What an Intriguing Question - Is the Pleasure of Making Love the Same as the Pleasure of Using Sex Toys?

What an intriguing question - is the pleasure of making love the same as the pleasure of using sex toys?

Human beings get pleasure and orgasm by making love, and in the same way, we can get pleasure by using sex toys for stimulation. So, is the pleasure obtained by making love the same as the pleasure obtained by using sex toys? This is a very interesting question, but according to research studies, the percentage of people who say the sensations are different is even higher. And in fact, the answer is that the two sensations are indeed different. It is not that the two sensations are one good or one bad, but both get an enjoyable pleasure. Because from a physiological point of view, the location of stimulation is the same, so the role of excitement is the same, only the existence of the feeling of pleasure is different. Then the reason for this will have to be analyzed from a physiological and psychological point of view.

Physiological Perspective

Different Senses of Reality

From a rational point of view, the feeling of making love with someone is physical contact, and the tightness and cooperation between flesh are very natural. And its realism is 100%, while the flesh realism of using sex toys does not necessarily reach 100%, is floating between 90%-95%. Although the material of the erotic products on the market is the medical silicone that fits the human body, very skin-friendly and non-toxic.

But compared to our most natural human skin, it is still a little worse, which is like using condoms and not using condoms, even if you use the condom is the ultra-thin version of Durex. But the human reproductive organs can be keenly perceived, which is not as exciting as the orgasm obtained by two people actually making love, the stimulation obtained by making love, and the stimulation obtained by using condoms is a 2 to 1 ratio of sensation.

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Of course, both can obtain more than 90% of the pleasure. For men, the vaginal design of male masturbators and furry sex doll is realistic, soft, and full of particles, and the internal multi-layered spiral folds are satisfying in terms of the effect of obtaining pleasure. For women, the multiple sucking mode of the fully functional vibe sex toy brings women a more multi-layered stimulation experience, and the real penis will go soft and hard after ejaculation, but not so with a vibrator, there is no possibility of shouting tiredness and more staying power.

Different Focus on Pleasure

Sometimes, if a sexual partner may not understand the sensitive points of the other person's body, the feeling of lovemaking experience obtained will be lower than using sex toys. For individuals who use sex toys, the satisfaction of the pleasure obtained is under their own complete control, based on knowing the sensitive parts of their body, reaching orgasm, etc. Men whether they are making love or using sex toys just want to get pleasure, so even though the focus of pleasure is different between the two, still will very much enjoy the different orgasmic experiences that both bring.


But women are relatively a little different, women in lovemaking are not necessarily to get orgasm in the first place, but to communicate with couples in the first place, they enjoy a spiritual pleasure. For example, the love and tender care presented by the husband in bed.

Of course, if women are looking for a large size penis in their couple's sex life, then a huge 10.6  inches dildo not only in size or touch can be a good way to meet the needs of women for large size. So the focus of pleasure between the two is different. Making love is a natural pleasure for humans as natural creatures. The use of erotic products, on the other hand, is dominated by the enjoyment of self-pleasure, which is like, although couples like to stay together for dinner, watching movies, skiing, etc., at the same time still need each other's sense of personal space, for them, personal recreation time is a very healthy and happy thing.

Psychological Perspective

Different Senses of Immersion

In the world of sex, making love is not only through the intercourse of sexual organs inserted, to obtain the pleasure of sexual climax, more is a way of expressing love between couples, making love is equivalent to a delicious seasoning to enhance mutual feelings, so which foreplay is also included in the pleasure satisfaction obtained by making love.

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Especially for the more sensual women, the orgasmic experience they get during sex is not only present in the vaginal G-spot, but also in the flirtatious stimulation of foreplay, which is why some women can get pleasure during foreplay, the foreplay techniques of men and the affection and love between the two are part of the pleasure.

But with sex toys, you are dealing with a small toy that is not a real person, although men use the eliza-hands free male masturbator could hear the sound of women moaning and panting, this is still only part of the female characteristics. Men can see women's expressions during sex, body movements, etc., which is not provided by sex toys. But what sex toys bring us is the satisfaction of inner self-focus. It is one of the ways to explore your own sexual pleasure.

Different Novelty

There are many positions you can try for sex, whether it's missionary, face-off, doggy style, flatiron, cowgirl's helper, etc. Different positions will bring a different and exciting experience. The use of sex toys is also another special novelty. There are a variety of sex toys for women, not only those that stimulate the clitoris, but also those that stimulate the vagina, and tail toys that stimulate the anus, especially vibrators of various colors and styles, which have very practical and diverse functions.

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Butterfly vibrator can simultaneously stimulate the clitoris, G-spot, A-spot, Anus, Hidden bullet vibrator's mini size is super convenient to carry anywhere you want to go. The tongue licking toy's breast cover and clitoral cover are designed for more concentrated and sensitive sucking. 16 vibration modes of the heating G-spot rabbit vibe make women's orgasms better. The app control clit sucker brings women and couples more exciting and multi-modal outdoor orgasmic play. Nipple and clit sucker simulate real oral sex. In this way, the sensation of pleasure from sex and the pleasure from using sex toys can be rich and varied. But the way you use it is different, the pleasure you enjoy is also different.

Get the Pleasure of Making Love and Using Sex Toys

It has been proven that the pleasure most people get from sex is different from the pleasure they get from masturbating with sex toys because of the difference in the natural degree of physiology and the different sense of psychological substitution. But it is worth noting that both ways are stimulating the sensitive points of the human genitalia and are able to obtain pleasure to some extent, but the experience of pleasure is different and the level of orgasm is also different. It is because of this different feeling, many people in the process of sex are both the way of sex, but also the use of sex toys masturbation way so that their sex life world more colorful and healthier.