• Three Lgbtq Music - Three Special Anal Pleasures


    Three Lgbtq Music - Three Special Anal Pleasures

    > Lena Sohimi

    Every June is the lgbtq group parade month in the United States. You can see people like you waving rainbow flags in many lgbtq exclusive bars, clubs and pools.

    A pleasant atmosphere needs music to set off! You will hear a lot of jazz music, sweet melodies and rhythmic rap. A lot of music is created for lgbtq. You can also find your favorite anal toys based on the type of music you like.

    Three special lgbtq music- popular and distinctive

    Wild - Wild and young gay love

    'Wild' is the title song of Troye Sivan's second major record company EP. This is a song written for the gay community. This song expresses Troy's emotional preference for the gay community. This song revolves around the theme of "forbidden love". You can feel the passion that music brings to you in the melodious melody.

    This song is very popular on Youtube. As far as the topic of homosexuality is concerned, this song has become one of the most viewed videos.

    music for the people


    Let us enjoy the lyrics of this song together! The most repeated lyrics of the entire song is "You're driving me wild, wild, wild". This song seems to be the inner monologue of the hero to his gay lover. This sentence deeply expressed his deep desire for his lover. He loves his boy deeply. He longs for sex love with his partner. His love is so enthusiastic and passionate that it can't calm the excitement in his heart for a long time.

    For the male protagonist in the song, this love is green, ignorant but full of passion. The hero feels many emotions in this forbidden love.

    "Never knew loving could hurt this good, oh. And it drives me wild." Love caused the young male protagonist to be spiritually hurt.

    The whole song expresses a theme, that is the man's deep love for his gay lover. In his eyes, his gay boy is complicated and changeable. Although he was hurt in his feelings, he could not resist the charm of his lover. 

    Meteorite - Love produced by meteorite impact

    This is a pop music with disco. You can find the related MV of this song on Youtube. From the beginning of the MV, the audience can see a charming gay boy with a hot body. He is dressed in gorgeous clothes. He made various sexy poses while singing.

    Years & Years uses the intersection of celestial bodies to compare the powerful shock of homosexual encounters and love. You can see wonderful and interesting dance moves in the MV. We can feel this deep love in the lyrics.


    "Let me feel your devotion. Let me feel your emotion. Love me like it's the last night. Like it's the last night." Through these few lyrics, we can see the boy's deep love for his lover. He longs for his partner to respond to his love.

    "Hit me like a meteorite, woah. Hit me like a meteorite, oh. Hit me like a meteorite." The male protagonist’s boy is so attractive that the male protagonist falls in love like being hit by a meteorite.

    All The Lovers - Pure and passionate same-sex love

    Kylie Minogue's All the lovers is a warm love song. Kylie Minogue has always been loved by the lgbtq community. She has many lgbtq fans. Kylie Minogue attaches great importance to her lgbtq fans.

    Kylie Minogue praised "Same Love" in this song. This song conveys the message of equality for gay couples. This song also praises the love and attraction in same-sex relationships.

    exciting music


    In the song All the lovers, you can see various emotional states. In the song All the lovers, you can hear the wonderful melody brought by various synthesizer sounds, and you can also hear the rhythm of disco. Listeners can feel the warm teasing, passionate love, and romantic love affair in the song All the lovers. In this song, Kylie Minogue encourages her lgbtq fans to enjoy sex love and follow the rhythm of love.

    "If love is really good, you just want more. Even if it throws you to the fire, fire, fire, fire." These two lines of lyrics reflect the attraction of same-sex couples to the other half, just like fire .

    Three styles of passion for anal sex

    Wild sex pleasure with 360-degree rotation

    The top of the prostate massager is a prostate massage head that can rotate 360 degrees. You can freely control this massager through the remote control so that it can bring you wild sexual pleasure. While you enjoy this vibration massager, you can feel the meaning of the lyrics "You're driving me wild, wild, wild". You and your lover will get your wild sex experience with the swing of your body!

    360 Rotating Vibrating Prostate Massager


    This vibration massager awakens your inner wild desire for sex. It has ten shocking vibration functions and surprising dual motors. The calm black appearance makes this anal sex game look more mysterious, like an modest and gentlemanly man.

    Its provocative and sophisticated appearance is smooth. Different vibration frequencies bring you a pleasant experience from the inside to the outside and the ultimate orgasm.

    Come and experience the wildest and most exciting sex with your lover! 

    A sexual experience like an electric shock

    If you have the opportunity to have electrocution-like sex, will you be tempted? You will be fascinated by this Zeus electric prostate massager. It will make you as powerful as Zeus in sex.

    The small appearance may make you think it is just an ordinary sex toy. But its powerful features will surely surprise you and change your opinion.

    ZEUS prostate massager


    This massager has powerful inner energy like Zeus. It has 8 incredible vibration modes and eight electrical stimulations. When you press the switch, you will get the feeling of an electric shock. This kind of stimulation will cover your whole body. The anus, prostate, and point P can accurately perceive this special sensation. When you are immersed in this special sexual experience, you feel that your body is hit like a meteorite.

    You and your lover can perfectly control the intensity and speed of the vibration with the remote control. It is best to let your partner control this little toy so that you can experience sudden surprises!

    Amazing lovers of different styles

    If you can choose, do you want a lover with multiple styles? Such a lover brings you many experiences you have never had before.

    In bed, you want your lover to have excellent teasing skills. The hot body and attractive eyes make you irresistible. You look forward to the unknown sex experience. 


    It is an anal bead with a variety of sizes. It is like a slender lover who awakens the desires in your heart. The anal sex toy is an electric anal bead with nine vibration frequencies. You can remote control this little sex toy while admiring the sexy figure of your lover. When the electric anal beads start to vibrate, you can have sex with nine different styles of lovers!

    Just like the melody of Kylie Minogue's song All The Lovers, you can feel the warm banter, gentle love, passionate feelings, and romantic atmosphere in sex!

    Play anal toys with your boy while enjoying music

    On a charming night, there is nothing more suitable for anal sex than beautiful music. Whether it's pop music, disco or jazz, you can try it all. Enjoying music while having sex is a very happy thing. This kind of happiness is worth creating and sharing with your boy. Sweat on the bed with your gay boy and sway your body to the rhythm!

  • 5 Unexpected Reasons why 10-inch Dildos Sell So Well


    5 Unexpected Reasons why 10-inch Dildos Sell So Well

    > Jenny sohimi

    Have you ever been intimidated by the size of a 10-inch dildo? Unlike regular size dildos, they are always compared to the human arms to show their length and width most visually so that you can see at a glance how special it is, both in length and width. I don't know where you first saw the huge dildo, whether it shocked you at first, but now you can always find it in the best-selling list of every sex toy store, whether it's a man or a woman, the huge dildo is always loved for a variety of reasons.

    As the title expresses, here we will not discuss the long-known fullness of a huge dildo. Of course, that's most of the reason for its popularity. Here I've collected five unusual reasons for using the 10-inch dildo, and perhaps more than you can imagine.

    Easy To Control

    Longer and thicker, these are the obvious features of the huge dildo. Its length is one of its biggest selling points, but some users prefer its length not because it can be more satisfying but as a handle to have better control of the dildo. 10-inch refers to its overall length. If you use part of it holding in your hand, its entry length is about 7 or 8inch, almost like the length of an ordinary dildo, but more convenient to hold in your hand.

    "guess what? --that whole length does not go in me. Most of it works as a handle- thing to hold on to and adjust the angle with while the first 5ish inches (or less) is inside me."

    woman with dildo

    Not everyone will be attracted to a longer dildo, but it certainly won't turn down a more convenient way to use it. While most dildos have sucking cups that can be affixed anywhere by moving one's ass for pleasure, many prefer to hold it in their hands for use. The normal length dildo is often difficult to control, you can't get it all the way in if you want to hold it, and it's not easy to control if you get it all the way in. So the advantages of the huge dildo become apparent. You can use it partly into the body and easily change the angle and frequency.

    Perform Physical Therapy

    Ladies, do you always feel pain when you are being penetrated? It may be due to the bad foreplay if it happens once or twice, or you are just not ready for it, but if you always feel pain and discomfort with tearing pain in your intimate area, you may be suffering from a narrow vaginal opening.

    huge dildo

    It is not a very serious disease, so there is no need to panic. The clinical treatment nowadays is surgery for lateralization. Still, many women are not willing to have surgery, which is when some doctors suggest they buy a larger dildo as a dilator to enlarge their vaginal opening by rubbing and multiple stretches to achieve a therapeutic effect. So for this purpose, the huge dildo may bring more pain than pleasure, but it is important to be gentle when using it and to be hygienic to avoid inflammation if there is tearing and bleeding.

    The Atmosphere Of Excitement And Openness

    Compared to the pleasure of a direct penetration, the huge dildo can also be a member of the atmosphere group. Most huge dildos mimic the shape of a real penis as closely as possible, so when you hold it in your hand, the erotic vibe has already begun, but not just the beginning. Some people will hide their true sexual desires because they are shy. Still, when you bring a huge dildo and let it join your orgy, it represents your honesty with yourself and your partner, which will bring you guys closer and make your sexual encounters nastier.


    Please don't be embarrassed by my directness. The truth is that sex is never a rule-based process. It is always full of sweat and moans. It is revealing, raw and wild. A huge dildo not only gives you satisfaction but also opens your heart. So being upfront about your needs can make sex more open and stimulating, keeping you engaged from foreplay until you reach the ultimate climax.

    Satisfy The Desire Of Men To Be Penetrated

    As more and more people learn about the concept of prostate orgasm, the male anus seems to be the gateway to a new world. We often see people ask the question, "I'm a male and love the feeling of rectal penetration. Am I gay?" The truth is, it has nothing to do with sexual orientation, and it's hard to reject the beauty of orgasm no matter what sexual orientation.

    Suppose you mention sex toys for male masturbation. In that case, you may quickly think of automatic masturbators, pocket pussy and other toys that simulate oral sex or the vagina. Still, in addition to ejaculation, men can also stimulate the prostate from inside the anus to achieve orgasm. And the huge dildo, because it's longer and wider features, can stimulate the prostate without incident and is thus one of the great tools for prostate orgasm. However, for those who are trying to enter through the anus for the first time, I suggest choosing a smaller size, preferably starting with a smaller size anal plug, so that you can slowly open your anus without causing damage to the muscles around it. 

    It is not only used between men. Girls also use it in the anus of their boyfriends. This way is relatively fresh and open. Unlike the traditional male invasion position, women can also master the ability to invade and use huge dildos to satisfy their boyfriends.

    Closer To The Real Sense

    Unbelievable? But I'm really not messing around.

    If you have ever used a dildo, you know that dildo still feels very different from a real penis. Some women choose extra large dildos when they are alone because a 10-inch dildo feels closer to the real penis or makes masturbation more similar to the feeling of intercourse.

    real penis

    Compared to real intercourse, the fact is that masturbation itself has been much less vital points. You can't feel the kisses, strokes and skin-to-skin contact of your partner; you can't see the excitatory bodies or even hear his gasps. There need some intense sensations to heighten the thrill as a balance, which is the advantage of a huge dildo that comes into play. With its longer length and wider diameter, it makes penetration more satisfying.

    If this is the reason for seeking a huge dildo, they also have special requirements for its material and hardness. In this case, they usually need a slightly harder dildo, and they prefer the hardness that most realistically simulates an erect cock than a dildo that can be bent 90 degrees or even 180 degrees at will. The material should preferably be liquid silicone so that it is more skin-friendly and smooth.

    sohimi 10-inch dildo

    No matter what your reason is, a good dildo always gives you pleasure. If you haven't tried it yet, why not step forward and maybe its experience is a surprise you never expected. If you just want to try it and are not ready to spend a lot of money, you can buy a cheap large dildo on the sohimi official website. Come here to find your favorite 10-inch dildo.

  • Sohimi Rose Clitoral Vibrator – Review By MOLLY MOORE


    Sohimi Rose Clitoral Vibrator – Review By MOLLY MOORE

    > jiajia lu

    Sexpert, Blogger at MOLLY MOORE

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The Sohimi Rose Clitoral Vibrator
    Made me go Ooo

    I will admit that when Sohimi contacted me to asked if I would review some of their toys I was a touch dubious. I get contacted by a lot of companies asking me this and usually when I reply and tell them what the deal is I never hear from them again but that was not the case with Sohimi. They have been nothing but professional and courtesy and quite frankly a joy to work with. They gave me this toy free in exchange for a fair and honest review. There are affiliate links in this post which means if you shop it doesn’t cost you any extra but I get a little % of that sale and at the bottom of the review there is a coupon code so you can get 10% off your purchase.

    One little note about their website before we get to talking about the toy. They do use gendered language to categorizes their toys and also they do seem to have some dildos that are not made of silicone to just keep that in mind when shopping.

    Meet the Sohimi Rose Clitoral Vibrator

    So I am not going to spend ages going into lots of details about it’s specifications as you can find all that on the product listing on Sohimi’s website but essentially this is a clit stim vibe that uses a vibrating base to move the air in such a way as to create vibrations. Despite the website using the words suck and sucking on the product description is doesn’t actually suck your clit or any other part of your body into it because that would be a bad thing.

    It comes with a magnetic USB charging cable that the rose head sits on and lights up. Once it is fully charged it sits there and glows a pretty red colour. I have to admit I rather enjoyed having it sitting on my desk like a little red night light when I was working away in the evenings. I have always been a big believer in pretty looking sex toys and this toy definitely ticks that box.

    Sohimi Rose Clitoral Vibrator lit up at night charging

    First Impressions

    There is no fancy packaging with the Sohimi Rose Clitoral Vibrator. I just came in a simple box. The outer packaging was plain and discreet though. It was super easy to charge. Plug in USB, pop it on the plate and leave to flash away. Once it is fully charged the light goes steady. I was surprised how quickly it charged as well and I have charged it again a few times since that first day and every single time it was fully charged within 2 hours. Also it seems to hold a charge fairly well and I have used it 2 to 3 times before needing to charge it again.

    Making an impression

    So let’s get down to the nitty gritty shall we. I have used the Sohimi Rose Clitoral Vibrator toy quite a few times before writing this review and that is because it surprised me and I wanted to be sure it was not just a one off thing. Which I have discovered it is not and also using it multiple times I have tried out different settings on it and for the first time ever have actually ended up using one of the patterned vibration settings (No.7) to get me off. Mostly I am off the opinion that patterned vibrations are just annoying and that definitely applies to the other ones but No.7 just seems to have a cadence that works for me. This toy is definitely not as powerful as some of the other more well known brands of clit stim vibes on the market but you will pay a considerable lot more money for one of those toys. This pretty little thing is a bargain in comparison and for the price is actually a fairly decent bit bit of sex toy kit.


    The opening of the toy fits perfectly over/around my clit. Unlike some of the other clit vibes I have tried with type of design it does not make that disturbing suctioning sound when I apply to my skin or if I tilt it slightly to one side. I could roll it from side to side, which felt sooo good, and not have it make that noise. The opening is made from fairly firm silicone which does not have much give but it is silky smooth and comfortable.

    One of the my favourite things about this product is the shape of the base and how it sits so perfectly in the palm of my hand. It just felt really comfortable and natural and unlike with some other toys where my hand often starts to ache after after a while this toy just was so easy to hold in place and also rock and tip from side to side too.

    Sohimi Rose Clitoral Vibrator in molly's hand

    The head is not small though and whilst I found it fitted my anatomy perfectly if the space around your clit is very small and your labia is close to your clit you might find the head slightly too big for you. It measures 4cms are the widest point.


    When it comes to noise it is definitely not a silent toy but also it is no where near the noisiest toy I have ever used. It actually has a fairly low pitch sound that is more rumbly than buzzy and I think you would could happily use it with someone in the room next door (unless your walls are paper thin) and they would not be able to hear it. Also it is definitely more quiet once you place it against your body.



    Not just a clit vibe

    Another thing I was dubious about was Sohimi’s suggestion of using it on nipples. The do suggest other body parts too but as I am not currently able to be with any of my partners who have a penis I can’t speak to that. However I do most definitely have nipples and I can definitely way that they enjoyed the attention of the Rose vibrator. I don’t orgasm from nipple stimulation but I do enjoy it and as part of the build up to using the toy on my clit it definitely worked.


    The rose shape at the top which creates the look of petals does have folds in it however the whole toy is waterproof and the body is made of one continuous piece of moulded silicone and so I found it super easy to slide my fingertips into those folds with some soap and water and clean them out. There are no seams anywhere on the head for moisture to get stuck in.

    Who is the Sohimi Rose Clitoral Vibrator for?

    Anyone looking to try a clit stim air type vibe who does not want to splash out on a more expensive brand.
    People who like clit stimulation around their clit as opposed to directly ontop.
    People who prefer slightly rumbly vibrations to buzzy ones.

    Who is the Sohimi Rose Clitoral Vibrator not for?

    Anyone who already has a more powerful clit stim type vibe and loves it. This one would probably not live up to what you are already using.
    Anyone who likes pinpoint clit stimulation only


    The Sohimi Rose Clitoral Vibrator surprised me. I really wasn’t expecting much from this when I agreed to review it but I have been pleasantly surprised just how much I enjoyed it. It is definitely not the most powerful vibe of it’s kind but I actually enjoyed it slightly more rumbly vibrations. It is also adorably pretty and is one of those toys you could potentially leave laying around and at first glance no one would realise what it was. The battery life seems excellent too. Whether that will last long term I can’t say but so far so good and all that is all the more amazing when you look at the price of this toy which is currently $39.99. (although see below on how to get it even cheaper) It is definitely a good buy for the money.

    You can buy the Rose Clitoral Vibrator directly from Sohimi and if you use coupon code MOLLYMOORE at checkout you will get 10% off your purchase.