Rose queen, Roes toy, Rose egg vibrator | Who is the Boss of the Rose Toy Family?

Rose queen, Roes toy, Rose egg vibrator

Come and play with the best rose toys! Rose sex toys are loved by many people. There are many fun and interesting products in this series of Rose Toys.

Have you heard of Rose Queen, Rose Vibrator and Rose egg vibrator? They are a few of the best Rose Toys products.

Three best rose toys of rose family

If you are tired of the old-fashioned appearance and simple function of sex toys, these three best rose toys will certainly bring a different sexual pleasure. The Rose Queen, the Rose Vibrator and the Rose egg vibrator are the best members of the Rose family! They are sure to make you and your partner enjoy the excitement of sex. Come along and get to know them! And who is the boss of the rose toy family?

Rose Queen - Rose Toy Pro

Rose Queen is a new Rose toy Upgrade Version that has debuted in July 2021! I think you must have seen that pink rose toy on tiktok. Indeed, that rose toy is very attractive.

rose toy pro


This Rose Queen is a Rose Toy Pro. You will definitely like it. Rose Queen makes you a sexy and charming queen during sex! 

Beautiful and exquisite appearance

Queen Rose is like a rose with a stem. It is a rose with small petals. You will see the vivid image of the rose petals, and you can even see the leaves attached to the petals. The shape of the petals is very full and the layers between the petals are well-defined. The shape of the stem is smooth and elegant. At the junction of the petals and the stem there is a delicate gold border. This gold border is as delicate and attractive as a woman's necklace. This design adds to the beauty of the Rose Queen.

Super high-quality material create safe sex love

High quality sex needs to be paired with a high quality rose toy upgrade. The Rose Queen is made of ABS and liquid silicone. These two materials are soft and smooth in texture and very body friendly. The entire Rose Queen is seamlessly designed so you can knead the petals and bend the stems at will. The safe and secure material allows you to play the Rose Queen with peace of mind.

Multiple modes allow women to enjoy more sex styles

One Rose Queen can give women multiple sexual pleasures at the same time! Come and experience it! The Rose Queen is like a queen with a variety of styles. You can use it as a vibrating dildo and a rose toy. You can fully experience the pleasure of penis penetration and the stimulation of clitoris.

You can use the pistil as a clitoral vibrator. The unique rose-shaped suction cups give you five suction patterns as the clitoral vibrator surrounds your nipples and clitoris! Each suction pattern gives you a different kind of stimulation and sexual pleasure. The smaller rose petals are a great feature of the Rose Queen. It can stimulate your breasts and G-spot more accurately.

The dildo vibrator is designed in the shape of a flower stem.

best rose queen


This dildo has ten vibration frequencies. You can easily bend the flower stem as well as the end of the stem. Whether fast or slow, soft or intense, you can feel it all with this vibrator.

30 seconds to sex orgasm

As a heavyweight member of the Rose Toy family, Rose Queen has a very good feature, that is, it can make you get a orgasm in 30 seconds! Many sex toys can make women orgasm, but it takes one to two minutes.

two functions


Rose Queen makes it take a lot less time for a woman to have an orgasm. You don't have to spend a lot of time to easily get the ultimate sexual pleasure.

Exclusive zero-noise design

The Rose Queen has an advantage that many sex toys do not have, and that is zero noise. Annoying noise can affect a woman's sexual desire. When women play with the Rose Queen, it does not make an embarrassing noise. This means that when you play with the Rose Queen, others will never notice!

Highly efficient charging mode and low power consumption

Women do not need to spend a lot of time charging before playing with the Rose Queen, a rose toy. You only need to spend two hours to enjoy 1 to 1.5 hours of sexual pleasure.

Advanced charging and waterproof device

The Rose Queen uses a magnetic charging device. This is designed to better prevent water from entering the toy. In addition, the waterproof level of the Queen of Roses has reached a very high level of seven. You can play with this rose toy in the bathroom or swimming pool as you like.

Rose Vibrator Toy - very hot rose toy

This is a very hot rose toy on tiktok! This rose toy is featured in many videos. Fashionable girls are very fond of this toy. They have good comments about this rose vibrator. This rose vibrator is a very good member of the rose family.

Beautiful shape

The shape of this rose toy is like a red rose that is about to bloom. It has a lifelike appearance. You can see the large petals of the beautifully shaped flower. You can carry this rose toy with you because it is exquisite and small. You can easily hold it in your hand.

Safe material

The soft and safe material will give women more peace of mind during masturbation or foreplay. This is a rose toy made of ABS and safe silicone. These two materials are safe. When you touch the petals on the surface, you will experience a smooth touch. You can rub this toy as much as you want during sex!

Multiple Suction Modes

This rose vibrator comes with seven sucking modes! When you press the button for just a few seconds you can start enjoying the seven sucking modes that bring you seven sexual pleasures.

rose vibrator

After a maximum of two minutes you can experience an orgasm. Whether you want to get sexual pleasure during masturbation or fully activate your body during sexual foreplay, you can reach sexual heaven with this rose toy.

It brings you a different sexual experience

This rose toy uses a magnetic charging device. You need 2.5 hours to recharge it, and then you can get forty minutes to an hour of sexual pleasure! This rose vibrator is waterproof up to level 7, so you can feel free to play with this toy in the shower or while swimming.

Rose egg vibrator - charming rose toy

This is a multifunctional rose egg vibrator toy. It is a toy that has both a rose vibrator and a vibrating egg. The two devices are connected by a green flower stem in the middle.

Pink appearance

These are two budding roses. The color of the petals is the pink color that women love. There is a green flower stem between the two roses.

Multiple functions

The larger rose is a clitoral vibrator. It gives you exciting clitoral pleasure. 5 sucking modes simulate real oral sex and give you five unique sexual pleasures.

rose egg vibrator


The smaller rose is a vibrating egg. This vibrating egg has ten vibration modes! You can enjoy clitoral sucking while inserting the vibrating egg into your vagina to stimulate the G-spot. You can also use it as a vibrating anal plug. You can have two orgasms at the same time! This will surely make you very happy! You can use it for either foreplay or masturbation.

Safe material and waterproof design

This rose egg vibrator is made of super soft and silky human-friendly silicone. You will feel the warmth and comfort when you knead this rose toy. You can play with this rose toy in the pool and bathroom because it has a waterproof rating of seven.

Rose Queen is the boss of the rose toy family

In the Rose Toys family, the Rose Queen is the best member. It is the boss of the rose toy family because it is very good!

Easier to use

The appearance of the Queen Rose is a rose with a stem. In terms of appearance, it is more portable than the rose egg vibrator. The rose egg vibrator has a green band in the middle. This design may not be convenient for people who want to carry the rose toy with them.

The clitoral vibrator part of the Rose Toy Pro is a small rose. Compared to the rose vibrator, the small rose is easier to stimulate the G-spot.

More functions

If you like rose vibrators, then you will definitely be fascinated by the rose queen-this upgraded version of the rose toy! Rose Queen can not only touch your clitoris and stimulate your G-spot, but also can be inserted into the vagina as a dildo!

Longer use time

If you want to play with Rose Vibrator or rose egg vibrator, you must charge them for two and a half hours in advance. These two models can bring you forty minutes to an hour of sexual pleasure.

The Rose Queen can reduce the time you wait for sex. You only need to spend two hours charging. Then you can enjoy sexual pleasure for one to one and a half hours!

Reach orgasm faster

The Rose Queen can make you reach orgasm quickly in thirty seconds. With the Rose Queen, you'll have an instant orgasm! The Rose Egg Vibrator and Rose Vibrator take much longer in this regard.

bose rose toy


If you play with the Rose Egg Vibrator, you will take one to four minutes to reach orgasm. With the Rose Vibrator, you will take between one and two minutes.

Zero noise intimate design

Many sex toys can't help women avoid the embarrassment caused by noise. When you play with the rose vibrator up close, you will still hear the "buzzing" sound.

The low-noise design of the Rose Egg vibrator seems to be good, but it still makes a noise of about 50DB.

The Rose Queen's excellent zero-noise design also makes it the best Rose toy ever! When you play with the Rose Queen, you won't hear any noise. Women can be assured that the Rose Queen is a thoughtful travel companion. You can fully immerse yourself in sexual paradise!

Choose the Rose Queen and become the queen of sex 

Every rose toy is made for the ultimate female sex. If you want to experience an even better rose toy, you should definitely choose the Rose Queen. It has a gorgeous appearance, powerful functions and intimate design. Most importantly, it'll give you queen-like dignity during sex!


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