2021 Best Auto Stroker Toy for Men - Detachable Suction Cup

the best auto stroker of 2021 is sohimi auto stroker

You may be surprised when you see the title. Only halfway through 2021, but the most outstanding male automatic massager of the year-Sohimi Detachable Suction Cup has been born here. 

What magical power does it have to reach the top? Let this sharing tells you. 

As we all know, sex is the connection between any relationship. For adult men, in order to be more enjoyable in the process of sexual life, or when they do not have a sexual partner, they can choose some adult male products. Nowadays, there are countless male sex toys in the adult products market. Among them, impotence delay, simulation, masturbation, lubricant, and SM products are the most popular and concerned. They have different functions according to different needs and effects, allowing men to have sex. Get more satisfaction and reach orgasm.

What are your concerns before choosing? 

In front of this 2021 best automatic massager toy, there are two testers who want to share their experiences with us. We can’t wait. Are you ready? 

I Like The Detachable Suction To Clean

Having read this product's description, I had high expectations, but with the price being over 50 dollars and almost 70 dollars, I was hanging back but after reading the customer reviews how fabulous this product is, I made the order. 

It was delivered within 3 days of ordering, so it's already off to be a good start. Opening the very discreet box, I charged this product according to instructions. Not too bad, I washed and cleaned it after all the preparations, and then, I put my penis into this bad girl.

Game on.

man ejaculation

I played with the settings on my hand to test this fine machinery out. The vibration is quite strong, i was impressed with that even before use. 

Next was thrusting. So many levels it was interesting to see the different patterns and strength. It has 10 rotating modes and 10 thrusting modes, offering a variety of options to various stimulation. I've used several automatic masturbator before, so I have something to compare it to, and looked forward to it none the less. 

Time to solo party.

I started the testcles one on low, which i barely even felt. Unbeknownst to me it wasn't lined up 100% ,So, me being me, I decide to go from zero to 60 points.

I hit the thrusting button setting to level 2 from 1 and hit the plus button as well, and then level 3, level 4. And made a minor adjustment on suction placement. At least I think that’s what happened.

My legs went straight out like those goats who faint when scared. I never came so fast and so hard in my life. I squirted, I have NEVER DONE THAT like any ejaculation before..

I frantically tried to turn it off, but ended up hitting the buttons like a maniac, sending to even stronger suction and now variant pulses. And came, again. I'm pretty sure I levitated. It was an unending orgasm. 

man Ejaculation is like volcanic eruption

This time, my soul left me, and it floated softly in air. I’m brought back into my earthly body after managing to pull it off me throwing it across my bed, it falls to the floor, still buzzing happily away.

I shook for a good 5 minutes, I couldn’t get up off the bed if even I wanted to. I stared at my ceiling dazed trying to remember who I am and what year is this.

I get up to clean up and realize in my orgasms like shocking. So in conclusion, this met and exceeded expectations. Hydrate, make sure you don't have to do anything that involves decisions or brainpower for the rest of the day. And for the love of god, stretch like you are about to run the 1,000 meters dash. 

man ejaculation like a banana

So, me being me, I like this product and rate it 100 -full points. A detachable cup is the best advantage of this auto stroker, you can take out the inner sleeve and clean it completely. First, unscrew the upper cover, then put finger into the cup, grab the groove, pull out the entire inner cup, and finally clean the inner sleeve and dry it. 

And the second reason is this product is made of Eco-friendly silicone material, whose special convex granules is so soft and full, just the right friction will enhance my pleasure. And I bet to say that it’s the collection of best and basis which is to say it’s added more advantages on all the strokers in market.

My Boyfriend Likes Its Operability 

If your partner is a little hesitant about incorporating a toy into sex, start him off slowly with an auto stroker. I'm going to call my boyfriend Michael. We decided to add extra pleasure into our sex otherwise the same repeat would drive me crazy . He selected the Sohimi auto stroker by himself among several options and then we waited with a little patience but more excites.

When we received the package, it was a very strict and confidential box, and it was impossible to tell from the outside what it was. 

After we finished all the preparations, we started to try this toy. I squatted down to massage Michael's penis and watched his penis gradually grow bigger. We put the semi-erected penis into the massager, Michael was sitting on the sofa, and then he released a satisfied sigh as he entered the tube. Michael and I held the massager together and gradually switched the vibration mode from the first gear to the second gear. After about ten minutes, he finally ejaculated. 

Afterwards, he said that this massager was very different from the previous cock ring. This automatic massager was more like real oral sex and vaginal touch, and stimulated his entire penis. But a vibrating ring which is a silicone ring you can slip around his penis that has a tiny vibrator attached. The pulsing will feel awesome at the base of his penis, and if he's on top, it'll hit your clitoris as he thrusts. This cock ring was also ordered from Sohimi before. It is not the same as the automatic massager. The cock ring pays more attention to the massage of the prostate and the penis. They are different types but do not affect their respective status in his heart. The automatic massager can remove the pipeline for cleaning, which undoubtedly can win over other automatic massagers currently on the market. 

sohimi feder penis massager sex toy for male

We believe that after you read these two shared stories, you will already understand why Sohimi auto stroker is the best masturbator for men on the market. 

A detachable cup is the best advantage of this auto stroker, and you cannot find any other same product until now. Made of Eco-friendly silicone material, this auto stroker is so soft but full of granules, giving you the pleasure of friction to enhance the stimulation of your orgasm. And of course, using the right amount of lubricant can make it easier for you to get in, and it can also enhance the sense of pleasure. 

sohimi auto stroker

Just like other ordinary male masturbators, this auto stroker is USB rechargeable, so there’s no need to change batteries, and you can charge it in a more convenient way. 

Take Care

Before using the sex toys you just bought, you must first read the product manual, understand the usage and precautions, especially the sex toys that will enter the body, and you must know whether the item is waterproof, manual or electric or other purposes. Learn how to use it.

When using sex toys, it is best that you are in good health. When the body is in a bad state, such as sickness, cold, staying up late, local pain, poor mood, it is recommended not to use it, do not force yourself, and conform to your body's feelings. The use of sex toys is just an adjustment to the life of the couple.