Gay Boy, Are You A Conqueror On the Playground And On The Bed?

running athletes

If a gay boy wants to gain appreciation from the other man, in addition to excellent lovemaking skills in bed, there is also the unique charm on the sports field.

For gay boys, their role in a sexual relationship can also influence their sporting style and preferences. But sweating it out in sports really makes you look good! Exercising more will also improve your skills in bed!

What are top and bottom's preferences in sports?

The top and bottom refer to the two roles in a gay relationship. Usually, the one who is the top is the conqueror. They like to play the dominant role in sex. top seeks the thrill of excitement and conquest and usually looks very manly. This type of male has a strong desire to win and lose. They enjoy the feeling of unleashing their charisma in sports.

They feel very satisfied when they see a gentle boy on the side looking at him with admiration and adoration. Whether in a sexual relationship or sports, they very much enjoy the feeling of being adored. They are conquerors in bed and competitors on the sports field.

strong man


If you are bottom, then you are the one who is conquered during sex. bottom's personality traits are feminine, gentle, and flirtatious. Such characteristics determine that they will not like too intense or more competitive sports. They will prefer elegant and gentle sports. They like to show their elegant body shape and soft temperament in the sport. They like to appear soft and eager for their partner's affection and protection in a relationship.

What sports do gay boys like?

Figure Skating

No pair of gay boys can say no to this sport. They can't resist the unique appeal of figure skating. All gay boys in their youth have never imagined dancing in pairs to the tune of "Time of My Life" from "Dirty Dancing" or being a princess or prince on ice in a fancy dress to "Locomotion" by Kylie Minogue. Figure skating allows gay couples to warm up and increase their bond. The body looks sexiest in a lycra leotard with jewelry accents. Have you ever imagined jumping and spinning with your boy on skates that are only a few feet long? It's such a beautiful and unforgettable sport! It's a romantic sport, whether it's jumping, spinning, hugging, or kissing, and it makes your tandem sport even more romantic. Passionate sex after romantic sports makes your love full of vitality!

Soccer and basketball

Soccer and basketball are two of top's favorite sports. Both of these sports require multiple people to play together and are competitive. The competitive nature appeals to the conquering nature of the top's soul. The famous footballer David Beckham has been rumored to be gay before. This was unbelievable to many fans and people.



But for the gay boy fans who love Beckham, this could be good news. They love the thrill of showing their masculinity and chasing competition on the green lawn just like Beckham. Tops enjoy the feeling of sweating on the field and even if they are injured, they feel that the wounds make them look more manly. Many Tops felt that their shooting moves were really cool and they enjoyed competing with others for rebounds.


Diving is a sport that many bottoms enjoy. Britain's Daley, who recently won the gold medal in the men's double 10m platform diving competition at the Tokyo Olympics, is a gay boy. If fire represents passion and desire, then water represents softness.

diving man


Many bottoms enjoy showing off their slim bodies in front of their loved ones. Diving gives them a good opportunity to do so. Bottoms like to dry their hair in front of their partners, which makes them look sexy and beautiful. Draped in white bath towels, they look like gentle ladies, inspiring the protective desire within top.

Anal sex toys for gay athletes

Butt plug tail

If you are a gay boy who loves figure skating and you enjoy dancing on the ice to the music at the skating rink. You are like a good dancer at this time. You will paint yourself with nice makeup and put on a gorgeous leotard. Pretty tail anal plugs would suit you best. This is a creative anal plug toy. Tail anal plugs are generally divided into fox tail anal plugs, cattail anal plugs, etc. Tail anal plugs are usually divided into two parts, the pretty tail, and anal plugs. The tail color is usually a lovely pink or purple. You can easily have this beautiful tail inserted into the anus to make your big ass look plump and sexy.

Butt plug tail


Some excellent tail anal plugs, such as Sohimi's Pink Fox Tail Butt Plug, which has three vibration modes, namely low, medium and high-speed modes. And this little toy also comes with a mini remote control. You can use this little remote control to freely adjust the mode you like.

If you're worried about boring anal sex, the Tail Butt Plug is sure to make your love even sweeter. You can insert anal plugs for your big ass and crawl towards your lover. Let your lover to remote control this toy, this can make your sexual interaction more exciting. You'll never guess which mode he'll choose! At this moment you look like a seductive little wildcat or a little wild fox, and your lover will surely be overwhelmed by your sexual charms!

Anal expansion vibrator

You are the king of the lawn and the master of the basketball court. As a top you possess confidence in your sexuality. You are very happy with your performance in bed. You want to conquer your boy in the sex game. You feel very satisfied listening to your lover's seductive moans. You seek an exciting sexual experience and an anal expansion vibrator is perfect for you.

Top preferred electric anal vibrators usually have a black appearance. They do not like feminine colored anal massagers. Black represents calmness and understatement, which is very much in line with Tops' manliness. Electric anal massagers have many features, usually with multiple vibration modes and several pulse levels. Tops enjoy the intense stimulation of the vibrations. The sensation of expansion is very cool as if it can expand from the anus to the whole body.

Anal Expansion Vibrator


Sohimi brings the excellent anal expansion vibrator to the tops who are looking for something cool. this special vibrator has eight different vibration modes to give you a wide range of sexual pleasure. Eight kinds of electric shock pulse function more let you enjoy a unique touch of sexual experience. You can enjoy double pleasure while playing with this vibrating massager and experience thrilling sensations!

Jewelry-shaped anal plug

You are a dancer in the water, a flexible artist! If you are a bottom who love diving, then you must have your own opinion and pursuit of beauty. You like beautiful things, such as pink dresses and beautiful jewelry. Wouldn't you be surprised if there is a beautiful jewel-shaped anal plug in front of you? You will  want to have this beautiful and attractive butt plug.

Jewelry-shaped anal plug

The most outstanding feature of the jewelry-shaped anal plug is that there is a special ornament on the anal plug. You can see many colors of jewelry-shaped anal plugs, such as pink, purple, green, and so on. They are all very beautiful just like works of art!

I would like to recommend this BELL Jeweled Butt Plug With Chain, which is an anal toy that you can't miss. This jewelry-shaped anal plug has a blue heart- shaped jewel on the outside, which is cute and charming. There is also a bell on the anal plug, when you masturbate or flirt with your partner, the bell shakes and makes a nice sound. And you can play with this toy in the water, it is waterproof. You can also have your lover put a collar around your neck, which is very erotic!

If you like water and you like delicate and lovely jewelry, then you can't miss the jewelry-shaped anal plugs.

Unleash the charm on the sports field and in bed

The role you play in a sexual relationship does not completely determine your sporting style. You can try anything you like as long as you are curious. You are free to try the anal sex toys recommended for you that match your preferences. The most important thing is to have a relaxed and open mind. May you be a dynamic athlete on the sports field and a charming lover in bed!


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