The Foreplay Best Friend You Want to Meet - 4 Vibes Suitable for Flirting Between Couples

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The primary purpose of using sex toys for couples is to flirt and be passionate about the sexual desire of both parties. And not only does it promote a sense of novelty and excitement between two people, but it's also a very healthy way to have a harmonious sex life. Longhurst says people used to think you used sex toys because maybe you couldn't find a date. But what's true now is that most people who use sex toys are couples who use sex toys are more satisfied with their sex lives.



The sex toy market is mainly for couples, and 70 percent of customers are in a regular long-term relationship. This is because vibrator sex toys are available in a variety of styles to stimulate the sensitive parts of women, men can use a vibrator in foreplay to bring women into the world of sex, wetting women's vagina, thus having a very perfect foreplay experience before the real penetration of men and women combined. So the following four vibes are the favorite foreplay best friend between couples.

Rose Queen Clitoral Sucking & G Spot Vibrator

For couples who are in love, the use of erotic products can give them a special stimulation. It encourages both partners to maintain an exciting sexual activity during foreplay. During foreplay, men can turn on the sucking function of Rose Queen's petal head to tease their partner's clitoris. Unlike other sucking vibrators, Rose Queen's sucking touch is milder and does not make the female clitoris feel a little tingly. The Rose Queen vibrator can be used to stimulate not only women's nipples, ears, and vagina, but also men's testicles and glans. The 5 sucking modes plus the 10 vibration modes make the flirtation between couples more loving and exciting.

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What's even more fun is that couples are very much enjoying making love inside the bathtub. Rose Queen's 100% waterproof performance is the primary reason why many couples choose them. The safe, comfortable and flexible silicone material makes it particularly comfortable for couples to hold in their hands.

Soft Clitoral Tongue Vibrator

The practicality of the vibe use function is an important indicator that affects whether the couple's sexual foreplay experience feels good. You do not look at this one pink vibrator although only a tongue-shaped vibrator, but this one is made of high-quality silicone, so when stimulating licking sensitive parts, it is as soft as our human body's real tongue, inspiration, and has a fleshy authenticity. The key thing is that it is a tongue that can be rotated 360 degrees for stimulation and is very much used to moisten a woman's vagina and stimulate the dense vaginal lining.

pink vibrator

Obviously, your female partner will get wild shake foreplay pleasure with your help. And you can also feel more accomplished and satisfied. The 10 levels of vibration from mild will stimulate the woman to start moaning in foreplay, and when the amazing shake is reached, the woman's total weakness and desire to hold on to you will tell you it's time to really get inside her for the ultimate orgasmic pleasure.

Golden Bullet Pocket Vibrator

Golden bullet pocket vibrator is one of the most important reasons why men and women love golden gullet pocket vibrators. The human skin is very hot, and the contact between two warm bodies during sex will make each other's body temperature rise even higher, so a cool sensation will make the foreplay flirtation more exciting and sensual. This feeling is like the taste of mint leaves added to strawberry cake, very refreshing.

Golden Bullet Pocket Vibrator

This is what we can see in the  Fifty Shades of Grey movie in the process of foreplay flirting with the Christian in the use of ice to stimulate the sensitive parts of Anastasia This is indeed the process of sex is a very fun and arousing desire of small props. When couples use ice-cold stimulation between the temperature of the prick skin, from ear, chest, clitoris, butt, thigh, and then foot and other parts of the stimulation, trust me, this time the male will also make comfortable surprised voice.

App Control Clit Sucker Bluetooth Vibrator

Lovers like to call it a wife vibrator  because of the novelty of this vibrator. Not only is it a vibrator that can be worn inside a woman's panties, but it can also be connected to your phone using Bluetooth and invite your partner to interact with it remotely online. This is perfect for couples who have been making love for many years and are familiar with each other's bodies and can regain a special sense of excitement and arousal through the wife vibrator. If you are in Florida while your husband is in California on a business trip, then the app control vibrator is perfect for you both to interact online. Express how much you guys miss each other.

App Control Clit Sucker Bluetooth Vibrator

This is also a fun game of trust between couples. When a woman hands over the initiative of orgasmic stimulation in her body to her distant husband, on both ends of the video, you tell him your needs and he leads you into a pleasurable atmosphere through the operation of the mobile app as you tell each other your thoughts. He learns in which state you are in the expression of orgasm, switches with pride between 9 sucking modes and 9 vibration modes to stimulate your clitoris and vagina, eventually bringing you to orgasm, and as you express your love and gratitude to your husband, your love becomes more intimate again, not at all badly affected by the short distance of separation.

Use Vibe to Add Fun to Sex

People are instinctive creatures and in many cases will want to try new things to experience. Many couples suffer from the fact that although they have a very harmonious sex life with each other, they are too familiar with each other's bodies, so there is always a lack of fun. So they are very willing to try to use sex toys to bring their special stimulation. Couples who like SM tend to use handcuffs, blindfolds, and tail sex toys to enhance dominance control. Couples who like to experiment with a variety of sexual positions are more likely to try some of the smaller, but stimulating vibrators, such as the rose vibrator and tongue vibrator, and couples who like to have sex outdoors are more likely to try the app vibrator and huge vibrator to mobilize exciting flirtation during foreplay.


In general, for couples, healthy and normal sex life is beneficial to one's physical and mental health. Using sex toys to add interest in foreplay is a very worthwhile experience, not only will it increase the ambiguous time of your foreplay, the wide variety of vibe provides you with more freshness to experience. For couples who are already sexually experienced, this is certainly an innovative experiment. And using different vibe makes foreplay between couples like a different date place and activity at a time, a sexy and harmonious mode of being together is a super key to maintaining the relationship between couples.


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