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8 Electric Stimulation 8 Vibration - The unique electric shock anal vibrator is accompanied by 8 powerful vibration modes and 8 electric stimulation. This feeling of electric shock will stimulate anal, P-spot, perineum, prostate, give a mechanism sex experience, let you...


Explore the Amazing Fun in Anus

What is an Anal Sex/Anal Intercourse?

Anal sex/anal intercourse takes a large part in people’s sexual activity. In general, it refers to the insertion and thrusting of an erect penis into a person’s anus. Besides that, anal sex is including other forms of sexual activity, such as fingering, anilingus, pegging, and anal stimulator penetration sex.

If have to make a distinction between anal sex and anal intercourse, whether use a penile for direct insertion is the main factor. We usually use anal intercourse to describe penile-anal penetration and anal sex for any form of anal sexual activity.

Tips for Anal Sex

Risks of anal sex

People often find that anal sex painful, and that’s because the anus cannot lubricate itself like the vagina! Thus, it is easy to be torn if with no lubricate or without enough lubes.

Anal sex is the riskiest sexual activity compared with other forms of sex due to the anus and rectum are fragile in congenital. There may exist a possibility of STIs(sexually transmitted infections).

Like the vagina, the anus also has bacteria. However, anal sex has a higher possibility of spreading bacteria without clean the anal area before and after anal sex.

If you’re having issues with hemorrhoids, it’s better not to have anal sex, because thrusting and insertion in the narrow channel may irritate the existing hemorrhoids.

Tips for having a safe anal sex

- Enough Lubes

Add as much lube as you can to protect yourself from being hurt, obviously, it should be a high-quality lube that is long-lasting. Prepare a baby wipe to clean if there’s too much lube.

 - Clean the body is essential

To prevent the bacteria come inside your body, take a bath or clean the specific area before having sex is essential. If you don’t have enough time, a baby wipe is a nice choice.

- Start Slowly

Communicate with your partner, let her/him know your idea about anal sex. Do remember to have a slow start, and you can make it stopped once you don’t feel comfortable.

- Condom is a must

Wearing a condom is a must to protect your partner and you away from STIs, especially you are moving anal sex to vagina sex, you’d better change a new condom.

- Get help from an anal stimulator

Many human penile is actually too thick to be inserted in, especially for beginners. We can find an anal stimulator for men and women on the market to help finish perfect anal sex.

Compared with a real penis, anal stimulator for men and women provide more choices from sizes, shapes, lengths, decorations and thicknesses. The beginners can start with a short and thin anal stimulator.

What is An Anal Stimulator?

Anal Stimulator

An anal stimulator is a kind of sex toy that is designed to insert into the anus and creates anal/rectum sexual pleasure during an anal masturbation. It’s basically including anal toys for men and women and widely loved by people over the world.

Types of Anal Stimulator

For a human, the anal stimulator is commonly divided into several kinds: anal vibrator, anal dildo, anal beads, butt plugs.

Anal vibrator: It is similar to the vibrator that works on the vagina, but usually, this kind of anal stimulator comes with a flared base to prevent it to slip into the deep hole. The anal vibrator is normally smaller than the vaginal vibrator, and it is used by men and women.

Anal dildo: This kind of anal stimulator is also similar to ordinary dildos but differs in size and shape. The anal dildo comes with a flared base, and it’s normally smaller. However, there do exist huge anal dildos for some extremely sexual desires. Read More About The Anal Dildo in Sohimi’s Anal Dildo Collection.

Prostate toy: It is actually a vibrator plugged into the anus and sends the vibration to the prostate area. Usually, it is shaped a perfect curve to meet the p point. Sometimes, the prostate toy is designed with a penis ring attached to the insertion body, so that it can stimulate the penis and the P spot at the same time!

Anal beads: This kind of anal stimulator is a few anal balls or spheres attached to a long string that is continuously inserted through the anus to the rectum and then drag out of the body, repeat the movement to achieve an anal climax.

Butt Plug: Just like its name, the butt plug is one of the anal stretching toys which looks like a plug. Unlike the anal beads, this kind of anal stimulator aims to provide anal sexual pleasure by giving the anus and rectum a full feeling. The butt plug comes with various designs and materials, and it’s friendly to everyone with an anus, the tail plug is widely loved by women over the world.

What’s the difference between anal beads & butt plugs?

The anal beads are similar to butt plugs in some ways, but they do have differences.

- Butt plugs tend to be shorter and the anal beads usually combined by many small balls, so it’s much longer.

- Then, the anal beads end with a ring or similar handle designed for pulling, but the butt plugs end with a flared base to prevent the anal stimulator to slip in.

- The pleasure provide by anal toys is different. You can enjoy the full feeling by using a butt plug staying in the anus, and the anal beads arouse sexual desire by insertion and removal.

Reasons Why Should Try an Anal Stimulator?

- Anyone with an anus can enjoy an anal stimulator

Nothing with your gender and sexual orientation, anyone with a butt can use this amazing anal sex toy.


- Safer than human anal sex

Due to the special condition of the anus and rectum, unprotected anal sex is the riskiest sexual activity. Using an anal stimulator is safer, and you can have more choice.

- Different from the vagina sexual pleasure

Nothing like vagina sex, anal sex is special and pleasurable. With an anal stimulator, you can choose whatever you like to start your journey.

- Multiple anal toys provide various sensations

There are various selections for you to choose from. Depending on gender, there are anal toys for men and anal toys for women.

Choose huge anal toys if you prefer extreme fullness, choose a vibrating anal toy or a thrusting anal toy if you seek other sensations. For beginners, silicone anal toys are better, and glass anal toys are suitable for the experienced.

- The anal stimulator is a stepping stone to anal sex

Before having anal sex with your partner, the anal stimulator is the best tool for pre-training.

- Better Orgasms

Most gays reach an orgasm by stimulating the p spot, and most women reach the top by stimulating g spot. Although the penis helps people get a fantastic feeling, the anal stimulator can do the same but in a different way. The anal stimulator offers a chance both for men and women to have an unbelievable enjoyment.

Beginners Guide to Buy & Use an Anal Stimulator

Before Buy

Are you ready for your anal sex adventure? Butt is an amazing but secret place for you to explore. Not the same as the vagina or penis toy, there are a few points for your reference before buying an anal stimulator.

- Flared Base is required

No matter what type of anal stimulator you’re gonna buy, it must go with a flared base or with a handle. Especially for beginners, it’s hard to keep the toy in the right place without a base or handle to control it out of slipping into. After all, nobody would like to be engaged in an emergency incident because of an anal stimulator.

- High-quality is required

Both the vagina and anal sex toy are required to be of a high quality which is body-safe and environmentally friendly. Especially the anus, it is full of nerve endings which makes it so fragile and sensitive. Thus, the anal stimulator should be made from safe material and touched smoothly.

- Choose suitable lubes

Buy lubricates from formal stores online or offline, and the lubes must be long-lasting. Choose water-based or silicone-based lube according to different situations.

After Buy

- Solo Play

There’s nothing to remind but two points to be referred to here:

1. Clean the anal stimulator before and after using

2. Add plenty of lubes and slowly insert in.

-Partnered Play

If you play the anal stimulator with your partner, there are more tips for you.

1. Chat with your partner, let he/she know what you want and don’t want

2. Remember that the anal toy is just the helper for your sexual life

3. Stop if there’s anything uncomfortable

What Are The Best Anal Toys for Men (gay anal toys) and Women?

There are so many anal toys for men on the market, and Sohimi has all kinds of selections for you to choose from. Here we’re going to give you a complete list of the top anal toys for men!

#1 Sohimi Remotely Butt Plug with a Bullet Vibrator

This anal stimulator is shaped in a soft and tapered tip for easy insertion, then followed by a wide body and a narrow neck. With a flared base, it can surely stop any unwanted travel, absolutely this anal stimulator is one of the most suitable anal toys for beginners.

About the usage, you can either use it during finger play by plugging it on a finger or use it with the bullet vibrator in to provide strong vibration inside.

#2 Sohimi 4 in 1 Anal Kits | Jeweled Butt Plug

This anal stimulator is combined with 3 butt plugs and one chain in total. Different-sized butt plugs provide marvelous pleasures, you can choose one according to your condition.

This anal stimulator is designed in a teardrop shape and ends with a shining flared base, it looks like a diamond butt plug in your anus when using it.

#3 Sohimi Anal Beads | Male Anal Sex Toys

This anal stimulator is the bestseller of the male anal sex toys in Sohimi.

It is made out of high-quality silicone, which so soft and stretchy. It’s the perfect one for beginners.

This anal stimulator is 9 inches long, enough for general anal sex. What’s different is that this anal stimulator is not 100% the same as other anal beads. It’s not consisting of a few balls, but each section is a little bit longer and thicker than ordinary anal beads.