• Enjoy Remote Control Anal Fun With Your Gay Boy


    Enjoy Remote Control Anal Fun With Your Gay Boy

    > Lena Sohimi

    Sex is very important for the intimacy of gay boy couples. Sex can bring two people closer together. Through sex, gay boys can become more aware of the changes in their lover's body and psychological changes. It is very romantic for two people to pleasure each other's bodies. But flirting doesn't have to be about two people being physically close, flirting from a distance is also a very creative way to have sex.

    To give sex a different style, in addition to the physical intimacy between two people, you can also have a remote control flirtation. These are all perfectly fine to try! Don't let your stubborn thinking limit your fantasies about sex.

    What are remote-controlled sex toys?

    Many sex toys are now appearing one after another for fashionable boys and girls. Sex toys are also available in a variety of styles. On a topic like sex, fashionable gay boys are not shy about talking about their sexual experiences and sexually explicit experiences. This is because they are fashionable and have an open mind and a unique perspective on sex. They are very eager to play with different styles of sex toys. If a sex toy brand always sells the same type of sex toys, then the brand will be ignored and abandoned by fashionable men and women. So these sex toy brands are eager to take their place in the competitive sex toy market and are always working on developing new and innovative sex toys.

    They have taken inspiration from the TV remote control panels. The TV remote control panels can be connected to a TV set to control it. So can the body be controlled during sex as well? It's a bold and exciting idea. But for sex, bold ideas are good for advancing the relationship between couples. Couples in modern life need some exciting sex toys to improve their relationship with their partner and enhance the quality of their sex life.

    two gay men


    For these reasons, remote-controlled sex toys came to the public.

    A remote control sex toy usually consists of a mini remote control and a male or female sex toy. Couples can use the remote control to control the sex toy while flirting or making love and have a remote-controlled exciting sex with their partner. "My lover won't know which button I'll push, and each button brings a different kind of pleasure. I love flirting with my baby like this! It's so fucking exciting!" 

    What fun do remote-controlled sex toys bring to gay boys?

    Remote-controlled sex toys, whether they are handheld or apps on your phone, can take your exciting masturbation session with your lover up a few notches and can also make sex play between couples more fun. Remote-controlled sex toys can bring an unknown sexual experience to you and your lover because your partner will not know what gear of vibration frequency or pulse you are pressing at the moment you press the button. All this experience is unknown, but these unknown stimulations can add more fun to your sex.

    Currently, sohimi has launched two app remote-controlled vibrators for women. Both of these remote control vibrators have several features in common. First, these two app-controlled vibrators are easy to carry. Secondly, these two sex toys have very interesting features. They allow partners to use the app to remotely control their vibrators.

    app remote control


    These two vibrators have several very exciting vibration modes. The novelty of the remote control design can help women to pleasure themselves more easily.

    Sohimi also launched remote-controlled anal beads and remote-controlled anal massagers. In addition, sohimi's remote-controlled prostate massagers are also very attractive. These sex toys are designed to meet the needs of flirting between gay couples. Interactive sex can make sex more desirable and fun. When you and your partner play with remote-controlled sex toys together, you can get to know each other's bodies better. In the process of interaction, you will appreciate the wonderful moments of making love with your lover more.

    Remote-controlled anal toys for gay boys

    Sohimi Anal Expansion Vibrator

    This is an electric anal expansion vibrator with a special scissor design. It is made of a material with good elasticity. You and your gay boy can play with it very easily, whether you are novices or experts in the backdoor game. If you and your boy want to explore anal sex, you can fully extend your anus and get great sexual satisfaction with this anal expansion vibrator.

    Anal Expansion Vibrator


    The perfect remote-controlled anal toy, this vibrator comes with a mini remote control. You can freely control this anal vibrator from a distance of 15 to 20 meters. This distance is perfectly designed, neither too far nor too close. Even if your boy is in the bathroom and you are in the bedroom, you can have a romantic flirtation across the distance. 

    This electric dilator has great features. These features will make you feel unbelievable! It has eight frequencies. You can choose the right frequency according to the rhythm of your sex and flirting needs. Whether it's gentle or vigorous, this anal vibrator will give you the perfect anal sex experience. After you are familiar with the anal stimulator, you can adjust the frequency and intensity as you wish. Then you can achieve the ultimate full-body orgasm. And you will also get the pleasure of electric shock pulses. The electric shock pulse and eight frequencies bring you double sexual pleasure, making you feel thrilling pleasure! 

    Sohimi Anal Vibrator with Penis Ring

    This is a very perfect anal vibrator! If you choose such a vibrator, you will get all the features of a prostate massager, a vibrator, and a penis ring at the same time.

    It has a powerful dual motor. This design can help you experience different styles and different rhythms in your sexual experiences.

    Anal Vibrator With Penis Ring


    As a  multifunctional anal vibrator, it also has an excellent remote control setting. You and your gay boy can play with this anal toy with each other from a distance of 15 meters to 25 meters. You have ten vibration modes to choose from. This anal toy will give you ten different modes of sex! The penis ring will enhance your erection and help you last longer during sex. After all, every boy wants to make his erection last longer! The prostate vibrator stimulates and massages the male P-spot to help men achieve a quick P-spot orgasm.  

    To make sex even more exciting, sohimi added a lot of bumps to this vibrator's prostate massager. This will increase your sexual pleasure! You can enjoy playing with this perfect anal toy in the bathroom or pool because it is waterproof

    Sohimi S121 Vibrating Anal Beads 

    This is a very distinctive long anal bead. In addition to the usual features of a long anal bead, it brings you multiple vibration modes and a remote control remote device. This one comes with an extra mini bullet vibrator, which is an extra surprise for you!

    The small beads of this anal bead are arranged from small to large. The beads located at the top are the smallest, and the closer to the bottom the larger the beads are. This is an anal bead with the perfect size.

    Vibrating Anal Beads


    In addition to the usual anal beads for penetrative pleasure, you'll get nine modes of vibration for sexual pleasure. From weak to strong, from mild to strong, from slow to fast. The different frequencies bring you and your boy different surprises. You only need a remote control to control this wonderful anal bead with one hand.

    If you and your boy play with this anal bead while making love, you do not have to worry about the rough material that will make you hurt. This anal bead is made of soft silicone. When you touch this anal bead, you will feel the silk-like smooth touch. This material is so soft, flexible, and durable. You can bend the beads as much as you want to adapt them to your sexual position.

    Enjoy playing with this remote-controlled anal bead for your sexual pleasure!

    Remote-controlled anal toys make gay boys more intimate

    Remote control anal toys offer more sexual styles for gay boys. Whether it's anal penetration or masturbation, sex is free, spontaneous, and fun. Each person can create a more comfortable sexual experience for their lover, which is a sign of love for each other. Different styles of sex can bring gay boys closer to each other. Sex brings them not only physical pleasure but also spiritual enjoyment. By playing with remote control style toys during sex, lovers will get to know each other better.

  • The 5 Best Clit Sucking Vibrator


    The 5 Best Clit Sucking Vibrator

    > Scarlet Sohimi

    Recently, there has been a surge of women looking for the best clitoral vibrator, which is not surprising. If you don't know, for most people with vaginas, penetration alone will not lead to orgasm. In fact, about 70% of women cannot reach orgasm without clitoral stimulation - thanks to its approximately 8,000 nerve endings responsible for sexual pleasure. Almost every woman needs external clitoral stimulation to experience orgasm, requiring us to give it some extra help. While using your fingers may get the job done, adding a clitoral vibrator is guaranteed to take things to the next level - whether you're trying it alone or enjoying partner sex. Thanks to the development of the sex toy industry, today's new trendy clitoral vibrators can help you reach a whole new level of orgasm. Before you start shopping, please remember that each of us will experience different sexual pleasures, and you may need to try some clitoral vibrators to find the most suitable feeling for you.

    What is a clitoral sucking vibrator



    Air pressure toys, sometimes called "suction toys" or "clitoral sucking toys," were originally marketed as toys that mimicked oral sex. These toys usually have a rounded head that fits snugly around the clitoris and uses a small amount of air pressure to produce a stimulating sensation of suction. While this description is boring, the orgasms these toys can produce are anything but boring. The orgasms that clitoral vibrators can produce feel very different from those achieved with ordinary vibrators and other recreational products. Because the sensation is pinpointed on the nerves in and around the clitoris, many users of the toys find that they come faster than regular vibrators or dildos

    Whirlwind Sucking Clitoral Vibrator

    Sohimi Sucking Clitoral Vibrator

    This  3-in-1 combination vibrator  will excite you sexually! It's not just a clitoral vibrator, it's been specially designed in a U shape. You can see it has a dual function as it has a suction vibrator on one end and a G-spot vibrator on the other. It helps the two most pleasurable areas of the vagina: the clitoris and the G-spot. It also has a pulse mode and ten intense vibration patterns adapted to your different needs. What's more is that this clitoral suction cup is made of super-soft, silky, body-friendly silicone that doesn't require a condom. If you had questions about how one gets orgasm before this, then it's your answer. Or someday, when you have company, you can use it to flirt with your partner during foreplay. Also this product is so highly rated among customers that it is called “most incredible toy ever owned!” 

    Swan Strapless Sucking Clitoral Vibrator

    Sohimi SWAN Strapless Sucking Clitoral Vibrator

    This product has the elegant curve of a swan's neck, with ten modes of vibration and suction produce intense vibrations from weak to intense orgasms. One end precisely  stimulates the clitoris, while the other vibrates at the G-spot, doubling your pleasure. The use of ultra-soft silicone material, can be twisted into the preferred shape without fear of damage. The striped design on the vibrator also stimulates deeper places. Long press for 3 seconds to enter standby mode and quickly press to switch between ten vibration modes.To turn off the device, press and hold for 3 seconds. This indirect clitoral stimulation may produce more subtle and deeper sensations than direct stimulation with a vibrator. 

    Nipple and Clit Sucker

    Sohimi Nipple and Clit Sucker

    Capable of double stimulation pleasure, this  clitoral vibrator  has 6 vibrations and 6 sucking modes. The clitoral suction device is designed to simulate oral pleasure, from gentle to wild blowing and licking, for the clitoris or nipples. The lower end of the vibrator can go deeper to stimulate the g-spot, but it will not go as deep as other dildo vibrators because of its small size. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and is designed to conform to the contours of your body. It can also be secured between your legs without having to grab it, which is a plus for hands-free play. To create a sucking sensation, the skeleton tip wraps around your clitoris and provides an intense pulse of air. Although the size is small, it is also one of the best vibrators to travel with. What's even better is that it also has a travel lock, which can avoid the embarrassing situation of accidentally opening the vibrator during travel. 

    Remote Control Clitoral Vibrator

    Remote Control Clitoral Vibrator

    The unique point is that this  sky blue vibrator set  includes a clitoral vibrator and a bullet vibrator. This clitoral vibrator can be used as a remote control for the bullet vibrator or as a suction vibrator on its own. This remote control vibrator has multiple functions. It can be used as a clitoral vibrator, clitoral suction cup, vibrating egg, bullet vibrator, dildo vibrator or finger vibrator. With seven sucking and twelve vibration patterns, it produces air that flows in a vortex that sucks your clitoris or nipples like a real blowjob. It provides you with the most sensational foreplay before getting to the core G-spot orgasm. You can also use the bullet vibrator for vaginal and anal sex, easily switching between the different vibrations. If you like excitement, you can also take it on a relaxing trip to the cinema or office. 

    Rose Toy Pro Clitoral Sucking G Spot Vibrator

    sohimi rose queen

    Rose Queen 2 in 1 Vibrator  is a new product, the whole vibrator is red in color and the shape and design look like a rose. It is more like a decorative item than other vibrators. The beautiful appearance also has powerful functions, and the dual-head design offers multiple ways to use it. The rose-shaped suction end has five sucking functions, while the dildo vibrator end allows for deeper stimulation and orgasm in thirty seconds. The external material is also silky smooth, but otherwise they are two very different kinds of vibrators. It has a certain waistline and is sleek enough to fit on a nightstand. The slight curve helps you find the right spot on the inside, while making it easy to insert and handle on the outside. The wide head makes for a more realistic interior experience and covers a lot of ground on the exterior. I appreciate its thick handle for being able to grip it well and not having to worry about it slipping out of your hand. This Rose Queen vibrator has a silent design and is waterproof. If you're looking for a discreet game, then you can't go wrong with this one.

    Check what our beloved sex expert says!


    women with vibrators

    Lube plays a very important role in both sex and the use of vibrators, it reduces friction and helps you achieve a smoother (literally) orgasm. As a reminder, if your toy is made of silicone, you will need a water-based lubricant. It would be best to start with light suction because the clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings, and it's important to know how many you can and want to handle. My advice is to slow down - people usually want to go as fast as they can immediately, but if you start low you can increase the intensity to get full of sensation. Now that you've finished this ultimate guide to clitoral vibrators, you might be tempted to take it out and explore the hidden depths of your sexuality! Be safe, listen to your body, and ride the wave!


  • Anal Toys - Ideal Sex Toys In Gay Bars


    Anal Toys - Ideal Sex Toys In Gay Bars

    > Lena Sohimi

    Where would you go with your boy to spend a nice weekend? Many bars in the United States are exclusively for gay boys. Here you can have fun with alcohol, music, and bouncing.

    Maybe you can also add a different feature to your bar date. Nothing goes better with a gay bar than exciting anal sex! Bring your male anal toys and sexual enthusiasm and head to the gay bar!

    What is a gay bar?

    A gay bar is not much different from a regular bar in terms of appearance. Usually, gay bars have a gay bar sign or rainbow flag at the entrance. It is a place of passion. You will not be restricted in any way here.

    Every gay boy knows such a lively and open place. There are many gay bars in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Usually, the people who entertain here are mostly gay couples or boys who want to find a boyfriend here. Gay boys can also bring their straight boyfriends along to experience this unique bar atmosphere. All gay boys can unleash their energy and desires in these places. Gay bars are the Garden of Eden for gay boys.

    beer drink


    There is energetic music here to stimulate your nerves. Usually, you can order a whiskey and sit at the bar when you will be approached by single gay boys for a chat. Many gay boys have become couples through gay bars. Whether you are top or bottom you can find a boy like you or your ideal partner here. Of course, you can also see the flashing lights and the stage. Fueled by alcohol, you can have exciting sex with your partner on the stage! It must be a great experience.

    This is a superb place to make love

    What do you think of when it comes to sex? Sex is a relatively private thing for many gay boys. They may kiss or cuddle on the street or in a restaurant. But they usually have exciting sex in bed after nightfall. Usually, they take shower before having sex and put on enchanting music. Then they kiss and flirt with each other and have an exciting marathon in bed. But even in their own homes, gay boys still have some concerns. They are worried that they accidentally open the curtains and neighbors would see sex. They also worry about disturbing the surrounding neighbors with the noise. Such sex might prevent gay boys from fully unleashing their sexual desires.

    It is not easy for single gay boys to find their lovers. They are afraid to woo the boy they love in public, and it would be a very embarrassing thing if the object of their affection was a straight man. Single gay boys are very eager to have a sexual encounter with their lover that belongs only to the two of them.

    gay bar


    In gay bars, gay boys can enjoy sex. They do not have to worry about disturbing anyone because it is a very lively place. Everyone who comes to a gay bar is eager for freedom and excitement. They can take out the sex toys they have prepared long ago and have an exciting backdoor game with their partner somewhere in the bar. Gay bars have a high tolerance for gay boys, where they can be free to be intimate with their partners. No one here would consider sex to be something abnormal or shameful. And the dynamic music and seductive lighting will make people more daring and spontaneous. Such an atmosphere will stimulate the lover's sexual desire!

    Single gay boys will gather in every gay bar. If you haven't found your lover yet, you can come to a gay bar to find your intimate lover. You can flirt boldly with a single boy and he will not be disgusted with you. The hot and exciting atmosphere may make you fall in love in no time. The burning desire inside will make the single of you want to make love right away to celebrate your love.                                                                                                                            

    Male anal toys - Excellent sex toys for bar sex

    Anal plug toys have always been a very popular sex toy for gay boys. Novel and exciting anal toys are perfect for you to use in bar sex.

    Sohimi BELL jeweled butt plug with chain

    If you have sex with your lover in a bar with this set of jewelry-shaped anal plugs, then you must be the most special couple in the whole bar.

    A set of anal plugs contains three sizes of anal plugs. This set of anal plugs is suitable for all gay couples who want to add creativity to their anal play.

    blue jeweled butt plug


    This set of anal plugs is very small in shape. You don't want to bring a large anal plug to a bar date, so this set of anal plugs is perfect for you. Both small and large jewelry-shaped anal plugs are easy to carry. You can easily put the anal plugs in your pocket.

    What a charming blue "jewel"! The color of this anal plug set makes it a beautiful member of the sohimi family. This set of jewel-shaped anal plugs is like a real blue jewel. The blue "jewel" is designed in the shape of a heart. If you are a bottom, you must play with your top in the bar with this toy. Your top will find you very attractive.

    When you play with this blue "jewel" anal plug in the middle of the bar dance floor or a corner, the blue jewel will shine beautifully under the light. And the bell at the end of the anal plug will also make a pleasant sound with the twisting of your body. This anal plug makes you so attractive!

    If you want to have a more exciting sexual experience with your lover, this set of anal plugs can completely meet your sexual needs. There is also a chain with a collar in the product. When you kneel on the floor and let your body bend into a beautiful arc, the blue jewelry-shaped anal plug will make your big ass look more attractive. This is when an attractive chain is really perfect. You can let your boy put the chain around your neck, the chain makes your neck more sexier.

    Sohimi S121 vibrating anal beads                                         

    With the beat of the music, enjoy the vibrating pleasure brought to you by the anal beads!

    This is an anal bead with a progressive design. It's perfect for those of you who want to have anal fun with your lover at the bar!

    If you want to start your great sex with your boy to music, then this anal bead has a vibration mode to help you achieve your dream. 

    Sohimi S121 Vibrating Anal Beads

    Whether it's sporty jazz music or crazy DJ music, you can find the perfect vibration mode for you. You can easily experience 3 intense speeds and 7 pulsating modes at the push of a button. Either vibration mode can bring you into the world of passionate sex while the music is playing.

    This anal bead is equipped with remote control, you can press the button to remote this anal bead. You can let your boy control the remote control, which will make your sex more exciting. You can't be sure which gear your boy will choose! You just enjoy the music and the sexual experience the vibrations bring you!

    Opening a special sexual experience to the beat of the music is an experience you won't forget! "Oh, you have no idea how well the DJ music and the vibration mode work together. My body was swaying all the time. I felt like I was dancing with joy. My boy said my position was very attractive to him!" The anal beads are very well designed. As you insert the anal beads deeper, you will feel a more intense vibrating sensation.

    Sohimi pink fox tail butt plug

    This pink foxtail anal plug will allow you to show your sex appeal perfectly in gay bars. The outstanding shape makes this pink foxtail anal plug a must-have sex toy for your gay bar visits.

    The shape of this anal plug is a pink fluffy foxtail. And this pink fox tail anal plug is made of a very soft and comfortable material. Gay boys do not have to worry about the poor quality of the material will reduce their sexual passion.

    The length of this foxtail is very appropriate. If you are a top, you will want your lover to put such a seductive anal plug in your big ass. Because it looks attractive and arouses your sexual desire more.

    If you are a bottom, this foxtail anal plug will make your attractive butt more sexier. You can flirt happily with your lover in the spotlight of a gay bar with this anal plug.

    pink tail anal plug

    The color of this anal plug goes very well with the atmosphere of the gay bar. It will make you look like a charming person. What's more surprising is that this pink foxtail anal plug has a remote control. You can let your boy remotely control this pink foxtail. The moment he presses the remote control button, you are the coolest gay boys in the whole bar! With the wagging of the foxtail, your big ass looks even more attractive. 

    Enjoy your anal sex in a gay bar

    No one sets a fixed place and a specific style for sex. You can have sex with your partner wherever you like. Gay bars are great places to do this. Here you can enjoy not only the pleasure of alcohol, the rhythm of the music but also the freedom of sex. The most important thing is that you can be your true self here. It doesn't matter where you have sex, what matters is the free and comfortable sexual atmosphere.

  • Five Types Of Dildo Sex That You Should Never Miss


    Five Types Of Dildo Sex That You Should Never Miss

    > Jenny sohimi

    Have you ever enjoyed yourself with a dildo? About dildo sex, people always have various ways to try it. After asking many people for their best tips and personal experience, here I have summarized five ways of dildo sex, which do not have exactly the same purpose, some are like pre-dinner snacks for flirting, and some are like a full meal that can feed you well. Here we go through the different roles dildo plays in sex to elaborate on each.

    Tickle Your Desire - Tease The Nipples

    Sex is a gradual process, whether physiologically or psychologically speaking. Foreplay is a vital part. Physiologically, foreplay can make the woman's vagina moist and complete the subsequent steps smoother; psychologically, foreplay can increase sexual desire, turn women on and make both parties more devoted. Where can a woman be turned on? The answers are varied, but most will include the nipples. I don't know if this comes from the human desire from birth or something else, but it does have these effects.


    With the dildo, the stimulation will be even more intense and erotic. Unlike a finger, it has a faster frequency and greater intensity. The head of the dildo can be placed on the nipple before she removes her coat, and the precise and intense stimulation can make her moan instantly. You can use a regular dildo to stimulate two points separately, or more stimulatingly, use a flexible double-headed dildo to stimulate them simultaneously. Don't think this is only for women. In fact, men are equally sensitive to nipple stimulation, so this method is universal in sexual life.

    Whether or not you keep using the dildo in the following steps, it has done its job well and honorably in this section.

    double - ended dildo

    Intensify Your Cravings - Stroke Your Thighs Root

    The unreachable always makes people want it extra bad, and that's how this action works. It is very close to the area that we want to be touched directly, but it is completely different.

    Whether man or woman, the thigh root is very close to the intimate parts of our body, which means that this part has a lot to do with sex. If you have a dildo with a vibrating function, and before that, there has been an erotic atmosphere, then use it to stimulate the root of your thighs will instantly trigger your desire.

    The most helpful way is to use the dildo to stimulate the inner side of the area. The outer thigh root does not have much effect. In fact, men's inner thighs may be more sensitive than women's. You can use a dildo to stroke back and forth on your boyfriend's inner thighs, and this time his little general will stand up in a trend that you can easily tell. The same applies to a girl, rub back and forth on her inner thighs, and she will desire more with you.

    Orgasm From The Outside - Clitoral Stimulation

    Finally, we get to the central part of our meal. After the previous seductive teasing, I think you are now in a susceptible and hot state and probably getting anxious to stimulate the essential parts to release all your lust right now. Stimulating the clitoris is one of the areas where you can reach orgasm.

    You may be wondering, this is not a clitoral vibrator, so why use it on the clitoris? In fact, the principle of using sex toys is much the same as makeup. Just like red eyeshadow can be used as blush, dark eyeshadow can be used as shadow, a dildo can also be used to stimulate the clitoris,as long as you have the right approach and technique.


    Since the dildo has a larger stimulation area than a finger, it can stimulate the clitoris while stimulating the labia, whether you are tapping or rubbing. This stimulation effect ensures that the clitoris can be easily stimulated (since it is generally smaller) and stimulates the area near the clitoris, bringing more intense stimulation and ultimately external orgasms.

    It would be great if your dildo had a vibrating function. High-speed vibration can provide a wonderfully stimulating experience. The clitoris most directly feels the stimulation frequency. Electric sex toys vibrate at a frequency that is difficult for humans to achieve, so why not try a vibrating dildo, the effect of which may make you no longer want to use your fingers.

    vibrator dildo

    Bringing Orgasm From The Inside - Deep Vaginal Penetration

    This is the dildo's most traditional function. There are two main ways to get pleasure from the vagina, one is to rub the vaginal walls, and the other is to stimulate the G-spot. As early as the Victorian era in the 19th century, women were lining up for doctors to put their hands in their vaginas for treatment because their sexual needs could not be met. Medical textbooks of the time clearly stated that a cure was   required for the patients to achieve orgasm. This shows that there is no physical substitute for a vaginal orgasm.


    Different dildos can also bring different sensations. The earliest dildo was made of stone. With the development of mankind and the advancement of technology, to bring a more realistic experience and comfort, most of the dildos nowadays are made of silicone lesser extent, glass.

    It can be broadly divided into traditional dildo without electric motor and thrusting dildo with the electric motor when categorized by function. If you like to DIY, then you may prefer a conventional dildo without the vibrating effect. This type of dildo usually works well for women who want to control the speed and frequency themselves. If you like the strong vibrations brought by the dildo, then you need a thrusting dildo. They have a wealth of features, such as retract, rotate and vibrate. If you adjust the right angle of penetration, reach the G-spot orgasm can be very fast.

    Try A More Exciting Way - Enter Anally

    Don't forget your back door, which is also a sensitive point. Whether it's because you're seeking excitement or a prostate orgasm, it can be a reason for you to try it.

    If you are a woman, trying anal sex can make sex more erotic, but everything must be based on your wishes. For anal sex, different women feel differently; if you can adapt and enjoy it, congratulations on finding a new entrance to your own pleasure. If you are really uncomfortable, it brings you only pain and discomfort. Give up this way is OK.

    If you are a male, you have the right to enjoy the prostate orgasm regardless of your sexual orientation. It is shown that the intensity of stimulation of the prostate is a critical factor in the production of pleasure. Too strong or too weak will not create happiness. Excessive stimulation can lead to a significant release of prostaglandins, which is famous for its painful sensations, and intense stimulation can also cause severe pain from injury to the rectum. While weak stimulation cannot trigger sympathetic excitation and thus cannot produce sexual pleasure.

    What is the appropriate intensity of stimulation? The intensity of a penis twitch or a finger massage is suitable to produce pleasure. So buy an anal dildo, insert it into your anus and enjoy a different kind of pleasure.

    anal dildo

    All the dildos mentioned above are from sohimi. Visit the sohimi official website and buy a cheap dildo. Here we consider your feeling as first, enjoy the best dildo and wonderful sense of using.

  • What Is Americans’ Top Picks In Male Blowjob Masturbators 2021?


    What Is Americans’ Top Picks In Male Blowjob Masturbators 2021?

    > Lucine Keogh

    Thomas Lacquer’s 2003 book, Lonely Sex: A Cultural History of Masturbation, let us know that the word masturbation was invented in 1713. He believes that masturbation may have always existed, but this phenomenon was only named in the early 18th century from which has been regarded as a new “disease” that will bring “guilt, shame, and anxiety” to people.

    But today, in the summer of 2021, the discussion of masturbation has become more public in society, and the shame it gives people has been greatly reduced. With the advent of the Internet age, people are discussing more private topics online than in reality, and according to reports, 20% of mobile searches are for pornographic content. According to WebMD, masturbation is now considered a normal, healthy sexual activity that is enjoyable, fulfilling, acceptable and safe, and many people have even written guidelines on how to do it. In addition, a large number of studies have shown that masturbation has many health benefits.

    man penis goes out like a banana

    With all of this in mind, sex toys have also appeared in our current society to solve our cunning masturbation troubles. Thanks to all sex toy manufacturers, what a great invention! Undoubtedly, our tone may be a bit more excited than usual, but we absolutely appreciate the fact that sex toys can free hands and enjoy happiness. The benefits of popularizing sex toys to more people are not only in our work but also in the future. It’s our mission, you know. If you are shopping for an oral sex device that meets the requirements, then leave this task to us. We have spent some time sorting out the choices in the US market for you.

    Sohimi Eliza-Hands Free Male Masturbator

    PRICE: $ 68.99

    Sohimi Eliza-Hands Free Male Masturbator

    While enjoying wonderful masturbation, would you like to free your hands to explore more fun?

    Unsurprisingly, the hottest male masturbator on the American market is Eliza. Congrats. She may always be a champion. Why? She provides a chance for users to spice up their sex life to the new dimension of masturbation. The users who have used it all praised her highly.

    Not only because she has 5 different thrusting modes, letting you get rid of the boring single mode, but also because she has three kinds of female groans, it’s up to you, giving you a variety of possibilities to satisfy yourself.

    The insertion length of this hands-free male masturbator is up to 14.5 cm, long enough for almost penis size. Made from high-quality silicone, this hands-free male masturbator is stretchy, soft, and smooth, it can accommodate any size dildo while provides extremely intense suction. The hands-free male masturbator is designed with a firm suction base that you can free your hands by grabbing it to any smooth hard surface such as the bathroom, bedroom, etc. It must be the best shower masturbator in your collection.

    Honestly, the best male sex toys exist for any and all situations — no matter what you’re getting into. We all believe it can be fit for almost every man. But the only disadvantage for ELIZA is that it has various modes to choose from, each mode is stronger than other similar auto strokers. If you’re a beginner or looking for strokers that providing the feeling of hands wanking, please go for Top 2 ALICE masturbator.

    Sohimi ALICE hands-free masturbator

    PRICE: $72.99

    Sohimi ALICE hands-free masturbator

    In order to climax, many of us require higher and stronger friction. However, not all men suit this kind of fierce sexual activity, not a quick orgasm, they may feel hurtful on the contrary. If you don’t feel good about this masturbation style, ALICE might be your best choice compared with those masturbation toys providing fierce movement.

    It also provides a mind-blow sensation with 10 different rotating & thrusting modes. By moving up and down constantly, as well as the rotating motion, you can feel that a warm soft woman’s hand is wanking your penis gently. Switch to the next mode, you can feel the strong stronger and the frequency faster. Choose one mode you like and just enjoy the amazing masturbation.

    Sohimi Fake Pussy

    PRICE: $29.99

    Sohimi Fake Pussy

    This product has also won a lot of love, but its potential problem is that if your genitals are small or you are still a developing minor, then you need more grip and pressure to enter. It is several soft gel-like bristles instead of one solid piece so that helps fit to different sizes. Take note bro.

    A lot of modern masturbators are designed to look handy and easy-to-go which is resembling Bluetooth audio or air purifier rather than a portable orgasm lover. But there’s no pretense with Sohimi Fake Pussy, which would never be mistaken for anything other than exactly what it is.

    The fake pussy is akin to real skin — some smooth, some textured, but elastic enough. They do a great job of imitating the likeness and tightness of a real vagina or any orifice of your choice. The toy inside has all these grooves and bubbles and cutouts that are going to make you feel really good and let you explore different sensations your genitalia has never felt before. It has so many different grooves and ridges, it feels different everywhere.

    As long as you “clean it out with soap and water” after climaxing, it’s designed to last for years. This fake pussy is the simplest — and if you want to experiment, it’s so much worthy due to the price.

    Sohimi LG362 Blowjob Masturbator

    PRICE: $ 67.95

    Sohimi LG362 Blowjob Masturbator

    LG362 is a handheld masturbator. It’s designed to operate with your hand once you’ve added lube, resulting in an experience as “basically there is a real person doing oral sex for you and you are holding her head.” It’s not the first time the concept has been attempted, but the resulting products have always been really loud, with not enough grip, and no way to adjust the tightness. LG362, by contrast, is the closest of a real hand or blow job without having one.

    The LG362’s price point is justified by its increased durability, lasting longer than other sleeves. While many reviewers did specifically mention that the texture of this model was useful in helping them last longer, others simply stated that they found it to be more pleasurable than other models.

    The product featured here is the “Lady” design, so the user can get deep throat sucking and unlimited pleasure. It’s the best blowjob masturbator with Clamp and Vibration Technology. The pressure of airbags can make you feel like a hot girl is performing oral sex on you, and what’s more, it has a sexy female voice, The more intense you perform, the more passionate her voice becomes.

    Sohimi Auto Stroker

    PRICE: $ 69.99

    Sohimi Auto Stroker

    Sohimi auto stroker is the best masturbator for men on the market.

    A detachable cup is the best advantage of this auto stroker, and you cannot find any other same product until now. Made of Eco-friendly silicone material, this auto stroker is so soft but full of granules, giving you the pleasure of friction to enhance the stimulation of your orgasm. And of course, using the right amount of lubricant can make it easier for you to get in, and it can also enhance the sense of pleasure.

    Just like other ordinary male masturbators, this auto stroker is USB rechargeable, so there’s no need to change batteries, and you can charge it in a easier way.

  • Top 10 Sex Toys For Lesbians To Get High-quality Orgasm


    Top 10 Sex Toys For Lesbians To Get High-quality Orgasm

    > Lena Sohimi

    Sex toys are the best helpers for lesbians during sex or masturbation. Such toys can help lesbians to relax their bodies faster and then enjoy quality sexual pleasure during masturbation, or help them to cooperate and show their sex appeal during sex. For today's professional women, masturbation may be more appealing than sex with a partner. They may find strenuous marathons in bed to be something that exhausts them. But a couple's life needs sex to spice things up, otherwise, the relationship is likely to be in crisis. Sex toys can help lesbians reconcile themselves with their partners.

    Research by sexuality experts tells us that the use of sex toys increases the frequency of orgasms. Not only that, but sex toys help a lesbian's body learn to respond to various sensations, thus enabling her to understand her pleasure zones. It also creates more variety in a lesbian's sexual play and can add color to a lesbian's long-term sexual relationship. Another study shows that only 4% of women can have a satisfying orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. The rest of the women need clitoral stimulation or a combination of other methods to achieve a satisfying orgasm. "People with vaginas who use sex toys orgasm more easily and frequently."

    Sohimi, a professional sex toy company established over a decade ago, has been committed to providing lesbians with safe, fun, and reliable sex toys. Here are ten of sohimi's selected female sex toys. These toys allow lesbians to experience high-quality orgasms and bring lesbians into a world of infinite pleasure sex. Enjoy them!

    1. Sohimi GABI double penetration dildos

    This is a double-headed vibrator from sohimi suitable for lesbians. This double-headed vibrator has a similar appearance to a dildo. The purple color adds an element of style and sophistication to this vibrator. It is the perfect gift designed specifically for lesbians, exciting and sophisticated!

    GABI Double Penetration Dildos


    Lesbians can play with this double-headed vibrator to stimulate both the vagina and the anus at the same time. This toy has a powerful motor available to lesbians at each end. Superb vibrations of different frequencies from soft to strong and slow to fast.

    Another unique feature of this double-headed vibrator is that it is made of such a soft and flexible material. Lesbians can fold this toy in half. You and your partner will not be satisfied with having sex in the same position all the time. Whether it's the basic supine position, hip doggy style, or sitting, this double-headed dildo can help you accomplish these complex sexual positions. "It's amazing that the dildo can be used for this kind of play. My girl and I have used it to explore a lot of positions for sex!"

    2. Sohimi strap on lesbian dildo

    This sohimi for lesbians 3 in 1 dildo is a great sex toy. You only need to buy one masturbator to get three different lengths of dildos. The longest dildo is oriented forward for the person being penetrated, and the other two can be placed in the vagina and anus of the penetrator. This design allows both you and your girl to get the sexual pleasure of simulated penis penetration!

    strap on dildo


    Lesbians can play with this toy to experience male sexual pleasure! This toy comes with a strap. You can use the strap to adjust it individually at the waist and crotch. The ergonomic design allows you to enjoy sex comfortably. You can wear the strap while having sex and pretend you are a man with an erect penis. This lesbian masturbator is the perfect gift for your lover. "This is such an amazing toy for us. I feel as attractive during sex as a man with a quick erection. My partner says I'm great in bed. It's really so cool!"

    3. Sohimi 360° rotating realistic dildo vibrator

    This is a pink dildo vibrator. Sohimi knows that lesbians like high-quality sex toys. This toy is made of selected silicone and ABS. You can freely adjust the rotation by choosing the way the bearings bend in the direction before use. It can rotate 360 degrees in all directions. The degree of rotation depends on your sexual style.

    rotating dildo vibrator


    Dual motor-driven design. There are also nine vibration modes to give your sex more possibilities. Nine different colors of led lights with nine vibration modes bring colorful beauty to your sex. Even during sex, you and your girl are the most fashionable ladies! "You won't believe how much my girl and I enjoy making love in bed with this cute little toy. We enjoy the different frequencies of sex so much. My lover says she loves to have sex with me even more!"

    4. Sohimi BELL jeweled butt plug with chain

    A very nice blue jeweled-looking anal plug toy for lesbians! As sophisticated women, you and your lover deserve such an exquisite anal plug toy. This small and attractive anal plug is suitable for all lesbians. You can play with this toy whether you are a novice or proficient in backdoor play, as this toy includes three different sizes of anal plugs.

    Whether it is foreplay or during sex, this anal plug can create a very comfortable sexual atmosphere. You can insert the anal plugs yourself into the anus to attract your lover.

    blue jeweled anal plug with chain

    In the process of playing with the anal plug, the bell on the jewel will make a pleasant sound. The beautiful blue color and the pleasing sound both make you rich and beautiful.

    Let the blue jeweled anal plug join your flirtation! You can put the chain in the toy around your partner's or your neck. The big ass and sexy neck of the anal plug will make your sex passionate! "This jeweled anal plug is so beautiful, I've never used such a beautiful anal plug before. She made my girl fall in love with my big ass!"

    5. Sohimi pink fox tail butt plug

    This pink vibrating fox tail butt plug is a great sex toy and a lesbian must have it! Sohimi adds creativity to the traditional anal plug by making it shaped like a real fox tail.

    pink fox tail anal plug


    This fox tail butt plug has three modes that can be switched alternately. You can explore sex with your girl with gradually increasing frequency!

    We know that becoming seductive during sex is something to look forward to, and sohimi understands exactly what lesbians want during sex. That's why this pink foxtail butt plug is made of a very soft material. This design makes this tail more realistic. The furry butt plug is more appealing to the partner's eyes. You can insert the butt plug into your big ass and then get close to your lover and let her control this electric butt plug remotely. She can get the intense pleasure of sexual conquest by controlling your big ass remotely! "My girl is sexually aroused by me! She says my ass is so seductive that she can't resist the charm of this furry foxtail."

    6. Sohimi app control clit sucker bluetooth vibrator 

    This is a stylish vibrator that can be controlled remotely with an app. You can manually control or control this pink vibrator with APP.

    Through Bluetooth, you can switch between solo mode, music mode, limited mode, and interactive mode at will.

    app vibrator


    This vibrator comes with nine different sucking modes and nine vibration modes. You can easily put it into your panties without worrying about it scratching out. What's more, this vibrator doesn't make a lot of noise. You don't have to worry that it will embarrass you in public. If you and your girl are not together and you want to flirt, you can have her download the app to control the vibrator remotely. This is a new way of flirting, you and your girl can enjoy the pleasure of sex anytime and anywhere. "I often have my girlfriend remote control this vibrator. It makes sex so much more fun for us, even though we may not be together sometimes."

    7. Sohimi S121 vibrating anal beads

    This would be a very popular anal plug toy for lesbian couples. Most lesbians love the fun that comes from exploring backdoor play. When lesbian couples see their lover's big sexy ass from behind, their libido is quickly aroused. They also really enjoy the process of thrusting their lover's anal beads into their big ass.

    There are several sizes of beads on this anal bead. This design can increase the fun of anal play. You can slowly insert the anal beads into your partner's anus. As the volume of the beads increases, the sexual pleasure your lover gets will become more and more exciting. A variety of vibration patterns for the thrusting process of the two lesbians bring more sex fun.

     vibrating beads

    This anal bead is also equipped with a mini bullet-style vibrator. When you are having foreplay, you can use it to stimulate your own or your lover's breasts. Then you play backdoor games with the long anal beads. What a wonderful pairing this is!

    "We enjoy this anal bead because it comes in a variety of sizes. These vibration patterns are so much fun and we have been playing with this anal bead for several nights now!"

    8. Sohimi Rose Queen clitoral sucking & G spot vibrator

    Rose Queen is currently the most popular rose toy upgrade. Rose Queen has a very delicate appearance. The Rose Queen is like a small petal rose with a stem that flexibly combines the clitoral vibrator with the dildo.

    rose queen vibrator

    The clitoral vibrator is hidden underneath the small petals of the rose. This design can be more accurate to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot of women. The clitoral vibrator comes with five suction modes that make you feel like your lover is giving you a blowjob! This is a partner with great oral sex skills!

    The flower stem part is a dildo vibrator. It can easily stimulate your G-spot. What's even more special is that this 'Stem' comes with ten vibration modes! The ultimate sexual pleasure is coming to you. "This toy makes me feel like I've become elegant. And I really love the sexual pleasure that the vibrations bring me. My girl and I both love the Rose Queen."

    9. Sohimi M3 remote control vibrator

    This butterfly vibrator from Sohimi is not like other vibrators. This vibrator can be used as a butterfly vibrator or a dildo. Adding more variety to sex is a very rewarding thing to do. You can use this remote control vibrator to stimulate both the vagina and the clitoris. If you want to use him outside, that's no problem at all.

    When you want to enjoy your private time, you can play with this butterfly vibrator to experience ten different kinds of sexual stimulation.

    M3 Remote Control Vibrator

    If you want to have special pleasure with your girl during sex, you can let your partner control this toy. This will make the level of sexual understanding between you deeper. "We both love this butterfly vibrator. It gave us both a very perfect orgasmic experience."

    10. Sohimi TULIP mini tongue clit licker vibrator

    This is a mini Clit licker designed by sohimi. it looks just like a real tongue.

    Although this Clit licker looks very small, it has a very powerful motor inside. Ten different vibration modes to tease your nipples and clitoris.

    tongue vibrator

    This Clit licker will make your body feel more comfortable and relaxed than ever before.

    TULIP uses sonic technology to effectively stimulate the sensitivity of sucking. Every lesbian who uses it can get oral sex-like pleasure. "It feels like my lover is sucking me off with her tongue! I find it so satisfying!"

  • Best 10 Sex Toys For Women


    Best 10 Sex Toys For Women

    > Jenny sohimi

    Whether tomorrow is a weekday or a day off, whether you're in a good or a bad mood, when you're lying in bed after a long day, ready to say good night to the world...Sexual desire always pops into your brain, knocks your head and says, "I want it! Right here! Right now!" Well, it may not be as crude as I describe, but it will be more straightforward than that.

    Fortunately, today the market for female sex toys is mature, and we have thousands of options to choose from. But the mind-boggling thing is that there are too many types and factors to consider! Quality, noise, shape, strength, etc. But now you don't have to worry, because here I've listed the ten best female sex toys for you from a selection as vast as the sea, whether you're a novice or a veteran. Get your notebooks ready. The following descriptions for you to select toys have a great sense of reference.

    Rose Queen Clitoral Sucking & G Spot Vibrator

    rose queen

    This one is excellent value for money, both in material and function. Functionally it has both stimulation and penetration. Buying it is like buying two toys at the same time. The outside is made of liquid silicone, which has a soft and skin-friendly characteristic and is comfortable and advanced to touch. The inside of the vibrator is made of tungsten steel, making it small in size and strong in vibration. The most appealing thing is that it is absolutely silent, with a great sense of privacy and immersive experience!

    Rose Toy Clit Sucker

     Rose toy

    The dark horse of the sex toy world in 2021, If you also play TikTok, you may not be new to this product. Its overall look is senior, a red rose. This image also happens to hit the soft spot of most women. Its function is to stimulate the clitoris through the rose to achieve orgasm. One buyer from sohimi mentioned in the review is "be sure to have a towel ready, or your sheets will end up in a mess!"The rose toy can suck your soul out of your body and float up to the ceiling.

    G - Spot Thrusting Dildo


    Its appearance is designed to look like a real penis; it even has veins on it, with different densities of material inside and outside, harder inside and softer outside, making it more realistic in feeling and using. To highlight its experience, the designers added many tiny bumps on its surface to keep the vagina safe while increasing the friction and stimulating the vaginal lining further. The base has a sucking cup that allows you to use it in a variety of places. This one has an intense sensation because it rotates, vibrates, and stretches three kinds of movements that can regularly stimulate your G-spot to reach orgasm.

    TULIP Mini Tongue Clit Licker Vibrator

    Sohimi - TULIP Mini Tongue Vibrator

    This purple clitoral vibrator sells very well because of its cute shape and precise stimulation. This is one of sohimi's best-selling clitoral stimulators, and the tulip center is set in the form of a tongue to lick your sensitive spots, including the clitoris and nipples. If you are alone, then let it lick your clitoris to help you reach orgasm. If you have a partner, you can also use it for the foreplay part. The ultimate experience and powerful stimulation always bring surprises. Here are some reviews from the sohimi website.

    "It's super cute, soft, and comfortable to hold, as well as to be a way more powerful and unique sensation than I had expected."

    "It usually takes me a little while to O, but this toy made me O fast."

    Sucking Clitoris Stimulator and Wand Massager


    If you own it, you will find that its uses far outweigh its price. It includes three functions: vibrating, sucking and thrusting, so you can use it for clitoral stimulation and sucking, or you can use it to penetrate your vagina and anus. In addition to its many uses, it also stands out because of its superb value for money. Hey! Just because it's inexpensive doesn't mean it's crudely made. It's high quality and made of safe silicone material. The average Hitachi wand is about $70-100, while this one is half the price but has more features.

    10.6" Huge Liquid Silicone Dildo


    If you're used to regular size dildos and are looking for more intense stimulation, then this 10.6-inch silicone dildo is perfect for you. It is designed in the shape of a real penis with delicate lines on it. The use of a double layer of silicone makes the touch more realistic. With a suction cup at its base, its powerful suction enables you to use it anywhere. The flexible feature supports you to insert it into your body from all directions. It is natural for women to seek more stimulating play; this huge dildo sits in the top eight of the female sex toy sales list, receiving over a thousand positive user reviews. 

    Vibrating Anal Trainer Set

      Vibrating Anal Trainer Set

    If you like or want to try anal play, then I recommend you try this anal plug! In fact, it is a set of sex toys that contains three sizes of anal plugs from small to large and a vibrator. So whether you are a novice or a veteran, you can use this versatile anal plug. If you want to shove it up to your anus, here are three sizes you can pick from. Want something more tingling? Then add a vibrator. It is absolutely flexible and safe because the material it uses is 100% medical silicone.

    M3 Remote Control Vibrator

     M3 Remote Control Vibrator

    If you want an exciting outdoor sex toy experience, you will regret missing it. The unique design allows it to fit the lines of women's private parts and stimulate your clitoris and vagina very well. Wear it with your panties on and enjoy its stimulation whenever you are outside. It shakes with only a tiny sound, so you don't need to worry that others will hear it. It can be controlled by remote. If you are alone, you can switch on and off and switch modes according to your thoughts. If you have a partner, give the remote to your partner and enjoy the sudden stimulation.

    ROSE EGG Vibrator

     Rose Egg Vibrator

    This one is also a member of the rose family, and the difference is the egg vibrator on the other end of the rose. The bright color scheme makes it an excellent choice for either your use or as a gift. Roses also have a sucking and vibrating function like the previous two models, with five modes, giving you a clitoral orgasm easily. You can place the egg vibrator in the vagina or anus, but it can also stimulate sensitive points such as nipples. During intercourse, this little egg will not help you reach orgasm, but it will be the best helper for flirting and foreplay. BTW, it is 100% silent, so it will never spoil the ambiguous atmosphere.

    HAMMER Sucking Vibrator

     HAMMER Sucking Vibrator

    This vibrator looks very cute as a pink hammer and what's more significant is that it has three stimulation points. The hammer handle acts as a vibrator that can reach into your vagina or anus, and the hammer's crook can stimulate your anus for multiple comforts after you insert it into your vagina. You can use the flat piece for patting your clitoris, and the shape of the whole toy is effortless to hold while masturbating without the risk of slipping away. The material chosen is food-grade silicone to guarantee the smoothness and safety of use.

    OK, the ranking of the top 10 female sex toys ends. If you want to get more information about sex toys, please visit Sohimi Official Website.

  • Rose Toy Pro - Rose Queen sends a sincere invitation to YouTube and Tiktok bloggers


    Rose Toy Pro - Rose Queen sends a sincere invitation to YouTube and Tiktok bloggers

    > Lena Sohimi

    In recent months, rose toys have become popular on Tiktok and Youtube. There are many unpacking and evaluation videos of Rose Toys on these platforms. Many bloggers expressed their love for rose toys. The rose toy has received a lot of praise in a short period of time. At present, the upgraded version of the rose toy- Rose Queen has been launched in July! The Rose Queen invites all bloggers on Youtube and Tiktok! The Rose Queen will bring new surprises to users who love the Rose family.

    Rose vibrator is loved by many bloggers

    Whether on Youtube or Tiktok, many bloggers have shown a rose-shaped clitoral vibrator in their videos. Here are the comments written by some bloggers. The Rose Vibrator is a rose toy that many bloggers love. Not only do they love it, but their fans are especially willing to try this little thing.

    "The rose vibrator gives me very intense sexual pleasure. For example, the clitoral suction that shocked me. The Rose toy gave me a very strong hit from the moment I pressed the button. Don't let its lovely floral appearance fool you. Many of my fans love this rose toy that I recommended to them"

    rose review

    "The Sohimi Rose Vibrator gave me a great feeling - the silicone was soft, the toy was super light, and overall the toy did feel pretty good. I love the shape of it - while the rose look feels a bit gimmicky to me, I can't help but think the shape would work well in games. I really appreciate the rose vibrator. It can be used not only for masturbation, but for foreplay as well as a variety of situations. My fans really like this beautiful rose and this little toy gives them a lot of sexual pleasure!"

    "I was surprised how quiet it was so I could sneak in and jerk off with the Sohimi Rose clitoral vibrator. I love it so much with the multiple sucking modes and the vibrating frequency. It's so wonderful! I have fans who have already used this Rose toy and they love this little toy!"

    Rose Queen gives you and your fans an even bigger surprise

    Rose toys are now popular on Youtube and Tiktok. Many people are recommending this unusually shaped and small sex toy. If you have already recommended rose vibrator toys to your fans, this next rose queen must be a good choice for you. Rose Queen is an upgraded version of the Rose toy. The Rose Queen is a new multifunctional rose toy from sohimi that integrates a dildo and a rose vibrator. In addition to the special shape and funky color, the Rose Queen has been greatly improved in function. This will be a great surprise for your fans! You can share this wonderful rose toy with your fans. I think your fans will love this new Rose Queen! Wonderful and funny Rose Queen will help you attract more people!

    About Rose Queen - Rose Toy Pro

    Romantic and elegant design concept

    The Rose Queen represents sohimi's fashionable sex concept. Let women be a noble, elegant, sexy and charming goddess in sex is the reason why Sohimi designed the Rose Queen.

    Sohimi found such a noble and elegant image of the rose from the many moving legends and designed a sex toy based on the rose.

    2-1 rose queen

    Inspired by the many titles of the rose, sohimi designed the female vibrator in the image of the rose and gave the toy the elegant name "Rose Queen".

    Sohimi believes that every woman has the right to express herself and release her sexuality in her sex life. Every woman deserves to have a perfect sexual experience like a queen. Therefore, the design of Rose Queen reflects the concept of fully stimulating women's sexual potential

    Beautiful and exquisite appearance

    The appearance of the Rose Queen is a beautiful red rose with a stem. Sohimi gives the Rose Queen the ultimate beauty. The appearance of this upgraded rose toy is not the same as the general rose toy. Rose Queen has a hot and slender body. The shape of the Rose Queen is small and curvy. The flower part is a rose toy and the stem part is a dildo vibrator. The Rose Queen truly achieves the perfect combination of two sex toys without losing its beauty.

    The Rose Queen wears elegant accessories around her neck. There is a gold border in the middle representing the Queen's necklace. The gold border where the flowers and stems connect makes the Rose Queen look more noble and elegant. When it comes to the Rose Queen, you will not think of her at all as the same as a traditional sex toy, this is because the Rose Queen is designed according to aesthetic standards. You can completely treat her as a fine and small artwork. The Rose Queen perfectly matches your elegant and romantic goddess temperament.

    Safe and comfortable material 

    The silky soft material represents the smooth and delicate skin of the queen. When you touch the Rose Queen, it is a silky smooth touch like satin. Rose Queen makes you feel that you can have a premium feeling even with sex toys. The material of the Rose Queen is a combination of ABS and liquid silicone.

    upgraded liquid

    Sohimi thoughtfully takes women's health into account and uses body-friendly materials. You can knead the flowers and stems at will without worrying about breaking your rose toy. This is because the two materials are not only safe but also flexible. The safe and resilient material makes the Rose Queen your intimate companion.

    Powerful sucking mode and multiple vibration frequencies

    The flower part of the Rose Queen is a lifelike rose with small petals. Hidden inside the small petal rose is a clitoral vibrator. When the clitoral vibrator surrounds your nipples and clitoris, you will feel the irresistible stimulation and sexual pleasure. When you press the electric button, the unique rose-shaped suction cups surround your breasts and clitoris, bringing you sexual pleasure you can't deny! The delicate and compact rose petals precisely stimulate your G-spot, giving you an instant orgasm! What's more surprising is the Rose Queen's five sucking modes that take you to oral sex-like pleasure!

    The dildo vibrator on the stem part of the Rose Queen can easily stimulate your G-spot, highly simulating the sexual pleasure of penile penetration.

    sucking modes

    The dildo vibrator comes with ten vibration modes, bringing you ten different kinds of sex passion! When you are masturbating or having foreplay with your partner, the Rose Queen can bring you the pleasure of being penetrated! 

    Both the Rose toy and the dildo vibrator can perfectly stimulate your G-spot, making it easy for you to get the pleasure and excitement of sex. If you play with the Rose Queen, then you're only one step away from orgasm!

    Advanced quick charge and water ingress prevention device

    With the Rose Queen, you don't have to wait too long for an orgasm. The Rose Queen can be fully charged in just two hours. You can play with the Rose Queen wherever you are.


    Rose Queen understands very well that bathrooms and swimming pools should not limit your sexual passion. The unique advanced Class 7 waterproof rating allows you to have worry-free sex wherever you are!

    Why you recommend Rose Queen to your fans?

    What makes the Rose Queen unique makes her a one-of-a-kind rose toy! The Rose Queen is even better than the Rose Vibrator in several ways. Many bloggers are now recommending the Rose Vibrator. The Rose Queen may help you become a more fashionable blogger!

    A more beautiful shape - no compromise on elegance

    The traditional Rose toy is shaped like a large petal rose flower. Underneath the large petal is a clitoral vibrator with a sucking mode. The rose vibrator effectively stimulates the clitoris and the female G-spot to bring women to orgasm quickly.

    The Rose Queen is a traditional clitoral vibrator device that is cleverly designed to incorporate a dildo vibrator. The upgraded look of this rose toy is not bulky because of the dildo design. On the contrary, the Rose Queen looks more elegant and lighter. The small red petals of the rose flower and the beautiful stem go well together.

    More functions - Rose toy is not just a clitoral vibrator

    The Rose Toy, currently popular on YouTube and Tiktok, stimulates the female clitoris to give women sexual pleasure. Most women play with rose toys during masturbation or foreplay to stimulate their bodies so they can get turned on faster. The Rose Queen dildo device allows women to enjoy the pleasure of penile penetration while stimulating the clitoris. When women play with the Rose Queen, they can feel the pleasure of clitoral penetration and the excitement of clitoral stimulation at the same time. The Rose Queen comes with this dildo with ten different vibration patterns. From weak to strong, from low frequency to high intensity, the intensity you want, the Rose Queen can bring you.

    Unimaginable 30 seconds to climax

    Some surveys show that women generally need one to two minutes to have an orgasm when playing with the Rose Vibrator. The new and improved Rose Queen saves valuable time for women. Women only need a brief thirty seconds to get the sexual pleasure of a stimulated clitoris or vaginal penetration! The Rose Queen saves women at least half the time!

    A silent device just for you

    Have you ever thought of playing your rose vibrator in public? But the embarrassing noise makes you give up the idea.

    zero noise

    Don't let the noise extinguish your passion for sex. The exclusive silent device of the Rose Queen allows you to enjoy silent sex at any time.

    The Rose Queen is about to become the new trend

    The trendy Rose Queen is about to become popular on Youtube and Tiktok. Rose Queen sends you a sincere invitation. Sohimi believes that Rose Queen will be the perfect choice for every blogger who is responsible for her fans. Compared with the popular Rose toy before, Rose Queen is even better in both appearance and function. As a new member of the Rose family, the Rose Queen looks forward to participating in women's sexual experience. This new upgraded Rose Vibrator can bring all women a wonderful sexual experience. Rose Queen will make every woman become a stylish sex queen!

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