That Night, My Husband Found...

That Night, My Husband Found...

I had felt a bit silly when I ordered it. Here I was, a married middle-aged woman buying a vibrator. I meant to only use it for myself — I didn't want to offend my husband. Even more so, I didn't want to admit our sex life had run dry.

Then, on a night when the kids were away with their aunt, I found my husband sitting on the edge of our bed. There was something austere about his face. Before I had time to say anything, he revealed in his hand the Mermaid Shape Vibrator I secretly bought.


"I found this in your nightstand," he said coolly.

"Jonathan, I —"

"— Get on your knees," he ordered. His voice was deep, accented; the voice of a businessman.

"Yes, sir," I said, and did as he told.

He made his way to me, towering over. "Take off your clothes."

I was wearing a flowy camisole and sweatpants; the clothes I wear when I clean the house. I didn't feel sexy in it, and even less so taking it off with all the lights on. I shouldn't have been embarrassed in front of the man I'd been married to for over ten years. The one person who truly knew me in and out. But it was like I had forgotten all of that as Jonathan became the strict businessman.

Then he surprised me. He walked over to the light switch and flipped them all off, leaving only the light from the lamp on his nightstand. It cast a darkened, warm glow over the room.

I took off my clothes slowly, and a bit clumsily, and tossed them aside.

The corners of his mouth curved up slightly and I had to refrain myself from smiling too. His steely expression faltered as his eyes revealed a deep lust as he peered at my naked body and then my face. I had never felt sexier.

He bent over and grazed his hand down my stomach and in between my thighs, fingering me until my cheeks were warm and my thighs were wet. I shivered at his touch, and with his other hand, he slid the vibrator inside. He took out the vibrator's remote from his pants pocket and pressed a button that sent waves of intense vibration inside me. I moaned wildly.

My eyes were closed, but I heard the clink of his belt unbuckle and felt him take me by the shoulders, pressing my face against his groin. I parted my lips as he pushed himself inside my mouth.

As I sucked him, he increased the vibration and I let out longer fervent moans. This only turned him on more, and within a few minutes, he finished on my neck and chest. I finished a few seconds after.

“Well, that was different,” I finally said when I had managed to get my breath back.

He helped me to my feet, wrapping his arm around my waist. "I think this might be your best purchase," he said laughing, and then kissed my forehead...