitoral vibrators, Sohimi nipple and clit sucker, is always the most popular one. If you are seeking body massage sex and eager to get a clit sucking orgasm, you’ve been in the right place! 
Sohimi nipple and clit sucker can be used to stimulate your g-spot, clitoris, anus, and maximize your pleasure no matter you like slow, steady, or intense pulses at different speeds. With this nipple and clit sucker, you will experience your best orgasm! We are so sure that we promise you: Your climax of Sohimi clitoral sucking vibrator(nipple and clit sucker) is the best you have ever experienced. The classical magic wand massager's spectacular technology has already proven itself: a negative tingling pressure paired with exciting pulsation stimulates the clitoris without contact in a previously unimagined way - say hello to explosive climaxes! 
You can buy a simple massager, and remote-controlled clitoral sucker at, whose vibrations can be programmed in stages, or vibrators built into butt plugs stimulate the vagina or anal sphincter. The trend is clearly towards soft surfaces, bright, friendly colors, and pleasing shapes. 
The Sohimi nipple and clit sucker's head can enclose your clitoris even better and lets you forget everything else. At the same time, it stimulates you with multiple exciting levels from tender to intense. With the noble design, our nipple and clit sucker's high-quality looks can make it more hygienic: no water, lubricants, or other liquids can get into the inner chamber of the device. And the medical silicone, which can enclose the clitoris very gently and precisely.  
Note: To clean our nipple and clit sucker, remove the attachment, and clean it with water and a little soap.

Top 5 Clit Suckers in Sohimi

#Sohimi G spot wand

This nipple and clit sucker is the top1 G spot wand among all the women sex toys in Sohimi. It is not only a vagina massager, but also a nipple sucking toy, or we can call it a nipple massager. For the American people, it is the most common wand which has over 100 years of history.

Compared with traditional wands like Hitachi magical wand powered by a long cable to a wall socket, this G spot wand from Sohimi is the higher grade version.

1. This nipple and clit sucker is much bigger than others, and it is the most powerful vibrator on the market.

2. This nipple and clit sucker is wireless, so it’s much more convenient for you to enjoy it anywhere you like.

3. The round head of this nipple and clit sucker can be bent with your body, it is flexible enough to stimulate you with all positions.

4. Compared with the high price of the Hitachi magical wand, this nipple and clit sucker at such a cheap price is affordable to anyone.

#U shaped vibrator

This U-shaped vibrator is the latest product in 2021. The special color of it is so attractive to young girls, it is not only an oral sex toy but also a fashion decoration!

1. This nipple and clit sucker is a dual vibrator with two ends, half of the clitoral vibrator is designed for penetration and the other half of it is designed for clitoral stimulation.

2. This nipple and clit sucker is also a good choice for foreplay games. With multiple vibration & suction modes, it can be used as a nipple massager or a nipple sucking toy, bringing you marvelous stimulation.

#Rose Clit Sucker

This pink vibrator is the most romantic sex toy for your partner, it is shaped like a rose! But do not be cheated by its small size, the suction is unimaginably strong.

Moreover, this rose clit sucker is 100% waterproof which allows being used in the bathroom and swimming pool. If you are seeking some new places to have fun, this rose clit sucker would not be a bad choice.

#Slim Vibrator

This slim vibrator is a dual vibrator with multiple functions. It is a 3 in 1 designed slim vibrator. It can be used as a jumping egg to stimulate your clitoris, a clit sucker to stimulate your breasts, or a G spot wand to vibrate the G point.

#Remote Control Vibrator

The same as other bluetooth sex toys, this remote control vibrator is also a bluetooth controlled vibrator. What’s different is the remote controller can be used as a bullet vibrator or a vibrating egg, and another part is a nipple and clit sucker controlled by the bullet. It is designed so specially that most girls would fall in love with it!

How to Choose Your First Vibrator?

A clitoral sucking vibrator MUST be the best for beginners to start the sex with a massager. The reasons are below: 
#Easier to accept  
Have been roaming the internet to find the best vibrator for beginners, you probably noticed that the selection is infinite, and it’s hard to choose one out. Compared to ordinary realistic-shaped vibrators/dildos, the nipple and clit sucker is usually shaped more cute with a suction head, and it’s easier for beginners to accept sex toys in their mind. For most girls with no sexual experience, putting a realistic dildo in their bodies is really intimidating. But on the contrary, holding a small, quiet nipple and clit sucker to stimulate their ears, nipples, and then clitoris, is an enjoyable thing full of novelty. 
Let them explore their secret area with a nipple and clit sucker! 

#Multiple Functions 
No matter what kind of stimulation you like, the nipple and clit sucker can always surprise you! 
In Sohimi, almost oral sex vibrator basically comes with a g spot wand head, and additionally with a suction head. 
To own a clit stimulator, you can have one vibrating stick and a vagina massager at the same time! It’s the best idea to save your money if you want to have both of them. 

#Suitable for All Groups of People 
Designed with multiple functions, the nipple and clit sucker can be used by singles and couples, women and men, lesbians and gays, etc. For singles, Sohimi’s nipple and clit sucker is the best cheap vibrator for them to explore the secrets of the body. For couples, nipple and clit sucker is the best helper to make your partner wet. Especially for couples who don’t live together, nipple and clit sucker is the best vibrator for long-distance relationships. For men, the nipple and clit sucker is like a simple version of the male masturbator, it can stimulate the penis head, testicles as you like. 

In conclusion, make sure to do your research and pinpoint what you want to get out of a vibrator before click on the purchase button.  
Think it clear: 
Which color do you prefer? 
What is the ideal material? 
Which function do you want? 
Is the nipple and clit sucker for yourself or a couple? 
Would you prefer USB charging or Batteries? 
How long will you use it? 
What’s your ideal price?

How to Suck a Clit with Sohimi’s Clit Sucker?

Sohimi’s nipple and clit sucker is specially designed for vagina massage and body massager sex. The nipple and clit sucker simulates the feeling of a real human sucking the clitoris. However, there should be other steps before sucking the clitoris if you wanna get a higher explosion.

1. Clean your nipple and clit sucker before using

To keep your body safe and to extend the vibrator's duration, it’s better to clean your sex toy before and after use. All of Sohimi’s clit suckers are made of high-quality silicone, so it’s easy to clean them with water.

2. Start from where you like

Do not stimulate the clitoris directly, start from other secret places you like. For example, put the nipple and clit sucker on your ears with soft suction modes, and then nipples, change to a stronger mode, you can have various feelings directly. To stimulate each secret area at your will, and the last part is your clitoris. Switch the modes one by one, and you can find your favorite, enjoy the unimaginable stimulation quietly. 

The Difference Between a Clit Sucker and a Clit Tickler?

A nipple and clit sucker comes with a suction function, but a clit tickler usually comes with a little tongue licking your clitoris rapidly, so we also call it tongue vibrators.

The clit sucker stimulates the clitoris without contact to the skin, but the clit tickler stimulates the vagina by directly rapid licking.

How to Store Clit Sucker?

To keep the toy clean and safe, it’s essential to store it well.

For beginners who have only one or two clit suckers, they can find the toys fit neatly in a small, cute box, it will be more discreet if they're going on to put the small box in a cab. However, for experienced people with too many toys, they may upgrade to a bigger storage cube.