• Rose Queen, Roes Toy | Which Toy Of The Rose Vibrator Is Worth Buying?


    Rose Queen, Roes Toy | Which Toy Of The Rose Vibrator Is Worth Buying?

    > Jenny sohimi

     Sohimi's new product Rose Queen is available, this one in appearance and function are somewhat similar to the Rose toy, more accurately, it is an upgraded version of the rose toy, so it is also called Rose Toy Pro. If you are confused about which one to purchase, come with me to discuss which one is worth buying.

    We first analyze from different perspectives and then conclude at the end, so that firstly, it looks like I am very professional, and secondly, it is also more convincing.

    Appearance - Both Are Comparable

    Let's start with a rose toy. It has many choices in terms of color. There are red, purple and pink, and different colors give people different feelings. Pink is fresher; purple reveals nobility; red represents romance. The rose presents a just-blooming state; cascading rose petals make the whole toy layered. My favorite detail is the outermost rose petals side of the pleated design, making it look more realistic. Holding the entire rose in your hand, you will feel quite smooth; its unique shape design is very convenient to fit in your hand, making it easy to control when using.

    Then we turn the camera to our Rose Queen, which is a little bit earlier in the form of a rose. It is a flower bud design. The entire flower is more compact because a vibrator was added under the rose, so for a lighter body, sohimi reduced the size of the rose. And of course just one of the reasons. According to the review of the rose toy, some users claim that because the range of stimulation points of the rose toy is too extensive, there will be leakage, which significantly reduces the feeling of using the experience. To ensure a strong sense of stimulation and avoid wind leakage, the Rose Queen has a smaller stimulation range, but the stimulation head is more prominent. Rose Queen has no choice when it comes to color. It only has a red one, just like its name. The only red represents dignity and elegance.

    rose queen - rose toy

    So the conclusion is that both of them have a perfect sense of design in terms of appearance. Not because it is a sex toy is very crude, and not deliberately to imitate the real sex organs, making it look quite advanced. So it's hard to say who wins.

    Model - Rose Queen Wins

    Note that this is not my conjecture, but a conclusion based on facts. rose toy, a specialized sucking tool, has seven sucking modes, from weak to vigorous. Some are continuous, and some have pauses. It has quite a few modes, just not as many as Rose Queen's. Rose Queen's Rose has five sucking modes, and the vibrator has ten vibration modes. Whether you use it externally or internally, you can switch the modes depending on your mood, and because of the variety of modes, you won't get bored with it anytime soon, which makes it obvious who the winner is. If you like a variety of exciting experiences, then Rose Queen would not be your second choice.

    Going Out-Rose Toy Is Better

    I don't know if you've ever had the embarrassing sight of a sex toy being found by an inspector at a security check, but I have! It's still incredibly awkward every time I recall it, and I would do anything I can to avoid it.

    rose toy - sohimi

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    It is important to keep it hidden as a very personal item when taking it out, especially for people like me who travel a lot. Both of these products are relatively small and easy to put in a suitcase or bag. But because the rose toy is more petite, for women who are afraid of being discovered by the inspectors during security checks, they can put Rose Queen in their clothes pockets (not tight-fitting clothes, of course) or in the hood of their hooded clothes. This will reduce the possibility of being discovered.

    Experience - Rose Queen Feels Better

    There are two ways to bring a better experience for the user, one is the product itself, and the other is the atmosphere it creates.

    Let's start with the product itself. As mentioned earlier, Rose Queen has a more concentrated sucking range and a more prominent stimulation head that stimulates the clitoris and brings orgasm quickly. Here are some data from sohimi's official survey, rose toys take 1-2 minutes to orgasm, but Rose Queen only takes 30 seconds. So when you use it, you will feel it sucking your pea, constantly vibrating it at a speed no human can compare, and then an irresistible pleasure comes to you and eventually overwhelms you.

    Rose Queen

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    Another critical point is the Rose Queen's vibrator, a new part after the upgrade, which enriches using. It works whether you put it into your vagina or anus. Both men and women can use it. If it is a woman, then the roses of this toy can not only bring orgasm but also flirt by stimulating other points, and the rose branch underneath can be used to insert vaginally or anally. If it is a man, the usage is similar, but only to experience anal play so that men can enjoy a prostate orgasm.

    However, the product's stimulation of the body is not the only indicator of its role. The key to a good product is the ability to immerse you, also known as the "immersive experience."What will deliver an immersive experience? Silence. Honestly, most sex toys are doing better in terms of functionality nowadays. Still, in the pursuit of the user experience, they need enough motors with strong vibrations, which makes it hard to keep the product's noise down. But the noise ruins the atmosphere and sensation of experience. For me, when I am on the verge of orgasm, but the buzzing sound keeps ringing in my ears, it will make me lose my sex drive instantly. But Rose Queen is amazing to me. After opening, in addition to solid vibration, there is no sound. Compared with it rose toy is inferior.


    After the comparison, we already know these products, both of them have advantages and disadvantages. Still, if the answer to the question "which one is worth buying" without considering the specific circumstances, then such a conclusion is too arbitrary, so I summarized two aspects.

    Rose Queen - ROSE TOY PRO

    What is an occasion worth buying a rose toy?

    First, you will travel a lot because of your work or hobby, then the portability of the rose toy is definitely suitable for you. Second, you pursue the colors or like to collect sets of sex toys, and then you can buy all three colors of rose toy home, so whether, for the collection or multi-color change, it is the best choice. Third, because it does not have the function of a vibrator, its price is relatively lower. If your wallet is a little flat recently, it will not give you too much burden.

    What makes it worth buying Rose Queen?

    First, if you seek a more playful way that includes stimulation from both inside and outside. Second, want to be 100% silent while using it, whether because of privacy or for an immersive experience. Third, consider the cost-effectiveness. Although it is a little more expensive than a rose toy, it is equivalent to having a rose toy and a vibrator. Fourth, pursue a multi orgasm for a short time. Because the average time to orgasm is about 30 seconds, you can continue to enjoy the next one after you already reach one, and the next one will not keep you waiting for a long time.

    The above is the general information of these two products. You can buy them based on your considerations.

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  • How Serious Is The Noise Of The Rose Vibrator Interfering With Sex


    How Serious Is The Noise Of The Rose Vibrator Interfering With Sex

    > Scarlet Sohimi

    Vibrator is great, everyone should know this. They are pleasant, fun, and a great way to relieve stress. However, some vibrators do have a fatal flaw, its sound is very loud. Whether you buy a cheap or expensive high-end sex toy, if it is vibrating, you can hear it. Some of them are very quiet, emit a low buzzing sound, and may be mistaken for distant bees. Although other sounds are as loud as a horn, you know, this makes the whole experience a little bit less exciting than it should be.

    When specifically looking for a quiet atmosphere, it is also essential to look for toys with multiple modes and vibration speeds. Whether it is the noise produced by the vibrator when you are using alone, or using the vibrator together with your partner, it will make people less desirable. Even if it is a hot product  the Rose Vibrator  has the disadvantage of producing sound.

    How much do you know about noise

    naked woman


    Simply put, we can understand irregular sounds as noise. With the development of modern industry and the military, environmental noise is widespread, and noise pollution has become one of the seven major public hazards in the world. For example below 15 decibels we can consider it to be silent,and below 20 decibels we consider it quiet.20-40 decibels is about the murmur of a couple's ear. Normal environmental noise intensity in 30-40dB, relatively quiet and comfortable; 40-60 decibels belong to our normal conversation sound, when more than 50dB (45dB at night) may affect sleep and rest, so that the normal physiological function is affected to a certain extent. Above 60 dB is a noisy range, 70 dB we can consider it very noisy, interfering with normal conversation and communication, making people feel distracted and unfocused, and beginning to damage the hearing nerve. Above 90 decibels will cause hearing damage and lead to other diseases, and stay in the space of 100-120 decibels, if there is no accident, one minute humans will have to be temporarily deaf. Generally speaking, noise pollution is a major cause of health problems.

    Rose vibrator quiet but not silent

    There is a reason why the rose vibrator has become a big seller. Its beautiful rose appearance is enough to attract people, it is more like an ornament than a sex toy. And its sucking function is also very powerful, which can simulate real oral sex. Sucking function can stimulate your private parts including chest, anus, ears, and can explore different parts of the body. Although only the size of a palm(perfect to carry around, it contains a lot of energy. The only fly in the ointment is that its sound is not entirely silent,it will reach a maximum of 40 decibels when in use.

    sohimi rose vibrator2


    Compared to many other vibrators, the rose vibrator has a low sound, but if you want to masturbate quietly in the middle of the night but your partner is lying next to you, turning on the vibrator will inevitably wake up them, or use the rose vibrator during foreplay with your partner, turn it on and there will be an uninterrupted buzzing that constantly beats your nerves. It's easy to make people feel that there is no sexual interest, how affects the atmosphere, doesn't it? 

    couple on bed

    Although it has shortcomings, it does not affect it to complete its job. It can make people reach a climax in one to two minutes. If you don’t care about the sound problem, then the rose vibrator is also an excellent choice. Of course, there are many ways to make people ignore this noise, such as playing some music, or using it in the shower room to cover up the noise. But do you know the best way? That is to buy a quiet vibrator, it may be a bit difficult to find, but sohimi's new product  Rose Toy Pro  released in July 2021 can solve your problem.

    Noise Terminator-Rose Queen

    Attempting to masturbate in a home without complete privacy is a stressful experience. Rose Queen should give you the confidence to explore your body without worrying that anyone will know what you are doing.

    rose queen

    Rose Queen is its official name, because it is an upgraded version of the Rose Vibrator, you can also call it a Rose Toy Pro. Not only stylish and decorative, but also very silent. Rose toy pro has changed the original rose flower design, combining a dildo vibrator and a rose-shaped clitoral sucker in one. Not only a vibrator that can only be used by yourself, but also a sex toy perfect for couples. The end of the clitoris sucking function can stimulate different parts like the rose vibrator, and the end of the dildo shape can be inserted into the vibration, which can easily stimulate the g-spot. It is very soft and bendableyou can bend it to the angle you want to explore more pleasurable areas of your body, and maybe find sensitive areas that you never found before. When used between couples, it can be used as a prop for foreplay and can also be used during sex. It makes the sexual life of both parties more intense and aims to involve the clitoris in penetrating sex. 

    When the sucking function stimulates the clitoris, your partner can have penetrative sex. The reverse is also true and there are many different ways to use it for different couples. Since the noise generated by the Rose Toy Pro is almost zero, the use of couples during sex will not be as embarrassing as using other vibrators. Especially for couples with children, they want to add more novelty and romance to normal sex. As long as you can control the sound they make during sex, the children will never know what their parents are doing.

    coupe on bed2

    If you live in an old house with paper-thin walls, or your bedroom is sandwiched between roommates, the Rose Toy Pro will not be noticed by anyone. Even its sucking function and vibration function are very powerful (the added tungsten steel material enhances the sense of vibration), its most significant advantage is that it is completely silent and its powerful function allows you to reach a climax in 30 seconds. It combines a deep, rumbling vibration,if orgasm is elusive, you need this vibration with the quietest level. If you are a person who likes excitement, you can also be bold to find a hidden place to use outside, there will be absolutely no noise. Even if there are people outside the room when you use it, they will never hear any sound. It can be said that the moaning of you or your partner will overwhelm the sound of the vibrator itself.

    Don't hesitate to try

    woman on bed

    It is completely normal to feel paranoid about vibrator noise, especially when you live with other people (whether it is a roommate or your parents or family members, the risk level remains the same). But don’t give up using the vibrator for this reason, don’t give up sexual pleasure. If you're interested, you can try the  Rose Toy Pro. Life is only a few decades, and there are not many things that make people happy. Don't lose physical happiness anymore!

  • Rose Queen Defeated The Rose Toy - Orgasm Can Be Reached In 30s!


    Rose Queen Defeated The Rose Toy - Orgasm Can Be Reached In 30s!

    > Lucine Keogh

    Rose Toy Takes More Than 60s To Orgasm

    Masturbation is a great way to pass the time, and Sohimi Rose toy is making it easier than ever to achieve autonomous orgasms every  time after it had been launched in the market last year, which makes the self-love masturbation becomes enjoyable. Seeking self-pleasure is one of the greatest exploring, so it’s really discreet and worthy that we’re spending more time getting off with the best sex toys on the world. As a result, we've collectively raised our standards for sex toys, and justifiably so: Why waste time with a ordinary vibrator when you could use a better one to reach orgasms? 

    When Rose toy exited quickly, it won more and more applause and reputation in the market. On the world's largest short video app - Tik Tok, the introduction of this product also has a very considerable amount of playback. Its lovely rose shape makes it occupy a considerable and important position in this huge sex toy world. 

    Sohimi rose toy on the table

    Its flower-shaped and cute appearance makes Rose toy beautiful and elegant than other sex toys, and you can experience the ultimate thrill of oral sex at any time with its seven adjustable rotating airflow and vibrating pulsations powered by a strong motor. The strong suction from internal bubbling vibration gives women marvelous stimulation, basically stimulates oral sex, which is pretty dang mind-blowing. Some women have reported they were having orgasms more than 60 seconds, and others tested their time to orgasm are about 2 min, so Rose toy would take you to orgasm in more than 1 min to 2 min.

    Rose Queen Takes 30s To Orgasm

    But now, the Sohimi’s new product Rose Queen in July has brought a different experience. It allows women to reach the top within 30 seconds

    Clitoral suction vibrators have been a phenomenon for the last few years, and I'd consider them a huge innovation in women's sex toys. Instead of just a vibration, Rose queen is a combination of sucking and stimulation, actually, suction against the clitoris and mimicking the sensation of oral sex. Genius, right? This vibrator does double-duty, as it is a suction vibrator on one end and a G-spot vibrator on the other.

    Seriously, it is not a joke. Every person with a vagina should try this. It tackles the two areas that are typically most pleasurable to vaginas: the clitoris and the G-spot. If it's hard for you to orgasm, this toy might help by targeting those nerve endings that often aren't addressed in typical vaginal sex. It has 10 different vibration modes and 5 suction modes, and they don't have to be on the same mode at the same time. You could be at a # 3 vibration with a #2 suction, for reference, which you can design any possibility on your way to orgasm.

    It may be hard to imagine such an powerful product, but take it easy, this marvelous vibrator has been launched in July finally. We have collected data from many testers. The Rose queen can make people reach to orgasm in 30 seconds truly

    Why Rose Queen Is Better 

    But why? How? If you are wondering why Rose queen is better, then we will compare it with Rose toy, so that you can understand why it is better more than excellent Rose toy. 

    If you’re looking for the best vibrator for women which makes you screaming into pillow scenarios, no matter if you live with roommates or live alone, we found Rose queen is right the most powerful sex toy to fit nicely into your pleasure chest.

    Rose Queen Can Be Used For 1.5 Hours At Most

    Rose queen and Rose toy both charge via Magnetic USB charging and takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge, Rose toy could be played about 40 min to 60 min, but Rose queen would last at least 60 minutes, 90 min at most. When you use this product, within the time limit it can be used, you can have the vibration duration you want, once, twice, three times...

    After using this vibrator, believe us, you can truly feel on top of the world. Masturbation can make you feel sexy and give you a kind of sexual confidence that you can’t get from just having sex with a partner. You will go about your day in a different way than before. It’s like that post-sex glow except even much better because you did it all by yourself. You are an independent, sex-positive queen.

    The Material Of Rose Queen Is Stretchy And Bending

    Rose queen is made with smooth silicone that isn’t irritating or uncomfortable on/in the body. It uses ABS and liquid silicone rubber, It is very soft, body-safe, smooth and stretchy. You can rub it at will for any sexual position you want. The most amazing thing is that although Rose queen can bend at various scales, it does not make any sound. 100% silent

    And it also has the CE logo. Products with the CE mark indicate that they meet the requirements of a series of European directives such as safety, health, environmental protection and consumer protection. Silicone is commonly used to make sex toys more bendy and realistic. It is more expensive than materials made with dangerous chemicals because it is more durable. You can trust Rose queen, and it will be your best friend between legs. Not to mention the appearance of Rose queen is so charming, with the wand side, it is like a fresh red rose just blooming, insert it into your vase with other flowers, so no one can discover your secret. 

    sohimi rose queen new sex toy for women

    Rose Queen Keeps The Secret 100% Silent For Women

    Rose queen is excellent in terms of sound performance. We have never witnessed such an excellent product, but now it does come. Sex, whether your parents are in the next room or living with your housemates, whether it’s with someone or on your own, usually helps people to feel safe and connected. We know the importance of a quiet vibrator, so the 100% silent is another big advantage of Rose queen - so you can orgasm while other people don’t know.

    Masturbating in the bath or shower is basically the dream, but Rose queen can also help you achieve the dream. It's private, no one can hear you, and you're right there ready to clean up afterwards. Water can add full-body sensations that can't be replicated out of the water, except in the bathtube, on the other hand, Rose queen can be used in the shower as it can handle continuous streams of water. Wetter might be better. 

    Come On And Try It Now

    We believe you might be choosing one or have bought some other sex toys, in this big and colorful world of sex toys including more than just vibrators, there are a ton of vibrators out there, ranging from butt-specific vibrating toys, vibrating magic wands, smaller bullets, internal toys, rabbits, cock rings, and more. But vibrators are definitely the heaviest hitters when it comes to pleasure objects. 

    sohimi rose queen new sex toy for women

    With such strong performances, Rose queen will become one of the best female sex toys. The rose vibrator has achieved remarkable success in the market, and Rose queen is also on the way, we have every reason to believe it will make you fall in love. The roses are in full bloom just for you and try it now.