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Penis size can be troubling for men, but it's time to smash the size stigma once and for all. Go away and you will soon find out if you should actually be worried about your penis size.     

It is an age-old question that is often asked and causes men to worry that their penis size does not satisfy their partners. It is an issue that men have to contend with and it is one of the most common worries for men in the world.


Most men consider their penis size as the indicated length, but many women prefer a penis that is shorter and larger in girth. What do you think are the ideal penis sizes and is it important to women and what do most women think about it? When a woman talks about penis size, it turns out that she is thinking about what a real woman thinks about penis size, not what she thinks about it.


When it comes to pushing, a woman will prefer a skillful lover without penis size. When women are looking for a long-term partner, they will often prefer smaller penis sizes than average. This is due to women's preferences when it comes to penis size, but when it comes to pushing, women will prefer a small, average or even small - to - medium - penis to a penis of any size, regardless of size.


The right girth and penis size can work wonders for a woman, and of course good technique plays a crucial role. This does not only mean small penis sizes, but size does not really matter. If enhancement is a man's alley, he can definitely change his penis size and change his technique just like women can.  


If you don't believe me, read Secrets to Pleasing Women by Guy Micropenis or read on to learn what to do if you're afraid your penis is too small. Size really doesn't matter, but read on as you learn more about what you can do if you're worried about a penis that's "too small."  


In previous blog posts, I have tried to reassure men that penis size is irrelevant to a significant majority of women, and even if you don't, it doesn't have to stop you from having an active and rewarding sex life. It may seem strange that size is important to you, even though you prefer a smaller penis or smaller, but if there are women who think of penises as something below, then fewer women are there for you. Larger penis sizes are important for some women and smaller for others, so I conclude that an average or slightly crooked penis is fine. A woman should be fine with a small penis and if not, that's fine.


What I recommend is that you start growing your penis size now to stop feeling like you are the only one with a small penis size.  


As anyone who has had sex with a penis will tell you, girth is not only a factor during sex but also when it comes to the length of sex toys. For couples involving individual penises, penis size is just another factor, especially during anal sex.  


People who are afraid of penis size should take into account the fact that size may not be as important as they think. It is important that men who are bothered about the size of their penis recognize and correct distorted beliefs that they might have had with respect to their small penis.


This can affect self-confidence and positive body image, and it will come as no surprise to anyone to hear that men care more about how satisfied they are with women than about their penis size.  


Men overemphasize the importance of penis size and shape, but many women do not care much about penis size. Only 21% of women consider penis length important, while 33% consider girth more important. Men who think their penises are too small are more likely to undress, hide their penis during sex and are judged unattractive by their partners. Researchers report that small penis sizes are actually rare; only one in 10 men and 0.5 in 20 women believe they have a small penis size.  


This could be why penis size is related to sexual function: If you are a bad sex partner, a small penis can reduce your sexual confidence and distract you from hanging on to the size of your penis because of its perceived importance. When you combine this with the fact that everyone seems to overestimate the average penis size and women don't seem to care about the size of your member, it becomes pretty clear that the solution is not to pay much attention to your genitals.  


A recent review of 17 studies found that normal men who complained of a small penis size and men who had no abnormalities in the penis actually had normal-sized penises. But most studies on penis size preferences are described and asked about penis size in relation to other aspects of sexual function, such as erection dysfunction, erections and orgasm.  


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