Are There Good Sex Toys For Men?

Are There Good Sex Toys For Men?

Sohimi, as a sex toy seller with a 10-year experience, we’ve reviewed most kinds of sex toys made by different manufacturers from different countries, including Fleshlight, Cock Rings, Sex Doll, Buttplug, Prostate Massager, etc.

To make a conclusion, fleshlight is the most popular one in recent years. I would like to call it a pocket masturbator because it’s small and easy to be taken belong with. Products like sex dolls and buttplugs are more expensive than other products and also come along with a high shipping fee. Cock ring and prostate massage are like by part of people, but it’s not the most useful toy for the male to get orgasm quickly.

In the category of fleshlights, there are also many things buyers need to pay attention to. Many novice friends will ask several questions like:

"Which product is more realistic?",

"Which product is more exciting?"

"Which product is more suitable for novices?“

The key point to these questions is about the material of fleshlight! There are mainly three common materials on the market:

  • Silicone
  • TPE
  • TPE+Sponge

The TPE is the softest one among these materials, TPE+Sponge is in the middle, then it’s silicone. The softer the material, the stronger the sense of wrapping, and the relatively low irritation; the harder the material, the weaker the sense of wrapping, and the higher the irritation. As for which cup is more suitable for every single people, there may be completely opposite answers depending on personal circumstances and needs. If you are more sensitive and want low-stimulus, it’s better to choose softer products; if you want high-stimulation, more sensational products, it’s better to choose hard products.



Moreover, how to make out which level of stimulation you are suitable for?

  • Sensitive Type (3–5 minutes of sex time)-suits for a soft one
  • Normal Type (5–15 minutes of sex time)-suits for a mild irritation
  • Long-time Type (over 15 minutes of sex time)-suits for a strong stimulation

It’s better to try manual fleshlight for the first time because you can adjust the frequency that suits you at any time according to your own wishes. The automatic masturbators move back and forth on its own, so it’s not friendly enough for new triers, because not everyone’s frequency can match with you. For people with full of experience in sex, there are more choices.

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