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Have you ever played with a rose vibrator toy? This is one of the most popular sex toys right now! It has a beautiful appearance, comfortable texture, and is easy to carry. What's more surprising is that the Rose Toys Upgraded Version is coming to you! Rose Queen Vibrator, the Rose Toy Pro, will make you the most honored woman and the most charming queen in sex!

What are the attractions of the Rose Queen?

Rose Queen is a fashion upgraded version of the Rose Vibrator Toy! This Rose Toy Pro has been launched in July 2021! It looks like a small rose with a flower stem. The petals have small leaves attached to them. The romantic and warm pink appearance gives more tenderness to women!

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Design concept

The rose represents the tenderness and charm of women, and the rose also represents the sexiness of women during sex. Rose Queen with its powerful function and ultimate aesthetic design, will bring you an extraordinary experience of happiness. The clever vibration design allows you to indulge in queen-like bliss. Rose Queen, let you not only be a dignified woman in life, but also a glamorous queen in sex!

Attractive appearance

It is like a charming girl with a slender and light body. This upgraded version has a soft and smooth material, and the entire toy is made of ABS and silicone. The comfortable petal head is softer than the lips. You can bend the end of the flower rod and touch the petals at will. The petal head has a delicate golden edge, just like the girl's exquisite necklace. The Rose Queen toy is designed with a seamless fit. The smooth material and humanized design give you more peace of mind.    

No noise

Unlike other rose toys, when you play with the Rose Queen, you hear no noise at all. This means that you can enjoy the sexual desire it brings you no matter what the occasion. You will not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

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Soul-Striking vibrations and sucking power

Rose Queen will give you an extraordinary experience of love! It has a powerful suction power. Your clitoris and nipples will be wrapped in powerful force as the Rose Queen surrounds them. The small rose petals precisely stimulate your clitoris and G-spot for your foreplay! 5 clitoral suction modes bring you five different kinds of sexual stimulation. You can freely control your foreplay. High-frequency sucking motor brings you deep and shallow gulping pleasure! If you are using it by yourself, you will get a satisfying sexual experience. If a partner uses this attractive rose toy together, you'll enjoy satisfying foreplay!

 Normal rose toys can only stimulate your breast and vulva, and work while you and your partner are engaged in foreplay. The Rose Queen is special because it is made up of "petals" and the "stalk". In addition to providing stimulation for foreplay, it has a bigger role to play. It brings powerful vibrations to your vagina and provides the ultimate pleasure. You don't have to worry about the delayed orgasm, the Rose Queen will make you reach orgasm in 30 seconds and you'll be in sexual heaven!

Safe material and low power consumption

This Rose Toy Upgraded Version is made of safe, reliable and comfortable material. You can use it to massage your breasts, clitoris and insert it into your vagina with confidence. The Rose Queen toy is designed to be waterproof. The waterproof level of this rose toy has reached level 7.

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You can feel free to enjoy the passion of vibration powerful suction function and multiple vibration modes with your partner in the shower.

Safe charging design

This is an upgraded version of the rose toy that uses magnetic charging. This charging device allows you to charge your rose toy conveniently and quickly. In addition, you don't have to worry about your sex ending because of water in the toy.

The differences between the Rose Queen and the rose vibrator

Both the Rose Queen and the Rose Vibrator are very famous. But in many ways, these two toys have many differences.

Appearance and design

The Rose Vibrator looks just like a lifelike rose with large petals. It is small and easy to carry.

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The Rose Queen is like a rose with a flower stem. This is a rose with smaller petals. Compared to the rose vibrator, Rose Queen has a longer shape.

The appearance of the Rose Queen is more exquisite than the rose vibrator. The Rose Queen looks more beautiful and elegant than the rose vibrator. This is because there is a very exquisite golden frame at the junction of the petals. The material used for the Rose Queen toy is very soft. The safe and comfortable silicone material allows you to enjoy the flexibility of this rose toy for your sexual pleasure! You can play with the rose's "flower stalk" as much as you want!

Noise level

The maximum noise decibel of the rose vibrator is 30 decibels. When you use the rose vibrator or use it with your partner during foreplay, you will still hear a more noticeable noise. If you choose the Rose Queen, this loud noise will never happen. You won't hear the noise at all. As an upgraded rose toy, the Rose Queen has improved a lot in terms of noise.


The Rose Queen has more features than the Rose Vibrator does. Women can use the rose vibrator to stimulate their breasts and clitoris. In the foreplay of sex, partners can also use the rose vibrator to stimulate a woman's g-spot to stimulate her sex drive faster. Sohimi rose vibrator has seven vibration frequencies to bring different sexual stimulation to women.

The Rose Queen from sohimi has more powerful features than the rose vibrator. You only need a Rose Queen to get the sexual pleasure of multiple sex toys. It has ten vibration frequencies and five sucking modes. Whether it's gentle stroking or crazy wild thrusting, the Rose Queen can do it all! It can be used as a dildo and a massager. Women can experience the ultimate oral sex pleasure and soul-stirring sexual experience. Women can also use the Rose Queen's "flower stalk" as a dildo and insert it into their vagina to enjoy the same sexual pleasure as penile penetration.

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How long do you need to reach orgasm?

When you use the rose vibrator, it may take you one to two minutes to reach orgasm. If you use the Rose Queen, this time will be greatly reduced! You only need thirty seconds to get the pleasure that comes with an orgasm!

Charging time and power consumption

Before you use the rose vibrator, you need to spend about two and a half hours charging your rose toy. After you charge it, you can play this vibrator for forty minutes to an hour. The Rose Queen is currently the most popular upgraded version of the rose toy! You only need two hours to enjoy an hour and a half of sexual pleasure! In other words, the power consumption of Rose Queen is less than Rose Vibrator, and the charging speed of Rose Queen is faster!

The Rose Queen is coming to your sex world

The Rose Queen from sohimi is an upgraded version of the Rose Toy. It's the newest stylish and charming rose toy on the market! Every woman who seeks the ultimate sex deserves to have the Rose Queen.

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It will bring fun to your life and bring more experience to your sex, allowing you and your partner to step into the garden of sexual Eden! Have this rose toy upgrade now!