Why Masturbation Helps With Sleep Disorders


I know that it can also help you fall asleep, and I even think the number is higher, but let us quickly hide this thought and talk about masturbation. It should be clear to everyone that a successful masturbation with a happy ending generally makes you happier. 


Depending on the situation, libido and activities, adults can masturbate at any time of the day or night. Some, especially young people, do it several times a week, but the most common teenager masturbates at least once or twice a day, sometimes more often. If your life is too short and unsatisfactory with a sex life, you may masturbate too much, too often or too little for your own good. 


With increasing age, the need decreases somewhat, but not as much as it used to be, especially in the first years of life. 


In the early 19th century, it was claimed that masturbation made people ill, but on the contrary, even putting your hands on a toy is beneficial for health. Meanwhile, humanity has been taught that it does not blind, and that hair does not grow from masturbation, as some young people once told us. Relationship status also determines how often you masturbate, not your sexual orientation. 

According to a new study in the Journal of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (JASM), you should be able to treat your sleep disorders. 

British scientists discovered this in 2005, and Central Queensland University in Australia confirmed it in 2015. The Barmer Foundation recently published a Facebook post on this topic, which attracted a lot of attention. 

After sex, your body releases the hormone prolactin, and that's the next step. So why does masturbation help you fall asleep?   

During orgasm, your muscles become tense, which makes you relaxed and tired, but mainly affects men. Women are also considered sensitive, so it is not a myth that men fall asleep immediately after orgasm. 

Work according to the principle of progressive muscle relaxation, which means that you can relax well afterwards, and that works for all of us. 

Those who need more variety will find a colourful variety of little helpers in our online shop: Sohimi, and those who just don't have a partner or have a sleepless night will put their hands in their lap and masturbate. Here the fact is clear: orgasms that allow blood to flow from the genital area and genital organs to the head and brain are not a bad thing. Stop the flow of thoughts and stop circling around what awaits you the next day.