Which Sex Toys Are Worth Sharing With Gays During LGBTQ Pride?

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My answer is YEP!!! I’m David from the United States and I’m a member of LGBTQ.A few weeks ago, Sohimi invited me to talk about my views on LGBTQ PRIDE. The following are my personal views on LGBTQ PRIDE to share with gays. If you are interested in this, please continue reading.

Be Proud Of Who I Am

Have you heard of a cool guy whose name is Tim Cook? I bet you did! Apple chief executive Tim Cook has publicly acknowledged his sexuality, saying that he is "proud to be gay. And Mr. Cook made his announcement to try to help people struggling with their identity. He wrote in a Bloomberg Businessweek article, "He said if hearing that the CEO [chief executive] of Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is, or bring comfort to anyone that feels alone, or inspire people to insist on their equality, then it's worth the trade-off with my privacy," he added. Mr. Cook admitted that going public as a gay man was not an easy choice, but it certainly looks courageous.

He is Tim Cook

Mr.Cook is an idol I admire. Influenced by him, I have more courage to face the real me. I came out in the first semester of my senior year. At the time, my parents did not support my approach. They worried that if I were suddenly exposed to the sun, I would be alienated by some relatives and friends, which would increase my pressure. I did suffer some blows from my friends after I came out. For a while, I thought about whether the decision I made was correct and whether I need to care about what others think of me.

Mr. Cook's story tells me that there is nothing to struggle with. Although gender is innate, sexual orientation is what we can choose according to our hearts. Eventually, I quickly walked out of confusion and actively lived and worked. Also screened out good friends that support me. It can be said sincerely. I am proud to be gay. I am proud of who I am.

N.Y. Pride Parade Experience In 2019 

One year after coming out, I was lucky to meet Marty. We fell in love quickly like a duo of ice and fire. In June 2019, we participated in an LGBTQ PRIDE in New York. As we know,2019 will be the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. This is a significant event that started the gay liberation movement. To celebrate the anniversary, NYC Pride 2019 will be named WorldPride 2019 with Stonewall50.

On that day, there were many related groups from abroad. That year's Pride Parade was on a grand scale. Governors, mayors, councilors, and some celebrities attended the parade. The total number of teams from all walks of life participating in the parade exceeded 650, watching and supporting them on the side of the road. There are also millions of people. We passed the gay bar Stonewall Bar, which witnessed LGBTQ historical events.



Rainbow colors everywhere I look. Well before the march kicked off, thousands crowded the sidewalks of Fifth Avenue, staking out their spots to get the best view. People clad in rainbow apparel streamed out of subway stations and onto the streets, chattering as they gathered under bright skies in seasonably warm weather. Along the route, people waved rainbow flags. Three women at the corner of 22nd Street and Fifth Avenue, blocks from the start of the march, had donned matching rainbow tutus and unicorn ears.

Pride March in Manhattan kicked off at noon on Sunday. And we're off! At exactly noon, with the singing of "The Star-Spangled Banner" — a tribute to a far more muted flag than the one lining the streets of New York — the Pride March began. Cheers rang out from the barricades as rainbow confetti was blasted over the crowd packed up and down Fifth Avenue. Then a set of rainbow balloon arches, which featured the light blue and pink colors of the transgender pride flag, were lowered, and the marchers moved forward.


At the front of the parade were members of the Gay Liberation Front, an early LGBTQ, a rights group that included people who participated in t Stonewall uprising 50 years ago. A sweaty crowd clapped and waved in the humid summer heat as they, and other grand marshals of the parade, passed. One marcher, who was 6-feet-tall and wearing nothing but aqua green shorts and a miniature top hat, applied lipstick dramatically using the reflection of an onlooker's aviator sunglasses.

There is no doubt that we have a great time during LGBTQ PRIDE. It means a lot to us. We wore rainbow tube socks and had the pink, yellow and blue pansexual pride flag draped over our back. We were "honored to be here openly and freely and with the family that is either allies or part of the community."And for sure, In the evening, we went to Fiddlesticks Pub to drink and dance together. We shared the joy. Then we returned to our apartment and stayed in a private space that belonged only to both of us. The night is lovely, looking at each other's red cheeks. We have an unparalleled sexual experience. Of course, we also supplemented sex toys, which prompted us to experience faster orgasm. We often use sex toys to get more good feelings during our sex, stimulating our close relationship better and better.

Therefore, I'd love to share some good sex toys with you guys. The production of these sex toys is designed for gays and provides gays with the best liberating experience. Here we go!!!

Enjoy The Pleasant Experience Of Sex With The Help Of Sex Toys

Sohimi FEDER Penis Massager

The first sex toy I want to share is Sohimi FEDER Penis Massager. I am a big fan of black. So when I saw this penis massager that is as cool as the black knight, I was pleasantly surprised at first sight. It has a pure black appearance and a smooth and comfortable touch, which is precisely what I want. The Vibrating Penis Ring is made from silicone material, safe and durable in use. Therefore,when I use it privately, I feel 100% comfortable. It was like I’m warming up by the fireplace in the living room in winter.It's comfy! The sexiest thing is ten vibrations I can choose. I prefer the vibration mode from slow to fast.

Sohimi FEDER Penis Massager

This stretchy penis ring fits around my cock and balls when switching modes while stimulating my perineum with light pressure. I imagine myself feeling a 3D movie. At first, I was sitting on a small spaceship and slowly feeling the quietness of the deep forest. Then suddenly, I felt the coolness of crossing the small hills, then the Grand Canyon, and then the pleasure of ascending the sky at high speed. In a trance, lying on the warm clouds, the dense turmoil flowed through the whole body. The ground flew down onto a prairie, lying quietly, satisfied after being slightly awake.Eventually I was greeted with continuous orgasmic stimulation. Also, the low noise during use enhances my senses of privacy. Isn't it sweet for the user? I think so! Anyway, I love this sex toy a lot. It's worth sharing with you guys during LGBTQ PRIDE!

Sohimi OLIVIA Prostate Milker 

We all know that women have G-spots, and men have parts similar to G-spots. Men's "G-spot" is the prostate. The prostate is a unique male gonadal organ. Its shape looks like a well-developed chestnut, and its size is usually about 4 x 3 x 2 cms. If you want to make your pleasure intenser, you can try to stimulate your prostate.

Sohimi OLIVIA Prostate Milker

The second sexy toy I enjoy using is Sohimi OLIVIA Prostate Milker which is called a prostate massager. When I use it, I could explore my G-spot easily! How do I describe this excellent feeling??? Let me think about it, oh right! My G-spot feeling is like I licked a grain of sea salt, drank a glass of iced vodka tonic in one sip, and then chewed on a slice of lime. Or it's like the joy and excitement that the wine overflows after opening it with a corkscrew in a house party. Undoubtedly, I feel right when I explore it with the help of sex toys. Of course, this sex toy not only stimulates the position of the prostate, but it also stimulates the perineum, urethra, penis and testicles at the same time, which is a pretty thing. I can use it single or with my partner in a type of multiple pleasure.

Sohimi S121 Vibrating Anal Beads

The third sexy toy is called Sohimi S121 Vibrating Anal Beards. I want to recommend it to you guys as an auxiliary toy. It means that we could use this butt plug with one of the two sexy toys above cuz the superimposed use experience of the front and back may be sexier.It is equipped with a vibrating mouse, from small-shaped ball to large-shaped ball.

Sohimi S121 Vibrating Anal Beads
There are nine kinds of vibration from low to high, including low, medium, high, pulse, fluctuation, fading, bounce, massage, ramp. Step by step, you will feel different levels of vibration intensity. Indeed, I tried it from low to ramp. But if you want to start from the stimulus initially, you can also adjust to high to the ramp and then directly back to low, but if you are a new baby who has never tried butt plug, it is better to start with low.


The LGBTQ rights movement has made tremendous strides over the past few decades, and much of the progress in visibility is thanks in part to gay pride parades and marches that have taken place in cities around the world.


In 2021, the LGBTQ PRIDE in the United States has been going on in certain areas. For example, as I learned, San Diego Pride will be held in San Diego from July 10th to July 18th. I strongly recommend you guys to go there once. The most important thing is remembering to bring the sex toys I recommend to enjoy this incredible experience better. And if you want to know more details about this San Diego Pride, search Pride month LGBTQ PRIDE events on google. I hope you guys will enjoy the sexy pride!