PC Muscle Training Guide: Be A "Hard" Man!

PC Muscle Training Guide: Be A "Hard" Man!

I receive private messages from many dudes every day. The most frequent questions are: how to lengthen my cock, how to delay our love-making time, and what to deal with premature ejaculation? And so on. Few friends ask how to make their dick harder. Compared with time and length, hardness is also an important indicator that cannot be ignored.

Imagine that it took dozens of minutes for you two(maybe more than two) in the foreplay. Your dick also has erections, but it is weak and sloughing, like a patient who can't cheer him up , and your sexual interest and desire will be greatly reduced. Even, your penis thrust in your partner for a long time, but your partner feels nothing. Will it be more embarrassing?

It is also possible that when thrusting movement stops to change positions in the middle of having sex, and at that time your dick just shamefully fatigued, no matter how much you want to wake it up, and your dick just will not be strong and hard again, and there will be no interest in continuing of the sex. Both of you feel disappointed.


Truth to be told, the length of 10 centimeters of dick is enough to thrust, and the duration of 15 minutes is never short to make her cum. As long as the time of foreplay is enough and your cock is hard erected, the simultaneous orgasm is never an unpractical dream. In the process of sex, men usually use their major sexual muscle groups: waist muscle, abdomen muscle and thigh muscle groups. There is a secret sex tip for you: if you train those three major sexual muscle and you will improve your sex performance and less tend to get tired when you are having quality sex. In addition, besides those three muscle groups there is a very vital sex muscle -- the pubococcygeus muscle.

The pubococcygeus muscle is also known as PC muscle group. PC is taken from the initials of the pubis and coccyx. Male PC muscles are located between the testis and the anus. With conscious movement, it can affect the movement of the penis. Do you have the experience of midway weakness, half-hard erection, and weak ejaculation? But do you ever want to solve these problems? In fact, strengthening  PC muscle training can improve these conditions, which bring you back to 17 - 25 years old boyhood.

How To Find Your PC Muscle

The PC muscle starts from the pubic bone and ends at the tail bone. These muscles of animals could be used to wag their tails, and the PC muscles of humans support the anus and adjacent internal organs and prevent them from sagging. The healthier the PC muscles are, the more pleasant the sexual response is. Fortunately, the PC muscles can be trained like other muscles in the body. In medicine, the PC muscle is trained to treat gatism, but ejaculation is also a type of incontinence. If the PC muscle is strong enough, it can be used to control ejaculation.

There is a very simple way to find PC muscles, imagine yourself peeing, and then stop peeing suddenly and hold back. At this time, it is the PC muscles that are exerting strengthto pause peeing, and you can clearly feel their presence.
Reminder: Usually, it is best not to train your PC muscles by holding back urine, which may cause the phenomenon of not finishing urination completely.


How To Train Your PC Muscles

PC muscle training also follows the exercise method from less to more, steps by steps and the intensity is also from low to strong. After a series of exercise methods, you can gain healthy and strong PC muscles and become a veritable "macho man".Persistence is the key to exercise.  “One day fishing and two days to dry the net ”-- don’t expect to have any effect. Man! Get moving, the following is a more comprehensive training method, hurry up and put it away!

>>>>Elementary Training

First of all, you have to learn to contract your PC muscles, which is similar to the process of holding back urine. You can imagine in your mind and try to contract your PC muscles. Once you have mastered the contraction, you can proceed.

The number of contractions at the beginning is less, and then gradually increase. At first, contract the PC muscle 20 times, hold for 1 to 2 seconds each time, and then relax the muscles. Do it 3 times a day, 3 to 4 days a week. Remember, keep breathing normally during the exercise and avoid holding your breath.


After you have mastered the basic operation of contraction, you can add 10 slow contractions to each group of contraction exercises. Use 5 seconds to slowly contract the PC muscle until it can no longer contract. Now, maintain the tension for more than 5 seconds, and if possible, use the 5 seconds to gradually relax the muscles.

>>>>Intermediate Training

After about two weeks of training, you can strengthen the contraction distance and increase the number of contractions after you have managed to contract and relax the PC muscle easily. The contraction time can be increased from 1 to 2 seconds to 5 to 7 seconds, and the number of contractions can be increased from 3 times of 20 contractions per day to 3 times of 50 contractions. When you trained PC muscle proficiently, you can contract your penis and anal sphincter alone or at the same time.


The time and frequency have been increased and after training for a period of time, some antagonistic training can be added. Here are three methods of antagonistic practice in the erectile state of penis:

Three kinds of confrontation training

The first method: put a small towel on the erect penis, and then lift the towel with penis by contracting the PC muscle. Hold for 2 to 5 seconds, relax, and repeat 20 times;


The second method: Place your hand 1 to 2 inches (1in=2.54cm) above the penis. Then contract the PC muscles to allow the erection of the penis to touch the position of your palm. Hold for 2 to 5 seconds, relax, and repeat 30 times.

The third method: Place your hand 1 to 2 inches above the erect penis again. Contract the PC muscles and let the penis erect to the position of your palm. This time, when you erect your penis, let your palm gently recede to form a certain resistance. Hold for 2 to 5 seconds, relax, and repeat 30 times.

>>>>Advanced Training

In addition to doing PC muscle training by yourself, you can also invite your partner to have a double training of the "PC muscle", and perform PC muscle training in the process of love. It sounds interesting! It’s also a good experience for both parties to perform PC muscle exercises during erection and thrusting—he contracted, and then she contracted again. You can give it a try.


There is another method of advanced training called: lightning training method. Of course, the premise is that you have been able to exercise the PC muscles to a certain intensity, because the method will involve different contraction intensities and methods. Remember: keep breathing during the whole process.


Lightning training method process

As a warm-up, the PC muscles contract under 50% of the advanced nature.

Next, try your best to contract your PC muscles and hold for 30 seconds.

1st, perform 100 PC muscle contractions without rest. Contract for 2 seconds, then relax for 2 seconds, and so on.

2nd try your best to contract your PC muscles. And keep it for 1 minute, it will make people move to a painful contraction.

Rest for 2 minutes.

3rd, in this final stage, perform 50 5 second contraction exercises. This is the end of your practice!

The above is a complete PC muscle training method!


The Bottom Line 

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