• Three Creative Anal Toys Bring You Unforgettable Anal Orgasm


    Three Creative Anal Toys Bring You Unforgettable Anal Orgasm

    > Lena Sohimi

    When couples have sex, many heterosexuals choose penile penetration as a way to achieve orgasm. Penile penetration is a practice that is widely practiced during sex. Many couples who seek excitement during sex will choose some other more fashionable ways, such as anal sex. Many gay men prefer to insert their penis into their partner's anus for anal sexual pleasure. Lesbians also like to use some special methods to create the excitement that comes from backdoor play. Yet is anal orgasm so easy to obtain? Or are anal orgasms only available to skilled people? And there are three great anal toys for you to explore.

    Can I have an anal orgasm?

    The truth is that everyone has the possibility of having an anal orgasm during sex. You don't have to think of anal orgasm as something almost impossible to do; such thoughts can limit your imagination. God never ordained that men and women could only have the sex they wanted fixedly. I know you've probably seen the same sexual positions and penetration styles in many movies, and these fixed sexual styles limit what you can do in bed. If you feel like your sex life is boring, you can watch some sex videos and play with some sex toys. The brave boys and girls in these videos can give you a wealth of sexual advice.

    gay boy

    Please believe that you can have an anal orgasm if you are willing to believe that you can do it. Even if you just stimulate the outside of your anus with your fingers or mouth and tongue, you'll have a lot of fun. Once you've had these primary pleasures, you won't be able to resist the urge to explore even more. Whether you want to stick an anal toy up your anus while you masturbate, or you want your lover to insert his penis into your anus, you need to stay relaxed and calm. You can continue to believe that anal sex is a perfectly normal thing to do if you are sure you can have an anal orgasm.

    People of all genders can enjoy anal sex because the area is very sensitive and the genitals can be stimulated indirectly through anal sex. All these aspects combine to produce pleasure and orgasm.

    Is it easy to get anal orgasm?

    Dear gay boys or lesbians, if you want to have an easy and pleasurable anal sex experience, you have to believe that you have the potential to be good anal sex players. It would be a shame if you thought that having an anal orgasm was a difficult task just because you hadn't heard of anal sex before or because of some misconceptions about it.

    I can tell you with certainty that you can easily have an anal orgasm, provided you keep a good mindset and use the right approach.

    two gay boys kissing


    Backdoor play is not the same for someone with a penis as it is for someone with a vulva. But to have perfect anal sex for both yourself and your lover, there is one preparation that is very necessary for both boys and girls. Before you start your intense and exciting anal sex, you need to lubricate each other's anus sufficiently. You don't need to worry that too much lubrication will lead to a bad sexual experience because for those who are trying backdoor play for the first time, you are likely to be too tense to relax your bodies. Therefore, adequate lubrication is very important to carry out a relaxing and pleasurable backdoor game. With a good start, you will have an anal orgasm more easily.

    To have such a pleasurable orgasmic experience, gay boys usually choose the right position before making love. Changing positions during sex also helps boys and girls to have anal orgasms easily. So you don't have to worry too much that you will have a bad anal sex experience. As long as you are relaxed and prepared, you can be the king or queen of the backdoor game.

    Three creative anal toys for your unbelievable anal sex

    Sohimi S121 Vibrating Anal Beads

    This is an ideal anal toy for all boys and girls. Whether you are a novice or a skilled person, you can play with this anal toy to get the pleasure of anal sex easily.

    This is an electric anal bead. The design of this anal bead is based on the human body structure. A good anal toy can try to save you from the physical injuries that come with sex. The beads are structured from small to large. If you are just starting to use anal toys, then you can play with slightly smaller anal beads. For your health, you do not have to try larger anal beads at first. The adventure and excitement at first will not bring easy anal pleasure but can cause physical harm. Once your body becomes familiar with the anal beads, you can be braver and try the larger models.

    vibrating anal beads

    It is worth mentioning that whether you are a novice or an experienced user, these anal beads can bring you exciting and pleasurable sexual pleasure. The anal beads come with nine vibration modes. Each of these modes can give you a whole new level of anal sexual pleasure. You just need to press the button on the remote control and this anal bead will give you automatic sexual pleasure. Next, you don't have to do anything, just enjoy the wonderful sex. 

    In addition, this anal bead also comes with a mini bullet-type vibrator. This mini bullet vibrator is very small and easy to carry. Women can use it to stimulate their breasts. Enjoy the pleasure that this sex toy brings to your body.

    Sohimi 360° Rotating Vibrating Prostate Massager

    This small and exquisite prostate massager brings you a unique sexual pleasure, come and experience it!

    This is a prostate massager that can vibrate. This prostate strap has a very flexible teaser. This small teaser is like a jumping genie that brings you different anal sexual pleasure. It can rotate 360 degrees. You can control this teaser freely and flexibly. It's all up to you!

    This anal sex toy is ready to stimulate your innermost fantasies about sex. The flexible teaser and plump probes give you plenty of caress both inside and outside your anus.

    Rotating Vibrating Prostate Massager


    Sohimi understands that you have many new and exciting ideas when it comes to sex, which is why it designed this unique anal toy. Whether it's a fierce, soft, fast, or slow style, this massager can take you through it all! You can also switch the mode you want at will. This will give you a different kind of sexual experience!

    The 3 rotating functions, unique curved body, and silky silicone gradually bring you electric sexual pleasure, pulsating passion, and an upgraded erotic experience.

    This is the perfect anal sex toy, just for you. You can play with it like a trusted friend.

    Sohimi Vibrating Anal Trainer Set

    This is the very great anal training kit that will take you from novice to skilled player!

    We understand your expectations and worries about backdoor games. sohimi will make your worries fade away. This sweet anal training kit includes 3 anal plugs of different sizes and a bullet vibrator.

    All three anal plugs are relatively small in size. Boys or girls can choose the right anal plug for their situation. The anal plugs for training are available in different sizes from 11 cm to 14.2 cm in length and 2.9 cm to 3.8 cm in diameter. Women can insert the anal plugs into the vagina or anus.

    Vibrating Anal Trainer Set

    After you get used to the size of the anal plug, you can choose whether to use it with or without a vibrator. At the bottom of the training anal plug there is a strong suction base to prevent the plug from slipping out of it.

    Everyone who chooses this training anal plug can fully appreciate its benefits. It won't take long for you to go from beginner to expert. 

    Be confident for your anal pleasure

    If you want to have a different anal orgasm experience, then you must first have full confidence in yourself. Only if you believe that you can get it, then you can get the sex you want. My friend, getting an anal orgasm is really a simple and easy thing to do. You can play with the above anal toys to gradually get the sexual experience you want. Anal sex toys can help you eliminate some of your worries and give you some help. Be brave enough to pursue the perfect sexual experience you want!

  • Top 10 Sex Toys For Lesbians To Get High-quality Orgasm


    Top 10 Sex Toys For Lesbians To Get High-quality Orgasm

    > Lena Sohimi

    Sex toys are the best helpers for lesbians during sex or masturbation. Such toys can help lesbians to relax their bodies faster and then enjoy quality sexual pleasure during masturbation, or help them to cooperate and show their sex appeal during sex. For today's professional women, masturbation may be more appealing than sex with a partner. They may find strenuous marathons in bed to be something that exhausts them. But a couple's life needs sex to spice things up, otherwise, the relationship is likely to be in crisis. Sex toys can help lesbians reconcile themselves with their partners.

    Research by sexuality experts tells us that the use of sex toys increases the frequency of orgasms. Not only that, but sex toys help a lesbian's body learn to respond to various sensations, thus enabling her to understand her pleasure zones. It also creates more variety in a lesbian's sexual play and can add color to a lesbian's long-term sexual relationship. Another study shows that only 4% of women can have a satisfying orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. The rest of the women need clitoral stimulation or a combination of other methods to achieve a satisfying orgasm. "People with vaginas who use sex toys orgasm more easily and frequently."

    Sohimi, a professional sex toy company established over a decade ago, has been committed to providing lesbians with safe, fun, and reliable sex toys. Here are ten of sohimi's selected female sex toys. These toys allow lesbians to experience high-quality orgasms and bring lesbians into a world of infinite pleasure sex. Enjoy them!

    1. Sohimi GABI double penetration dildos

    This is a double-headed vibrator from sohimi suitable for lesbians. This double-headed vibrator has a similar appearance to a dildo. The purple color adds an element of style and sophistication to this vibrator. It is the perfect gift designed specifically for lesbians, exciting and sophisticated!

    GABI Double Penetration Dildos


    Lesbians can play with this double-headed vibrator to stimulate both the vagina and the anus at the same time. This toy has a powerful motor available to lesbians at each end. Superb vibrations of different frequencies from soft to strong and slow to fast.

    Another unique feature of this double-headed vibrator is that it is made of such a soft and flexible material. Lesbians can fold this toy in half. You and your partner will not be satisfied with having sex in the same position all the time. Whether it's the basic supine position, hip doggy style, or sitting, this double-headed dildo can help you accomplish these complex sexual positions. "It's amazing that the dildo can be used for this kind of play. My girl and I have used it to explore a lot of positions for sex!"

    2. Sohimi strap on lesbian dildo

    This sohimi for lesbians 3 in 1 dildo is a great sex toy. You only need to buy one masturbator to get three different lengths of dildos. The longest dildo is oriented forward for the person being penetrated, and the other two can be placed in the vagina and anus of the penetrator. This design allows both you and your girl to get the sexual pleasure of simulated penis penetration!

    strap on dildo


    Lesbians can play with this toy to experience male sexual pleasure! This toy comes with a strap. You can use the strap to adjust it individually at the waist and crotch. The ergonomic design allows you to enjoy sex comfortably. You can wear the strap while having sex and pretend you are a man with an erect penis. This lesbian masturbator is the perfect gift for your lover. "This is such an amazing toy for us. I feel as attractive during sex as a man with a quick erection. My partner says I'm great in bed. It's really so cool!"

    3. Sohimi 360° rotating realistic dildo vibrator

    This is a pink dildo vibrator. Sohimi knows that lesbians like high-quality sex toys. This toy is made of selected silicone and ABS. You can freely adjust the rotation by choosing the way the bearings bend in the direction before use. It can rotate 360 degrees in all directions. The degree of rotation depends on your sexual style.

    rotating dildo vibrator


    Dual motor-driven design. There are also nine vibration modes to give your sex more possibilities. Nine different colors of led lights with nine vibration modes bring colorful beauty to your sex. Even during sex, you and your girl are the most fashionable ladies! "You won't believe how much my girl and I enjoy making love in bed with this cute little toy. We enjoy the different frequencies of sex so much. My lover says she loves to have sex with me even more!"

    4. Sohimi BELL jeweled butt plug with chain

    A very nice blue jeweled-looking anal plug toy for lesbians! As sophisticated women, you and your lover deserve such an exquisite anal plug toy. This small and attractive anal plug is suitable for all lesbians. You can play with this toy whether you are a novice or proficient in backdoor play, as this toy includes three different sizes of anal plugs.

    Whether it is foreplay or during sex, this anal plug can create a very comfortable sexual atmosphere. You can insert the anal plugs yourself into the anus to attract your lover.

    blue jeweled anal plug with chain

    In the process of playing with the anal plug, the bell on the jewel will make a pleasant sound. The beautiful blue color and the pleasing sound both make you rich and beautiful.

    Let the blue jeweled anal plug join your flirtation! You can put the chain in the toy around your partner's or your neck. The big ass and sexy neck of the anal plug will make your sex passionate! "This jeweled anal plug is so beautiful, I've never used such a beautiful anal plug before. She made my girl fall in love with my big ass!"

    5. Sohimi pink fox tail butt plug

    This pink vibrating fox tail butt plug is a great sex toy and a lesbian must have it! Sohimi adds creativity to the traditional anal plug by making it shaped like a real fox tail.

    pink fox tail anal plug


    This fox tail butt plug has three modes that can be switched alternately. You can explore sex with your girl with gradually increasing frequency!

    We know that becoming seductive during sex is something to look forward to, and sohimi understands exactly what lesbians want during sex. That's why this pink foxtail butt plug is made of a very soft material. This design makes this tail more realistic. The furry butt plug is more appealing to the partner's eyes. You can insert the butt plug into your big ass and then get close to your lover and let her control this electric butt plug remotely. She can get the intense pleasure of sexual conquest by controlling your big ass remotely! "My girl is sexually aroused by me! She says my ass is so seductive that she can't resist the charm of this furry foxtail."

    6. Sohimi app control clit sucker bluetooth vibrator 

    This is a stylish vibrator that can be controlled remotely with an app. You can manually control or control this pink vibrator with APP.

    Through Bluetooth, you can switch between solo mode, music mode, limited mode, and interactive mode at will.

    app vibrator


    This vibrator comes with nine different sucking modes and nine vibration modes. You can easily put it into your panties without worrying about it scratching out. What's more, this vibrator doesn't make a lot of noise. You don't have to worry that it will embarrass you in public. If you and your girl are not together and you want to flirt, you can have her download the app to control the vibrator remotely. This is a new way of flirting, you and your girl can enjoy the pleasure of sex anytime and anywhere. "I often have my girlfriend remote control this vibrator. It makes sex so much more fun for us, even though we may not be together sometimes."

    7. Sohimi S121 vibrating anal beads

    This would be a very popular anal plug toy for lesbian couples. Most lesbians love the fun that comes from exploring backdoor play. When lesbian couples see their lover's big sexy ass from behind, their libido is quickly aroused. They also really enjoy the process of thrusting their lover's anal beads into their big ass.

    There are several sizes of beads on this anal bead. This design can increase the fun of anal play. You can slowly insert the anal beads into your partner's anus. As the volume of the beads increases, the sexual pleasure your lover gets will become more and more exciting. A variety of vibration patterns for the thrusting process of the two lesbians bring more sex fun.

     vibrating beads

    This anal bead is also equipped with a mini bullet-style vibrator. When you are having foreplay, you can use it to stimulate your own or your lover's breasts. Then you play backdoor games with the long anal beads. What a wonderful pairing this is!

    "We enjoy this anal bead because it comes in a variety of sizes. These vibration patterns are so much fun and we have been playing with this anal bead for several nights now!"

    8. Sohimi Rose Queen clitoral sucking & G spot vibrator

    Rose Queen is currently the most popular rose toy upgrade. Rose Queen has a very delicate appearance. The Rose Queen is like a small petal rose with a stem that flexibly combines the clitoral vibrator with the dildo.

    rose queen vibrator

    The clitoral vibrator is hidden underneath the small petals of the rose. This design can be more accurate to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot of women. The clitoral vibrator comes with five suction modes that make you feel like your lover is giving you a blowjob! This is a partner with great oral sex skills!

    The flower stem part is a dildo vibrator. It can easily stimulate your G-spot. What's even more special is that this 'Stem' comes with ten vibration modes! The ultimate sexual pleasure is coming to you. "This toy makes me feel like I've become elegant. And I really love the sexual pleasure that the vibrations bring me. My girl and I both love the Rose Queen."

    9. Sohimi M3 remote control vibrator

    This butterfly vibrator from Sohimi is not like other vibrators. This vibrator can be used as a butterfly vibrator or a dildo. Adding more variety to sex is a very rewarding thing to do. You can use this remote control vibrator to stimulate both the vagina and the clitoris. If you want to use him outside, that's no problem at all.

    When you want to enjoy your private time, you can play with this butterfly vibrator to experience ten different kinds of sexual stimulation.

    M3 Remote Control Vibrator

    If you want to have special pleasure with your girl during sex, you can let your partner control this toy. This will make the level of sexual understanding between you deeper. "We both love this butterfly vibrator. It gave us both a very perfect orgasmic experience."

    10. Sohimi TULIP mini tongue clit licker vibrator

    This is a mini Clit licker designed by sohimi. it looks just like a real tongue.

    Although this Clit licker looks very small, it has a very powerful motor inside. Ten different vibration modes to tease your nipples and clitoris.

    tongue vibrator

    This Clit licker will make your body feel more comfortable and relaxed than ever before.

    TULIP uses sonic technology to effectively stimulate the sensitivity of sucking. Every lesbian who uses it can get oral sex-like pleasure. "It feels like my lover is sucking me off with her tongue! I find it so satisfying!"

  • Extreme Orgasm Tied To A Strap On Lesbian Dildo


    Extreme Orgasm Tied To A Strap On Lesbian Dildo

    > Jean Feng

    I remember it was at my 23rd birthday party, and after all my friends had left, only Betty and I remained, both of us slightly intoxicated from the wine we had consumed. Amid a kissing daze and just about to take the next step, she suddenly looked me straight in my eyes and said teasingly, "Why don't you open the birthday present I brought first?" Ha, I've always been good at picking up these hidden signals. There must be something good in the box! "Uh... OK", after reluctantly letting her go, I picked up the scissors and opened the box. I saw some harnesses and our old familiar friend-dildo. Still, I was confused about what the harnesses were for. At first, I thought it was an erotic set, or she wanted to play a little bondage with me or some other thing... But she shook her head mysteriously, and then I watched as she tied those harnesses around her waist and then secured the dildo in the middle of her pelvis, ha! I immediately understood the proper use of this toy, ruffled my hair in expectation, smiled and slowly laid down...WELL, I don't remember when we fell asleep that night, but Betty's moans in my ear and uncontrollable expressions during several orgasms that night are still quite vivid in my mind.

    "How did you come up with the idea to give me a  strap-on dildo?" I asked Betty in the early morning after that night.

    "I wanted to give you an unforgettable birthday gift, not an item, but an experience that you will savor from time to time." She looked at me with a smile.

    "Well... It truly has stayed with me for life."

    How’s The Feeling With A Strap-on Dildo?

    Obviously, I'm not new to sex toys. After I met Betty, to be more precise, after realizing I was a lesbian, I opened the door to sex toys because I didn't want men to be involved in my sex life, and I struggled to satisfy my desires with my fingers. After meeting Betty, sex toys were a regular part of our sex life, but what has changed after having a strap-on dildo? How can I describe it? It just like the middle bite of a frozen watermelon in the summer, the first sip of a cold Coke on a hot day, or a cool breeze on a muggy afternoon, which didn't affect my sex life before I had it, but with it, Jesus, it makes you want it all the time!



    How To Overcome Obstacles?

    After that, I became an avid fan of a strap-on dildo, and just as friends always share sexual experiences, I often recommended it to my friends, telling them they had to try it! But the results were not always good. Some of them said, "it's too amusing to wear," "it's hard to reach orgasm," "it's too tiring to thrusting," which made me wonder why Betty and I used it so harmoniously. So here comes the following conversation.

    "So why would they think it's too funny to wear? It's obviously erotic!"

    "Well... You weren't the first one to wear it, and the atmosphere was so good that we were both just thinking about the next step..."

    Well, she made it sound like I was horny, but I have to admit that atmosphere and desire are the best lubricants to use in the bed.

    "OK, so you were the first one to wear it. How did you adapt to it so easily?"

    "Oh, that's not an easy thing, I secretly put it on myself before that time, I'm not telling you, I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn't help laughing, after all, the image you know hahaha, but after a few more times I got used to it... But if that kind of embarrassment and laughing happens during sex, the experience may not be perfect."

    "It looks like you really have a lot of surprises that I didn't know about..."




    But as for the difficulty of reaching orgasm, I'm an expert in this area (after all, I specialize in exploring orgasm)! Thanks to modern explanatory diagrams of the human anatomy, orgasms are more visible and thus less difficult to find. Simply put, the G-spot of orgasm located on the front wall of the vagina, and for people like us who use dildo, because the angle and length of penetration can be changed according to your preference, the G-spot can usually be found better. It's a range that you need to explore patiently - when you find a spot that gives you a unique feeling of comfort, that's your G-spot! Keep stimulating it! You'll get more pleasure and start to want to pee, that's it! After stimulating it for a while, you'll experience the sensation of vaginal orgasm.

    But for those who think the thrusting is too tiring? Go to the gym, don't come back and ask me about this one! OK, just kidding. But we all understand that intercourse is never an easy thing, as you cannot just satisfy yourself but also your sweetheart. So wallowing together until you both are exhausted, moving to your heart's content, sweating, moaning, stroking .... God, I miss Betty already.

    Explore More!

    Exploration is never-ending, and if you understand me, you will find that I am always on the path of exploring my own body. It was another lust-filled night, after the shower, with music playing in the bedroom, as Betty and I searched the Internet for a suitable sex movie to prelude our bedtime...

    "Wait! What's this?" Betty pointed her finger at a side page of ads showing a couple of half-naked lesbians and a strap-on dildo with three dildos.

    "Wow, looks like someone wants to play more erotically."

    We clicked in without hesitation and found that this toy can insert my own while inserting my companion? Wow, that's really a novel adventure! After reading its introduction, we ordered it immediately and received the package a few days later. Both of us couldn't wait to open it and use it right away.




    For the sense of this toy experience, if I had to use one word to describe it, that would be fulfillment! It was a sense of satisfaction that I had never felt before, both physically and psychologically. Physiologically, my vagina and rectum enjoyed multiple orgasms from the dual stimulation of both places at the same time. Ooh, I think my expression must be so twisted because I was so comfortable that I had no gap to control my look. Psychologically speaking, Betty and I were both immersed in the pleasure of being satisfied simultaneously. The fun was equal and synchronized, a treat I rarely get to experience after becoming a lesbian, at least in my sex life. How to say, it was a perfect experience full of sweat and moaning.

    Attention Please!

    Attention, not all the strap-on dildos are well-made. In terms of quality and body dynamics, these products vary in terms of quality, so I will introduce the sex toys that Betty and I use to give you as a reference. At the birthday party, she gave me the sohimi Strap on 6 inch Dildo. This one is great for beginners or even people with lots of experience, The whole length of this 6-inch dildo is 8.3 inches, and this is the best length for most beginners. With a strap on, we love it so much! This strap-on dildo is super lightweight but really strong, so it's easy to wear during long-time sex, even for ladies with light strength. Moreover, there's no need to worry about the size because it has adjustable straps. With a small ring and a big ring, you can choose a different one for different uses.




    The three-headed strap-on dildo we bought later is another one from sohimi the Strap on Lesbian Dildo. This one is for lesbians, as the name implies! Spend money on this strap-on dildo, you can get three different lengths of dildos. The longest dildo forward for the penetrated, the other two can be placed for the vagina and anus of the penetrating. The three dildos are interchangeable and can be mounted to any place as desired. The material of this strap-on dildo is silicone. It is water-insoluble, odorless and soft. The straps of the harness are made of black faux leather and with a red edge, especially comfortable to wear. The length of the harness can also be individually adjusted at the waist and crotch with a strap.

    More Options

    Of course, as I said before, I'm a veteran in female sex toys, so I certainly have more than just the strap-on dildo mentioned above. If you want to try other sex toys, then you can try Powerful Couple Vibrator. It is a Double-head dildo, which can bring pleasure to both partners. Unlike the strap-on dildo, it doesn't have a harness and is designed to be used for double penetration. This product is specially designed for women and lesbians.




    When you use it alone, it can satisfy your G-spot and clitoral pleasure at the same time. While it also allows you and your partner to reach the ultimate level of satisfaction together. What's even more fascinating is that the dildo is vibratable and can be controlled by remote control. With the remote, you never have to interrupt the action to change functions. Just turn the vibe on and press the remote's power button. You can choose the one that suits your taste according to your needs.

  • How Do Lesbians Have a Perfect Sex Life?


    How Do Lesbians Have a Perfect Sex Life?

    > Boodle Web Mart Collaborator

    Lesbians' sex life is the same as straight people’s sex, or even lesbians sex brings more pleasure, most of us learn that sex is about a penis entering a vagina. So when two people with vulvas are having sex, many of us don't understand how that works since there's no penis. Thus, there are a lot of myths about lesbian sex:

    Lesbian couples act like men and women in sex. Some people believe that one partner does all the penetration while the other does all the receiving. This is dynamic for some couples, but not all — and remember, penetrating doesn’t make you a “man.”

    All of the lesbians use strap-on when having sex. While these can be enjoyable, they’re not a must-have. Whether you use one is up to you.

    Orgasm is the end goal. It’s faster for lesbians to have an orgasm than straight couples, but it doesn’t mean both of the couples have an orgasm every time. Sex can be pleasurable without orgasming.

    Sex means different things to different people. Besides penis-in-vagina sex, there is an incomplete list of what may count as sex for you:

    • oral sex performed on the vagina, penis, or anus.
    • manual sex, such as had jobs
    • breast and nipple play
    • using sex toys
    • mutual masturbation
    • genital rubbing
    • kissing and cuddling

    If you are trying to have your first lesbian sex, there are a few tips for you:

    • Find out the way which brings you pleasure. Someone likes oral sex, someone likes fingering, but someone likes vibration, etc. Masturbating can make you relax and figure out what feels good to you.
    • Be prepared to communicate with your partner. Before start lesbians sex, tell your partner which is your best way to have fun.
    • Positions to try. There are probably hundreds of different sex positions out there, the key to having fun is to find one you love!
    • Practice safer sex. Keep yourself and the toys clean, and use lubricates at the essential time.

    Sex is a skill and you’ll get better at it if practice more and choose a toy that suits you.

    Go to our platform to have some toys new for lesbians!

  • What Is The Difference Between Transgender And Bisexuality?


    What Is The Difference Between Transgender And Bisexuality?

    > Boodle Web Mart Collaborator

    Bisexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior toward both males and females, or romantic or sexual attraction to people of any sex or gender identity; this latter aspect is sometimes termed pansexuality.

    Transgender is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity differs from what is typically associated with the sex they were assigned at birth. It is sometimes abbreviated to trans.

    We always talk the five groups of people together, that’s a word “LGBTQ”, which means lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning.

    With more and more lesbians/gays choose to come out, people’s discrimination to same-sex orientation gradually disappear, but for bis, trans and queers, most of them are still in a hard position. There are still some people who don’t believe in bisexuals, and simply consider them as the group of people who are looking for 3some. As I mention transgender, most of us think of Thailand first. However, there are countless trans in the US, in the UK, Australia… Many of them pretend to be normal, and afraid to tell people about their sexuality.

    No matter bisexuals, or transgenders, they are the same as the straight, the gays, the lesbians, and any other groups of people. And they all have right to use any sex products. Sohimi as a sex toys company, LGBTQ community is always a very important part of our customers, we keep offering the best selection for our LGBTQ customers.